chris brown all back

a mix of 70 songs that Calum has tweeted the lyrics to at some point

1. weightless by all time low. 2. uptown funk by mark ronson ft. bruno mars. 3. what happened to your band by mcbusted. 4. redundant by green day. 5. spray on pants by kisschasy. 6. little things by good charlotte. 7. duality by slipknot. 8. the only reason by 5 seconds of summer. 9. missing by everything but the girl. 10. something in the way by nirvana. 11. motivation by sum 41. 12. break your little heart by all time low. 13. situations by new found glory. 14. 21st century breakdown by green day. 15. have faith in me by a day to remember. 16. sing by ed sheeran. 17. the rock show by blink 182. 18. if you dont know by 5 seconds of summer. 19. deuces by chris brown. 20. till the day i die by story of the year. 21. bleed american by jimmy eat world. 22. teenagers by my chemical romance. 23. closing time by semisonic. 24. you’re gonna go far, kid by the offspring. 25. long way home by 5 seconds of summer. 26. times like these by foo fighters. 27. american idiot by green day. 28. snuff by slipknot. 29. longview by green day. 30. heart out by the 1975. 31. come home by tonight alive. 32. the great escape by boys like girls. 33. sink or swim by lewis watson. 34. stacys mom by fountains of wayne. 35. there goes my baby by usher. 36. all back by chris brown. 37. fate by our last night. 38. revolution by the used. 39. shes got a boyfriend now by boys like girls. 40. many of horror by biffy clyro. 41. i dont wanna miss a thing by aerosmith. 42. machines by biffy clyro. 43. show me by kid ink ft. chris brown. 44. hold on by good charlotte. 45. wrapped around your finger by 5 seconds of summer. 46. counting the days by good charlotte. 47. young girls by bruno mars. 48. p.y.t. (pretty young thing) by michael jackson. 49. no such thing by john mayer. 50. fix you by coldplay. 51. surrender by angels & ariwaves. 52. sitting waiting wishing by jack johnson. 53. all of me by john legend. 54. 1985 by bowling for soup. 55. feelin’ way too damn good by nickelback. 56. dark blue by jack’s mannequin. 57. you’re nobody till somebody loves you by dean martin. 58. my stupid mouth by john mayer. 59. keep your hands off my girl by good charlotte. 60. i dont trust myself by john mayer. 61. disconnected by 5 seconds of summer. 62. motel pool by travis garland. 63. empty apartment by yellowcard. 64. the middle by jimmy eat world. 65. 12 through 15 by mayday parade. 66. underclass hero by sum 41. 67. what i like about you by the romantics. 68. i love you 5 by nevershoutnever. 69. i miss you by blink 182. 70. teenage dirtbag by wheatus.


If i had a moment, I’d capture that moment,
You would be right here next to me,
If i the a secret, the secret to your love,
I would plant the treasure beneath my heart.

Lock it all up, and throw away the key,
I would never give it up,
Cause I was just a fool, a fool for you,
When I loved you so childishly.

And I want it all back,
I want it all, I want it all,
Girl I want it all back
You never miss a good thing ‘til it’s gone
I want it all, now I want it all back

If there was a green light,about to turn yellow,
Pedal to the floor, cause I know your heart is turning grey.
If I had the minutes, I would turn them into hours,
And make love to your mind and not your body instead

I was just a fool, a fool for you,
Who didn’t know what I had until I lost you,
And every single moment that you’re not here,
It’s evident to me and everything just seemed so clear -

And I want it all back,
I want it all, girl I want it all,
I want it all back.
You never miss a good thing 'til it’s gone,
I want it all, now I want it all back.

Now everything, isn’t everything.
If everything, everything isn’t with you


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Monday morning and guess who is outside the apartment, Chris Brown. Shaking my head at him as a smile played on my face, he is crazy. Watching his white Rolls Royce drive slowly towards me, I am about ready to get into my own car. The car window slowly rolled down “you need a ride babe?” he checked me out from the bottom all the way to the top, I feel insecure because I am in my work uniform “erm, no. I am actually going to my car” I told him to not come but now he knows where I live he just comes here whenever, turning around “Rylee! Come back” he said, I will not obey him like that. He honked his car horn which made me jump, I gasped out holding my chest “Rylee, let me take you to work!” he shouted so loud, seeing people from the apartment walking out of the apartment staring “god” I said to myself, turning back around. Chris is actually half way out of the car door, he was actually coming to get me.

I let out a huff as I sat down in the car “Chris, you honestly didn’t have to come here you know. Why are you not asleep?” Chris grinned from ear to ear “I just wanted to see you, I was just in the studio so I came here after. I don’t mind you know, I will pick you up from work too” he is treating me like his girl “Chris stop, honestly. I can do this myself” he slowly drove off “but I want too, I just wanted to see you. Are you annoyed with me?” Chris always somehow makes me feel bad “no, never. I just feel bad, you have not slept either. This is not good you know” Chris chuckled “I will sleep when I get back home, how are you though? You fell asleep on me on the phone last night” I just realised, I am sitting in a Rolls Royce, I have never done this before “I was tired, please tell me you put the phone down straight away? I am in love with your car, I wonder how many other girls have been in this” I froze at my own words, why did I just say that “that is then Rylee, I told you last night. I really like you a lot” I am annoyed at myself now.

Chris parked outside the entrance “is this your department then?” he pointed, I nodded “now you know, don’t be surprising me though. I feel bad because you’re doing this and we aren’t anything, just friends” Chris turned his car engine off “I get what you mean Rylee but it’s like I really want you, you think I am joking but I am not. You make me laugh, you make me feel normal as shit. I just got to have you but I get you, I am letting you breathe. I will try to keep away from you” Chris licked his lips looking at me “I just can’t accept this, you’re famous. You have so many pretty women, why me? I am scared and I just don’t know” I am so scared, what he wants is just so scary to me “I will give you space” looking ahead of me, he is being open to me and I am just like no “let’s just chill and take it slow, you just want to claim me. Am I right?” Chris turned his head away from me slowly, that gave me my answer “I am going to be late, talk later?” Chris nodded his head silently, he is going to have tantrum now, I know him well now.

Walking towards the elevator with a colleague “why don’t they just employ more people, I hate working on the inpatient department. I get bored of seeing the same faces” seeing Bailey walking towards us “I need to speak to you, lunch later!” she pointed, frowning at Bailey in confusion “what?” I said but she just ignored me and kept on walking “looks like she got some juicy secret” the colleague said, pressing the elevator button “seems like it, I am nervous now” looking behind me “but you’re right, they need to employ more people” I am now intrigued to hear what Bailey wants to tell me.

“You took your time” Bailey said as I sat down “well I had to finish something off, where is the third person” pointing at the empty seat “I told him that we needed some girl time” grabbing my phone out of my bag “we do? What has happened now” I always expect Chris to text me now, this is not good. My smile grew seeing a message and then a notification from Instagram “the hell” frowning at someone called long stroke mcgee requesting a follow from me “what is it?” Bailey asked looking over at my phone “some weird follow on Instagram” unlocking my phone and tapping my messages, I am sure as hell not accepting that whoever it is, tapping on Chris’ message.

From: Chris

Accept me, I found you! Through Lo that is, I’m Long Stroke McGee ;) I made the page

Placing my phone face down and placing my hand on my forehead “I swear to god” looking away shaking my head, he does not give up. He is just there, now I have to accept him. Lifting my phone up, let me reply back.

To: Chris

You are something else! I will accept, have fun snooping x

Backing out of my messages and tapping my Instagram, going on to my friend requests and then snorted laughing. Why has he got a picture of a dog on his display picture, he is so odd. Accepting the follow but not following him back, locking my phone as I rolled my eyes. He just doesn’t give up at all, what am I getting myself into here “so do you want to explain this then” Bailey said as she placed her phone in my face “what?” looking at her phone “I know those legs, I actually know that outfit. My friend wore that for her little date with Chris” staring at this somewhat blurry picture of Chris and I, my face softened “how did you get this?” Chris and I are stood at the movie theatres “on Instagram” she turned her phone back to herself “Chris Brown with some female, it’s all on Instagram. Explain? You never told me either” I am distraught that there is a picture “we just went out to get to know each other on the low” I said, Bailey eyeballed me “low? Do you not look at your Insta? I swear you need to get ready because these gossip blogs are awful, did Chris threaten some guy at the theatre? That shit is all over the blogs, just that they don’t know who you are but I do. I am just annoyed you didn’t say” sitting back in my chair, I didn’t even know.

I am so annoyed, here I am in this happy little circle “I am sorry Bailey, I was supposed to tell you. I was going too” Bailey placed her phone down “girl, its fine. I just like to know you’re good, I know I joke about getting the D from Chris but you are too good for him. Stay away, I am surprised you ain’t become one of his sex girls. All the homies share, you should read the blogs. It’s all on there” this is why I didn’t want to tell “I am looking out for you, I love you too much to let you just go near that. I joke around and say these things because that nigga is fine but he is the devil, he is not good” looking down at the cafeteria table, this reminds me on why Chris draws monsters on his wall “how do you know that? You are reading that” looking back up at Bailey “when the proof is in the videos, that guy has a temper too. I just want you to be good, you looked bomb though. Don’t forget that once you get found out, your whole life will be exposed. They are crazy out there, just be ready for that” I feel so disheartened, I don’t need this mess.

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So Rylee takes the best pictures ever, like this shit is a blessing. Why is her account even locked, she needs to be out there more with this “I gotta have her Lo” I said smiling “who?” he said, why is he acting like I am talking about anyone different “Rylee, who else? Where have you been hiding her, she take some bomb ass pictures, damn” looking over at Lo, he rolled his eyes “she still ain’t speaking to me, this is all your fault” he telling me like I care “what she tell you then? Y’all had some alone time?” locking my phone and placing it on my chest “things, I think she has been hurt by someone or something happened. She has some real deep issues and I am not sure why, I think I am breaking her down though. She is warming up to me a lot, I am doing the most” I know I am doing the most “she not tell you about Blake?” Lo questioned “uhm just that he is in prison. Something about Inglewood” I shrugged “right, ok” is the only thing Lo said.

My phone vibrating on my chest, lifting my phone off of my chest. Rylee is calling me, pushing myself off of the couch as I picked the phone up “shawty, what’s good?” let me take myself somewhere private “you sound surprised that I called? Nothing, I just need to ask you something” I wonder what has happened “for sure, what is up?” slowly making my way outside “did you see the picture of us? Did you read the things on the blogs? Did you know about it” pulling a face “erm” scratching the side of my face “I saw it but I don’t pay attention to it, people are obsessed with me. I don’t really care what they say” squinting my eyes as the sun hit my face “so you knew?” why does she care “well I saw it, what is the problem?” I think I can hear her friend with her, I am sure I did “you could have told me, this is not me Chris. I don’t like it and don’t want that” my mouth fell open “so you don’t want me? What did I do? I have been one hundred with you, it’s a stupid picture. Stop letting people cloud your judgement Rylee, I like you man” I bet someone said something to her “what happens when you get bored? When that like becomes boring to you, which will happen eventually” kissing my teeth “you don’t know that!, Fine. You know what makes me angry is that I actually opened up to you, you do me like this by listening to your friend. Every bitch is against me, be different!” disconnecting the call, I hate people.

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Chris is a like a child, he really is. I don’t follow him like people do, I hear his music and that is it. He rants and then this outburst “did he take it well? I see he put the phone down” placing my phone in my locker “he was fine, he actually said talk soon. His daughter is around” locking my locker, I am not going to bad mouth him “this is what you don’t want, a nigga with a child” walking behind Bailey “when you got time though, read into Chris Brown. He is a beautiful man but god he is a bastard, he has pussy on tap and I know you ain’t like that. I don’t want him to hurt you” I stayed silent as we walked out, he took it all wrong and he snapped like that. I feel a little sad because I am not judging him, I am just scared of being hurt. I guess it doesn’t matter now, clearly he won’t want to know now.

Thanks to Chris, Daniel is now driving me home “what happened to your car?” Daniel asked “caught a cab, didn’t feel like driving” I feel deflated and sad, why do so many people dislike him “right, so now you catching free rides huh” Daniel nudged me with his shoulder as we walked out of the entrance door, smiling a little “shut up” looking up at this very large guy walking over to us, Daniel and I walked away from him “you are Rylee?” what does this man want from me “erm yeah” turning around to face him “your ride home” he pointed at the white Rolls Royce, do not tell me Chris is here “are you weird nigga? The fuck you doing? If you want to kidnap her maybe you should do it when it’s dark” Daniel spat, this big guy glared at Daniel “ma’am, would you like me to walk you?” he stepped to the side “the hell you ain’t” Daniel stepped ahead of me, with his one arm the big guy pushed Daniel to the ground “keep back!” my eyes widened, this is outside my place of work “hey, hey. Daniel, it’s fine. I know him” Daniel stared in shock “why didn’t you speak earlier? Now I just got pushed” I don’t know what I am doing anymore.

Slamming the car door shut “you think your nurse wage will pay for a broken car door?” Chris said while staring ahead, side eyeing him “I’ll go instead” opening the car door, the car door closed back on me “what is this?” pointing at the big guy “he is my bodyguard, you’re staying with me” Chris put his car engine on, this is not good “you can’t hold me here you know” I said, Chris chuckled “I’m not, I came to pick you up from work. I would also like to know what your friend been saying about me?” I never know where I am with Chris, now look at him all calm “you shouted on the phone and now you’re here, she said about you being a hoe, what else. I am too good for you so she says” from the corner of my eye, Chris glared at me “she is probably right, I should give you space. I should leave you alone, I should stop thinking about you. There is a lot of things I should be doing but I can’t, I am sprung Rylee. You said you was giving me a chance so?” I don’t know what I want anymore “I think you just need to give me space, what do you want me to say? I am yours? This shit is a big deal to me” he don’t understand this at all.

Getting out of the car, I am so glad to be home “so you and I, what are we?” he said as he got out of the car “you tell me Chris, I told you what I feel and I am not saying you are bad. You are a great guy, the shit around you is scary. I just need time to think” he doesn’t like the fact I am thinking, it’s getting to him “to think about all the shit I have done and then not want me?” staring at Chris in shock “do you feel insecure?” I swear I think Chris actually feels insecure “is this why you want me to be with you, you want to claim me?” Is this a vulnerable Chris Brown I am witnessing right now “forget you Rylee, I will drop it. Bye” this is what I hate, he can go. I don’t care.

I am bored of watching Basketball already, I actually don’t want to sit with these anymore, and I am sick of seeing Lo stare at me “I am going to bed, can you please keep it down” getting up from the couch “your sister is always angry” one of Nathan’ friends spoke up “don’t worry, I will be moving soon” walking around the couch “the hell you ain’t!” Nathan spat, rolling my eyes making my way to the bedroom “Ry, hold up” Lo said behind me, I am not speaking to him at all. Turning the corner “Ry, please. I am sorry” let me hear him out “ok, forgiven” with my hand on my bedroom door handle “I just wanted to protect you, you’re like sister to me and Blake will kick my ass. You know we here for you, I know the shit that happens with him” why are people telling me what to do “why are you all up in my grill? Telling me about shit? Lo, I am telling you now I don’t care” I spat, Lo shushed me “cool it, if he upsets you. I got you on that level too” shaking my head “I am sick of people justifying shit, leave me be Lo. I am grown, you and Bailey are just as bad. I don’t trust you, whatever happens between Chris and I it will remain just between Chris and I” opening my bedroom door, I don’t want to hear it now.

Picking my phone up from the side table, I honestly do not fuck with the celebrity life. I just don’t care for it, I have my own life and drama to be doing this. I sometimes think I should have stayed in New Jersey, simple life. In LA all I see is fake people, I am just not into all that at all. Let me load up Instagram, let see what Bailey means by reading the blogs, what blogs do I even read. Tapping the app and awaited for it to load up, sighing out aloud. My phone is so slow, maybe it’s the signal. First thing I see is Chris’ post from his actual page, I wonder what he has posted. The picture loaded up and it was like I wasn’t even surprised but also I felt a little butt hurt, just typical and this what I mean by him getting bored. I guess I expected this but who cares, we are friends. He can be in a strip club all he wants, I hope he gets some pussy.

The notification bar came down on my screen, tapping on Daniel’ message on WhatsApp.

From: Daniel

Is everything good??? Are you alive? That ole dude was scary ….

Smiling at the text, I can tell Daniel was scared. I felt scared for him but I knew Chris was there, his bodyguard is an ass.

To: Daniel

I’m alive! No need to worry :)

Bless him, he’s all worried about me and just like clockwork Chris text me. You know what, I will read the message because he knows I am online.

From: Chris

Wanna meet?

Rolling my eyes, what an ass.

To: Chris

How about no, have fun getting your dick wet tonight xx

Closing the app and locking my phone, placing my phone face down on my nightstand. I don’t want to see my phone, I am going to sleep. I start work late tomorrow, luckily.

  1. 1 night - charli xcx
  2. TG4M - zara larsson
  3. WILD - troye sivan
  4. adore - ariana grande
  5. again -noah cyrus
  6. all back - chris brown
  7. angel - fifth harmony
  8. bad liar - selena gomez
  9. be alright - ariana grande
  10. better days - ariana grande
  11. break your heart right back - ariana grande
  12. casanova - allie x
  13. consideration - rihanna
  14. doo wop - glee cast
  15. downtown - allie x
  16. ease - troye sivan
  17. everybody dies in their nightmares - XXXTENTACION
  18. feels - kiiara
  19. gimmie love - carly rae jepsen
  20. high luv - victoria monet
  21. home to mama - justin bieber
  22. i don’t care - ariana grande
  23. i’ll show you - justin bieber
  24. i’m stuck - noah cyrus
  25. idgaf - dua lipa
  26. intro - ariana grande
  27. knew better / forever boy - ariana grande
  28. let me love you - ariana grande
  29. life is worth living - justin bieber
  30. make me (cry) - noah cyrus
  31. maniac - jhené aiko
  32. moves - big sean
  33. mrs. potato head - melanie martinez
  34. my everything - ariana grande
  35. need you - allie x
  36. new rules - dua lipa
  37. no pressure - justin bieber
  38. nobody - selena gomez
  39. now or never - halsey
  40. old habits die hard - allie x
  41. omg - camila cabello
  42. one last time - ariana grande
  43. only 1 - ariana grande
  44. plz don’t go - jhené aiko
  45. quit - ariana grande
  46. rooting for my baby - miley cyrus
  47. say it - tove lo
  48. the way - ariana grande
  49. thinking bout you - ariana grande
  50. too much to dream - allie x
  51. true love - ariana grande
  52. u don’t know - justine skye
  53. undercover - khelani
  54. underdog - banks
  55. what’s hatnin’ - justin bieber
  56. whippin - kiiara
  57. why try - ariana grande
  58. wild things - alessia cara
  59. woo - rihanna
  60. you & i - onde direction

Chris Brown - All Back + Say It With Me Live (American Music Awards 2011)

this performance is everything!

All Back
Chris Brown
All Back

“All Back”

If I had the moment
I’d capture that moment
You would be right here next to me
If I had the secret,
The secret to your love
I would place the treasure beneath my heart
Lock it all up,
And throw away the key
I would never give it up
Cause I was just a fool,
A fool for you
When I loved you so childishly

And I want it all back
I want it all, I want it all,
I want it all back
I want it all back,
I want it all, I want it all
Girl I want it all
You never miss a good thing ‘til it’s gone,
I want it all, now I want it all (back)

If there is a green light
And it starts to turn yellow
Pedal to the floor,
Cause I know your heart is turning red,
If I had the minutes, I would turn 'em into hours
And make love to your mind not your body instead
I was just a fool, a fool for you
That didn’t know what I had until I lost you
Every single moment
That you’re not here
It’s evident to me that everything just seems so clear

And I want it all back
I want it all, I want it all, I want it all back
I want it all back, I want it all, I want it all
Girl I want it all
You never miss a good thing 'til it’s gone,
I want it all, now I want it all.

Now everything isn’t everything
If everything, everything isn’t with you
And I want it all back
I want it all, I want it all, I want it all back
I want it all back, I want it all, I want it all
Girl I want it all
You never miss a good thing 'til it’s gone,
I want it all, now I want it all.
Now I want it all back
Now I want it all back
Now I want it all back

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Hooola,me recomendarias canciones tristes de amor en inglés? Te lo agradeceria mucho💖

Remembering sunday - all time low
The end - little mix
Love me or leave me - little mix
All back - chris brown
Ariana grande - my everything
Back to december - taylor swift
Between the bars - elliot smith
The script - breakeven
The script - the man who cant be moved
Bruno mars - move on
Ed sheeran - give me love
Ed sheeran - UNI
Demi lovato - fix a heart
James blunt - goodbye my lover
One direction - half a heart
Hot chelle rae - bleed
Sam smith - im not the only one
Sleeping with sirens - iris
Bruno mars - it will rain
Kodaline - all i want
Cher lloyd - love me for me
Never shout never - lovesick
Ne-yo - mad
Memphis may fire - miles away (acustica)
N'sync - gone
Olly murs - dear darlin’
Pink - just give me a reason
Papa roach - scars (acustico)
Passagers - let her go
Pierce the veil - bulletproof love
Taylor swift - sad beautiful tragic
Bruno mars - talking to the moon
Sleeping with sirens - with ears to see and eyes to hear

Esas son las canciones tristes de amor en ingles que tengo en mi celular jajajaja perdon por mi ingles y si me equivoque en algun nombre jajajjaka

A playlist of songs Calum has tweeted at some point. Listen here.

// weightless -all time low // uptown funk -mark ronson ft. bruno mars // what happened to your band -mcbusted // redundant - green day // spray on pants - kisschasy // little things -good charlotte // duality -slipknot // the only reason -5 seconds of summer // missing -everything but the girl // something in the way -nirvana // motivation -sum 41 // break your little heart -all time low // 21st century breakdown -green day // have faith in me -a day to remember // sing -ed sheeran // the rock show -blink 182 // if you dont know -5 seconds of summer // deuces -chris brown // bleed american -jimmy eat world // teenagers -my chemical romance // closing time -semisonic // you’re gonna go far, kid -the offspring // long way home -5 seconds of summer // times like these -foo fighters // american idiot -green day // snuff -slipknot // longview -green day // heart out -the 1975 // come home -tonight alive // the great escape -boys like girls // sink or swim -lewis watson // stacys mom -fountains of wayne // there goes -baby by usher // all back -chris brown // fate -our last night // revolution -the used // shes got a boyfriend now -boys like girls // many of horror -biffy clyro // machines -biffy clyro // show me -kid ink ft. chris brown // hold on -good charlotte // wrapped around your finger -5 seconds of summer // counting the days -good charlotte // young girls -bruno mars // p.y.t. (pretty young thing) -michael jackson // no such thing -john maye// fix you -coldplay // surrender -angels & ariwaves // sitting waiting wishing -jack johnson // all of me -john legend // 1985 -bowling for soup // feelin’ way too damn good -nickelback // dark blue -jack’s mannequin // you’re nobody till somebody loves you -dean martin // my stupid mouth -john mayer // keep your hands off my girl -good charlotte // i dont trust myself -john mayer // disconnected -5 seconds of summer // motel pool -travis garland // empty apartment -yellowcard // 12 through 15 -mayday parade // underclass hero -sum 41 // what i like about you -the romantics // i love you 5 -nevershoutnever // i miss you -blink 182 // teenage dirtbag - wheatus // fly away - 5 seconds of summer //

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You ever think maybe his tweets were about Geneva?

Well, Geneva thing fizzled pretty fast after X Factor. Like it lasted a couple of months tops. I think it could be described as ‘summer camp thing’. You know, kids spending some weeks together, and there is usually always some who will do the classic coupling routine and then when they get off camp, they pretty soon forget each other. That’s how I see Zayn and Geneva personally.

But we might as well go through those ‘unrequited love’ tweets from 2011 as an example and see what was happening at time when Zayn tweeted them. Sorry for super long post, but well I might as well do it properly. :)

I guess I should publish my Ziam timelines one of these days, so that people would see how everything is connected. :)

But to the tweets:

Jul 30 & Aug 1, 2011

This is like a week after Zabecca “break-up” was written about.  On June 6th there were articles how Rebecca ‘had never felt like this before’, and a little more than a month later it was over and done. Funnily enough Rebecca also helpfully said in last December (while promoting her new album) that the relationship was ‘a blip’, so… lmao.

The first retweet doesn’t really apply to them, since what would Zayn be afraid of doing with her, that he supposedly hadn’t done before? Also since the relationship was a blip (and most likely PR charade), I doubt it was killing anyone.

He did send Rebecca a tweet ‘x’ 30th of July, but then again he signed almost all his tweets back then with x. So not very interesting.

Geneva meanwhile gave this interview in July about Zayn, and it doesn’t look like she was looking for a round two in the Malik rollercoaster. Note how she said that Wootton had twisted her words in the article. Interesting.

So neither of them fit into these retweets. On Ziam front this particular twitter convo happened 28th of July.

So something definitely was happening there at the time of retweets. :) About a week later Zayn mentioned that his fave song of the moment was All Back by Chris Brown. :) He also mentioned 13th of August that he wasn’t dating anyone and was single. He keeps mentioning this pretty much all autumn after it, but still writes love tweets to someone.


Aug 25

This happened around the same time than the tweet:

Also again mentioning that he ‘doesn’t have a gf’ the same day.


Sep 14

The Lakeside book signing was on 15th of September. Among other things, these things happened that day. :)


Oct 16

This one I think is mostly about Louis & Harry, because of Haroline and Elounor that had been just introduced back then. But also it seems like Zayn realised that his love life wasn’t going to be safe from similar intervention either.

He also tweeted in 10th of Oct that ‘Theres been a slight confusion on twitter for the last couple of weeks im here to clear it up i am single and have bn for the last 3 months’


Oct 18

After Bring 1D to Me minitour in Europe, that showed us how jealous Zayn was when Liam talked about Danielle, the boys had a couple of days off. Zayn tweeted about chilling with the boys for a few days, and since Louis & Harry were in Manchester, I think Zayn meant that he was hanging with his old friends, likely Ant and Danny.


Nov 17

Well this one is obviously not about Rebecca or Geneva, since it says ‘when you were never really mine’. But he’s still very much pining over his bandmate who has a girlfriend and can’t be his. So Ziam is only thing that fits here.


Nov 22 x/x

The next day (23rd) the Alan Carr show was recorded, and Zayn, well… Zayn was Zayn.

Is he trying to guide Liam to sit on a sofa? Idek.

Rubbing Liam’s shoulder after Alan Carr accused him of copying Harry’s curls.

Zayn when Alan Carr talks about Danielle with Liam.


Nov 26

Late November gave us so many lovely Ziam moments. Like this one right before Zayn sent that tweet. :)


Dec 5

Still pining. No notable girlfriend action. And for anyone who dares to insinuate that these are Z*rrie tweets, just no. Perrie herself said after X Factor in December 2011, that she barely knows him and the whole thing is massively embarrassing. She also denied that they had kissed.

I could write about every single one of those unrequited love tweets, but I spare you. They all are related to Ziam. That’s the way love works, babes. :)

Songs Zayn has tweeted about

Justin Timberlake - Never Again [x]
Chris Brown - Without You [x]
Mario - Let Me Love You [x]
Jay Sean - 2012 [x]
Far East Movement - Rocketeer [x]
P.Diddy ft Usher - I Need A Girl (Part 1) [x]
Tynisha Keli - I Wish You Loved Me [x]
Chris Brown - Next To You [x]
Chris Brown - All Back [x]
Robin Thicke - Superman [x]
James Morrison - The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore [x]
Beyoncé - Best Thing I Never Had [x]
Drake - Trust Issues [x]
Chris Brown - Deuces [x]
Frank Ocean - If I’m In Love [x]
Chris Brown - Don’t Judge Me [x]
5 Seconds of Summer - Try Hard [x]
D4NNY ft. Jus Reign - Goodbye OFFICIAL REMIX [x]
Jhené Aiko ft Childish Gambino - Bed Peace [x]
Naughty Boy ft Sam Romans - Home [x]
Chris Brown - Drunk Texting [x]
Chris Brown - Autumn Leaves [x]
Labrinth - Let It Be [x]
DMX - Here Comes The Boom [x]
#MakeYouKnowLove - RED [x]