TW Rewatch 2x09: Peter’s resurrection, mirror verse, Stiles the clone and more

Episode 2x09 “Party guessed” is very much a Lydia episode. And Peter. Let’s not forget Peter, even if he isn’t in too many scenes. Fittingly, it starts off with a whole sequence of him messing around in her head, getting her ready to do what’s needed for his resurrection.  

We start in the shower

And fittingly it’s the same shower as in 2x01 at the hospital (see image below). The shower where Lydia first encountered Peter in her mind, she screamed and promptly disappeared from the room like magic. I wrote more about that scene here if you’re interested. 

This is Lydia’s point of transformation after getting the bite. She was immune to the werewolf bite, but it lit her banshee spark, something I think Peter knew very well. I have theorized that episode 1x05 at the video store is the first time Peter heard Lydia scream and became aware of her gift. Read about that here. 

Notice also the subtle changes to the shower - it’s clearly the same, but the shower curtain is different. This one now has green leaves all over it. Lydia has in all of season 2 been enveloped in leaves 

I’m not entirely sure what the greenery/floral theme for Lydia is all about, but she’s basically enveloped in it in her own bedroom, so it’s definitely important. Particularly her bed and sleeping area and we know that she’s having dreams of Peter during the night. -  I think it might be that plants/flowers = earth = revelations which certainly is fitting with all of season 2 and 3a gave us indications that Lydia was something. The fact that green is so dominant for Lydia this season is perhaps because the revelation of Peter orchestration a comeback was both hidden and a damnation. (blue = damnation + yellow = hidden = green). This is all dependent on the color theory that athenadark has been working on. But enough of that, color theory is a b***h and best left alone. 

The scene changes and when she opens the curtain we see the lacrosse field.

She’s back in her Winter Formal dress that she wore when Peter bit her on that very field. Only now there is an audience cheering her on, which makes me think we’re getting a mix of Lydia’s and Peter’s memories.  

This poster is a clear callback to the lacrosse game in 1x02 something I doubt Peter has knowledge of (unless he’s poking around in her brain, which is both disturbing and not even remotely surprising)

I was actually a bit intrigued by the symbol at the bottom of Lydia’s poster. It both reminds me of the sign from the tv series Heroes which if I remember correctly was linked to people with extraordinarily abilities, something that certainly fits Lydia. It also reminds me of the Celtic Ogham Stave “G” if you flip it 90 degrees and take away the swirls :)

This stave is associated with Ivy and symbolizes caution/to thread carefully. Certainly good advice when dealing with Peter. Is this Lydia subconsciously warning herself? Or is it from Laura? 

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