chris brown turn up the music loud

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hello~~~~~~, can I please have flowershop!au for vernon? I think he'd be adorable working in a flowershop and writing his raps behind the counter haha... thank you so much for this blog 💘💘

  • vernon works as the cashier for the flowershop at the mall
  • usually only like a couple of people stop in so he has a lot of time on his hands to just like write lyrics behind the counter or play videogames on his 3ds or like secretly check if his hair still looks good
  • sometimes he’ll play music and it’s usually like rap which is an odd choice for a flowershop
  • the owner asked him to wear this apron with flowers on it and vernon claims he hates it but tbh he admits it’s cute or whatever
  • “i dont get paid enough to sit around and look at daises for like six hours a day”
  • secretly tho he has a couple plants at home,,,,only cactus’s though because he forget to water them but that’s ok because they’re cacti……right…
  • you walked in because you heard a chris brown song coming from a flowershop and you were like “no way’
  • but since you went inside and you saw the cute cashier who shyly looked away when you cam in standing there you were like shitshit gotta buy something now
  • so you’re browsing and suddenly you hear someone go “sorry” and you’re like ??? and you turn and vernon’s scratching his neck like “sorry for the chris brown being so loud,,,” and you look at him for two seconds before you laugh
  • your laughing confuses him but then you’re like “no no i just, it’s kind of the reason i came in!” and suddenly he’s smiling and his eyes are doing the cute half moon thing and he’s like “ah do you like the song??”
  • you and vernon end up talking about music and not about plants
  • but also like he’s real cute in his lil flower apron and you’re like 2 bad ill never talk to him again but vernon is thinking the same thing and he’s like
  • “hey uh you know um you should like,,,,stop by again,,,,we have a flower arranging class on sundays and like my boss teaches it and its kinda cool or whatever….”
  • and you smile a little and are like “will you be there?”
  • ad vernon gets suPEr pink and giggly but nods like “yeah!” and you’re like “cool ill stop by then”
  • you leave and vernon almost passes out because DID THAT JUST HAPPEN