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Imagine meeting Chris at a casino (Vegas Encounter Part 1 of 2)

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(gif made for this imagine by the wonderful @jessica-bones-winchester)

It’s your last night in Vegas after being in town for a business conference. You’ve been too busy the entire time to even think about hitting the games but on this final night, you’re ready to take the casino in your hotel by storm. 

You start out small, a few slot machines, but that gets boring, so you move on. You settle in at a Texas Hold Em table and order a drink. You’re pleasantly surprised that the deck isn’t slanted completely in the dealer’s favor and you end up winning a hand while you wait for your drink. 

Your waiter arrives and as you turn to pay him, you catch a man with the most dazzling blue eyes watching you. You try not to stare back but it’s easy to fall into his gaze. 

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