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The number of times double standards were at play when it comes to Zayn

Zayn works with Chris Brown (Feb 2016)
ot4 fans: “how could he work with an abuser”
Liam works Quavo (May 2017) a known homophobe and dates/impregnates Cheryl Cole who has a conviction for assault
ot4 fans: Just because he’s working with a homophobe doesn’t make him one
Zayn dates Gigi 4 MONTHS after breaking up with Perrie
ot4 fans: how could he move on so quick
Revealed Louis impregnates Briana WEEKS after dumping Eleanour
ot4 fans: …..nothing…..
Ed Sheeran reveals Niall screwed Ellie Goulding despire knowing she’s dating Ed Sheeran
ot4 fans: …..nothing…..
Zayn starts dating Gigi AFTER she Joe Jonas break-up
ot4 fans: Him and Jonas were pictured together how could he
Stripper sells story to The Sun about Zayn cheating with her while dating Perrie
ot4 fans: what a pig
Flight attendant sells story to The Sun about Harry cheating with her while dating Kendall
ot4 fans: it’s The Sun, the newspaper is known for bullshit

 PillowTalk artwork released with topless Zayn on the cover (Feb 2016)
ot4 fans: he’s getting desperate using his body to sell his music…is that what he left 1D to do
Harry released topless pic (album cover) Liam topless video promo for Strip That Down
ot4 fans: ahhERTRET so turned on

Zayn imiatates Lil Wayne album cover
ot4 fans: OMG what’s he thinking zero imagination
Harry album drops plagiarizes Badfinger, The Beatles, Bowie in his album copies Prince album title Sign o’ Times copies Shed Seven album cover
ot4 fans: ..he’s just inspired and paying homage

Zayn one of the few men in showbiz to open up about male taboo subjects of mental health, self-harm and eating disorder
ot4 fans: He’s a liar covering a drug addiction, he’s playing the victim..for sympathy
Harry wears a couple of pink suits
ot4 fans: wow Harry is such a brave gender bender

Zayn’s Mind of Mine is released March 2016 contains 4 sexual songs out of 18
ot4 fans: There’s more to life than sex he’s so shallow
Harry’s album released May 2017 contains several songs about sex
ot4 fans: OMG he’s a young man it’s only natural he’ll sing about sex

Zayn tell Billboard “the music I was releasing with 1D was not real to me, it wasn’t about me”
ot4 fans: what a jerk
Harry tells Rolling Stone I wanted to to be honest with my writing “I hadn’t done that before.”
ot4 fans: he’s just keeping it real

YOU don’t even need to stan Zayn to notice the double standards that this fandom has displayed in 5+ years

Crème de la Crème: 33


“Yo Aug, you coming?” Ashton pointed at the chartered van that we arrived in

Pressing my phone against my ear, I nodded, holding my finger up letting him know that I needed a minute.

“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t hang up in your face right now?” my wife asked

“Because we both know you just as relieved to hear my voice than you are angry, so what’s up baby?” I smiled

“Don’t ‘what’s up baby’ me.” she mocked my voice “I know your plane landed more than three hours ago, so why are you now just calling?” she asked

“I was held up on the plane when we landed and I told you that I had a meeting, what you think I came here to find another woman or something?” I asked

I probably should have taken the time to Call Corrie while everyone was worried about Evie’s choice of clothing but it was just too much going on at the time, so I opted to wait until I was done with my meeting so I wouldn’t have to rush her off the phone.

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Forty five


Taking care of Cayden the past week was extremely trying. It was truly like taking care of a child. He refused to take his medication, or stay in bed like he was supposed to. I had put my life on hold to be here for him but it seemed I was wasting my time.

“Where are you going?” I asked him when he came down the stairs holding his car keys.

“To see Ty then go to work,” he said. He had been going to see Ty everyday since he woke up which was nice but this whole going to work thing I didn’t approve of which he knew.

“Whatever Cay, I’m going back to work today anyway too. I’m sick of trying to take care of you when you not taking care of yourself.” I looked up from my laptop.

“I told you I’m fine. Go back to work,” he said, heading for the door. I let him go and continued checking all my emails from when we were away and the last week. It felt surreal that we were on a honeymoon a couple weeks ago because of how it had ended. We went from being so ridiculously happy, to this. I just wanted things to get back to normal.

I got in my car and started driving to the salon. Cole called me while I was on the way.

“Hi darling, how are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m doing aight, busy with graduation stuff,” he said.

“Are you excited? We all gonna be there cheering you on,” I assured him.

“I hadn’t realized how close the day was because I was focused on Ty. But he good now, he’s back home.”

“Cay just went to go see him actually. I’m so glad everyone’s alright now. We’ve all been through a lot.”

“Ain’t that the truth,” he mumbled.

“I’m heading into the Salon right now,” i said, turning off my engine. “Do you mind if I call you back later, I have a lot of paper work to do.”

“Yeah call me later,” he said, then we hung up. I grabbed my bag and got out of the car.

“Hey girl,” Jada said as I walked in. “How you doing?”

“I’m good,” I said. “Yall been busy already?” I looked around at all the occupied chairs.

“Thats Grad season for you,” China said, painting some lady’s nails.

“I guess,” I sat at the desk by the register.

“How is Cayden by the way,” she asked.

“He’s alright. He’s working again so, I guess he’s feeling ok. Not that he really talks to me about how he’s feeling,” I mumbled the last part.

“He’s going through a lot, give him a break,” Jada said.

“I’m trying but he’s driving me a little insane. I just need to work, distract myself.”

“Well there’s plenty for you to do. We been drowning in paper work without you,” China chimmed. I looked at the table over flowing with receipts, bills, invoices and other stuff. I shook my head. They hadn’t even tried to organize to make things easier for me. This would keep me busy for a couple of hours though.

When the afternoon rolled around things slowed for a little bit and we took a break from working to catch up.

“I tell you guys I’m planning on redecorating the house?” I said, pulling up the pictures I had saved on my computer.

“Like a reno?” Jada asked.

“Not like tearing down walls or anything. Just some new appliances, and new furniture, all that.”

“I’m here for it. The house could use your touch. It is a family home now after all…” China said, winking at me.

“Chill,” I said. “I have pictures, look.”

“I like it. It’s so modern,” Jada said.m, pressing the next button on my key board. “Ohhhh the bedroom. Sexy.”

I heard the doorbell chime and I looked up to see who the client was and prepared to go greet them. But to my surprise Cayden stood at the door and started to walk towards my desk. I smiled and laughed lightly wondering what he was doing here. He then pulled his arm from behind his back and held out a bouquet of flowers.

“For my beautiful wife,” he said. The girls giggled and said ‘awe’. I looked him over, his flowers in one hand, the sling on his other arm, and the charming smile on his lips. I couldn’t let any words out, speechless for once. He handed me the flowers and I took them slowly, smiling. I couldn’t clear the lump in my throat. “I’ve been thinking about you all day. You know your mom called me,” he started, coming around to sit at my chair. “She’s a funny one. She said she wants to go over photos from the wedding with you. Anyway, I came to see if you want lunch,” he finished. He waited, looking at me expectantly. “Well?”

“Yeah…” I said. “I want lunch,” I said, surprised that he didn’t even know he had just swept me off my feet.

“Well hurry up then. Why you just standing there?” He said, touching things on my table.

“No reason. Give me a minute.

We sat in the restaurant waiting for our food to arrive.

“Why are you being nice?” I finally asked him, narrowing my eyes suspiciously. He gave me a mean mug.

“Just be happy and eat yo food,” he said. I rolled my eyes. The waiter came with our curry and rice then. I started eating and Cayden paused, watching me. “I felt bad for going off the past week,” he said finally.

“It’s ok. I know you were going through a lot,” I said. “But you know, if you talked to me about how you feeling you wouldn’t get so angry.”

“I’m not good telling people shit,” he said.

“But it’s me. I’m not people, am i?” I said, frowning. He reached over and grabbed my chin.

“No, you’re not,” he leaned over to try and kiss me and winced in pain. “Fuck.”

“Be careful Cay,” I complained, instinctively reaching out to him. “Your stitches could come undone.”

“Fuck it. This thing is getting in the way of everything,” he said angrily. I could tell not being 100 percent himself was getting to him, he couldnt handle not being able to do whatever he wanted when he wanted.

“How about I’ll come and kiss you,” I suggested with a smile. He agreed and i leaned over to peck his lips. Even though he was driving me crazy i still tried to be patient with him like he was with me when i went crazy every once in a while. Plus that was my job as his wife, to take care of him.


I had been in a better mood the last few days because Ty was finally awake. It had been weighing on me worrying about him, so much so I couldn’t focus on this whole graduating thing. I didn’t care about that if Ty wasn’t good. But he had woken up, and I could focus a little bit more on planning my future. I hadn’t told anybody yet because of all the shit that had been happening, but in the last two weeks things had finally come through and I’d finally sealed a draft deal. It was last minute and really I was a replacement for another pick that fell through, but I was gonna play football for the Dallas cowboys.

I checked in at the nurses desk like I had been doing for the past few days, we knew each other by name at this point.

“Hey here Cole. How are you doing today?” She asked with a smile. I smiled back.

“I’m good Jackie. How’s Ty doing today?” I asked, signing in.

“He’s talking a lot today, so I think he’s feeling better,” she said.

“That’s good to hear. Thanks,” I said, then left the desk to go see Ty for myself.
When I got in to the room he was talking with one of the nurses.

“Ey, Cole,” he said grinning. I smiled back.

“how you doin man, they still got you hooked to all these things?” i said, pointing to all the machines as i sat down in the chair beside the bed.

“Imma be out soon. Right nurse Brittany?” he said, smirking up at her. She blushed and grabbed her clipboard of the bed. I knew that smile. In the past Ty had given me that smile. He was flirting with her.

“Thats the plan,” she said. “I’ll be by later to check on you.” With that she left the room, leaving me and Ty alone.

“I appreciate you coming here everyday to see me,” he said, sitting up.

“yeah,” i mumbled.

“What?” he asked.

“Whatever man,” i said, getting up to leave. He grabbed my arm.

“why you all pissy?”

“The fuck you mean why am i pissy? i been here every fucking day and you busy flirting with nurses,” i said, loosing grip of my casual composure.

“Why do you care,” he mumbled, letting go of my arm.

“You know why i care!”

“Nah. You ended whatever was going on between us,” he said.

“Because i was sick of feeling like i was in the closet all over again just because you were confused about whether you were straight, gay, bi or whatever.”

“I was sick of you pressuring me,” he barked back. I sighed, running my hand over my face.

“I know, and i’m sorry about that,” i said regretfully. He didnt respond. “Look, when you got shot i regretted ending it the way we did. I didnt mean half the shit i said.”

“you mean about me not being your type?” he said, clearly still upset.

“clearly that’s not true Ty. You know how i felt about you. Still feel about you,” i said the last part silently.

“This is all still weird for me. Im not sure what i am. I just know, i have feelings for you deeper than just friends,” he looked at me then.

“It dont gotta have labels. We can just do us,” i said, grabbing his hand. He nodded. “Its weird for me too. Even though i been out for years ive only ever had casual hook ups. You the first nigga i ever…felt anything about.”

“its a first for both of us i guess,” he said.

“So imma take that as a yes to getting back.”

“aight,” he shrugged. Nonchalant as usual. I got up from my seat and moved in towards the bed. He leaned forward as i did and our lips lingered over each other’s before meeting for the first time in a long time.

After our little talk i hung around for a little while and we talked some more. We talked about my graduation and then i told him about the deal i signed, he was the first person to know. Not even my family knew. He said he was going to be out of the hospital next week just in time for the ceremony and the dinner that Randi was arranging for me. After that the nurse came back in and i decided i should leave to let him rest.

“Try not to flirt anymore,” i mumbled quietly. He chuckled and nodded.

“See you tomorrow?” he asked. I nodded and then left the room.

When i got to my car Randi called me and i answered using the cars bluetooth as i pulled out of the parking lot.

“Yo,” i said.

“Cole. I wanna talk to you about some things, come over,” she said.


“Yeah,” she said.

“Aight ill be there in a few,” i said, then hung up. I

When i got to Cayden and Randi’s place she was busy on the phone with somebody so Cayden let me in.

“What up my guy? How you doing,” he said, giving me a man hug.

“Im good cuh, you doing good? You the one who took bullets,” i said.

“Man, im good. I been through worse,” he shrugged. “Come in, im playing 2k. Grab a controller.”

We went into the living room and she tossed me a controller and we started playing. I almost had Cayden beat when Randi came in.

“Cayden stop stealing my friends,” she whined. I laughed.

“Cole been my nigga since highschool Randi,” he reminded her.

“Fuck you, Cole lets go,” she said. But i was really into the game. I looked at her reluctantly.

“Can i just finish?” i said. She huffed and plopped onto the sofa beside Cayden. He circled his arms around her and manoeuvred the controller in front of her.

“You’re loosing Cay,” she said.

“It’s part of my game, i always whoop his ass in the end. Dont i Cole?” Cayden said.I stuck my middle finger up at him. “Yo light the blunt in my pocket for me,” he said to Randi. 

She groaned and reached in his pocket, coming out with a blunt and a lighter. She lit the blunt a little to professionally which brought a smirk to my lips. She held it up to his mouth and he took a puff. I started thinking to myself, thats the kind of relationship i want with Ty. Maybe one day, when we were both in the right state of mind.



I looked around the room we were escorted to when we arrived at the doctor’s office and shook my head. I couldn’t believe this was supposed to be a place someone came to get treatment.

We weren’t even in a real waiting room it was like more like a small office.

“What’s up with all the security?” I questioned

She rolled her eyes “I don’t know, talk to my dad about it. I don’t know why he’s being like this” she huffed

I shook my head. I knew the man was a senator but this was a bit too much, or maybe he didn’t want people to know that his twenty-year-old daughter was pregnant.

If that’s the case, he was lame as fuck. I didn’t even bother to bringing the idea up to Cyn because I wasn’t sure how her emotions were today and I didn’t want this to be something that would ruin her mood.

“You know…” she began “You didn’t have to take off of work just so you could come with me, you know” Cyn said

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Looking across the table at Millz, I could tell she was upset about that shit Bianca pulled at my shop. Shit, I was upset and that had nothing to do with me. Prophet has got to be the biggest whore on this planet; the nigga sticks his dick in everything.

“Are you alright Millz?” I asked her while she picked at the food on her plate.

“I’m irritated as hell. He’s always in some bullshit. Now he has this bitch pregnant.”

“I swear to God when that girl brought up babies I thought I was having a flashback. What was she talking about other girls having his baby for? What was that about?” Shante asked her.

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Crème de la Crème: 30


“What’s this all about, August?” I asked as I got more comfortable in his leather seats

He switched lanes and looked over at me “Your birthday is during the trip, I wanted to make sure we got to hang out before we go.” He said

“We have like two weeks before the trip, boo.” I reminded

“I’m sorry, love.” He smiled at me apologetically “I’m not trying to say that you’re not important but I pissed off a really important person in my life and I got a lot of making up to do, so my schedule looking kind of tight.” He said

I rolled my eyes. August was as single as a dollar bill, so I’m not sure who in his life could be so important that they’re taking up so much time.

It was probably a family member and it that case I couldn’t be upset because, in reality, I would be spending my actually birthday with him.

“I don’t see why you need to take me home, though.” I said

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I walked into the house and made a b-line to the kitchen where I knew Cyn would be. Stepping inside, I saw that she was sitting on top of the kitchen’s island reading yet another baby book.

I couldn’t help but smile at her she was taking this thing seriously.  

She looked cute wearing one of my shirts especially seeing her small baby bump poking through it. I still couldn’t believe that I had a helping hand in that. Something so good and pure was about to come from me.

Although she refused to talk to me, Cyn had been staying in the house a lot lately, reading these little maturity books and scoping out baby room ideas. She was only four months into her pregnancy but she was already doing her best to prep for the baby’s arrival.

I sighed while looking down at the bag in my hand. I prayed that this last resort of bribery would do the trick to have her stop giving me the cold shoulder.

I was tired of sharing a bed with someone who wouldn’t even look at me

“Hey baby girl, I bought you something,” I said sitting the carton next to her.

“You can take it back” she simply said without shifting her attention from the book in her hands.

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Chapter 40


“Um come in” I heard Robin say from behind the door.

I knew she was in there with someone I could hear her telling them to go into the bathroom for a minute. I figured it was Odell seeing as they were just kissing a little while ago. When I pushed the door he was pecking her lips before turning to leave.

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