chris bevins

Let me just tell you a bit about my weekend. First off Chris Bevins came to my Hetalia panel

Then, J michael tatum came to my hotel room at 3am and woke my friends and I up. (thanks mom!)

Then, I partied hard with russia and 2p England at the Saturday rave ;)

I(france) got married to my hero! America!

I also got the entire universe to sign my ‘calendar’

I got some awesome new autographs for my panda backpack

Made a ton of new friends!

I cant wait to go back next time! I hope i see you there!

My voice actor dreams...

If I meet J Michael Tatum I shall ask him to say:

  • “You could always pay me in waffles.”
  • His favorite line as William Shakespeare
  • “I’m one hell of a butler.”
  • His favorite line as France

If I meet Vic Mignogna I shall ask him to say:

  • “Japan digs my sexy cat ears.”
  • His favorite line as Zero
  • Greece confess his love for Japan, if I am lucky I can get him to say it.

If I meet Christopher Benvins I shall ask him to say:

  • Japan confess his love for Greece, again, if I am lucky I can get him to say it.
  • His favorite line as Mercutio

More will probably be added to this list. CAN I JUST HUG AND KEEP THEM ALL!?!


…Since Mary posted hers, I suppose I should do the same. ><

This is me and Carli Mosier, Clarine Harp, and Chris Bevins at YuleCon! I WAS FANGIRLING SO HARD WHEN BEVINS SHOWED UP. But I tried to maintain it inwardly. Anywho. These three were some of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. :) Chris Cason is an absolutely fantastic person as well; and Caitlin Glass, Tia Ballard, & Chris Ayres were all very sweet. :3