chris and piers feels

One of the many things I love about Chris’ campaign ending is the sound direction – the last track (I’ll Protect You or ‘Entrust Yourself To The Future’) which accompanies Piers’ heroic sacrifice.

It starts so… upbeat, very similar to the escape tracks in the last games. The heroes have won, the bad guys have died - and despite the grim circumstances on Piers, hope exists. They’re at the part where they escape and they will succeed. Chris works to get the escape pod working as Piers stays by his side. There’s a definite knowledge there that they will get out of there alive, battling their way through to the very end.

It keeps the beat, with some pauses inbetween allowing for a breath. Chris gets everything working and the track finally starts to reach the climax (1:00) hitting the last note marking their great escape. They almost step into the pod together and not separating. It tells us that this is it – this is their last escape and their goodbye to the rotten hand they had been dealt.

…but then, at the very last moment, Piers lets go.

There’s a silence with a sympathetic note unlike what we heard before. Suddenly the track takes on such a melancholic sound as Piers pushes Chris inside. Despite the small strings of hope still resonating through it, most of it is lost in the cries of a helpless Chris begging Piers to not go like this. Piers activates the pod on his own - a shot of his pained face as Chris continues to urge him on, but he pulls through.

Once more, the music escalates – and with Chris saying ‘no’, Piers smiling at him – we finally reach the end of the story. No stops, no pauses, the decision has been long made. This is not like the climax it had been setting up before. It’s not the happy, yet long, ending where everyone gets out alive.  It’s a full on orchestra of feelings of a hero who had to die to keep the world safe, as the person who gave him a purpose screams his name into the abyss of tomorrow.

And thus, it falls low again. It leaves an empty feeling, even asking ‘is this it? Is this all there is?’ A dejected Chris steps back, looking down.

It doesn’t end there.

HAOS comes back – this time going after Chris, eliminating the possibility of any escape. The track turns completely alarming, emulating the same sound you would hear as you’re battling a boss in a standoff that might take your life, but this time there’s nothing you can do about it. And yet just when it seems hopeless, the same note that resonated through the sacrifice begins to ring again – overpowering everything else and yet assimilating with it so well. Electricity forms all over the underwater base and shoots right through HAOS.

The BOW falls apart – finally dead – and we look on as the base is destroyed, with the ringing in our ears matching it very well. The struggle ends with the music telling us so as much. Chris has finally gotten out and the world is no longer under any danger. Seeing the rising sun is such a trademark at the end of these games, particulary for Chris who had gone out smiling in the similar ending of RE5… despite the losses, there was always some kind of happy ring. But this time, it remains dismal even in the track. There’s a lack of sense of accomplishment, and Chris cannot bring himself to smile. Yet it maintains a sense of hope that Piers died to and for.

He opens his hand to reveal the bloodied BSAA patch. For the last time, the familiar note resonates ever so slightly through the music. His eyes move away to the dawn… and the track ends rising & gently with no words. And at long last… we’re met with the final credits.

Like… I don’t think this post does it justice, it’s so good and it hits right on all the emotional spots. Whoever was in charge of this did an incredible job, mad props to them ( for continuing to make me cry )

Considering there have been 2 RE games that have had same gender campaign partners (DSC Leon & Krauser, RE6 Chris & Piers), I REALLY feel like the gals should get the same treatment. My votes are Claire & Jill, Sherry & Ada. The Leading Ladies and Raccoon City Victims. Just suggesting some fairness is all.