chris brown hat

Random Headcanon

Okay but you know Josh, Chris and Ashley are Rocky Horror Picture Show fans. They even go to showings as Frank N Furter, Eddie and Columbia (Josh, Chris and Ash repectively). Chris and Ash didn’t used to go in costume but Chris got tired of people thinking he was dressed as Brad anyway he decided FUCK IT! and started dressing up (but as a character he liked more). Then Ash also started dressing up so she wasn’t the only one of the three not in costume.

PSA from Chris . Due to the tiny platform I have with this page, I want to use it for good primarily when it comes to social issues. Today I encourage everyone who is over 18 to go vote, please don’t think your vote doesn’t count. That’s completely untrue, the power is in our hands. We CAN NOT let that sun dried tomato, white supremacist, non experienced, egotistical, misogynistic man win this election. Use your voice and help make history. I personally voted early where I live, and the turn out in Maryland was more than 800,000. Please do your part and go out and vote!