chris beas

Y/n has a major crush on Chris and she tells him that she likes him. But he rejects her pretty harshly

Next year we can all see the glow up including Chris. And now he want to hang out with her. But it’s her turn to make a final decision

Requested by the lovely anon 💕
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✿ celebratory 11k followers masterpost (▰˘◡˘▰) ✿

This was originally going to be my present for reaching 10.5k followers, but by the time final exams were over, I managed to reach more than 11,000 beautiful followers!!! This is practically one and a half year’s worth of my writing! Thank you so much for following me and bearing with me on this journey of balancing school, work, my social life, and fan girling, and even just dealing with my crazy delusions. So, this is from me to you. Thanks for following ♡



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can you help me save my life? l kara & mon el

So, as I type this , Zachary Levi is recording lines for TBEA in the same city where I live. And I mean North Hollywood, not Los Angeles (though North Hollywood is part of Los Angeles).

(And what you you mean by one of your favorites, @cnotes? XD)

Correction: Outloud Audio is in Burbank, not North Hollywood (unless there’s a little studio in North Hollywood that I don’t know about), but I know exactly where it is and have driven by it several times in my life.


Virtually Famous (Series 1, Episode 6 - August 25th, 2014)

Hey guys! There have been a few of you asking for an update on what’s going on with the show. Though the studio has the NEWSIEST of the news on lockdown, here’s the latest of what I CAN tell you.
I JUST returned from Nashville recording some key Queen dialog with Ashley Judd at the beautiful and stunningly inspiring Dark Horse Recording Studios. We had a wonderful time and got some great speaking performances from Ashley! And don’t be too surprised if at some point in the series, some location shows a striking resemblance to this magnificent place.
I’m sure you all saw we had a live music record a few weeks ago at Capitol Records in Hollywood laying down the live tracks to the three songs from our first show written by the amazing Alan Menken! You guys, ALAN MENKEN!? What?! And I just had my first sit down meeting today with Kevin Kliesch who is scoring the music for the series.
We are still very hard at work continuing to write, board, design, paint and now animate well into this first season. In fact, there are SO many things happening at once that it’s difficult to find the time to write you all but I will try and be better about posting updates. But February is coming up quickly so keep checking in and if you haven’t already, follow me on snapchat where I like to post little pieces of fun as we go along as well!
If you watched the Tony’s tonight I’m sure you saw a LOT of Tangled talent and if you’re not, follow Eden Espinosa and James Monroe Iglehart on Snapchat and Instagram because they are both hilarious!
Thank you all so much for all of your support, and Tangled posts! We all see them and love them!