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Damn Good Coffee

pairing ; chris x reader (!!!)

summary ; “i have to get a damn good coffee kiss.”

words ; 1699  ─ so close

warnings ; fluff!



You were slowly brought to consciousness as the light of the morning peaking through the dark curtains. You took a deep breath through your nose and let it out as a sigh, snuggling into the warmth behind you. One arm was tucked underneath your neck, the hand connected to it resting gently against your shoulder. There was no doubt in your mind that your husband had woken up before and tightened the grip he had on you, because normally that arm would just be laying limply underneath your face for you to use as a pillow.

Bringing it a little closer, you felt Chris stir a slight bit behind you, snuggling his face into your neck and wrapping his other arm a little more around your waist. It seemed as though he were awake, but judging by the still even breaths and the steady movement of his chest on your back, you knew better.

Yet another sigh escaped your lips as you opened your eyes and blinked away the blurriness of sleep. Your eyes drifted down to Chris’ hand, still resting against your shoulder, and noticed that he hadn’t even taken his wedding ring off when he came in last night. Though, you weren’t surprised.

He had come in extremely late from a meeting with some people producing the show Bull, and although he tried to make it seem like he was perky and awake, you knew that he was just about ready to collapse in his recliner that he had dubbed his “second home, away from you, of course.” The most you had gotten him to do in his tired reverie was take off his jacket and dress shirt to exchange it for a more comfortable, Got Hamilton? t-shirt and basketball shorts.

After that, he really did collapse in his recliner, and as amazing as it is, fell asleep. He rarely got good sleep, no matter what was happening in his life, so to see him be able to fall into a rather deep slumber, it was relieving. But, as the good wife you were, you didn’t want him waking up with some crick in his neck or anything, so you woke him up by kissing his forehead a couple times and gently shaking his shoulder.

“Chris, baby,” you whispered, watching his thick eyebrows furrow for a second. “C’mon baby,” you whispered again. This time he stirred, taking in a deep breath and opening his brown eyes just enough to squint at you.

“What time is it?”

“Time for you and I to go to bed,” you joked, cupping his cheek with your palm. He naturally rested against your hand, his eyelids fluttering closed at the comfort. “Don’t go to sleep, baby. You gotta get to the bed, first.”

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Sebastian Stan - Reunion - Part 3

Finally! Part three of my Sebastian Stan series Reunion is here! You can find the first two parts on my Reunion Master List. Enjoy!

It’s time for something you’ve always dreaded, your high school reunion. You were always the “nerdy girl” and the “weird one” and you never had many friends. You don’t want to go, but you feel like you have to, but you don’t want to go alone, but who do you ask? Well, luckily for you, Sebastian Stan, yes, the Sebastian Stan, just so happens to be your best friend. You ask him to be your fake date so you can rub it in the faces of the people who hated you, much to your relief he agrees. Let’s just hope everything goes to plan.

Sebastian x Fem!Reader

A/N: Kind of a slow part, but there will be more happening in the next part. This was really quickly edited before I had to go to work, so I’m sorry if there are any mistakes. The majority of Romanian and Russian is roughly translated from google translate so it might not be accurate.

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3. Let the Lies, Rumors, and Games Begin




I feel like an insomniac.

They say you’re supposed to get at least eight hours of sleep a night, truthfully, nobody gets that much sleep. Here I was, early in the morning, watching the sun come up.

Sparking up the blunt I had just rolled, I take a long drag, exhaling smoke slowly. The pretty pink, peach sunrise had a calming sense about it that I loved to watch everyday from my balcony. It was nearing 5:00 a.m. and as usual, I couldn’t get an ounce of sleep. Smoking was something I had picked up on in my junior year of high school, and I haven’t stopped since. It calms me.

The sound of the sliding glass door didn’t even make me turn around. Mel takes a seat in the chair beside me. Like clockwork, she held her hand out and I was passing her the blunt which she takes with no hesitation. This has been our morning routine for the past year. I had her waking up at 5 even though she hated it with a passion. I never forced her to get up with me though, it was all on her own.

“What’chu doing today?” I mumble, playing with the loose thread of my shorts.

Mel shrugs, inhaling more of the blunt. “Probably just go to work, then maybe we could find something to do later on. It’s Tuesday so we got all week to find something to do.” She suggests. Her eyes were now red, low, and a lazy smile graced her face. I nod and put the roach out in our star-shaped ashtray.

“I’mma start getting ready for work. I gotta be there at seven today.” I groan, running my fingers through my tousled tresses. Work was never my favorite part of the day. I don’t even know how I deal with that job day in and day out.

I give Mel a kiss on her cheek and saunter back into the house. Heading down the hall, I reach my bedroom and head in. Grabbing my towel and some underwear I head into my bathroom.

After a quick shower it’s nearing 6:30 so I know I had to hurry. After applying lotion I grab a pair of black underwear and matching bra. My purple satin halter dress and a pair of black pumps would have to do for today. I just brush my hair back and pull it into a neat ponytail. I apply only a touch of makeup so I was ready to go.

Grabbing my purse I place everything I need for today inside and head out. At the same time Mel was walking out of her room; looking a little more dressed up then usual. I raise my eyebrow.

“Who you trying to get all cute for?” I laugh. She waves me off while smoothing out her wrinkle-free skirt.

“My damn self. I can’t look cute every once-in-awhile?” We both laugh and she follows me out the door.


I groaned in frustration attempting to open the door while balancing the two coffees and my bag in my hands. Rolling my eyes, I tried reaching for my key card only for another hand to slide theirs. I blow my bangs out of my eye to look at my savior.

“Thank yo-” I began. Chris smiled, holding the door open for me.

“No problem. Your hands looked a little full.” He chuckled, smiling. “Lemme help you out.” I pass him the two coffees bypassing him and heading straight for the elevator.

“Thanks for the help.” I sarcastically say to the security guard. He saw me struggling for damn near ten minutes and just sat there.

As usual the elevator was filled to capacity, but a man was nice enough to make room for Chris and I to squeeze on. I stayed silent since we had to go all the way up to the 30th floor.

Little by little people exited the elevators and headed off to work. Chris and I ended up being the last two seeing as we’d be getting off on the same floor.

I took him slipping his phone from his pocket as my chance to fully examine him. The fresh cut and trimmed facial hair lead me to make the assumption that he’d taken a trip to the barbershop within the last few days. His jaw clenching as he scrolled through his phone was a sight to see. He wore a hoodie that read ‘Black Pyramid’, black jeans along with a pair of Jordan’s. His outfit was simple but somehow he pulled it off.

“You know, it’s not polite to stare.” Chris’ voice broke me from my thoughts as embarrassment took over.

“I wasn’t staring, just simply admiring the inside of the elevator.” I mentally smacked myself upside the head for that dumb ass excuse, but on the outside I remained cool as if that response was normal.

He chuckled, not buying a word I just said to him. He stopped talking only allowing his eyes to take me in from head to toe. “Your hair looks nice like that.” He spoke, staring right into my eyes. I was a little surprised that in all that time that was the compliment he’d come up with.

“It’s only in a ponytail,” I mumbled, pulling my purse strap higher on my shoulder. “But you don’t look too bad yourself, Chris.” I responded.

“Thank you, gorgeous.” His slew of compliments had me smiling like I’d won the lottery.

“Is this your way of getting to know me?” I asked, shifting all of my weight onto one leg.

“Hell yeah. I’mma compliment you till you stop being all mean.” He shrugged nonchalantly.

The elevator doors suddenly opened and Chris motioned for me to step off first. As soon as we stepped one foot off the elevator, all eyes on the floor were on us. Jealousy from some of the women, curiosity from the men, and just plain nosiness from the rest. I mean, you could literally hear a pin drop from how quiet they’d gotten. Chris cleared his throat so I looked up at him.

“Looks like we got an audience,” he whispered, so only I cold hear.

“I’m saying, don’t people have work to do?” I spoke, loud enough for a few to hear which had them scoffing.

“Don’t be so grumpy Robyn.” He smoothly slid one arm around my shoulder, pulling me into him. I looked up at him but he only smiled, his dimples making an appearance. With one arm securely around my shoulder, and the other holding me and my boss’ coffees, we made our way pass our gawking co-workers and towards the offices. Right before we reached Keri’s office Chris dropped his arm.

“Why did you do that? You know they’re gonna talk about it,” I laughed, leaning against the wall. Chris shrugged leaning against it also. “You don’t know how fast word gets around this office.”

“It’s too damn quiet around here anyway. They were staring, why not give them something to talk about.” Chris stated, staring at my intently.

“I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be in the middle of all the drama. Trust me.”

Chris chuckled, but then focused his attention on the two coffees I’d asked him to hold. He picked up the one with my name on it and before I could utter a word, his lips were on my straw and he was downing my drink.

“Chris, what the fuck?” I yelled, reaching out for my coffee.

“I needed this.” He sighed, smacking his lips.

I just stared at him trying to process what just happened. I know damn well he did not just drink my coffee. Like, I just met you and you’re already drinking my coffee?

“Well, I’mma get to work it being my first day and all.” Chris announced, passing me the other drink.

“Nah, you gonna buy me another coffee.” I stated. It came out calmer than I thought it would’ve.

“You wouldn’t want me to slack off on my first day would you?” He laughed.

“I can’t believe you just-” I cut myself off, shaking my head.

“I’ll see you around Robyn.” He smirked, walking away with MY coffee in his hand.

Now, everybody knew I didn’t play when if came to my coffee and my food. So, him taking my coffee and me not smacking him was a surprise to me.

Scoffing, I fixed myself up, grabbed the drink and my purse, and pushed the door open to Keri’s office. She was typing away on her computer with an annoyed look on her face. Keri always looked annoyed but today it just seemed worse.

“Hi boss lady,” I mumbled, setting my things down. She looked up sending me a slight wave. “Your coffee, two sugars, two creams.” I set the cup down in front of her watching as she took a sip.

“Thank you. I definitely needed this.” She took another large gulp setting the cup beside her. “I’m surprised you on time today. Second day in the row, what you up to?”

I laughed at her statement. “So, you wanna know what your agenda is today?” I said. Keri nodded about to take another sip of her coffee but paused. Her eyes scanned me up and down as she squinted.

“Why you so happy today?” She grinned, “What has you all rainbows and lollipops?” Although Keri was my boss she was also my friend. She could read me like a book.

“What? Nothing. I just woke up feeling happy today. Is that a crime?” Her eyes scanned me from head to toe one more time.

“Mhm.” She sipped on her coffee eyeing me. “I have a model coming to the studio soon. She’s beautiful and I wanted to take some photos of her to add to my portfolio. Am I open now?”

I pulled her planner out only to see she had to have the photos sent in by today. Other than that we schedule was completely open. “All you have to do is make sure you get those photos in.” She smiled clapping her hands.

“Great, we can leave right now.” Keri closed her laptop gathering her belongings. “Let’s go,” she grabbed her car keys and we headed out. Jared was exiting his office also with a pile of papers in his hands.

“Keri, Robyn just who I was looking for. We have a meeting in five in the conference room.” With that, he walked away with his mountain of papers.

“Now how he know I ain’t have shit to do?” Keri seethed. I shrugged, following her down the hall to the conference room.

The room was all around glass, a long mahogany table placed in the middle. Twenty plush, black chairs outlined the table, and I took a seat in the third one down from the head of the table. I watched everyone file in behind us one by one. Managing editor, John, looked at me, smiled, before he took the seat adjacent from mine and adjusted his tie. He was cute but way too uptight for me.

“How you doing today, Robyn?” Jared smiled, Removing his glasses showing those pretty blue eyes. I shoot him a smile.

“I’m fine, Mr. J-” I start but he cuts me off.

“How many times do I have to tell you call me Jared?”

“Well, I’m fine…Jared.”

The doors to the conference room open and Chris enters, just as calm as can be. He plopped a thick Manila folder down onto the table opening it.

“Welcome,” Jared says. “Chris came to me with a new idea and I want you all to hear it. We feel like it’ll be a good for the magazine. Take it away, Chris.” He smiles for the umpteenth time today. I lean back in my chair all of my attention on Chris.

He clears his throat, “I’mma just cut straight to the point. I’m here to make this company better, even better than it already is.” He paced back and forth as he spoke. His tone had changed from the playful Chris he was earlier, he was now all business.

“And how do you suppose you do that?” Richard asked, scoffing under his breath. Chris was new and he already seemed to not like him. Even if he was his cousin.

“Well smart ass, the sales from last month were the lowest they’ve been in almost a year. I was thinking we needed something different.” He said, recieving chuckles from everyone at the table except Richard. Jared leaned back in his chair waving his hands as a way of saying ‘go on’.

“This magazine is read by everyone. So, isn’t it supposed to appeal to everyone. Women, men, they all read this for the latest in music. Yeah we have one fashion column a month, but we need more. More things that’ll appeal to the woman’s eye.” He says, “Trust me, I know what appeals to women.” He chuckled.

Chris’ eyes averted to mine for a quick second, and I swear he smirked before returning back to his presentation.

“Did he look at me?” Keri asked. I shrugged, leaning back in my chair a little more.

“I’m pretty sure women don’t want to be looking through the whole thing just to see one colum for fashion at the end.” He states. Richard meshes his eyebrows together.

“We are not a women’s magazine though, Chris. We’re only here for the music. We put in what we feel should be in here. Our audience hasn’t had a problem before, why now?”

“It’s time for a change. I feel as new owners you should see-no disrespect-that you’re magazine is a little out dated. This would be something new, fresh.” He expresses.

Chris actually did have a point. This magazine has been around for over forty years. Why not make a change and give everyone something to look forward to every month instead of the same thing every month.

“Nobody has ever-” Richard begins but Jared interrupts.

“What do you suggest Chris?” He asks.

“Well, l suggest we start off with the music first, transition into fashion, men and women. Try to balance it out, but we still keep the music aspect.” Jared rubs his chin before a wide smile goes across his face.

“And that’s why we put you here. Okay. Okay, I’ll give it a go.”

“Wait, so you want to change over forty years of this magazine’s tradition, to make it more ‘up to date’?” Richard scoffed.


“Just for this month lets see if they like it. I’ll call a metting with some of the investors and you can explain it.” Jared says.

“We’re not even going to talk this through? You’re just going to go ahead and co-sign it. This is a co-owned company.” He says.

“And you should realize this is a good change. We both know the magazine is old. Shit, grandpa started it damn near 40 years ago.” Jared interrupts with a laugh.

Richard clenches his jaw and sends Chris a hard glare.

“So it’s settled. We’ll discuss this more tomorrow but for right now let’s give the staff a heads up.” He claps his hands together and leaves the office. Richard and Chris stand in an uncomfortable silence.

He clears his throat, “So everyone, It seems like my idea for the magazine is in motion.” He smiled. “This will involve everyone. I figured since music is the main focus, then we should start off with music.”

“John, that’s you job. You’re the boss over there so I need you to make sure they’re ready to meet the deadline in a few weeks. Nobody has to change their colums they’ll just be one added and in a different order.” He says.

“But, who’s going to do the extra pieces?” The girl, Rachel, asks.

“There’s only two so I could have a few people do the research and another group to write them and hand them in to me.” He states.

“The deadline’s in three weeks. Do you think that’ll be enough time?” She says.

“Yes, if we work a little harder they should be done by the deadline.”

“So it’s settled. Chris, you’ll work on the new layout while they tell the rest of the staff.” Jared says enthusiastically.

“Oh, Keri I need to talk to you. Everyone else is free to go,” Chris mumbles, flipping through a few files. Everyone starts leaving as Keri and I stay in our seats.

“What’s up Chris?” Keri crossed her legs and leaned in as if she was listening.

Deciding to drown out their conversation, I retrieve my phone from my clutch and open my Twitter app. Twitter just so happened to be only one out of two social media accounts I have. Facebook brought me way too much drama I just took my page down altogether. Since the last time I’d checked I’d gained another hundred followers or so. Honestly, I had no idea where these people were coming from seeing as I haven’t been on here in what felt like forever. I scrolled through a few profiles to see they were mostly men who’d followed me. I guess I could tweet something since I had nothing better to do.

@badgalriri: Work has been my life for wayyyyy too long…I need some fun

In a matter of minutes my retweets and favorites started pouring in. I didn’t understand how something so simple could be liked by so many people, but to each is own.

I finally noticed the conversations had come to an end. I could feel Chris’ eyes burning a hole in the side of my face but I ignored him continuing to scroll through Twitter.

“You know, it’s not polite to stare,” I joked, repeating the exact words he’d said to me earlier in the elevator. I slid my phone back into my clutch and turned around to face him.

“I wasn’t staring, just admiring the beautiful view in front of me.” He calmly stated.

Well played.

I rolled my eyes, crossing one of my legs over the other. He followed suit and dropped the papers he’d been looking over. “Can I take you to lunch?”

Chris’ bluntness was definitely something I had to get used to. First it’s my number, now lunch. This man damn sure didn’t hold his tongue. But, neither did I.

“After you just hijacked my coffee? I think I’ll pass.” laughed, sitting up a little higher in my chair.

“I said I was sorry.” He argued. “This could be my way for making it up to you.”

“Actually you didn’t, and I don’t think so.” I responded, sitting back in my seat. “But look at you, first day and you’re already changing things.” I smile. “Mr. Big shot.”

Chris laughed, “Nah, I just know what I’m doing. Everybody knows they’re old fashioned nobody was just ready to say it yet.”

“So, when are you gonna stop playing and give me your number?” His casually spoke, sliding his hand across the table to grab mine. Someone clearing their throat caused the both of us to look up to see Richard, eyeing the both of us with a raised eyebrow and a smirk. I quickly pull my hand away laying it in my lap.

“Am I interrupting?” He smiled, sliding into the seat next to me.

“Nope.” Chris said popping the ‘p’.

“You sure? The two of you looked a little too comfortable. You do know that colleagues dating is against policy right? I would hate for you two to loose your jobs over a…fling.” His last statement sounded more like a threat. Chris laughed heartily, collecting his papers and stuffing them back into his folder.

“I would never do that big cousin. It’s only my first day.” He paused, “And trust me, I know all the rules.” Chris glanced my way, and sent me his signature wink. Before I could respond my phone buzzed against my thigh. I quickly pull it up to see a text from Trey.

Can you come sign me in? I forgot my I.D…

Since Limelight was such a huge magazine we all had I.D’s and key cards. If you forgot yours, someone would have to come down and sign in for you. Even if they knew you worked here and saw you every day. A dumb ass rule if you ask me.

Me: I guess

“I’ll be back.” I say to Chris. Standing from my chair, I motion towards Keri I’ll be right back and she nods. Grabbing my clutch, I make the short trip to the elevator taking it all the way down.

“Finally.” Trey mumbled, once I in hearing distance. I rolled my eyes showing the guard my I.D. Snatching the pen from the security guard, I signed my name. “You know damn well I work here.” Trey said.

“My bad, it’s policy.” The guard appogized.

“Policy my ass.” Trey took the temporary badge, wrapped his arm around my shoulder, and we headed back all the way up.

“How did you forget your card and you I.D.?” I chuckled.

“Man, I was already late. I guess I just left it on the counter or something.” Trey was usually here early so him being late was out of character. But, his annoyed attitude made the situation funny.

“What I miss?” He asked.

“Nothing really. Oh, Chris is changing a few things in the magazine but that’s about it.” I shrugged.

We reached the floor and once again Trey wrapped one arm around my shoulder and all eyes were on us. This time, whispers were heard instead of just complete silence. The two of us headed back towards the offices until we reached Keri’s.

“Why don’t you ever use your office? You know how hard Keri worked to get that space for you.”

My office was nothing to be all excited about. It was basically an oversized box with a desk and a computer. I honestly saw no need for it but Keri insisted that I’d have my own space, so, she convinced Richard and Jared to give me a space. I rarely went in there and when I did, all I did was scroll through my phone and wait for Keri to need something.

I shrugged, “I see no reason for it. Don’t you have to get to work Mer. Neverson?” Trey sucked his teeth, pulling me into a hug.

“I’ll see you later, aight?” I nodded. With one last kiss to my cheek he disappeared down the hallway to start his own work day.


“I’m back!” I yell into the apartment. I received no response letting me know Mel hadn’t made it home yet. Before I take another step I remove my heels and carry them to my bedroom. My aching feet could use a good soak right now.

Once I reach my bedroom I plop right in the middle of my bed. The soft, satin sheets making me want to curl up and fall asleep. The vibrating of my phone in the pocket of my purse causes me to groan.

I just can’t catch a break.

Lazily, I dump the contents of my purse onto the bed and grab my ringing iPhone. Without looking at the screen I slide the bar across to answer. Shuffling is all I heard on the other end of the line before my friend, Jen, speaks.

“Hey Rob,” she greets. Her cheery voice makes me smile. Jen lives in Orlando which I hate but she visits whenever she can. We’ve been close ever since I started dating her best friend.

“Hey boo, what’s up?” Jen calls me almost every day and I know she wants nothing but it just makes me happy that she care.

“Nothing. I’m sitting here watching re-runs of ‘Martin’. Where’s Melissa?” She says. I’m guessing she’s eating popcorn from the loud crunching and smacking from her end of the line.

“Can you smack any louder? And I think she’s still at work.” I say. I unzip the dress and let it fall into a pool at my feet. Relief washed over me, after ridding myself of that tight ass dress. I couldn’t even describe the feeling I’m having right now. Placing my phone between the crook of my neck and shoulder I start searching for something comfortable to sleep in.

“Rob?” I mumble a ‘hm’ but her hesitant tone made me stop what I was doing to pay more attention. The crunching had stopped and now I could only hear the faint sound of the tv.

“I ran into Mia today,” she mumbles. “She asked about you.” I subconsciously roll my eyes. I haven’t heard anything from them in at least a year. Why ask about me now?

“Hm, that’s interesting.” I say, “How’ve they been?” Jen babbles on while I busy myself takeing out a pair of pajama pants and a tank top.

“She said they’ve been good. She seemed better than how she was a few years ago.” She says.

That’s good.

“Good for them.” I mumble.

Jen and I catch up for a little while longer before I hear Mel call out for me. “In here!” I yell.

“I’mma go boo,” Jen says, munching in my ear once again.

“Alright, love you.” We say our goodbyes just as Mel takes a dive on my bed. I really missed my friend. I toss my phone beside me on the bed and turn to face Mel.

“Who was that?” She asks.

“Jen.” I stand and grab my towel. A long shower was needed and plus they always seemed to relax me; other than sleep.

“My bitch, why you ain’t let me talk to her?” Originally the two hated each other but now; thick as thieves.

I leave her question unanswered while I saunter into my bathroom.

30 minutes later I’m refreshed, dressed, and ready for bed. Mel had went to let room and knocked out for the night.

Since I didn’t want to have to worry about my hair in the morning I straighten it and wrap it up, tying a scarf around my head to make sure my hair wouldn’t be wild in the morning.

With a deep sigh, I slide on to the softness of my queen sized bed. The right pillows I slept with getting messed up. Pulling the covers over me, exhaustion finally catches up to me and I’m out.

Chapter 20 Part 2 (Merry Christmas Guys!!)


I couldn’t even get mad anymore, and act a fool because it was clear that it did nothing. I just smiled wickedly, and clapped because let me tell you that was a cute moment. I was beginning to wonder if Chris was just “choosing” me because he felt he had to, because it was no way in hell I keep getting put in situations where I have to deal with this girl.

“Baby it’s not what you think I was just-” he started but I cut him off.

“I heard everything Chris, you don’t have to tell me again. You know Kae next time you want to kiss my man, you should lock the door you might get caught” I said raising my eyebrows at her.

“Robin, come on man” Chris said throwing his hands up.

“Um, I think I’ll go. I guess I’ll see you around” Karrueche said to Chris before picking up her Jimmy Choo purse to leave.

“Wait, now you want to leave? You should’ve left instead of opening your legs for my nigga on Thanksgiving. I’m starting to think that maybe he should’ve married your thotful ass because you getting everything. His attention, my dick, shit you winning big time” I said clapping for her.

“Robin, don’t take it there alright, you don’t fuck with me and that’s fine, but don’t try me” Karrueche said looking at me sternly.

I laughed “girl your cancelled. You really think I give a fuck about how you feeling? I been having to deal with you being up my HUSBAND’S ASS FOREVER AND YOU GONNA TELL ME DONT TRY YOU? DON’T TRY YOU?!! This hoe ain’t serious!”

“Yo, Kae you need to go now, I ain’t having this” Chris said to her before walking up to me, and grabbing me.

She smacked her teeth, and walked out slamming the door behind her “your little girlfriend is out her mind.”

“Nah my girl right here” he said to me with a serious tone.

I was annoyed “Chris back up your to close.”

“Nah cause you gonna listen to me, and you better not say shit” he said backing me up against the wall in the living room.

“Chris” I said seriously not being able to handle the contact mainly because I was still so mad, but he ignored me.

“Robin, I’m fucking sorry. I’m sorry, I kissed her, I’m sorry I got arrested and ended up here in this rehab, I’m sorry I had sex with her, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry for everything, but baby you gotta believe me when I say through all the bullshit I still want you and need you. I know I hurt you, and it’s the one thing I promised not to do, but I swear I never meant to. Please stop shutting me off, and give me a chance to prove to you I’m the one for you” he said so genuinely my eyes started to water.

“No, you don’t get to do this. You don’t get to say sorry, and expect everything to go back to normal Christopher” I said wiping away the tears that fell out my eyes.

“I’m your wife, I’m supposed to be the one you run to when you need someone or something, I’m supposed to be the one who gets all your kisses, I’m supposed to be the one you fuck, and make love to, but most of all I’m the one your supposed to give your love to. I trusted you and you broke my trust. Baby why’d you do this to me?” I asked slapping his chest repeatedly.

He wrapped his arms around me, and I held onto him so tight as I cried. I cried for everything that made me this way, and everything that led up to this moment. It was like everyone around me kept hurting me, and I for the life of me couldn’t understand why. I was no saint, and I could talk some shit, but it was like I was a human punching bag.

“If I could go back, and do it all over I’d change it if I knew I could make you feel like this” he said running his hands through my curls on my head.

I sighed and pulled away from him walking toward the window. I wrapped my arms around myself and thought about Chris and I’s wedding day. Aside from having my son it was one of the happiest days of my life.


I stood in the mirror in my dressing room as Ashley put my veil on, and my mom handed my bouquet of flowers.

“You look amazing baby” Mercedeh said laying my hair on my shoulders evenly.

I smiled widely “thanks, I’m so excited. I’m really going to be Mrs.Brown.”

I never would’ve thought that two years ago I would’ve even met Chris and to now be moments away from being his wife is just bittersweet. I love this man more than life there could never be another guy for me.

“You ready love?” My mom asked.

I nodded my head “yes, I’m beyond ready.”

She smiled and took my hand as we headed out to the meadow where we were having our wedding. Chris and I found this beautiful meadow kind of like the one in the movie Twilight, but of course groomed. It took my breath away when we came here.

We walked out onto the white satin runner, and Ty was standing at the end waiting to walk me down the aisle. He smiled and hooked his arm out for me and I interlocked the two.

“You look beautiful girl, want to marry me instead?” He said making me laugh.

I giggled “take me to my man, and stop playing silly.”

Whitney Houston’s “I Believe In You And Me” began to play and we made our way down the aisle to the one person I’ve been waiting to see for the past two days.

As we walked down the aisle, and everyone stood up. The only focus I had was Chris. As I got closer my joy to finally just hold his hand rose. I wasn’t nervous at the slightest. I knew that this was the best decision I was making, and that no matter what happened between us no one was better for me.

At last we finally reached the alter we had built, and Chris came to collect me from Ty before he took his spot next to Chris as one of his best men. He pushed my veil back and Chris being Chris had a moment “damn baby” he said making the entire room erupt in laughter.

I blushed and shook my head because he was so damn embarrassing. Finally it was time to begin so we took each other’s hands as Bishop Jones began to speak.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the union of Christopher Brown and Robin Rox in holy matrimony, which is an honorable estate, that is not to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly, but reverently and soberly.

Into this estate these two persons present come now to be joined.
If any one can show just cause why they may not be lawfully joined together, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.”

It was so quiet in that place you could hear a pin drop until Ty called out “man everybody in here tryna hear y’all say I do, ain’t nobody hating” making us all laugh. Chris turned around, and dapped him up, and we shook our heads. The minister laughed, but continued.

Who gives this woman to be married to this man? “We do” my mom Ashley, and Mercedeh all stood up and said.

Bishop Jones nodded and looked toward Chris “time for the wedding vows you prepared sir.”

Chris nodded and looked at me “The first time I ever laid eyes on you, I knew I had to find out the mystery behind those eyes. I didn’t know it then, but I’m positive I fell in love with you that night looking back. As time went on I found myself wanting you around all the time, and when we were apart the only thing on my mind was seeing you again. You make me strong when I’m weak, and you love me when I beat myself for things I can’t control. From today and even in our next life you’ll be the one for me. I want to look back fifty years from now, and tell our grandchildren about how you swept me off my feet. I love you Robin Hood more than anything in this world. As long as I’m alive I promise to love, honor, and protect you because baby without you I have nothing” he said kissing my hand.

Bishop Jones smiled and nodded towards me “your turn love.”

I also nodded and looked at Chris “When I met you as you know I was going through a rough time in trying to find myself, and way out of the life I believe was slowly beginning to destroy me.” I giggled lightly “Then you came along like a ray of light, whisked me away to utopia I like to call it. I remember being scared of how much I loved you, but through that I knew there was no one else I’d rather be with. You too make me very strong when I’m weak, and you help me see the beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. You gave me this beautiful family” I said looking at our son sitting on Mama J’s lap. “And you gave me you. Until the end of time I want no one else to go through all the motions life has to offer whether it be happiness or sorrow because I’m utterly, madly, and completely in love with you. There will never be another you.” I said blinking away my happy tears that were threatening to fall out my eyes.

"Beautiful, now the rings” Bishop Jones said as King brought them forward.

Chris took his first and proceeded with our nontraditional approach to our wedding ceremony “Robin I give you this ring as a symbol of our vows, and with every ounce of me I honor and cherish you. With this ring I’m yours and you are mine.” He said placing the ring on my finger in front of my engagement ring.

I took my ring last and repeated the same exchange we wrote “Chris I give you this ring as a symbol of our vows and with every ounce of me I honor, and cherish you. With this ring I’m yours, and you are mine” I said placing the ring on his finger smiling at him.

When I looked at him there was a twinkle, and a fire in his eyes. I could see the joy on his face, and that was enough for me to get through any day. This man was absolutely all I needed as well as my son.

Finally the moment we were waiting for came and Bishop Jones said “With the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss your bride.”

We stepped closer to each other, and the moment our lips met it was like electricity went through my body. We made sure to keep it PG since there were little eyes piercing at us. We pulled back and laughed in unison.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I now present to you Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Brown” Bishop Jones said as the organist played the music, and everyone stood up to clap.

I knew all my pain ended here.

*Flashback over*

“I fucked us up didn’t I?” Chris said sounding defeated.

I smiled because it was always like him to take the blame for things he never did wrong by himself “no I believe I contributed with a few things myself.”

“Can we fix this? Will you give me another chance?” He said from behind me as I heard him walking closer.

I turned around, and looked at him without even thinking twice “Chris I’m pregnant” I blurted out.

“Ok I wasn’t supposed to do that like that” I thought to myself.


I whipped my car into Carmen’s driveway, and shut off the engine before hurrying to her front door. I rang the doorbell twice before waiting for someone to answer. Finally, after a few moments the door opened and it was Violet.

“Daddy!!!!” She screamed jumping into my arms.

I smiled “hey Purple! Where’s mommy?”

She wrapped her arms around my neck and rested her head on my chest “in the kitchen with Uncle Kevin.”

“Uncle Kevin huh?” I said as I clenched my jaw.

“You go upstairs, and get your bags. I’ll call you when it’s time to go alright?” I said kissing her forehead.

“Ok hurry up! I’m ready to go to your house!” She said making me laugh as I put her down.

She ran upstairs, and I walked easy toward the kitchen “yo, this nigga ain’t stupid. He’s going to find out his daughter is really his niece soon.” I heard Kevin tell Carmen.

“He is her father, you’ve never been there for her before. You just want to use her to hurt him” she fired back and I started to get heated.

“Coming from the girl that thinks he’s going to leave the Spanish bitch for her” he said making me storm in the kitchen.

“So y’all motherfucker’s lied to me?” I shouted shocking them.

“Trey-” Carmen started, but I cut her off.

“Shut the fuck up, your a fucking liar. The entire time you was fucking my brother too?” I balled up my fist.

“Trey it ain’t even like that” he said seriously.

“So what’s it like then huh?” I asked clearly intrigued.

“Man the night she got pregnant shit got real out of hand. We were faded, and one thing led to another I never set out to sleep with her” I looked Kevin disgusted and charged him punching him dead in the face.

Carmen screamed, but it was no use we were straight scrapping. “You ain’t shit!” I barked before I tackled him to the ground. He connected a few times, but no lie I was getting this nigga for it all. Especially for my girl.

“Daddy!! Daddy stop it” I heard Violet cry out from behind me.

I halted immediately and got up turning towards her. She was crying, and I felt bad for letting her see me like this. “Come here” I said, but she didn’t budge. I knew she was scared.

“It’s ok, I’m not going to hurt you Purple” I said as she ran into my arms.

She sniffled “daddy I’m ready to go” she said as she squeezed me tight.

“Alright come on we can go” I said as I picked her up.

“I’ll bring her back on Friday” I said as I walked out leaving them there, and caring less about if Kevin was ok.

As we left out, and I strapped Violet up in her car seat I couldn’t help but to think about how I was supposed to tell her she wasn’t my daughter anymore. I’ve grown so fond of her these past few months and it was really breaking my heart. I loved her.

I’m glad India said something when she did, because as much as I didn’t want to believe it, I knew there was a possibility in that moment she wasn’t mine. It was just way too close to be a coincidence that Kevin had a kid. The fact that Carmen has this child calling her dad her uncle makes me sick to me stomach. All this because she wanted me back. How does she expect me to respect her. She’s a pig.

“Daddy am I going to meet your girlfriend now?” Violet asked interrupting me from my thoughts.

I smiled “yes you are Purple, your going to love her. She has pretty hair that you can brush too.”

“I’m excited!” She said making me laugh.

“Me too, Purple, me too” I said as I turned on the radio for her so I can think on the way home.

“This has to be my punishment for leaving India all those years go” I thought to myself.

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On a real ass note, I wasn’t feeling them Chris brown jokes today at all ! The swat team showed up at this man’s house all because a WHITE women said Chris threatened her with a gun and now his ass is in jail WTF ❗️ Yes Chris had his moments to the point that we all couldn’t stand him but I’m not going to sit here and wish bad on the man. clearly he had been to hell and back and he finally got off his probation and won his custody battle with Nia but my gosh some of y'all don’t have a heart at all ! This is a real life situation and y'all making memes out of this. It’s bad enough he’s black male and it’s a white women who told this story and the police immediately acted on this fight. It’s a good thing Chris recorded himself cuz if he didn’t a lot of people wouldn’t believe him. TEAM BREEZY LETS KEEP CHRIS IN OUR PRAYERS ❤️🙏🏾❗️If I catch anyone saying any slick ass or disrespectful ass comments about Chris or the situation ya ass is getting BLOCKT 💯. Believe that 👌🏾

Team Breezy lets pray that the truth is revealed and Chris gets to come home..pray that God shows out in that courtroom and not only Chris but Hollsy gets the verdict that they deserve..We do not wish harm on the allege victim, for we know God is gone handle that..please Team Breezy just say a little prayer today in hopes for nothing but the best...
''Chris Brown abusou de sua fama'' Diz Rihanna.

Rihanna aparentemente acha que Chris Brown “abusou de sua fama”. A cantora afirma que Brown tem que ser mais gentil com a indústria da música.

“Ela sente que ele abusa de sua fama, mas não é seu julgamento. Há milhões de pessoas lá fora que tomaria as oportunidades que lhe foram dadas e seria tão humilde e grato e nunca desperdiçam a sua sorte, uma  fonte próxima a Rihanna contou  HollywoodLife .

Brown foi criticado várias vezes por seus problemas comportamentais e também fez manchetes quando agrediu fisicamente Rihanna em 2009. Mais tarde, frequentou sessões de aconselhamento e explicou que ele se arrependeu de suas ações. 

“Na medida em que ela (Rihanna) e eu estamos preocupados, ela conhece meu coração e eu sei que o seu coração”. Eu não estou realmente focado no negativo, tudo é positivo para mim. Eu fiz meus 52 semanas de aconselhamento e soube que era absolutamente errado. Foi aconselhamento sobre violência doméstica. Um programa de 52 semanas. Toda segunda-feira, na Virgínia, eu me lembro de ter ido, sentado lá pensando, ‘por que eu fiz o que eu fiz? “Eu realmente só queria pedir ajuda”, disse Brown para Matt Lauer no Today show.

Rihanna também acha que teria que Brown é incapaz de lidar com o sucesso que ele tem.

"Algumas pessoas simplesmente não pode lidar com muito, muito rápido”, disse a fonte, acrescentando que Rihanna realmente “deseja que um dia ele vá encontrar a si mesmo e ser tão bom homem que ele quer ser.”.

Chris Brown estará prisão até sua próxima data para a audiência em junho.

Fonte: International business times


Putting my letterman jacket on, today is Robyn’ birthday and I got her something that I hope she does like. Putting my snapback on and my shades I was ready to go, I’m only taking Mijo with me just to keep it low key because she said she is keeping it low key. Grabbing the long black bag from my bed and making my way down the stairs “niggas!!” I cheesed running down the last of the steps “look at that smile!” Robb pointed laughing at me “do I look good? I know I look basic but do I look good?” Robb looked me up and down “perfect” he put a thumb up “can y’all smell that” hood waved his hand about “did you just bathe in cologne because that shit is strong” he is just being a hater “man forget y’all, tell Mijo I’ll be outside” picking the card I wrote her from the side, I put a lot of effort into this “he’s outside waiting anyways” Hood shouted as I made my way out, I am so excited to see her.

I heard Mijo sigh at the side of me, he been sighing so much since we left. He thinks I am wasting my time because after all that time of dodging me and staying away from me why would she want to know me now, Mijo has a point but I feel she wants me more than she is letting on “what did you get her?” he asked, he was about to unzip the long bag but I slapped his hand “don’t, you will see it just chill and stop sighing so hard everything will be good” hopefully because I don’t want nothing to ruin today, I hate how down she has been because of turning 34, I know she feels like she hasn’t done much in life but she has and till this day she still amazes me.

Mijo hit my arm as I slowed my car down “she did say low key?” Mijo asked feeling unsure about the situation, my mouth hung open I swore she said it was going to be small “this look like some private house party with high security” I feel so deflated now, I wanted to come to her house without any questions or pictures “what if she is just playing me to look stupid? I mean she has done it before and I got turned away at the party” I am doubting myself so much now “shall we go?” looking in the rear-view mirror to check if it was okay to reverse the hell out of here or do a U-turn “Chris” Mijo said pointing to the window, turning my head one of the many bodyguards here was stood outside my window “if we get told to leave I am going to personally get Rihanna this time” Mijo said in anger, I blew out air pressing the button to let the window roll down “here is your ticket and I shall be parking your car” I took the ticket looking at Mijo, he just shrugged not knowing what to do.

Holding her birthday card and dress as we walked up the pathway “fuck” I said aloud “we the only niggas wearing dumb shit, everyone is suited and booted” I feel so dumb right now, Mijo looks so mad with me but she never mentioned anything at all. Mijo slapped the back of my head and pushed me forward “this says invite only and they looking at people’s invite and you got nothing but a fucking birthday card” putting my head down as I saw Jay go inside with Bey with no hassle, everyone in the business is going to be here. She lied to me and here I am still walking, it’s like my legs won’t stop “invite sir” his voice sounded like he wasn’t pleased or maybe not pleased with what I’m wearing “this is a invite only event” I looked up shifting my hat back a little “Robyn I mean Rihanna” I stuttered “said to come and I was invited” people were walking passed glaring at me, If she embarrasses me like this I will never forgive her. She did the same shit last time to me “oh yes, Chris Brown plus one. She wrote it here” he smiled, I swear I never felt so relieved in my life because these celebrities were about to tweet this shit to everyone that I got rejected.

Jay Brown saw me but he didn’t say anything, not even a hello but I don’t care for it “her place is big as shit, we ain’t going to see her today” Mijo said in my ear, he has a point because they are all going to want her attention. Hitting Mijo’ arm “let’s sit here” I don’t even know if this is supposed to be my table or if I am supposed to be sitting here but I feel like shit, my excitement has left. Sitting down and placing the card and dress on the table, what am I even doing here because clearly I look stupid and I don’t belong so I should leave it alone “you should not be sat here” some deep voiced nigga said as my head looked up in his direction “does it say your name on it?” I don’t even know who this person is so who the hell is he to even talk to me “your table is with Miss Fenty, I was told to find you and you would be around” here is me about to punch him for even talking because the way I am feeling right now.

Walking behind this big ole dude, maybe he is escorting us out but I am still following him anyways “Miss Fenty here?” he said as we got closer to the stage “she will be here soon” Lele’ shouted “you found him?” he stepped to the side “look at you boy! Trying to not stand out and you look like the main event” I couldn’t help but laugh because I am the only one dressed like this, everyone is dressed so smart “Robyn tricked me, she never said this” Lele waved me off “we didn’t know till Jay Brown was like we need to cheer her up so we doing a party, she forgot all about it and then she felt bad about you so I said I would look after you” she is letting this crazy look after me, she is already drunk “ya know that girl just wanted a quiet life today, she is still feeling sad” Robyn finally appeared, holding her black dress up that looked too long for her, showing just a little leg “you forever talking shit” she pushed Lele “we could just go home” Mijo nudged me saying “Chris..” Robyn walked over to me “Happy Birthday babe” I said stepping closer to her but making sure not to step on her dress or that clutch bag will be across my head “thank you” kissing Robyn’ cheek softly and then giving her a little hug with one arm “I’m so happy you came” she said in my ear, I quickly moved back before people started talking “no problem and here” passing the long bag to her “for me?” she cheesed, I nodded biting my bottom lip “ohhhh robz let’s look, this shit better not be tacky Chris” Lele loud ass said, the girls all gathered and now I felt even more nervous. They placed the long bag over the table and unzipped it “oh my god!! This is what I said I wanted at the fashion show you got it for me?” Robyn shouted so loud “you saw everything” she walked back over to me “hell yeah, couldn’t miss it you nearly fainted seeing it” Robyn clapped her hands in excitement “I tried to get this for my birthday but I couldn’t and you got it for me!!” the smile on Robyn’ face made me smile as much as her, just to see her not be sad and actually be happy I love it “here, I got you a card too” she shyly took it from me “thank you” I nodded stepping back with my hands behind my back “you’re sitting with us so don’t go far” looking behind Robyn and seeing her family I better dip “cool” I mouth turning around.

The whole sitting at Robyn’ table flopped, we ended up sitting at the table behind, I’m not angry about it but it just annoyed me because I honestly thought this was going to be just us chilling “we get fed though, free food and drink” least Mijo is happy about something “I should have bought hood he would have been more happy unlike you” pushing my plate away, I don’t need food “you eating that?” Mijo pointed at my plate asking “nah, eat it fatty” smacking his back, the people that is sat with us are some posh designer friends of hers and they were not happy to know I was sat with them. Stretching my arms “yo I’m about to leave anyways” I said to Mijo half yawning, my phone vibrated against my leg inside my pocket.

From: Robyn

To: Chris

You mad with me??

Looking over at her table she was already staring at me, I gave her a faint smile looking back at my phone.

From: Chris

To: Robyn

No well I actually I can’t be mad because it’s your day, you’re smiling so we good.

Sending the message and looking over at her, she did a big oh looking over at me and frowning. She pouted looking back over at her phone.

From: Robyn

To: Chris

Who said it’s a true smile though?

From: Chris

To: Robyn

Me, I’m leaving now so have a good birthday and don’t make me stay because I came and that’s the main thing xx

Hitting Mijo’ arm “get up fatty we leaving” getting up from my seat “damn nigga, can’t even swallow my damn food without you dragging me away” he picked the plate up getting up from his seat, I started laughing “you is so ghetto you finna take the plate?” he nodded with chicken hanging from his mouth, we started walking out and all I could feel is all eyes on me which sucks and this is why I want to leave.

Watching Chris just leave, I didn’t know if to get up and stop him or just watch him leave because like he said he came but I don’t want him to go “Robz your cake about to come out” my mom nudged me taking my attention away from watching Chris leave “ohh” was the only thing that could escape my lips, I quickly sent him a text back.

To: Chris

From: Robyn

Stay for some cake at least?

Pressing send without even thinking “stay for some cake?” I mouthed to myself, now why would that make him stay. Why am I such a mess, I ended up laughing to myself like some crazy bitch “come on Robz” putting my phone in my clutch and getting up from my seat as Jay Z and Jay Brown came out with my cake on the stage, Jay Z had his cigar between his lip. I couldn’t help but smile as I made my way up, the crowd gathered singing happy birthday to me, I started hiding my face giggling with all eyes on me. The light is blinding me from the crowd “make a wish Rih!!!” Jay shouted as everyone waited for me to blow the candles out, gathering my hair in a bundle and placing it at the side of my shoulder and leaning forward to blow the candles out. Making a wish quickly before blowing them out of course, everyone cheered and clapped “Happy Birthday!” Jay Z hugged me “thank you so much” looking back over at the crowd and there I see Chris clapping in the crowd, he came back for me which made me smile even more and he knew it as he smiled back at me.

I made Lee go over to Chris and give them cake, I have been waiting for her to come back but the bitch is taking her damn time. I know Chris probably hates me for just keeping the distance between us but there is too many people that would not like it if anything was to happen between us after everything that has happened. We both left each other being bitter even after we got back together which really messed us up and the people around us, I promised to never fuck with him again because emotionally it drained me and put me in a place where I don’t like being but I guess we can’t pick and choose who we fall in love with. I honestly thought I would have been married with a child and it does get to me because I have everything but that, failed relationships that is all I got to show for. But still I plaster a smile being happy for others and maybe just maybe it might be my time, maybe Chris has changed but I will never let him come back into my life so easily because he is good at getting to me with his words but I feel he is taking it easy this time.

I had to supress my laugh when I saw Lee “I hate your nigga” she spat grabbing a whole bunch of napkins, she had cake all over her face “that yellow nigga ate a piece and was like yo lee” she started mimicking him “yo lee here have some cake and hit it in my damn fucking face, fuck him!!” I screamed out laughing “you know I lost my damn heels chasing him but I ain’t know where he at now cause he ran off and then his big build friend took my heels” they are both something else, shaking my head laughing I know he would have rather have done that to me “what happened?” Melissa asked, Lee was so over it and just walked off “just don’t ask” walking back over to my clutch but of course I kept getting stopped by people wanting to talk to me and take pictures but I couldn’t be rude and not stop for them.

Finally looking at my phone Chris had texted me over an hour ago “shit” I said to myself.

From: Chris

To: Robyn

What did you wish for?

I smiled to myself replying back.

To: Chris

From: Robyn

For some dick!!!

Sticking my tongue out laughing to myself “what’s funny” I froze at the sound of his voice being so close to me, I swore he would have been gone now, I turned my head with his face just an inch of mine “errrm just myself” I think he has been taking these free drinks to the head “you stayed?” stepping back a little “why wouldn’t I? You said you wanted me to stay and then I realised that…” he stopped talking like he was thinking “that I know some people that I actually like here and then your nigga Jay Brown came up to me and was like perform for us, I was like nigga I don’t do free shows” I blinked several times just trying to understand him, I barely understand him sometimes but he is just making it worse with every slur of word, where the hell is Mijo because Chris is just everywhere and is about to get under people’ skin and I care for him too much for anything to pop off “you know me Robbie I would do it for you but I don’t have to just because they demand it but I will sing happy birthday to you now?” placing my hand over his mouth “don’t it’s okay” looking around, I felt my hand get wet as he continued to lick my hand “Chris!!” hitting his arm and wiping my hand down “ayeeee Lee, let’s dance” out of nowhere he grabbed Lele and just my luck that they would put my song on as Pour It Up played, they both left me pouting and frowning at my own party.

I did end up dancing for a while but that was because I was forced too and the funniest thing happened as I was there on the dancefloor, Chris’ creepy ass came out of nowhere gyrating against me and obviously I wasn’t going to stop or back down so I threw it back on him but I had to stop because people stopped to watch and we was the only ones dancing. I need to thank Lee how she got him away without looking like I pushed him away, she made it out like she wanted to dance with him as I moved away so that is why I am sitting my ass down now “Robz why did you invite him?” my mom soon asked that question, she has been dying to ask for a while “we are just friends now, so that is why” my mom actually laughed at me “both single I see, Lee been telling me Robz. Both single. You both have not settle down so I will leave it to god but I see what is coming” here goes my mom being psychic again, she is so typical and is just upset that I have not gave her grandbabies.

“I am done Rih, I can’t do it he is making me work too much” Lee sat down out of breath “look I have done my part and looked after him but he is making me work” looking at the dancefloor watching Chris take another drink from the waiter, he rarely gets drunk unless he is needing courage to get over today “find Mijo for me” hitting her leg for her to move because I knew he is about to come over here “just get up and find him” Lee got up in a huff and just like clockwork Chris sat down “give me that” getting the glass from him, he smiled at me and sat up straight as he was slouched a little “you happy?” I nodded just looking at him “I enjoyed seeing you here, I’m happy you stayed. The dance was nice” Chris started laughing, not sure at himself or me “I lost my glasses Rob” he placed his hand on my knee, I didn’t move his hand or move my eyes away from his because it’s been a while since he actually has let me stare into his eyes “I hope you get your real wish” he’s actually speaking sense “not the dick, not the dick from anyone anyway. What is your real wish?” I swear his hand is moving because they’re getting closer up to my thigh “just to be happy and have a family” he hung his head down and then looked back up, his eyelids look heavy “I can donate my sperm if you don’t want to have sex with me” he didn’t even flinch or laugh he is being deadly serious as I ended up in a fit of laughter “what’s funny shawty?” even he broke into a smile as I couldn’t stop myself from laughing “I don’t mind being your secret sperm donor” I had to calm myself down, tears were foaming and I did not want my make-up ruined “you’re a fool Chris, what if I don’t want you as the baby daddy?” he looked away and then back at me “you have a point, even I wouldn’t want me as a father either” he sat back moving his hand from my thigh “fix your face!” he is all sad trying to make me feel bad now.

Lee walked back but with no Mijo “Chris where ya friend?” Lee asked, she looks terrible right now but I won’t tell her “home, he left and I stayed. He had to get home to his wife, like all my friends” he got up from the seat “have a good night ma’am” he stroked my cheek “okay I’m going home, bye y’all” he walked off, not sure if I did actually make him sad or not “Robz he is way over the limit and you’re letting him drive home” why is Lee telling me like I’m his mother he is not that stupid to just drive like that, I didn’t say anything I just sat and watched people have a good time. “Fuck” I got up from my seat, now that thought of him just getting into an accident has seeped into my mind, rushing out of the marquee “Rorrey where did Chris go?” my brother didn’t say a word he just pointed at the back of Chris just stood waiting for his car more than likely, I am actually wrong his dumb ass would. Picking up my dress and running a little towards him “Chris!” I shouted as his Lamborghini parked in front of him, he turned his head slowly “who’s driving you?” the guy passed him his key “me” he pointed at himself, he looks so confused right now “Chris really? You can’t drive, keep the car here and tell someone to pick you up” snatching his keys from him “Rorrey! Call my driver and tell him to come now!!” I shouted at my brother not bothering to look behind me because I know he’ll do it “okay!” he shouted back at me, Chris didn’t look happy but he is the one that wants to drive drunk and is trying to act normal “can you park his car in my garage” passing the keys back to the guy doing the Valet.

I stood outside waiting with Chris but he was so silent with me, maybe still upset that I said that I wouldn’t want him as the baby daddy “it’s yo party, go back inside before they say I ruined it by keeping you here” he started walking back but he ended up falling over his own feet and hit the ground “Jesus” walking over to him “give me your hand” he looked mad at himself, he got my hand and I pulled him up, people were staring as they were leaving “thank you for coming” I smiled at them “you’re cold” he said rubbing his back “I just want to know you’re getting home okay, I’m mad you would have thought to drive when you’re clearly drunk” Chris started taking his letterman jacket off, I rolled my eyes crossing my arms just watching him fight with himself to take it off. He finally got it off “here Robbie” I have no idea where he got that name from, since when was I Robbie to him. He placed his jacket over my shoulders “if it makes you feel better Chris” he pulled me closer to him using his jacket collars “you look so beautiful right now, I mean you have always been beautiful even when you take the make-up off but I just think you’re honestly god’s gift. I just want to tell you I’m not mad Robbie, I ain’t mad at you and I want you to have babies and get married because you want it and I will come to the wedding, I promise I’ll be good” I swear he is off his head, shaking my head laughing “you deserve happiness and maybe that is not with me, I would want that but I don’t think it will happen” still shaking my head looking down “stop being an emotional drunk Chris” my face dropped looking at his face “are you crying?” I blurted out a little too loud “oh my god, don’t do that” pulling his snapback down and wiping anything that fell, Chris had a tight grip on his jacket so I couldn’t exactly move back “thank you for coming!” I smiled at the guests “he is just drunk” I had to let them know because I shouted crying too damn loud “Chris what’s wrong?” it must be the drink talking “I mean it, I’ll be here as a friend” he continued talking, lifting his snapback up “just please stop talking” he is upsetting me and himself with his drunk self.

My driver finally did come and I am so happy he is, just to get him in that car and out of here, not because I hate him but he needs to sleep it off “please make sure he gets in the house ok? I mean inside not outside” my driver helped me put Chris into the back of the car “I will do” Chris crawled on the back seats “are you okay? My driver will take you home” Chris got comfy in the back and then looked over at me “I feel sick” he put his hand over his mouth, shaking my head at him “you’re terrible when you’re drunk” waving him off “I’m sure I will get the bill if you decide to ruin my driver’ car” shutting the back door and walking back towards the party, I have so much to think about after today.

My night turned into looking after Chris which I didn’t mind but I’m sure there will be so many stories on the blogs, I will have to mentally prepare myself to deny everything “you got his jacket on” Rorrey pointed out “ohh” looking down at myself, I totally felt comfortable like this “I’ll make sure he gets it back” I said touching his jacket, it smells like him too. Rorrey squinted his eyes “I guess I will be seeing him sooner than I think” I gave him questioning look “why would you?” Rorrey tilted his head “I watched everything, you got his car in the garage and now his jacket and you stayed with him making sure he crawled into the car just right. Rubbing his back because he was feeling not good, I saw it all like everyone else did. You might be lucky nothing gets leaked because pictures were banned at the party” I couldn’t even say anything to Rorrey because I did do all of that but I did it out of the kindness of my heart “look I have known him for too damn long to just leave him to cause himself harm, I am looking out for him as a friend so just don’t think anything of it” flicking my hair as I walked back into the marquee, I have probably missed a lot of my party because of him.