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Possible serial killer in Manchester, UK.

Despite denial from the police, it’s more than possible that a serial killer is stalking North-West. Professor Craig Jackson from Birmingham university was the first to contact police bosses, bringing to attention that it is “extremely unlikely such an alarming number of bodies found in the canals is the result of accidents or suicides”. 62 bodies in the past 7 years is certainly as cause for concern. All bodies found were male, usually aged 20-40 and it seems the majority of them went missing under the same circumstances: They went to a pub or concert with a group of friends, got separated and were only seen again when their body turned up a few days later in one of Manchester’s many canals. Additionally, canals are known for being popular dump sites for many serial killers, as evidence is washed away quickly. Despite mounting evidence police still seem to be ignoring the possibility completely.

The most recent death was that of a middle aged man. His body was found 3 days ago (05/02/15) in a canal. One of the deaths was of Chris Brahney, 22, from Timperley, who was found dead in the Manchester Ship Canal 10 days after going missing from a Stone Roses concert in Heaton Park in June 2012. He had become separated from his friends following the gig, sparking a massive manhunt across the region. At an inquest into Chris’s death, deputy coroner Joanne Kearsley recorded an open verdict and admitted she simply couldn’t say how he had ended up in the water. In another death, Manchester University student Souvik Pal, 18, was found dead in the Bridgewater Canal three weeks after he had been ejected from a New Year’s Eve party at the Warehouse Project dance night in Trafford Park.

He had been seen walking away from the venue with a mystery man.


Chris went missing from The Stone Roses gig the night before I went. He is around the same age as me and went to the same gig as me but the night before and I’ve spent the entire week glued to the facebook group 24/7 because it could have easily been me or someone I care about, this is heartbreaking.

Please spread this video, he could be anywhere in the UK but especially Manchester or Edinburgh as his lost phone was traced there. If you live near here please arrange searches, you can find areas already covered on the Facebook page “Help Find Chris Brahney”  but at the very least reblog this video and help raise awareness.

Thanks :)

That Chris Brahney guy is getting to me. Usually reported deaths don’t really hit me. But you can just relate to the bloke so much. Going to a show is something so pedestrian and regular – but not coming home isn’t. And as a music fan, I can’t help but feel connected to the poor bloke. Vale, mate.

A few days ago I posted a missing person’s picture on tumblr about a young lad who went missing last weekend after a gig in a local park, unfortunately his body was found yesterday in a river in the middle of Salford, Manchester.

He was an amazing lad and didn’t deserve to die..
Such a shame and my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this sad time.

Rest In Peace Chris Brahney <3

I’m really upset that Chris Brahney’s been found dead because I honestly thought he’d turn up sooner or later and that he’d be okay. I was telling my Mum off for not being more positive about the situation and now I’m eating my own words. I hate it when I’m so naive like this. As well I can’t believe how affected I am by this. It may sound ignorant but I try and tune the news out so I’m not too depressed to get up in the morning but this one has really got to me, maybe because its happened so close to me or maybe because he was only young idk. I can’t bear thinking about his parents either, I just feel so sorry for them.

R.I.P Chris Brahney.
Rest in Peace Chris Brahney, my thoughts are with you

Just heard the news that the 22 year old who went missing at the Stone Roses gig ten days ago has been found dead in Manchester. To think a young music fan, someone my age, left his house to go to a gig and have a good time and just never made it home. 

This is so, so saddening. RIP Chris Brahney, my thoughts are with you and will be as I go to Latitude festival this weekend. Be safe everyone

Completely heart broken to hear that Chris’ body was found not long ago. I knew that this was what was likely to happen but it still feels out of the blue. He wasn’t a personal friend but knowing those who he loved and who loved him makes this feel personal. Ugh. Love to those who spent the last week and a half searching.

R.I.P Chris Brahney

I just read the news and I can honestly say I am shocked and absolutely devastated. Even though it had been over a week and everyone was expecting the worst, I was hoping that somehow, somewhere he was just hiding away for a bit or injured and waiting to be found. This boy was supposed to have his entire life in front of him and this is such a terrible ending to what was supposed to be an amazing day for him.

Everyone that got to meet you was truly blessed and you have touched the heart of many strangers. I am extremely gutted to say I have never had the honour of meeting you, even though our friends know each other.

My thoughts go out to Chris’ family and friends and everyone that stood beside them in this past week. R.I.P Chris. I don’t even doubt that you are out there with the angels now.

RIP Chris Brahney

Never knew the guy but was constantly looking for updates since I heard of his disappearance from the Stone Roses gig.. I saw his dad + friends on Granada Reports and knew people who lived in the Timperly area - I felt for them so much, I wished I could do something.. :/ 

Am truly saddened to hear his body has been found, such a young age and I bet he had so much going for him.

Everyone deserves to make it home from a good night out, what a true shame.

My thoughts go out to his friends/family and all those who knew him. 

Rest in Peace Chris Brahney

Such a sad outcome to such a heart wrenching event.

It could have been any one of us that went to The Stone Roses that weekend, it made me feel ill that we were all having such a great time the following day, not knowing a lad my age had gone missing the night before.

I hope his family and friends get some closure, it’s such a tragedy :(

It scares the hell out of me that it could have happened to me or someone close, it was so badly organised and I felt scared coming out of the gig, there were so many people and you couldn’t see a thing. If I hadn’t clutched on to the people I was with then it could have easily happened to us. It has however shown how a community can come together and support each other, there’s over 100,000 people on Facebook in the group who all tried to help as much as possible, near and far. Although I didn’t know him (though I think I recognise his face from nights out) I felt attached to this story from the start, it’s truly heartbreaking. 

Rest in Peace Chris <3