chris being a fool

Josh and Chris being friends who fool around on occasion. Josh and Chris having big parties and everyone is invited but when Chris drinks he can’t stop looking at Josh and saying “I love you bro,” and it’s slurred and his glasses are lopsided and Hannah and Beth keep laughing and Beth will fall all over Hannah acting like Chris, mimics Chris’s voice ‘love ya bro’ and Hannah laughs and Sam laughs and everyone laughs and Josh is like bright red like “okay bro I love ya too”

We’ve all assumed that Chris was losing his drive in playing Kurt and that it was showing through his acting, right? So, what if Chris was actually doing what he was supposed to do? What if he was supposed to portray kurt a little distant towards Blaine as a way of starting to show Kurt’s insecurities? Idk, I just love the idea of Chris being such a good actor that he had all of us fooled.