chris brown stuck on stupid

you should know me by now (a.i.)

***something new!!: Here’s a short list of songs that inspired me and what I listened to while brainstorming/writing/editing this imagine. You obviously don’t have to listen as you read, but I strongly recommend checking them out sometime if you haven’t. (clearly it was a Marianas Trench sort of writing party lmao) :) xx***

  • “Machines” - Biffy Clyro (my favorite song of all time!!)
  • “By Now” - Marianas Trench
  • “So Soon” - Marianas Trench
  • “Fallout” - Marianas Trench
  • “Porcelain” - Marianas Trench
  • “Home” - Foo Fighters
  • “Kissing You Goodbye” - The Used
  • “Fall For Your Type” - Jaime Foxx ft. Drake
  • “Stuck on Stupid” - Chris Brown
  • “Wrapped Around Your Finger” - 5SOS



You almost couldn’t believe you were back in this godforsaken house for the second time today, seeing as though it didn’t go so well the first time. And to think, some ridiculous pictures and possibly made up stories about those pictures started it all. 

Those pictures were taken the night before and consisted of Ashton, your boyfriend of a year and a half, at a party with some girl you two had briefly met once before at the same club. Granted, Ash was there with other friends and not just her. If he had been out with just her, then things would’ve gone down.. differently, to say the least. However, the pictures that were sent to you repeatedly by fans and friends the morning after, were of this “chick” getting way to close to Ashton, while a smile stayed plastered on his face. 

He had crossed a line. And you were determined to confront him with no mercy.

You had originally stormed into the house after Calum had let you in, relieving you of angrily banging your fist on the door.

“Woah, what the fuck is wrong with you?” the clearly hungover, and irritated, brunette exclaimed as you pushed past him, navigating your way to Ashton’s room.

“Sorry Calum, this is important,” you seethed through gritted teeth, obviously not being truly apologetic.

You had woken Ashton up by slamming his bedroom door behind you. Due to the fact that he was possibly more hungover than Calum was, the yelling came from him immediately. First, he wondered who in the hell gave you the right to storm into his house like you did at such an ungodly hour: 12:00, noon to be exact. 


“I can’t.. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Are you goddamn serious? You believe this bullshit?!” He growled after you had told him the reasoning behind your intrusion.

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