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My 'Sad Song' Playlist

Sad song // We the Kings
Cancer // My Chemical Romance
Somebody Else // The 1975
(Un)lost // The Maine
Wherever you are // 5 Seconds of Summer
Like we used to // A Rocket to the Moon
Lost and Found // A Rocket to the Moon
24 Floors // The Maine
Painting Flowers // All time Low
Alone // Sleeping with Sirens
Amnesia // 5 Seconds of Summer
Better off Dead // Sleeping with Sirens
I miss you // Blink 182
Drown // Bring Me the Horizon
Broken Home // 5 Seconds of Summer
Bruised and Scarred // Mayday Parade
Terrible Things // Mayday Parade
Doomed // Bring Me the Horizon
Call me hopeless, not romantic // Mayday Parade
Close as strangers // 5 seconds of summer
Cemetery Drive // My chemical romance
Forget me not // Marianas Trench
Hurricane // Halsey
Happy endings are stories that haven’t ended yet // mayday parade
Heroine // Sleeping With Sirens
Stay // Mayday Parade
Miserable at Best // Mayday Parade
Who do you love // Marianas Trench
High hopes // Kodaline
HNSCC // The 1975
Homesick // A Day to Remember (acoustic)
How to Draw // The 1975
Hurricane // Parachute
I wanna be yours // Arctic Monkeys
I write sins not tragedies // panic! At the disco
I’m not okay (I promise) // My chemical romance
I’m sorry // the maine
Sad // Maroon 5
Boulevard of broken dreams // Greenday
Everything’s an illusion // Mayday Parade
Northern downpour // Panic! At the Disco
November // Sleeping with Sirens
Wake me up when september ends // Greenday
This is gospel // Panic! At the disco (piano version)
With ears to see and eyes to hear // Sleeping with sirens (acoustic)
The strays // Sleeping with sirens
Left Alone // Sleeping with Sirens
Hang you up // Yellowcard
Still breathing // Mayday Parade
Sleeping with the light on // Busted
One last cry // Brian McKnight
Broken Strings // Nelly Furtado and James Morrison
Throne // Bring me the horizon
Lips of an angel // Hinder
If it means a lot to you // A Day to Remember
Remembering Sunday // All time low
Therapy // All time low
Welcome to my life // Simple Plan
Wonderwall // oasis
Vegas skies // The Cab
The Scientist // Coldplay
I don’t wanna miss a thing // Aerosmith
21 Guns // Greenday
Caraphernelia // Pierce The veil
The memory // Mayday Parade
Robbers // The 1975
102 // Matty healy
Robbers // The 1975
The man who can’t be moved // The Script
Breakeven // The Script
Give me love // Ed Sheeran
Photograph // Ed Sheeran
Hate to see your heartbreak // Paramore
Decode // paramore
If you don’t know // 5 Seconds of Summer
Long way home // 5 Seconds of Summer
Invisible // 5 Seconds of Summer
The girl who cried wolf // 5 Seconds of Summer
I’m a mess // Ed Sheeran
She lays down // The 1975
Undo // The 1975
Stuck on stupid // Chris Brown

Fall Into Place

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Characters: Tom Holland - Michelle Jones - Y/N

Notes: A lot of people have been asking for a Peter Parker imagine and when I ran a poll on Twitter about what kind of imagine I should write next cute/sad were the top two so I combines all topics and created this.

Song: Stuck On Stupid - Chris Brown


You’re nervous.

Honestly, when are you not.

You stand in front of your life-size mirror and look over your outfit for what seems like the upteenth time. It was just another high school dance, no big deal, but it was a reason for you and your friends to dress up and hang out for a few hours.

It was also a reason for you to be able to see him there too. That’s if he even shows up.

You could text Ned or Michelle and ask if they knew if he was going to the dance but then they’ll get curious and you don’t want them to start asking questions.

You’ve been able to hide your crush for Peter Parker for several years now. You’ve been one of his closest friends and you’ve enjoyed being just that. But there have been nights where you lay awake, staring at his name on the phone and ponder if you should just tell him; rip it off like a bandaid and let the rest just fall into place.

Tonight could be the night, where everything could fall right into place. You had formed a small plan in your head on how tonight should go but right now it all depended on his appearance at the dance.

You step through your high school doors and the muted music from inside meets your ears. You nibble on your bottom lip nervously and pull open the interior doors to the gym. Soft red and blue lights flash across your face and your eyes immediately roam the floor for familiar faces.

You spot several of your friends across the gym and make your way to them. You all greet and bathe each other in compliments before you’re offered a drink.

Now you stand by your friends and start looking for a specific someone. ‘The Night We Met’ by Lord Huron starts to play and every couple makes their way to floor, hands on waist, arms around necks.

He isn’t here.

You shouldn’t be surprised. For months he’s been missing classes, school events, even study groups that you’ve organized for exams. And every time he comes back with a bruised eye, scratches, a limp.

You make eye contact with Michelle, who’s standing next to Ned, and she smiles in your direction. It’s a “I’m sorry” smile. She’s the only person you could trust to tell her about how you felt so she knew who you were looking for.

You breathe in deeply and take a small drink. You look away from the view of the couples dancing romantically.

Your plan has already gone to shit. You take out your phone and scroll through your messages until you find his name. You type quickly and then hesitate before you tap ‘send’.

You stare at the screen, anxious.

Then the three small, gray dots start to bounce back and forth, your heart following right away.

He replies.

Turn around.

You lower your phone down slowly. The music completely fades as well as the people milling around. You turn slowly and he’s there.

Oh God he’s here.

He’s standing in black fitted suit, bowtie included. He smiles at you and you feel yourself smile back. He steps forward and seems like he wants to keep going but stops a few feet away from you.

“Hi,” he starts.

“Hey,” you say at the same time which makes both of you laugh softly.

“I didn’t think you were going to make it,” you tell him. “Um, some people were asking for you,” you add quickly as an explanation.

He chuckles, looking down at the ground and nodding. “Yeah, I’m sure they were.”

The blood rises to your cheeks and you’re thankful for the low lighting. “I’m glad you’re here, though.”

His eyes find yours. “I’m glad I am too. You look amazing.. I mean, you always do but tonight-”

Did he just compliment you? How do you breathe again?

He steps closer to you and it’s then that you notice what he’s holding in his hand. One rose. A white, beautiful rose.

He hands it to you.

You take it and your fingers brush against his softly.

You’re at a complete loss for words. He brought you a rose.

“Thank you,” you smile at him and he smiles even wider.

“Do you- Do you maybe want to dance with me?” He asks, pointing over his shoulder. His other hand rises and asks for yours.

You nod and place your hand in his and the buzzing feeling the contact makes rushes all the way to your chest. Your whole body is buzzing.

He links your fingers with yours and waits for you until you’re next to him and then leads the way to the floor.

Just when you thought your plan was ruined, he turns up and helps it all fall back into place.

He stops and then turns to face you. ‘Stuck on Stupid’ by Chris Brown begins to play and his arm wraps around your waist so that he pulls you flush against him. Your hand, along with your favorite rose in the world, rest on his shoulder and he takes your other hand in his.

You both begin to sway to the music. “You know how to dance?”

You hear him chuckle next to you. “Aunt May is a good teacher.”

Your face is inches beside his own and you notice the small bruise formed on his upper cheek. You frown. You reach with your fingers and brush them lightly across his skin. He flinches and you frown even more.

“Peter,” you start but he shakes his head and so you drop it.

“Do you know?” You ask him.

He turns to look at you, his eyes searching yours before he smiles. “I’d always known. But I was never completely sure and so I waited for you to tell me that you had feelings for me.”

You bite your lip and look down, laughing. “I’m sorry if this makes things weird for us…”

He shakes his head and then rests his forehead on yours. You close your eyes, feeling completely out of this world. “I’ve felt the same ever since I met you…”

You lean into him even more and hold him tighter.

“Will you come with me?”

You open your eyes and nod. At this point, you’d go anywhere with him before the night ended.

He takes your hand in his once more and pulls you away from the floor. You walk past the crowds of people and exit the gym. You walk together along the empty and dark hallways until he turns a corner and opens a side door.

You start to climb up some stairs and now you become some confused. “Peter, where are we going?”

“You’ll see…”

You trust him and so you keep following him. You finally reach the top and he open yet another door and the outside air meets your face.

You step out and the New York skyview surrounds both of you.

“How did you find this place?” You ask Peter, completely amazed.

He shrugs. “I like heights.”

You laugh and let go of his hand to walk forward to take in the view.

Tonight couldn’t be going any more perfect.

You turn to Peter and wave him over. He chuckles and joins your side. You keep gazing at the clear sky, the bright lights from the skyscrapers from the city. You don’t even know that Peter is staring straight at you.

He’s smiling at himself because it causes him nothing but joy to see you so happy.

But then his smile falls.

He looks down at your hand and takes it, which makes you turn your attention to him. He’s looking at your joined hands but his face almost seems sad.

“I wish things were different.”

“What do you mean?” Things are perfect right now.

“I’m going to tell you something.”

“Okay… what is it?”

He finally lifts his face to look at you. A small worry line has formed in his forehead. You slowly begin to panic.

“I’m not who you think I am. I mean- I am but I’m something else too,” he begins.

You laugh nervously, “Peter, you’re not really making any sense.”

“I’m Spider-Man.”

That hits you like a punch in the face.

But then you start to think about all the disappearances and the bruises and it all starts falling into place. How did you not figure it out?

Your panic ceases and you let out a breath you didn’t even know you were holding. “That just makes you even more amazing. It makes you incredible! Peter, you’re a hero! Oh my God, I’m holding hands with Spider-Man.”

He chuckles but the sound doesn’t sound cheerful. “Y/n, I wish things were different. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t Spider-Man and I was just a normal high school boy who could date a beautiful girl like you but I can’t.”

“Why not?”

He hesitates and you squeeze his hand softly to tell him that it’s okay. He breathes in deeply and then places his hands on either side of your face. He leans down just a bit so that he’s level with you.

“If they know about you- if the enemies I protect this city from know that my weakness is you… I can’t risk them ever touching you.”

“I won’t tell anyone,” you argue. “Peter, I can keep a secret.”

He shakes his head. “I’m leaving as well. There’s a war coming and I’m leaving to help out Tony Stark.”

You feel your eyes start to water.

He can’t. Tonight is supposed to be perfect.

“I couldn’t leave without having one dance with my girl. And you deserve an explanation for when I leave tonight.”

Tonight?” You repeat, your heart breaking piece by piece. “But I’ll see you again! You’ll come back and maybe we can-”

He shakes his head, cutting you off. “This isn’t just any battle where I stop someone from robbing a bank. This is bigger than this Earth. I don’t know if I’ll come back.”

You’re sobbing now. He pulls you into him so that your face cries onto his chest. “Then don’t go…”

“I wish it was that simple. But it’s my responsibility… I want to be able to save this planet so that you and all the other people I love, have a future. This is why I have this power. Why I was given this power.”

You understand but you don’t want to. You don’t want to accept that what he says it’s true. You have a plan. You had a plan.

You pull your face back to look up at him and he wipes at your wet cheeks. He smiles because he can see in your eyes that you understand. It’s one of the many reasons he loves you so much.

He slowly leans down and you close your eyes the instant his lips meet yours. They’re soft and gentle, showing their bittersweet emotion. You kiss him back, trying to memorize every millisecond of this moment.

He pulls his face back but his eyes remain closed. He breathes out through his nose. “I’m going to engrave that into my mind.”

You laugh softly and peck his lips one more time.

He opens his eyes and the sadness is in them again. He steps back and the hole in your chest begins to grow.

“I know this is asking too much from you but, will you wait for me?”

You nod immediately, not even hesitating.

“Thank you for one of the best nights of my life. I’m going to miss you,” he confesses.

“Me too,” you mumble out and manage to smile at him.

You watch as he shoots a web at the nearest building and with one last sad smile, he whisks himself into the night.

Your tears start to fall again and you look down at the bright white rose that it still in your hand. You hold it near you and you promise to never let it die.

And you hope, on all hope, that it all falls back into place one day.

you should know me by now (a.i.)

***something new!!: Here’s a short list of songs that inspired me and what I listened to while brainstorming/writing/editing this imagine. You obviously don’t have to listen as you read, but I strongly recommend checking them out sometime if you haven’t. (clearly it was a Marianas Trench sort of writing party lmao) :) xx***

  • “Machines” - Biffy Clyro (my favorite song of all time!!)
  • “By Now” - Marianas Trench
  • “So Soon” - Marianas Trench
  • “Fallout” - Marianas Trench
  • “Porcelain” - Marianas Trench
  • “Home” - Foo Fighters
  • “Kissing You Goodbye” - The Used
  • “Fall For Your Type” - Jaime Foxx ft. Drake
  • “Stuck on Stupid” - Chris Brown
  • “Wrapped Around Your Finger” - 5SOS



You almost couldn’t believe you were back in this godforsaken house for the second time today, seeing as though it didn’t go so well the first time. And to think, some ridiculous pictures and possibly made up stories about those pictures started it all. 

Those pictures were taken the night before and consisted of Ashton, your boyfriend of a year and a half, at a party with some girl you two had briefly met once before at the same club. Granted, Ash was there with other friends and not just her. If he had been out with just her, then things would’ve gone down.. differently, to say the least. However, the pictures that were sent to you repeatedly by fans and friends the morning after, were of this “chick” getting way to close to Ashton, while a smile stayed plastered on his face. 

He had crossed a line. And you were determined to confront him with no mercy.

You had originally stormed into the house after Calum had let you in, relieving you of angrily banging your fist on the door.

“Woah, what the fuck is wrong with you?” the clearly hungover, and irritated, brunette exclaimed as you pushed past him, navigating your way to Ashton’s room.

“Sorry Calum, this is important,” you seethed through gritted teeth, obviously not being truly apologetic.

You had woken Ashton up by slamming his bedroom door behind you. Due to the fact that he was possibly more hungover than Calum was, the yelling came from him immediately. First, he wondered who in the hell gave you the right to storm into his house like you did at such an ungodly hour: 12:00, noon to be exact. 


“I can’t.. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Are you goddamn serious? You believe this bullshit?!” He growled after you had told him the reasoning behind your intrusion.

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songs that make me think of a certain redhead strawberry blonde and boy whose face mimics the stars

i. sparks cover drive / ii. the way ft. mac miller ariana grande / iii. 3005 (stripped down version) childish gambino / iv. bound 1 kanye west / v. bed peace ft. childish gambino jhene aiko / vi. ground cocaine80s / vii. goldmine kilo kish / viii. gleaux dawn richard / viv. do it nelly furtado / x. electric feel mgmt / xi. hunter pharrell / xii. dontcha the internet / xiii. sunday morning (questlove remix) maroon 5 / xiv. favorite star quadron / xv. prototype outkast / xvi. is it real love ryan leslie / xvii. too much omarion / xviii. kaleidoscope dream miguel / xix. sunshine lupe fiasco / xx. voodoo (skunkwork extended remix) frank ocean / xxi. something about us daft punk / xxii. superpower ft. frank ocean beyonce / xxiii. stuck on stupid chris brown / xxiv. into the night yasmin green / xxv. part ii (on the run) ft. beyonce jay z / xxvi. heartbreaker justin bieber / xxvii. treehome95 ft. coco o & erykah badu tyler, the creator / xxviii. blue ocean floor justin timberlake / xxiv. where to land travis garland / xxx. stay ft. mikky ekko rihanna

listen here