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Beautiful cast of American Gods (IMDB)

The series will focus on the mysterious Shadow, a man who is released from prison a few days early after serving a three-year sentence for bank robbery when his beloved wife Laura is killed in a car accident. Flying home for the funeral, Shadow is seated next to a man who introduces himself only as Mr. Wednesday, and this man knows more about Shadow’s life, both past and present, than is possible. Shadow comes to learn that Wednesday is, in fact, the god Odin of Norse mythology and that all of the gods that mankind has ever believed in are alive in human form and live among regular people. Shadow is soon thrust into a gathering conflict between the Old gods and the so-called “New gods”, the gods of money and technology who believe there is no longer room on Earth for the old gods.

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“Here we were giving everyone what they had longed for, what they had been teased about, what they had been cheated of in the movie, what they had been given in a kind of bogus scene in season six. We gave them the real thing here, we gave them a passionate kiss. And I think David and Gillian were up for it. I mean, I saw them. They were kind of giddy and giggling before it happened, and it was hot.”

— Chris Carter (DVD commentary)


Behind the Scenes on Glee’s Final Days

As the beloved Fox series ends on March 20, actor Darren Criss shares the most special moments from the last episode’s taping. Catch the two-hour series finale on Friday, March 20, at 8 p.m. ET on Fox

It’s a look back in time for Criss and his on-screen husband, Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel), who shoot a final high school hallway scene. “The last setup was very emotional because we never knew when the last take was going to be,” Criss explains.

“By the time we wrapped Glee, I had the joy of getting to celebrate five birthdays on set,” Darren Criss (Blaine Anderson) tells PEOPLE. “Birthdays on set were always fun because craft services always made a point to surprise whoever’s birthday it was in between camera setups with cake and candles.”

*Originally posted on March 19, 2015, the day before the Glee finale