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Even weirder is that all the guys in Rory’s life, except for Paul, more often than not acted like punk-y jerks. Can we blame Chris? Sadly, Lorelai also liked jerks and her dad was a jerk too. It makes me wonder what Richard’s dad was like. We never heard anything about him at all and that could be very telling, along with that he thought his awful mom was a saint.

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"Luke and Lorelai doesn't have a healthy relationship. I don't get why people like them so much," a recent post from starshollowconfessions says. Agree or disagree?

I think it depends on if you’re talking about original series or AYITL. And this is going to get fairly long, but in short … in the original series, their relationship wasn’t very healthy the further you got into season 6, with a lot of the damage being done in season 5. But in A Year in the Life, their overall relationship is a lot stronger.

And because I am clearly Hermione (or Rory), here’s a really long essay about the differences between their OS relationship and their communication issues in AYITL.

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it’s literally in the same episode so it’s a fairly obvious parallel and like I don’t think I’m discovering anything new and exciting but I’ve never seen anyone point out or gif or anything the scenes in s3e2 where Lorelai asks Chris is he’s still with Sheri and Jess asks Rory if she’s still with Dean….

probably because nobody wants to compare jess and rory with lorelai and christopher, right….well me either but here we are

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what are a few things you DON'T like about gilmore girls? not characters or anything, but like the way things were written and how they handled certain things and things you just can't Get Over™.

this is gonna make it seem like i hate the show like i truly love it but its problematic as hell so like ya i have a few issues

  • lack of diversity (only 3 main characters of color (michel, lane, mrs kim), 2 of whom are supposed to be korean but have japanese actors; 1 gay character whose sexuality was only made specific in the revival and (to me) seemed like an “afterthought”; emily’s maid in the revival, etc)
  • offensive jokes (the fat, trigger, and gay jokes in the revival; the gay/lesbian jokes in the og series; the “thats my native american name” joke; abeist jokes (i know they exist but i cant think rn so i cant give a specific example), the fact that she named a character (g*psy) a slur; etc)
  • woody allen references (and references to other abusers)
  • i dont like how the characters look down on anyone (especially other women) who don’t share the same taste in them….the one scene that comes to mind is when lindsey says she like michelle branch & the others character like….physically cringe. (lol i know this is a thing real ppl do too but i hate it and its just a pet peeve of mine)
  • luke and lorelai falling apart because of how they handled the april situation… sorry but luke wouldve talked to lorelai about it. he wouldve wanted her help. he wouldve wanted her and april to have a good relationship. it was ooc and they only had him do it to cause drama 
  • chris slept with lorelai when she was upset and vulnerable and he clearly took advantage of her but no one in the show seems to care?? or notice how gross that is????
  • the romanticization of chris in general. and dean. and jess. and logan. lmfao
  • the lack of development between season 7 and the revival, in terms of both character development (rory, for example) and plot development (lorelai only bringing up kids like 8 years after they got back together)

asdfgh i promise i dont hate the show im just not a fan of asp or her humor or her brand of feminism so a lot of my problems w/the show stem from her and like….ya

Christopher: “You know what? I-I’m sorry, Lor. I just – I can’t handle this.”

Lorelai: “Handle what?

Christopher: “This. You and him. I just – I can’t handle being your second choice. I thought I could, but I can’t, all right? I can’t be your rebound. I’m sorry.”

[Chris leaves]


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I know this makes me sound like a cranky old biddy, but my eye starts violently twitching whenever people call the Java Junkie ship “Lukelai”.

That’s not their name, they have a name, they’ve had a ship name since 2000, it’s Java Junkie.