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Can you give a list of songs that you love

Chris Brown- 101
Ciara- Body Party
Major Lazer- Night Riders
August Alsina- Look At How Far I’ve Come
Chris Brown- Wet The Bed
Trey Songz- Foreign(original and remix)
Travis Scott- 3 Wayz
August Alsina- Porn Star
Chris Brown- Deuces
Travis Scott- Party Till
Chris Brown- With You
Trey Songz- Smartphones
Chris Brown- X
Travis Scott- Wonderful
August Alsina- Fml
Rihanna- Needed Me
Chris Brown- Who’s Gonna
Travis Scott- Drugs You Should Try It
Trey Songz- Cake
August Alsina- Ring The Alarm
Chris Brown- Liquor
Travis Scott- Never Catch Me
Wiz Khalifa- Bake Sale
Travis Scott- Whole lotta lovin
Chris Brown- Touch Me
Augus Alsina- Been Around The World
Travis Scott- Skyfall
Young Thug- Worth It
Chris Brown- Proof
August Alsina- Would You Know
Rihanna- Woo
Travis Scott- Maria I’m Drunk
Chris Brown- Drown In It
Justin Bieber- No Sense
Chris Brown- Songs On 12 Play
Travis Scott- Dinosaurus
Trey Songz- Dead Wrong
Chris Brown- Back To Sleep Remix(Ft. August Alsina, Trey Songz And Miguel)
Dj Khaled- Do You Mind
Tory Lanez- Uber Everywhere Remix
Young Thug- With Them
Chris Brown- Blow It In The Wind
August Alsina- Other Side
Trey Songz- YAS
Chris Brown- Make Love
Tory Lanez- Luv
Travis Scott- Pick Up The Phone
Wiz Khalifa- We Dem Boyz
Trey Songz- Yes No Maybe
Chris Brown- Grass Aint Greener
Chris Brown- Take You Down
Trey Songz- Serve It Up
Tyga- Ready To Fuck
Chris Brown- Say Goodbye
Travis Scott- Uber Everywhere Remix
Chris Brown- 2012
Rihanna- Same Ol’ Mistakes
Chris Brown- Do Better
August Alsina- I Luv This Shit(remix)
Young Thug- King Troup
Travis Scott- 90210

It’s actually longer😖

english covers by kpop artists,,

created: 08/17/2015
edited: 08/19/2015; splitting the update bc there are so many songs i missed lol, might have another update in a few days to get the rest!! i put more songs in every section :) also more groups :)) (used this playlist as a guide for some songs)
edited: 08/22/2015; this is actually really fun to do lmao

// i literally decided to do this on a whim.. lmao what is schoolwork

songs are mostly sorted by groups/alphabetical order and/or oldest-to-newest, plus three extra categories(??) at the end. if theres a name in front of a song, then only that/those member(s) sang it. members who aren’t apart of groups OR groups that have disbanded will still be a part of this list, since the cover was during their time as an artist. if you have more to add, or see a mistake anywhere, feel free to message me!! i’m sure i messed up & left out a lot!!

this is under a [[read more]] bc its suPER LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG – i apologize for decades if ur on mobile – BUT ANYWAY OKAY HAVE FUN LISTENING

(also my personal favs will be ☆ so make sure to give those a listen)




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Breakup Playlist ?

Its Divided Into Two Parts
Part 1 In Your Feelings :
Heart Attack -Trey Songz
Hold On Were Going Home -Drake
Say Goodbye - Chris Brown
One Wish - Ray J
Something So Real -Josh k 👈👌 ( Makes U Cry )
I Wanna Be Chris Brown
Drunk Texting - Chris Brown
Treat Me Like Somebody -Tink
Thinking About You - Frank Ocean

Part 2: Fuck Her
X- Chris Brown
Nothing On Me - Toni Romiti
Loyal - Chris Brown
Y.A.S -Trey Songz
Disrespectful - Trey Songz
Bitch Dont Kill My Vibe - Kendrick 👈👌
Worst Behavior - Drake

"There's Never A Right Time To Say Goodbye"

Based off the song “say goodbye” by Chris brown
Pairing: calumhood X reader
Word count: idfk??

How did I let it get this far? After all these years with her. I know it’s hard but I’ve gotta do it. I can’t keep lying to her. How can you tell the woman you’ve dedicated four years of your life that you don’t love her anymore? How am I supposed to just tell her, I know it’ll break her heart but it would be better than to let her believe that I still love her the way I used to….
It’s now… Or never.
“Um, Y/N? Can we talk for a minute?”
I say as I walk in our shared room.
“Yeah sure cal, what’s up?” She says as she closes her laptop to look at me. I walk closer to her as I feel my heart getting heavier with each step.
“I uh- we need to-”
I stumble in my words as everything I had planned on saying just flew out of my mind.
“Hey, hey cal. Whatever It is its okay. Just take a breath and then take a deep breath out, okay?” She says as she walks closer and rubs my arms. God dammit…. Just- just tell her calum. She deserves the truth, she deserves better. Better than me and better than this life that I’m giving her. I sigh with a shaky breath as a grab her hands and sit her down on the bed.
“Alright… There’s some things that I need to get off my chest, But let me start by saying I love you okay? And I swear you’ll understand when I’m finished-”
“What’s going on cal? You’re scaring me.“ She questions with a slightly worried look coming across. "Did you eat my pizza that was in the fridge? If you did it’s okay, I figured it’d either be you or michael anywa-” she rambles on still trying to calm me down while she rubs the back of my neck. I’ll miss that..
“Please! Please, just..let me finish okay? I love you Y/N, and a part of me always will. But I can’t keep lying to you… If I don’t say this now, you’re going to start hating me.. I’m so sorry Y/N I really am, but I don’t- fuck… I don’t feel the same way I used to feel about you..” I utter as she removes her hands from mine getting up and standing away from me.
“W-what?” She gasps as I can see her eyes start to water.
“I’m so sorry Y/N , I just didn’t know how to tell you and I it’s been killing me for months-”
“MONTHS?! MONTHS CALUM?? How long have you been faking it?? How long have you not loved me calum?? How long have you been leading me on? I thought you loved me! I THOUGHT SE WERE GOING TO GET MARRIED FOR FUCKS SAKE! How could you?!” She cried out as she stood in front of me hitting my chest.
“Baby liste-”
“No. NO! You don’t get to call me that ever again!”
“I-I’m sorry Y/N, I never meant t-”
“NEVER MEANT TO WHAT?!? Never meant to crush my entire world? Never meant to string me along for months? Never meant to break my heart so bad that the neighbors could hear it break for miles? Never meant to stop loving me or never meant to fall for me in the first place??” She fumed as she started to pace around ou- her room.
“I’m so sorry Y/N.. But I never NEVER meant to hurt you, and I never thought I’d see the day that we’d grow apart. But things haven’t been the same since I left for tour, we would talk less and less every day until we would text maybe once every two weeks. And then when I got home things just didn’t feel right… I can’t say how sorry I am for being the reason for your tears, I just-”
“Is there someone else?”
She mutters catching me off guard.
“Wha.. What? No! No, I wouldn’t do that Y/N. You know that..”
“Actually No I don’t! I don’t know anything anymore! I few moments ago I thought I had a loving boyfriend who loved me but now I have nothing. I don’t even have a reason to hate you… And I really REALY want to…” She says as she clenches and unclenches her fists letting her tears fall as I start to feel my own build up in my eyes. She wants to hate me? I knew this would be bad… But I could never hate her or stop caring for her… I just don’t love her like I used to. I started backing up until I hit the desk chair falling down into it. Fully letting the fact that she wants to hate me sink in as I feel hot tears falls down my face and my mouth hangs open slightly.. She is facing away from me as I hear her sobs echo throughout this now seemingly tiny room that we used to share.
“Just- just lie to me.. Lie to me one more time… Tell me that there’s someone else, tell me that you never loved me… Let me have this… Let my have a reason to get over you quicker….” She whispers as she goes over and sits on her side of the bed. I can barely see her through the tears clouding my vision, maybe she did need to hate me… If that’s what will help her move on… That’s the least I can do for her if it’s the last thing I ever do for her.
“There’s- there’s someone else…” I whisper hating the words that leave my mouth as I hang my head and feel my heart break. I hear her give one loud sob as she holds herself and looks away from me.
“Just leave calum… Just go away.”
I go to our once shared closet and grab what I can and put it in my suitcase that was still by the door. I zipped up what I had and managed to take a photo we took on our one year anniversary. I went to open the door to leave the girl I was supposed to grow old with to cry herself to sleep. I look back one last time
“I’m so sorry Y/n… I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner…”
“well I guess there’s just never a right time to say goodbye is there?” She says as she lifts her head up still looking away from me.
I take a moment to collect myself and then turn to leave the place I once called home… The place where I just broke a beautiful girl.
…..Did I really make the right decision?


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Chris Brown's 20 Biggest Billboard Hits

Chris Brown’s talent is proven. Setting the singer’s tumultuous personal history aside, Brown’s musical career has been pristine since he first stepped onto the scene at age 16. Brown has made a big impact on the Billboard charts along the way, from his first career single, “Run It!” in 2005 onward. In the past nine years, Breezy has become one of the biggest names in R&B and pop, for his vocal abilities as well as his dance skills.

Since his debut on the Hot 100 in 2005, Brown has had 61 songs on the chart, including two No. 1s.  He’s notched 13 top 10s. With the release of his sixth studio album, X, on Sept. 16, it’s a perfect time to rank Chris Brown’s top 20 hits on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

20. “Turn Up the Music”
Peak Position: 10

19. “I Can Transform Ya”
Peak Position: 20

18: “Love More”
Chris Brown feat. Nicki Minaj
Peak Position: 23

17: “Gimme That”
Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne
Peak Position: 15

16: “Get Like Me”
David Banner feat. Chris Brown
Peak Position: 16

15: “Yeah (3X)”
Peak Position: 15

14: “Deuces”
Chris Brown feat. Tyga & Kevin McCall
Peak Position: 15

13: “International Love”
Pitbull feat. Chris Brown
Peak Position: 13

12: “Don’t Wake Me Up”
Peak Position: 10

11: “Show Me”
Kid Ink feat. Chris Brown
Peak Position: 13

10: “Say Goodbye”
Peak Position: 10

9. “Loyal”
Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne and Tyga
Peak Position: 9

8. “Shortie Like Mine”
Bow Wow feat. Chris Brown & Johnta Austin
Peak Position: 9

7. “Yo (Excuse Me Miss)”
Peak Position: 7

6. “Look At Me Now”
Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes
Peak Position: 6 

5. “No Air”
Chris Brown & Jordin Sparks
Peak Position: 2

4. “With You”
Chris Brown
Peak Position: 2

3. “Forever”
Peak Position: 2

2. “Kiss Kiss”
Chris Brown feat. T-Pain
Peak Position: 1 (3 weeks)

1. “Run It!”
Peak Position: 1 (5 weeks)


until we meet again // listen here

track list:

01. dagger - the wanted

02. a thousand miles - boyce avenue 

03. a year without rain - leona lewis

04. skinny love - ed sheeran

05. see you again - carrie underwood

06. hey there delilah - plain white t’s

07. i don’t want to miss a thing - aerosmith

08. say goodbye - chris brown

09. when you’re gone - avril lavigne

10. sad song - we the kings

11. the scientist - coldplay

12. just one yesterday - fall out boy

13. stay - miley cyrus

for you twfanmily xx..

Darren Criss Acoustic Set at G4 Setlist

@DarrenCriss G4 Setlist:

“Colours of the Wind”
“The Muse”
“Hey Dragon”
“Guys Like Peter”
“Status Quo”

“The Coolest Girl”
“Not Alone”
“Getting Along” w/ Dylan Saunders
“The Way I Do” w/ Dylan & Joey
“Say Goodbye” - (Chris Brown) w/ Dylan Saunders

“I Will Follow You Into The Dark” - (Death Cab for Cutie) w/Joe Moses
“Don’t You” w/ Dom & Curt
“Teenage Dream” w/ Dom & Curt
“Granger Danger” w/ Joey Richter
“Going Back To Hogwarts” w/ Joey, Brian R., JoMo, Brant, Jeff & Dylan

“Part of Your World”

“The Life of Pablo” Album Review

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!  So, I’m actually back from the dead after losing all motivation to write anymore reviews for a while. Anyways, it’s me, the same little nigga from EC that y’all have grown to know and love; formerly known as Dobie tha Gawd, it’s King Dobe back once again to let y’all know how I’m feeling about this new Kanye West, “The Life of Pablo”, which just dropped this morning.

I just wanna preface this review by saying that I am a huge Kanye West fan and absolutely loved ”Yeezus” on my first listen. I have been silently hyping this album to myself since back in its infancy stages when it was still being titled “So Help Me God”. With the debut of his brand through Adidas this past year and some change, this time has been scarce of actual new music from Kanye. Most everything the fans got was nothing more than unofficial leaks of unfinished songs (see the pre-release of “Wolves” and “Fade”) and his actual singles of “Only One”, “FourFiveSeconds”, and “All Day” (none of which actually made the album cut and have no indication to the actual sound of the album). But he tried to keep fans as pacified as he could appearing on a slew of features in both 2014 and 2015 (see: “Smuckers”, “Jukebox Joints”, and “Piss On Your Grave”). Anyways, I am going into this album with very high expectations seeing how I view his last 6 solo albums as perfect and important, each in their own individual ways. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and jump straight into “The Life of Pablo (TLOP)”.

Track Breakdown

  1. “Ultralight Beam [feat. Kirk Franklin, Mary J. Blige, The-Dream, & Chance the Rapper]” – I just wanna start off with a statement followed by a rhetorical question. Kanye definitely tweeted, in the weeks leading up to the album, that “TLOP” was gonna be a gospel album. How do you actually follow through with that with an intro that actually samples a video of a 4 year old girl praying??? (see the video here) Maaaan, anyways this song is ethereal. I honestly can’t even begin to articulate how perfect this song is in every sense. From the production, which sounds like something I would hear out of a church in like the year 2050, down to each individual guest verse and the accompanying crooning from The-Dream. Every second of the song literally sends chills down my spine. This is the best song I have heard since 2012 and I mean that. Also, when the beat drops out after Kirk’s message? I cried.
  2. “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 [feat. Kid Cudi]” – HOW DO YOU LET METRO BOOMIN TAKE US TO CHURCH TOO?? This album is only two tracks in and this is already wild. You can hear the influences of “old” Kanye on the beat with the “Father I Stretch My Hands” – T.L. Barrett sample placed over Metro’s almost lofty production. I’mma take this chance to talk about the lyrics and say that’s honestly not what I’m looking for anywhere on this album. As the years progress we’re going to get further and further from the lyricism that Kanye once had, but he is still delivering quality, and most of all, entertaining bars. Music is all about entertainment, right? Also, wanna send a shoutout to Cudi too for having a feature better than his last several albums combined. Great, solid song here.
  3. “Pt. 2 [feat. Desiigner]” – This is so much more sinister than “Pt. 1” was and I like the segue into the “darker” sound of the album. You can really begin to hear some of the brash direction that Kanye began to venture into with “Yeezus” on this track. Production definitely sounds more reminiscent of typical Metro at this point too, but that is definitely not a complaint. This Desiigner guy though; he really had me tricked into thinking he was Future on first listen. I guess you really do just gotta ride waves until you make it (no shade towards dude though). The outro on this track really reminds me of something I’d hear in the “Runaway” short movie, but if it was 8-bit. If that makes sense to anyone but me. Like, if he made that short film into a video game, this outro would be the music playing at the startup menu.
  4. “Famous [feat. Rihanna]” – I’m actually not too big on Rihanna’s actual music, but I like the contrast of specifically her chorus as opposed to the verses and breakdown of the song itself. It’s a similar feeling to like swapping back and forth between the two pages of a book: different pages in themselves, but work together as one in the scheme of the book. I digress though, I’m loving the introduction of the “Bam Bam” – Sister Nancy sample at about the halfway mark of this song. A great song, but just seems to pale slightly in comparison to the tone the three tracks before set. Also, someone tell Swiss Beatz to sit down somewhere and stop yelling over tracks.
  5. “Feedback” – This honestly sounds like it could’ve been a “Yeezus” throwaway off the beat alone, but it’s still far more refined of a sound than anything that last album presented. This song really sounds like the accumulation of the past 12+ years of Kanye’s work combined with the braggadocio that he has become somewhat known and pegged for. That Oprah skit at the end had me weak too when I first heard this song at the Season 3 stream. You can tell he’s really taking his music seriously on this album, but not too seriously to remove the fun out of his work.
  6. “Low Lights” – The “gospel” sound makes a slight return over what could be most easily described as more upbeat “808s” era production over such a soothing piano line that you just can’t help but feel the beat rise within you. This “interlude” was actually planned to be the album intro before the MSG performance and is based off of Romans 8:38-39. (Kanye really was serious about this being a gospel album and it’s crazy to see him follow through like this.) Honestly, this might be the most powerful song off the album just off the message alone. I had to listen to this track a few times, but there’s really a lot of truth in this testimony being given. Definitely a personal favorite so far.
  7. “Highlights [feat. Young Thug]” – This could’ve honestly just been a 3:19 instrumental with only El Debarge’s bridge and I would’ve been 100% fine with that. This song sounds like “All of the Lights” meets “Love Lockdown” and it’s honestly nothing short of beautiful. When you take all that and add the fact that Ye had the chosen one, Young Thug, on the intro laying down the most angelic of vocals possible and Ye throwing out quotables like “Sometimes I’m wishin’ that my dick had GoPro/So I could play that shit back in slo-mo” and “I bet me and Ray J would be friends if we ain’t love the same bitch”, you’ve got one of the more premier cuts on the album.
  8. “Freestyle 4 [feat. Desiigner]” – This almost sounds like some inner conflict between Ye and his psyche. Definitely the “darkest” track yet, which serves as a dark contrast to the more “spiritual” feel the album has had leading up to it. Sonically, this isn’t a favorite of mine, but I do understand the purpose of this song as it comes to the flow of the overall album. I’ll probably skip this on future listens, it’s just a little too chaotic for me.
  9. “I Love Kanye” – I just need all y’all that have something to say about every move Kanye makes or every appearance he has in the public eye to take a good and long listen to this track. He basically just saying back everything his naysayers and “core fans” say about him in a way that makes it all sound almost nonsensical because, in all truth, it is. The perfect use of an interlude at the halfway point of this album.
  10. “Waves [feat. Chris Brown]” – This was the track that the whole album was put on hold for, thanks to Chance. Chris Brown is giving “Say Goodbye”-esque vocals (obvious not with the same message in mind though), which was a surprise to me as I had begun to feel as if his recent work was falling off tremendously, over a beat that feels like I’m just laying on my back in the ocean looking at the clearest sky I’ve ever seen in my life. That the only way I can describe this song. It’s like the pinnacle of human relaxation and peace put into MP3 format. I’m glad Chance fought for this song to be put on the album (it was scrapped originally after the album title change).
  11. “FML [feat. The Weeknd]” – This is 808s Ye meets MBDTF Ye in the best possible combination there can be. We’re getting all the introspective parts of Ye that he showed on 808s while also retaining the harshness and unapologetic qualities of MBDTF. And, as much as it pains me to say this, this song wouldn’t be as good as it is without the added layer that The Weeknd’s almost pathetic sounding crooning gives. It really makes the title of FML start to sink in in the best possible way. The last minute of this is honestly another song in itself where we see Kanye switch to a more WZRD Cudi-esque sound.
  12. “Real Friends [feat. Ty Dolla $ign]” – With the return of GOOD Fridays we actually got to hear this song a few weeks prior to the release of the album, so I’m not gonna spend too much time on this one. I like it, like a lot. Mostly because I gave it plenty of spins leading up to today. But I’m also quite the fan of Ty Dolla $ign. The message is definitely something easily relatable so I think it gives this song the best chance of success as a standalone single from the album. It’s definitely one of the more “radio” sounding cuts off the album.
  13. “Wolves [feat. Frank Ocean]” – We got an early version of this song about a year ago at the Season 1 show sans Frank Ocean and with the inclusion of Vic Mensa and Sia, so the original concept of this song had some time to marinate on listeners. The album version is at least 50x better than the version used in Season 1. This is an evolved 808s Ye on the track and the song is an emotional rollercoaster from the beat to the lyrics and message itself. This sounds like something that you’d hear if you were lost in some frozen forest, man. This sends chills down my spine, like it is scary good. How do you make screeching and a resonating, thumping bassline sound appealing? Then the “acoustic” beat introduced with about 40 seconds left for Frank to drop the most beautiful outro on? There is nothing wrong with this song at all. Don’t dispute this with me.
  14. “Silver Surfer Intermission [feat. Max B]” – Honestly, with the album no longer being called “Waves” I felt this was really unnecessary. All respect to Biggaveli tho. #FreeMaxB #FreeTheWave
  15. “30 Hours [feat. Andre 3000]” – This song feels like it doesn’t fit, but in that discord from the overall feel of the album this song actually finds its place. With the help of Andre 3000 (who always seems to come out of hiding randomly for the sake of features) we manage to get a look back at some of Kanye’s feelings in the infancy of his fame placed over some beautiful production by Mr. West and the sampling of “Answers Me” – Arthur Russell. This is the kind of song you ride down the highway on a dusty summer day to. It’s just good background music for a lazy day.
  16. “No More Parties In LA [feat. Kendrick Lamar]” – Kanye had a beat CD from Madlib since MBDTF and is finally using one of them on this collaboration between him and Kendrick (two great artists to do justice to a Madlib beat). The wildest part about this track isn’t even the beat, or the collaboration itself, but more so the fact that Kanye actually had the better verse between him and Kendrick (given, his was considerably longer, but that is neither here nor there). This is the most traditionally “hip-hop’ song that the album has to offer and it definitely does not disappoint at all. We still need the high speed turbo-thots though.
  17. “FACTS (Charlie Heat Version)” – This really just seems like a bonus track, so I’m not really gonna include it in my overall rating of the album. I’m just gonna say that I really hated the original “FACTS” but this Charlie Heat rework saved the song completely. This beat is just fucking bananas man. I ain’t felt like this about a beat Kanye went over since “Niggas in Paris”. Like, it’s just downright evil, you know? It’s this cadence that makes the disgusting level of braggadocio in “FACTS” acceptable and the perfect stage to display it on.
  18. “Fade [feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Post Malone]” – This isn’t even a real song in my eyes. It’s what I wanted out of “Highlights” really. Just an amazing, thumping bassline with the perfect sample of “(I Know) I’m Losing You” – Rare Earth and beautiful backup vocals provided by Ty Dolla $ign. The introduction of “Deep Inside” – Hardrive to mesh with the original sample at around the 2 minute mark is just a sensory overload. Like, music shouldn’t even be allowed to sound that good. And it serves as amazing end to an amazing 18 tracks.

And that was “The Life of Pablo” from start to finish. After pushing back the album for 2 days and some change (but what felt like an eternity to this fan here) we finally get to listen to Kanye’s “album of life”. I must say that this is one of the more cohesive works I’ve heard in recent history as far as hip-hop itself is concerned. This album has reaches to every facet of hip-hop and even the things that influenced black culture period (read as the African American church and gospel). From the production, to the features, to the overall theme and reaches of the album I have very few gripes or complaints as not only a Kanye fan but as a music fan period. Not many eras of music have had an artist as easily influential and revolutionary as Kanye West and it is amazing to see his work progress and build upon everything that he had made before it, while still keeping elements of everything he had already done in his new work. This album sounds like a refined “Yeezus”. The perfect blend of how avant-garde “Yeezus” was, the emotion and groundbreaking sound of “808s and Heartbreak”, the comfort of “Graduation”, and just the raw sound of “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” rolled into one album for the people who thought he had lost all traces of who he once was and the musical background he had come from. This will be getting quite a few spins from me in the next few months and in the foreseeable future. This album isn’t perfect by any means, nor can we deem it a classic, but it is definitely a conversation piece and pivotal for the artist Kanye Omari West. 9.2/10