chris and lorelai

Christopher: “You know what? I-I’m sorry, Lor. I just – I can’t handle this.”

Lorelai: “Handle what?

Christopher: “This. You and him. I just – I can’t handle being your second choice. I thought I could, but I can’t, all right? I can’t be your rebound. I’m sorry.”

[Chris leaves]


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I know this makes me sound like a cranky old biddy, but my eye starts violently twitching whenever people call the Java Junkie ship “Lukelai”.

That’s not their name, they have a name, they’ve had a ship name since 2000, it’s Java Junkie.

hey u know what’s gross 

how literally all the men lorelai dated (barring luke) had to somewhat thoroughly convince her to either date them or take their relationship further like 

y i k e s