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Karrueche Tran Fitness Guide

Karrueche was born with a petite body so ultimately, her genes are the prime reason for her size. Aside from her small frame, Karrueche has a perfectly toned body. That being her arms, legs, and abs. If you keep reading, I will explain how you can achieve this body that Karrueche struts everyday!

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Chapter 39: Learn


“I’m hom-” I quieted myself before yelling.

We finished filming earlier than expected, so I wanna surprise Chris and Angie.

I tip toed to Angie to see her sleeping with a little too loud snores coming out. I smiled and planted a kiss on her forehead exiting. Now, where’s Chris? I walked to hear light moans. Woman moans.

“Oh fuck Breezy!”

My smile dropped at the sound of that. Oh God please. Please tell me my fiancé is not fucking another woman in our bed.

I slowly opened the door and walked inside. For some reason, the room was covered in gold. Why gold? I looked over to see Chris laying down with a woman riding him.

“Chris!” I roared with tears streaming down my face.

His eyes widened and he looked at me with a blank expression. He didn’t respond.

“How the fuck could you! Fuck some hoe in our bed!”

Once again, Chris didn’t respond nor made an attempt to. Why the hell is he not saying anything?

I looked at the woman and I grew even more angry. Bria. He’s fucking the nanny.

“I’m not some hoe.”

“You’re right. You’re a trashy hoe called Bria.”

“No, I’m someone you already know.” She smiled wickedly. “Make your brain work.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. What the fuck is she talking about? She smiled even more.

“You thought it was over, Rue. But it just begun…..”

“Kae, wake up!” I felt a hand shake me. I opened my eyes to see Joey.


“Wake up! We got a plane to catch and you over here napping when you should be packing!” Joey took his bags then looked at me. “What’s wrong?”

“I just had a weird but bad dream.” I replied.

“Well, are you ok? Do you want to talk about it?”

I shook my head standing up. “No. I just wanna go home.”

“Ok let’s go!”

“Thanks Pat.”

I exhaled deeply. Back in L.A. Home sweet home. I can’t wait to see both of my babies and get that welcome home sex. I walked into the house and dropped my bags. I watched as a blonde lightskin woman come out holding Angel. Bria. Holding my baby.

“Chris, I-” she stopped looking at me. “Oh. You’re not Chris.”

“Yes. I’m not Chris. I’m his fiancée Kae.” I took Angie from her.

I kissed her face repeatedly. “Hey cutie! I missed you so much!”

She giggled touching my nose and putting her fingers in my mouth. I bit down gently pretending to eat them. Bria cleared her throat and I glared at her.

“I didn’t know you were coming today.” She stated with an irritated tone.

“No offense, but it really wasn’t any of your buisness.” I commented. “Where’s Chris?”

“He’s filming the music video for Loyal.”


I got inside my white Porsche and drove off. That dream, that interaction. I need to figure out who Bria is.

And fast.


Fuck! What the hell is she doing here so early? This just messes up everything up! Now, I definitely can’t get Chris with Rue in the way! I’m so angry right now!

I dialed Big Daddy’s number after her bitchass left.

“What is it, Gold?” He answered. “Is Chris Brown dead?”

“There’s a flaw in the plan.” I stated avoiding the last question.

“That is…..”

“Baby Rue returned early.”.

“Damn it! Why didn’t you kill Brown when I told you to?!” Big Daddy spat angrily.

“What should I do?” I asked swerving his question again.

“You figure that out.”

He hung up and I scoffed loudly. Well, I honestly don’t care if Baby Rue is here or not.

I still want Chris.


“Ok so we’re gonna be filming these scenes with-”

I stopped talking to see Tyga walking in with a tiger cub on a leash. Everyone stared at him and he looked up.


“Nigga, why the fuck do you got a tiger?” I asked.

“Because it’ll be dope!” He cheesed feeding the tiger something.

“Well, is it tame?” I came up to the tiger.

“Uh, yeah. I guess.” Tyga walked away with the tiger and I shook my head.

I felt my eyes be covered by some small woman hands.

“Guess who?” I heard a whisper in my ear.

“There’s too many women on this set. You gotta do better than that.” I removed her hands and turned around.

There she was. Standing there as beautiful as ever. Damn, I missed her.

“Rueche!” I hugged her tight and kissed her face.

“Baby, I can’t breathe!’

I chuckled kissing her lips. “What are you doing here?”

"Finished filming early so I decided to surprise my baby.” She wrapped her arms around and looked up at me. “My Jake from State Farm.

I smiled. “Well Jake from State Farm missed his Tink Tink and is gonna tear that pussy up when we get home.”

"Why home? Doesn’t your dressing room have a lock?” Kae winked.

My eyes widened. “You are a freak!”

“Hey everyone! Um, me and Kae need to, um, talk so take a break!” I announced as Kae grabbed my arm.

“How long?” Someone asked.

“Don’t worry about it!” I replied as she continued to lead me to my dressing room.

Once we got inside, I locked the door behind us and just stared at her ass.

“Damn, I missed this ass.” I pinched it and she giggled.

“Well, it’s all yours, Papi.”

I grabbed her by the waist and planted kisses on her neck. Damn, she smells good. I planted them along her jawline as I removed her shirt and started to undo her belt buckle.

“Eager much?” Kae smirked.

I pulled her pants down and kissed her hard fighting her tongue with mine.

“Very.” I reached around and smacked her ass earning a yelp from her.

“But Chris, the couch is too small.”

I looked over at the couch then at the long make up table and grinned widely.

“Fuck the couch.” I threw all the shit off the table and took off my t-shirt. “Bring your fine ass over here.”

Kae grinned obeying. Before I could lift her on top of the table, she bent down on her knees and pulled my jeans off.

“I ain’t the only one’s that’s eager.” I commented as she pulled off my boxers too.

Kae got a grip on my dick and licked the tip. She kept licking my shit as if it was ice cream. I groaned when she took me in my mouth.

“Damn, suck this dick, baby.”

She bobbed up and down and I held her head for support. She took her mouth off, and began to give me a handjob. She went back to sucking and started to deepthroat CJ.

“Damn you sucking the skin off my dick!”

I felt my dick twitch hitting the back of her throat. I let go of my load which she swallowed without hesitating. She got up from her knees wiping her mouth.

“Miss my head game?” Kae asked innocently.

“Yes and I know damn well you missed mine. Get your ass on the table, girl.”

She got on the table and laid on her stomach. “Like this?”

“You know damn well not like that but I still like this postition tho.” My hands crept into her panties pulling them.

“I’m surprised you didn’t rip them this time.” Kae commented with a smirk.

I smacked her ass harder this time and she yelled louder. I watched as where I smacked her had a cherry red handprint.

“Did I hurt you, baby? Do you want Papi to make it better?” I rubbed her asscheek.

“Yes.” She answered in a little kid voice.

I kissed it the spot and kept rubbed it. I stuck out my tongue and started licking her ass.

“Turn over.”

Kae turned over on her back and I pulled her legs making her pussy meet my mouth. I licked up and down her clit and sucked on it as if it was candy.

“Eat my pussy already!”


I began to penetrate with my tongue and she moaned.

“Damn I missed the taste of this.” I mumbled petting it and going down again.

I spit on her pussy and rubbed it sticking a couple fingers inside. She groaned and I kissed her lips. I sucked on her titties fingering her making her moan more.

“Oooh baby!”

“You like that, baby?”

“Aww yes!” She gasped.

I slurped on my fingers and ate the box again. Kae grabbed my head pushing her pussy more in my face. I pushed her hands off and held down her shaking thighs. Without warning, Kae released those sweet juices. I wiped my mouth and pecked her lips.

“Miss my head game?” I mocked her tone.

Kae smirked rubbing her pussy. “Yep.”

“I know something you miss even more.” I pulled her legs to the edge.

“That is..?”

“My dick game.” Without any warning, I plunged into her and her mouth formed an O.

“Christopher!” She screamed.

I didn’t reply. Just kept stroking in and out of her quickly. I pushed my whole length inside her. Ooh I know she missed this dick. Who wouldn’t?

Kae grabbed her breasts that were flopping up and down due to the motion. I removed her hands.

“Don’t do that shit.” I rammed harder into her.

I spit on her pussy and she rubbed it as I kept pounding her pussy. My pussy.

“I haven’t fucked you in the air for a while.”

Before Kae could respond, I had her in the air and began to beat the pussy up while standing.

“Ooh Papi! Fuck this pussy!”

“Fuck. Who’s your daddy?” I gritted out.

Kae hid her face in my neck. So she’s not gonna answer me?

I took her and placed her on the couch in missionary position.

“I said Who. Is. Your. Daddy?” I asked between my slow strokes.

Kae smirked. “I don’t know.”

“Well you’re gonna learn today.”

I pounded her shit fast and hard as her leg went up to the air and I heard her whimpers.

“Mhh Chris!”

“Who’s your daddy!”


“Say it again!”


“Damn right!”

“Ooh Papi I’m gonna cum!” Kae breathed out.

“Hold that shit.”

She groaned and I replaced my dick with my tongue. I licked up and down making it even more wet and rubbed it hard. I bent her legs behind her head and entered her again.


“You like this position, baby?”

She nodded.

“Answer me.”

“Yes, Papi. I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum then.”

I pulled out and she squirted like a water gun. I grinned placing my dick inside and rammed her shit until I bust too. I released her and she laid on top of me out of breath.

“Damn baby. That was so good.” I traced circles in her back.

“Amazing.” Kae planted a kiss on my lips.

We got dressed and exited the dressing room.

“Im not done with your ass.” I pinched her ass. “Wait until we get home.”

Everyone looked at us as we came on set.

“The fuck y’all looking at?”

“You know we heard that, right? Like your dressing room ain’t soundproof.” Mijo stated.

“Shut up. We didn’t do anything.” I replied.

“Then why can’t Kae’s ass walk straight?” We looked at her limping away.

“What? This is my pimp walk!” She continued to limp outside and we shook our heads laughing.

“You guys are some freaks.”

“Aight, thanks everyone. Let’s call it a day.” I annouced going back to my dressing room.

I shot Kae a text:

To Wifey:

You better be naked in bed when I get there.

I found a familiar looking nigga outside of my dressing room.

“Can I help you?” I asked him.

“Uh, yes. Do you know where I can find Rue? I gotta talk to her.” He answered looking around.

“Rue-” I stopped when I realized who he was.

“You’re that bitch ass nigga that raped her.”

“Look it was a long time ago.”

“Still rape. I’m surprised you had the balls to come to my face after what you did.” I spat resisting to smack the shit out of him.

“This is import-”

“No. Stay away from Karrueche.” I ordered opening the door.

“I need to talk to her.” Thomas stated.

“Stay away from my fiancée. I mean it.” I slammed the door in his face.

When I finished, I drove home thinking. What he got to talk to her about? I pulled up in my driveway and entered the house. I went to Angie’s room and she was fast asleep. I walked into Bria.

“Oh sorry!”

“Its ok. Since Karrueche’s back, am I fired?” She inquired with fear in her voice.

“What? No. Me and Karrueche are really busy people.”

She smiled walking away and I continued to my bedroom. Kae was in bed but she wasn’t naked.

“I thought I told you to be naked.” I got on top of her.

“Oh really? I didn’t know.” Kae replied sarcastically.

I chuckled. “Well, you’re gonna learn today.”

Chapter 38

*Bailee’s POV*

Chris closed my bedroom door as I quickly made my way over to the other side of the dark space. My fingers felt around for the switch to my fairy lights. Once found the room was engulfed in a soft pink. I turned to face Chris who had removed his keys, phone and wallet from the back pocket of his jeans. The depths of his stunning eyes stared at me as I fiddled with my hands, shuffling on my feet.

I knew my nervousness was clear, receiving a small smile from Chris.

“Come here.”

His long fingers extended to me, my feet moving towards him to accept the gesture. I swallowed down my anxiety, biting on my lower lip. Chris’ left arm slid around my back, gently enticing me closer.

“You’re safe. I’ll keep you safe.” He whispered.

And I believed him. I knew Chris would stop at nothing to protect me. It was difficult to describe to anyone how our relationship had begun. But more so how it had developed. I could trust Chris with practically anything. Is this what it felt like to be in love? To be so engulfed in someone, to want to give them everything.

Chris had already given me his heart.

An innocent kiss was exchanged between us. Pulling apart, but still our lips continued to brush. Our foreheads pressed together as I carefully felt down his stomach. My hands trembled as I caught hold of the bottom of his top. The t shirt was peeled from Chris’ long torso, frowning slightly as the injuries he had sustained from the fight came into view. But despite the imperfections he looked breathtakingly beautiful. His yellow skin was smooth as I traced over the defined lines on his stomach.

“You must be an angel.” I whispered, peering up to Chris’ face.

His stunning features illuminated in the glow of my fairy lights. Dark hair, dimples, beautiful smile, astonishing brown eyes and full, pouted lips. He looked like no other guy I’ve ever seen.

“I’m no angel, baby.” His words holding a hint of hurt, orbs falling down to where I gripped his hand.

I knew he had taken part in some questionable activities and I still wasn’t sure if he would ever be free of the darkness that possessed him. But I didn’t want him to change for me.

“Well, I think you are.”

“Why?” He asked.

“How can someone look as breath taking as you and not be an angel.” I spoke quietly. “That’s the only explanation I can think of.” I smirked.

He quietly laughed off the comment before kissing me on the end of my nose. My fingers trailed over his strong shoulders and down his toned arms, lightly squeezing at the muscles. I still couldn’t believe he had won the fight. Still amazed by the skill he had displayed in the boxing ring. But my mood quickly drained, mind darting to the cause of his violent come back.

“What did he say?” My voice soft as I looked up to Chris.

I didn’t need to speak the name. Chris knew. His posture stiffened, eyes pinning me to the spot. My fingers found his, attempting to comfort him. His body seemed to relax slightly with my touch.

“You really want to know?” His tone was a little harsh.

Did I want to know? The unknown information had been playing on my mind since I had watched him turn on Scott in the ring. My desire to discover the trigger to Chris’ rage outweighed the sensible part of me, the part telling me to just drop the subject.


He drew me in closer and bowed his head.

“I’ll spare you the details.” He spoke in disgust. Brown orbs intently locking on mine. “He said he’d take you away from me.” Chris’ rate of breathing had increased.

Fear commanded my body, my fingers tightening with his words. I knew he could tell I was frightened, my presence moving closer into Chris.

“I’d never let anyone do that to you. I’ll kill him if he even tries… No one is taking you away.” The depth in his voice caused my body to shiver.

Take me away? What did that mean? Scott threatened to kill me? Chris held me to his bare chest, the trembling panic being absorbed into his body. I felt safe in his arms. But the swirling mess in my mind still remained. Chris wouldn’t let that happen. He would keep me safe. He had told me numerous times.
My arms clung around his waist. I’m not sure how long we stood and held each other but Chris’ embrace gradually calmed me down. His raspy voice quietly reassuring me, comforting me. Kisses were left on my cheek, trying to entice a smile.

“You alright?” Chris whispered.

I lightly nodded as he squeezed me.

“Good.. now let me make love to you.”

The earlier events of the night left forgotten as I shyly smiled at the beautiful boy in front of me. How quickly he could turn a situation around. I took a step back out of his hold. Blazing brown orbs never left me as I crossed my arms over my stomach, fingertips finding the hem of my top. My bottom lip was taken harshly between my teeth as I raised the material up. My vision obscured as I struggled to remove the clothing in my nervous state. I heard a deep laugh before large warm hands rested over my own, helping to rid me of the material barrier. Once off, I dropped it to the floor.

The blush on my cheeks seemed to heat my entirety. I stood in my bra and jeans. Both of us topless as Chris closed the distance. Soft, full lips were instantly on mine, tongue forcing its way into my mouth. I didn’t resist, my body surrounding itself to him. Chris could have everything I was able to give and more. I was his.

My hands gripped the back of his neck. Heart thumping against my chest as I felt his long fingers fumble with the button on my jeans. I gasped into his mouth as he tugged the zip down.

“Shh.” Chris comforted. “It’s alright, baby.”

His whispered words had a calming effect, even though my breath was still trembling from my parted lips. He let out a laugh as I leaned up for another kiss, our noses bumping. But I stood frozen as finger were hooked into my jeans, pulling them down over the curve of my ass. My touch was urgently over his naked chest, brushing over the marks his opponent had inflicted during the fight. My thumb absentmindedly skimmed his right nipple. The throaty groan released took me a little by surprise. I repeated the action before dipping my head.

“Bailee.” Chris’ breathless voice sounded.

My lips kissed the sensitive nub, sucking and licking. I was forced to lose contact as my jeans were eased down around my ankles. Chris taking my hands and guiding me out of the clothing. He caught me as I stumbled into him. But his grip released as he left me standing on my own. The length of my hair fell forward over my shoulders, concealing my black bra.

“Holy shit.” Chris spoke.

His lustful eyes trailed from my head to my feet. He took his time, lovingly absorbing the curves of my body. I watched his heart-fluttering smile appear as I nervously wriggled my toes.

“Nice colour.” He complimented the sparkly navy nail polish.
“Thanks.” I whispered, shyly.

I yearned to feel his warmth. I couldn’t wait any longer, I initiated the contact. The large span of Chris’ palms all over my body as he touched and caressed the soft skin. He smiled into the kiss as I trailed up his back to a place where I knew he loved to be touched. Fingers instantly winding into the small ringlets adorning his head.

“You’re so beautiful.” He mumbled.

I gasped, one hand remaining in Chris’ curls, the other gripping the back of his neck as he walked me backwards. Our bare feet touching as we stopped at the bottom of my bed. The heated kiss was broken. I had lost count of the number of times Chris had swept me off my feet. But on every occasion the gesture caused my face to erupt into a smile; a small giggle escaping.

My hair fanned out around me as Chris laid me back on the mattress. His gaze was almost in awe. Eyes never leaving my body.

“Chris.” I breathily whispered.

I reached out to him, trying to get him to move closer. He complied, kneeling in between my bent legs as he brought my hand up to his mouth. Pink lips left small kisses to the skin. His large hand brushing against the bracelet decorating my wrist as his touch slid up my forearm then back down to my hand. I intently watched as fingers began to carefully remove the jewellery. His eyes locked on my face as one by one the bracelets were taken from me. My arm was turned over, Chris leaning in to press his warm mouth to the underside of my naked wrist.

I still laid on my back as Chris continued his delicate touches. My heart thumping as he hovered over me, a small smile on his face as his thumb brushed over my neck before moving higher to my ear. The silver hoop was removed from my lobe, his actions repeating as his touch shifted the other side of my head.

Our eyes met as he knelt taller. My right leg was lifted. I whimpered as Chris’ warm hands ran down my thigh, knee, calf. All while leaving wet kisses to the smooth skin.

“So soft.” He mumbled.

My foot pressed flat to his chest. I watched as he unclasped the ankle bracelet, placing it to the side where the rest of my jewellery lay. I couldn’t help but laugh as Chris brought my leg up higher before sucking on one of my toes. The sensation tickling. He grinned at me, dimples popping in his cheeks.

“Chris.” I giggled, trying to get him to stop.

When he had finished the only jewellery that was left was Chris’ pendant. The paper plane resting safely on my chest. He played with the chain before leaning down to me, lips travelling to my ear.

“We’ll keep this one on.” His raspy voice whispered.

I nodded in agreement. I hadn’t taken it off since he had given it to me, it never left my sight.

Hands skimmed down my body, cupping my boobs and gently squeezing them. Tingles of pleasure burst across my skin in goose bumps. He knew exactly what effect he had on me and he was taking full advantage. My head rolled to the side, chest rising and falling rapidly under Chris’ intimate touch.

“No, look at me.” He instructed.

My eyes flickered open as I met his intense gaze, fingers trailing over my stomach. Every tiny touch seemed to be magnified. Chris’ presence all-encompassing, overwhelming me. Chris had moved further down the bed, kissing at my sensitive skin as he went. His movements were so hot, seductive. If I wasn’t laid down, there was a possibility I would have fallen in a heap to the floor. My mind snapped back when I felt his touch on my underwear.

“You know I love these.” He fiddled with the lace. “I want to take them off.. but not yet.
 Chris added with a wink.

Before I had a chance to regain my breath he dipped his head. Hands trapped my ankles, pinning my feet to the bed, knees bent. His open mouth placed over the front of my panties. Hot breath seeping through the thin material as he purposefully puffed out.

“Shit.” I swore.

My trembling body brought a satisfied smile to his face, unable to move my legs and at his mercy. His chuckle could be heard and felt as he nipped at the skin of the inside of my thighs. An ankle was released, index hooking my panties to the side. My hips shifted as his tongue delved into me. I wasn’t in any way prepared for his actions. But I knew Chris took pleasure in my writhing state. Lips and tongue working together to have me whimpering his name. My lower half lifted from the mattress slightly, desperate for more contact. His rumbling laugh vibrated against me, tongue zig-zagging down the length of my aching core. My hands desperately fisted the sheets around me, clinging onto anything I could as Chris continued his heated torture. My chest constricted, breath hitching as his mouth closed down around my clit, sucking on the small nub.

Chris rose up a little for air, grinning.

“Does that feel good?”

I nodded, incapable of speech. My eyes fell closed, hand blindly travelling down to search for the soft curls on Chris’ head. I jolted when his nose brushed my clit.

“You have no idea how amazing you taste.” He mumbled against me.

His bold words stimulated me further, intensifying my already heightened arousal. I knew I wouldn’t be able to delay my orgasm for much longer, the tingles signifying its imminent onset, bursting through my body. Something that was becoming increasingly apparent to Chris as I attempted to clamp my thighs around his head. His hot tongue flicked the sensitive nerve endings twice more before parting my legs and pulling away.

“Not yet, baby.” His tone seductively alluring.

I felt like I couldn’t move, my limbs limp as Chris shifted. He laid back on the pillows, hands holding me by my hips to easily take me with him. My back pressed to his are chest as he bent his knees, my body sprawled on top of Chris’. I was still a little cautious of his injuries, but the wounds didn’t seem to faze Chris at all. He gently drew my hair over to one side, the length cascading down my front. My boobs were gently palmed before one of the large hands was raised up.

“Suck.” Chris’ raspy voice rumbled beneath me.

I took the extended finger into the warmth of my mouth. Moans could be heard as I swirled my tongue around, lubricating the length. My lips pursed as Chris drew it out.

“Good girl.”

There was no time wasted in slipping long fingers into the front of my panties. I cried out as his index nudged into me, my feet pressing to his jean clad thighs. A strong arm held me to him as I wiggled with his relentless actions. My hand tightly gripped his straining bicep as he continued to pump a finger into me. His chest vibrated in a moan beneath me as I ground my ass into his crotch.

“C-Chris, please.”

I attempted to roll off him but he wouldn’t let me, his arm tightening.

“No, don’t. Bailee, stay with me.” He breathily told me.

My head fell back to his shoulder in defeat, but his touch still caused me to writhe on top of him. Chris groaned with the friction I was creating against his crotch. An increasingly prominent bulge pressing into me. The thump of his heart could be felt on my back. I had never experienced anything like this before.

“I’m gonna try two.” He quietly informed me.

I didn’t reply, unable to. My muscles clenched as he attempted to enter me again.

“Bailee, you need to relax.”

Eyes squeezed closed as a second finger was sunk into me. My excitement made it a little easier for Chris to move within my tight warmth. The new sensation was uncomfortable, stretching as Chris deepened the pumping action. He was gentle, not wanting to force it. I couldn’t control the whimpers leaving my lips. My heels dug into his thighs as the pace gradually increased.

“You’re so tight.” He strained.

Chris’ free hand caught hold of mine, gratefully accepting the comforting gesture. My mouth fell agape as he kept his fingers stationary inside me, ceasing to pump them. Instead he struggled to swirl them around. I heard him swear beneath me as my walls involuntarily clenched around his intrusion. Chris’ gentle strokes left my mind in a mess, long fingers caressing me from the inside. When he curled them around I cried out. His tips meeting a point I never knew existed. The pleasure I felt was far beyond anything I could imagine.

“C-Chris. I want to kiss you.” I begged.

I hated not seeing his face. I wanted to watch him, take in his every detail. Air was sharply inhaled as Chris carefully drew his fingers from me. His arm released from my waist allowing me to roll off him to the side. I felt exhausted, breath coming in pants. My head lazily turned to the stunning guy who had brought me close to orgasm twice in an unbelievably short period of time.

My orbs were wide as I witnessed Chris raise his fingers to his mouth, eyes closing as he took them beyond his pink lips. Long eyelashes fluttered before his head turned to face me, desperately sucking. When they were reluctantly pulled from his mouth, Chris’ tongue glided out, seductively licking around his swollen lips as he hummed in appreciation. His sparkling brown eyes continued to stare at me, unbuckling his belt. The button was soon popped open, zip pulled down.

“Are you going to help me?” He playfully asked.

Chapter 37

*Bailee’s POV*

My heart thumped in my chest as I approached the changing room door. I dreaded to think what Chris looked like after the fight. Breathing erratically, I forced myself to move forward. My eyes instantly landed on Chris. The room was dimly lit, making it difficult to distinguish his face as he sat on one of the benches. His head was bowed.

“Chris.” I called out quietly.

His head rose with my voice. The icepack pressed to the left side of his face was brought down and placed beside him. My apprehension was getting the better of me, not sure if I should stay put. I strained to see his face from my position.

“Come here.” His raspy voice instructed.

My fingers nervously played with the ends of my hair, biting my lip as I cautiously moved forward. He stared up at me. I think he was almost as wary as I was. I had prepared myself for the worst but his appearance surprised me. Yes, he was bloody and slightly bruised, but it was no where near as bad as the images my minded tortured me with.

Chris curiously peered at me. It was almost as if he were holding his breath, waiting for my reaction. A large hand was held out for me to take and I immediately accepted the gesture. Chris chuckled as I straddled his lap. My touch was instantly on his face, brushing over his cheeks, checking if he was hurt. All the while he didn’t take his frosty brown gaze off me. Blood was smeared across his cheek from his nose, but it wasn’t broken.


My touch travelled down his chest, leaning away slightly. Chris’ hands supported my lower back as I checked his stomach. He winced a little, my eyes darting up to his face. I tugged his arms around, holding his hands in mine, turning them over, testing his long fingers.

“Bailee, I’m fine.” He laughed.

I held his chin turning his head from side to side, ignoring his comment. I think he thought it best to let me carry on with my investigation. Chris just sat there, a smile on his face as I continued.

I frowned as he flinched, my thumb running across his overly plump bottom lip. It had obviously swelled slightly from a hit. I leant forward pressing a light kiss to the injury. Chris didn’t have time to respond before my thumb gently pushed in between his lips.

“What are you doing?” He question muffled at my intrusion.

I squinted my eyes in concentration, exploring around his mouth.

“Checking you still have all your teeth.” I replied.

He gripped my wrist, playfully sucking on my thumb before he pulled it out.

“That’s what the gum shield is for.” He laughed.

Chris grinned at me to display the whites of his teeth. His cheeky smile clearly showing he hadn’t lost any during the fight.

“See.” He confirmed.

I sighed in relief, my head falling to his shoulder as he wrapped his arms around me. I didn’t care about the perspiration trickling down his chest, just wanting to hold him. Knowing he was safe.

“Oh my God. I’ve never been so scared in my entire life.” I mumbled against his sweaty skin.

He pressed a kiss to the top of my head as I clung to him. I’m not sure how long we stayed in that position. I was just so glad he was conscious and talking. The thought of what could have happened made me feel uncomfortable. But I didn’t dwell on it for too long, knowing I would break down into tears again. I didn’t think I could take any more crying.

“Don’t you want to know how I did?” He asked quietly.

I rolled my eyes, boys and their egos.

“i don’t care, as long as you’re alright, it doesn’t matter.” I mumbled.

There were a few seconds before his fingertips pressed into me, pulling me closer into our intimate embrace.

“I had him on his ass at the end of the first round. Knocked him out in the second.” He whispered.

I pulled back, my wide eyes connecting to Chris’. They were sparkling with excitement, a grin quickly forming on his face. My bemusement clearly humouring him.

“W-What?” I stuttered.

“Bailee, I won.”

My arms tightly wrapped around him, squeezing. Chris drew in a sharp breath. I pushed him down to lie back on the bench. My lips meeting his in a rushed, messy kiss. Fingertips dug into his shoulders as I rested my weight on him. But I quickly withdrew when I felt him wince.

“Steady.” Chris strained.

His eyes were clamped shut before he focused back on me.

“You might not be able to have your way with me tonight.” He playfully joked.

“I can’t believe you…” Still trying to comprehend what he had accomplished.

“Told you I was good.” Chris smirked.

I carefully laid down on top of him, placing my head on his chest.

“You’re incredible.” I whispered.

He chuckled at my compliment, fingers brushing up and down my spine.

“So what happens to Scott now?”

Chris’ arms held me closer with the sound of his name. His reaction made me ponder over the undistinguishable words exchanged between the two fighters in the ring. The words that had provoked Chris into unleashing the violent behaviour that led to his win. I found myself glad that I hadn’t witnessed his unstoppable rage. The sight may have mentally scarred me.

“You don’t need to worry about him. He’s not going to be a problem anymore.”

The dark tone I detected in Chris’ voice told me I wasn’t to question him any further. No matter how desperate I was to discover what had been said between them. Instead I leaned up, pressing a kiss to his uninjured cheek.


Chris had tried to encourage me to go out with him and his friends to celebrate his win. But I turned down the offer. I didn’t want to intrude on what was clearly going to be a guys night out. Now I knew Chris was safe I was content in just going home and having a lazy night. I had just caught my mum as she was heading off to work; another night shift at the hospital.

I quickly grew bored of the TV, my mind wanting something with a little more depth. It didn’t take me long to find an activity I had always loved. I laid back on the grass, a book in my hands. The flickering light from the candles I had placed to my side provided a pretty glow to absorb the words on the pages. I wanted to make the most of the warm evening deciding to spend my time in the back garden. But I could hardly concentrate on the romance novel I held. My thoughts repeatedly straying to a beautiful boy who had taken my heart. The lines I read seemed nothing on comparison to what was playing out in my life. Chris had turned it upside down, it could never go back to the way it was. But I didn’t want it to.

I attempted to read for a while longer. A smile creeping onto my face as I felt someone’s presence beside me. My head rolled to the side to find Chris laid to my right. He grinned at me, taking my book from my fingers and folding the page. The novel was placed on the grass as Chris leaned into me, placing a kiss on my cheek.

“Hello, beautiful.” His raspy voice spoke.

I smiled.

“I thought you were going out to celebrate.” I whispered.

“I didn’t want to. I want to spend time with my girlfriend.”

My heart swelled at his words. Butterflies erupting in my stomach as I stared at him. Now in jeans and a shirt, smelling fresh from the shower. Chris shifted his body, laying down on his front at an angle to me, his head by my middle.

Long fingers carefully tugged up my tank top. Chris’ warm touch brushed my bare stomach as the clothing was pushed up beneath my boobs. I smiled as he plucked a daisy from the grass. The petals tickled at my skin as Chris trailed the small flower lightly over my stomach. His gaze travelled up to my face, dimples deeply set into his cheeks as he grinned at me.

“That tickles.” I giggled.

The stem was pulled from the head of the daisy. I curiously peered down as Chris placed the pretty flower into my belly button. My eyes fluttered shut as he leaned forward, plump lips pressing to the area just above the new decoration.

“You look like a goddess.” His raspy voice whispered.

My long, dark hair had fanned out around me, my body laid back on the grass. I smiled as he shifted to hover over me, a knee either side of my waist. Nobody had ever looked or spoken to me like Chris had before. He made me feel like we were the only two people in the world.

“So beautiful.”

In that moment I knew it was Chris. I wanted to give myself to him. He could have me, all of me. And I desperately wanted him.

He smiled, dipping his head to kiss my neck. I gripped his nape, fingers pressing into his warm skin as I built up the courage.

“Make love to me.” I barely whispered.

He heard. His lips unmoving as he processed my words. Chris’ body seemed to tense above me, not quite sure of his next move. My fingers slid into his short hair, gently guiding his head away from the crook of my neck. Our breathing was heavy as his forehead rested on mine. My heart thumped in my chest, Chris’ stunning eyes piercing into mine.


I wasn’t naïve to the fact that Chris had had sex before, that information was evident. His knowledge and experience often intimidating me as I had no clue on most of the acts under the sex title. But making love. I wasn’t so sure he had committed to anything as remotely profound. And by his almost stiffened posture my thoughts were confirmed. This would be the first time it had actually meant something to him. I wanted him to make love to me, I wanted that sort of intimate connection with Chris. The connection that only lovers had; to put my trust in him and his in me.

He looked almost frightened as he stared at me. His eyes wide and blazing.

“Are you sure?” Chris’ voice hoarse as he desperately gazed at me.

I gave him a small nod. My touch slipped from his head as he moved away slightly. I rolled my head to the side, watching as his full lips pouted, blowing out the candles one by one. Now the only light being emitted was the full moon that hung high in the black sky. The beams breaking through the tall trees at the end of the garden.

I watched in amazement. The luna rays illuminating Chris’ face in a way that took my breath away. He was so beautiful. A kiss was pressed to the corner of my eye, his long lashes brushing against my cheek as he pulled away.

I intently observed as he got to his feet, holding out his hand towards me. I gripped it before Chris lifted me to stand in front of him. The small flower fell to the grass, my fingers tugging down my top before they entwined with Chris’. His touch so warm as we walked to the back door of my house. But he stopped me as I reached for the handle. My eyes fluttered closed as he leant down, our lips connecting in an innocent kiss, his nose sweetly rubbing against mine. The gesture made me shyly smile. We pulled apart seconds later, Chris leading me into the house, locking the door behind us.

Chapter 52: Reveal


I felt my veins thump against my skin as I punched the large punching bag in Idris’s gym. Yeah I don’t call that nigga Big Daddy because he ain’t no daddy of mine. He threatened my family’s life if i leave. Talking about having more guys in L.A that are willing to shoot on command. For now, I have to act like a good little assassin then hit him when he least expects it.

Hunter walked up in front of me. I tried to ignore him still punching the swinging bag.

“You know I missed you, Rue.” He smiled at me as he watched me punch the bag.

I sighed stopping. “Hunter, go away before you replace this punching bag. ” I got in fighting stance again.

He held up his hands in defense.”Still feisty.”

I walked away and felt a sharp smack on my ass. Oh no he didn’t. I turned around to his stupid chersire cat grin.

“Good set, babe.”

I walked up with a seductive look and once I got in front of him, I grabbed his crotch hard. His dumb grin faded away and a look of agony came. I stared up in his eyes and held up my fingers on my other hand counting down.

“One, don’t you ever touch me. Two, I’m not your fucking babe. Three, leave me alone. If you fail to follow the above, you will become a dickless son of a bitch. Understand?”

I twisted a little and Hunter quickly nodded. I smiled releasing him and walked away.

“Damn Rue.” Thomas blew air out of his mouth. “Anyway, Boss has a mission for you and me.”


“We have to steal drugs. 300 pounds of cocaine from a warehouse.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. “I’m an assassin.”

“Yeah. But you’re an assassin with sex appeal so you could be a distraction while I load the coke.” He explained.

I shook my head. “T-drop-”

He cut me off. “Look I know and we will get away out. Right now, he expects to us to leave. The best time to attack him and leave is when his defenses are down.”

I sighed looking at my left ring finger with the beautiful large rock resting on it.

“I want to go back to my baby.” I felt my heart break.

“I want to go back to mine too. But we can’t risk them getting killed.”

I nodded getting out of my trance. “Fine. Let’s do this.”


“Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s Rueche! Leave a message and I’ll get to back to you! Deuces!”

“Kae, boo, please call me back and tell me you’re ok. Im worried as fuck right now.”

I hung up after i left the message and placing my hands on my face. Those guys…..they could’ve done something to her. Shit, I should’ve known those guys weren’t legit.

“Did she answer?” Ty asked with a sandwich in his hand.

“Yes she answered and I told her to call me back.” I spat in sarcasm then looked at his sandwich. “Nigga, why are you eating my shit?”

“Look, nigga. I’m worried about my sister and I’m an emotional eater. So shut the fuck up and let me eat my PB&J.” He took an aggressive bite out of his sandwich.

I sighed putting down my phone. “Nigga it’s been a day. I can feel her feel pain, you know?”

Ty swallowed hard. “What about calling the police?”

I scoffed. “Those niggas ain’t gonna do shit. Kae’s not a little girl or a teenager. She’s a grown ass woman so they ain’t gonna believe she got kidnapped.” I sighed again. “It would kill me if something happened to her or Ang-” my eyes widened as I shot out of my seat.

“Angie! Ty, did you see her?” I asked him.

“No. Was I supposed to?”

I shook my head smacking the sandwich out of his hand. My heart raced as I looked up and down for her. I looked into the bedroom to see her sitting on the bed crying and.eyes planted on the TV screen.

“Aww baby girl what’s wrong?” I held her to my chest and I saw the video of Fancy by Iggy Azalea playing. I chuckled bouncing her.

“I don’t blame you. I would cry too”

I turned off the tv and she continued to cry. I shushed her as I went back inside the living room and took my phone. She needs to listen to some real music. Playing Loyal, she quickly stopped crying and began giggling and dancing in my arms.

“Let me try calling her.” Ty pulled out his phone

I sighed. “Be my guest.

There was a knock at my front door. I answered my eyes landed on Carla. She looked up at me and smiled.

“Hi, Chris. You got a minute?

I ooked back inside the living room where Ty sat with his iPhone 5s pressed to his ear and Angie in his lap touching his face and he pretended to bite her fingers.

I shrugged my shoulders turning my attention back on her. I froze for a second realizing her usual green eyes were now brown. Maybe she’s wearing contacts.

"I guess…”

“Goody!” Carla brushed past me and went to Ty. “Hey Ty!”

Ty gave the finger indicating one second and Angie just stared at her.

“Hi baby!” She cheesed at Angie.

Angie kept that blank, stank expression on her face. I picked her up and looked at her.

“Stop mean mugging company.”

She turned and mean mugged me too as if she knew what I said. She’s only 1.

“Can I hold her?” Carla stretched her arms towards Angie.

“Uh, sure.”

She took Angie in her arms and bounced her up and down.

“She’s a cut-”

Carla was cut off by Angie vomiting on her hair. I took Angie back and Carla squealed.

“Eww she threw up on me!” She screeched in disgust.

Angel just giggled looking at Carla freak out.

“Bathroom’s upstairs.” I sighed and she ran up the stairs. I looked at Angie who played with my chain seeming satisfied with what she did.

I pressed against hers and shaking my head as she did the same.

“Bad girl.” I took my forehead off and she kept shaking her head as if she was saying no.

I traveled upstairs and went inside the bathroom not knowing Carla was already in there.

“Oh sorry I-”

I was cut off by seeing Carla with a long brown wig in her hand and her long blonde curls out. Looking at her face, I shook my head as all the pieces came together and everything made sense.

“Oh hell no! Bria?!?!?”


I popped my lips after applying ruby red lipstick. I donned on a medium length jet black wig with a black dress and my leather utility belt around my thigh which contained a handgun and a knife. I sighed staring at my reflection.

“You’ll be back home soon.” I reassured myself as images of Angie and Chris flashed through my head. Tears began to slowly roll down my cheeks.

Thomas knocked entering the room. “You ready?”

I wiped my fallen tears quickly. “Yeah. *grabs black clutch and stands up* Let’s go.”

“Were you crying?” He questioned as we made our way to the red mercedes parked in the garage.

I looked at him and replied bluntly:

“Yes. I miss my husband and my baby girl. I miss my life. Everytime i try to get away, that bitch ass nigga I once called my father back in.”

He sighed deeply and his phone began to ring and my eyes widened.

“They didnt destroy your phone?” I questioned as joy filled my heart.

“No, they did. But i had to get a new phone in order to keep in touch with the Boss.”

I smiled wickedly. “Then give it to me so we can leave.”

“I would but he monitors calls.”

“I dont give a fuck!” I snatched the phone and dialed Chris’s number. Unfortunately, he didnt answer.

“He didnt answer.” I sighed as his voicemail played.

“Leave a message.”

“Chris barely checks his messages but it’s worth a shot.” Once the beep played, I spoke.

“Chris, baby, it’s Rueche. My love stretches from West to East. Where I am, it’s sent from Jets. Never abandoned, love is building. 1809 feet high, Alec Baldwin, and every avenue. Love you baby.”

I sent the message and handed Thomas the phone. He looked at me.

“What was that?”

I sighed. “Dont worry about it. Its a poem.”

He shook his head trying to comprehend what I said and I got into the passenger seat. What I didn’t tell Thomas is that me and Chris came up with a code so I pray to God Chris checks his messages.

Chapter 47: Love and War


“What the fuck you mean Attica is here in L.A?!” I stood throwing the papers down in disbelief.

The man who swore revenge on us is here. In L.A. Where my family and my friends are. This is fucking crazy.

“This is fucking crazy!” Erin screeched going up to Thomas. “How long has he been here?”

“Acccording to the tickets, about a week.” He sighed.

I held my forehead pacing the ground. “Oh My God! Oh my God!”

I stopped to look at the two of them.

“What if he found us?”

“Rue, chill. If he found us, we would know.”

“How? Attica is sneaky!” I reminded the two imbeciles. I swear if my family’s lives weren’t at stake, I swear I would be ignoring them.

“She’s right.” Erin sighed sitting down. “What am I gonna do? I finally got a boyfriend.”

I snorted. “So you’re done going after men that don’t belong to you?”


“Chris! You fucking played me, bitch! Don’t act stupid!” I stuck my index finger in her face. “You fucking told the media I aborted my baby knowing damn well that bastard killed it!”

“Rue, do you really think it’s the time to be getting angry again?” Thomas stepped in between us. My blood boiled more.

“Don’t get me started on you! You lied to me! You beat me, and you raped me!” I felt my tears coming but I sucked that shit up quick.

I refuse to cry in front of them. I refuse to show how this whole situation is killing me. Especially since Chris, Ty, and anyone else has no clue.

“I’m sorry, ok?! Look, if we want this shit to be over, we got to find him and reason with him!” Thomas shouted looking at both of us.

“Um, am I the only one who knows Attica is as stubborn as gum on your shoe?”

“Yes. Because your hoe ass fucked him.”

Erin rolled her eyes ignoring my comment. “Like I was saying, he loved me and we were all friends but when that event took place years ago, he was the only one who went down for it so I doubt he would want to hang out anytime soon.His mind is set on revenge, guys. He’s not gonna stop until he gets it.”

I sighed deeply realizing that Erin was correct in her statement. All four of us were to blame but he suffered the consequences so he ain’t trying to break bread with us.

“I get that but-”

Loyal, which was my ringtone, went off and they both looked at me. I pulled my phone out.

“What? A girl can’t like her man’s music?” I rejected the call not bothering to look at the caller ID.

“Even though he’s the reason why the past is after us.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me. Because Chris is famous, it made it easier for Attica and The Boss to find us.”

“Shut the fuck up, Thomas. You’re just looking for someone to blame but sorry, sweetie. It ain’t Chris.” I snapped walking out his house slamming the door.

I sighed looking at my phone and back at the house. What if it is because of Chris?


“Oh my God! Really?!” I laughed holding my stomach.

“Yeah my password is short nigga but my dick tall!” Jake took a sip of his soda.

Lately, I’ve been ignoring Ty and hanging out with Jake. I know what you think and It’s not cheating. We’re just friends. A girl needs a friend that’s a guy. Sometimes, girls are too much.

He released the straw from his mouth. “Yeah I listen to ASAP Ferg.”

“But you’re not short!” I smiled.

“But my dick is still tall.”

I spat out my Sprite to the left side of me into someone’s jeans.

“Oh my god I’m so-”

I looked up to see the owner of the jeans was Ty. Next to him, stood his stripper ex-bitch.

“Ty, what are you doing here?” I questioned then glared at Chyna. “And with her?”

“I should be asking you that! You cheating on me?!” Ty yelled causing a scene.

Jake stood up. “Maybe I should go.”

“Yeah you should.”

I reached around grabbing his wrist. “No. Stay. We’re not doing anything wrong.”

I felt Ty’s eyes burning through my head but I didn’t care.

“Kim, I’m not gonna ask you again. What are you doing with him?” He hissed.

I stood up looking dead in his eyes and replied:

“I’m doing whatever you’re doing with this thottiana.”

Ty squinted his eyes and Chyna’s mouth dropped. Before she could reply, I cut her off.

“Don’t act surprised. You know your body count is neck and neck with your age.” I turned to Jake.

“Come on, Jake. Let’s go.”

We walked out of the restaurant and began taking a walk to our respective cars.

“I’m sorry about”

I held my hand up smiling. “Don’t apologize. It’s gucci.”

My iphone 5s fell on the pavement and I gasped turning around.

“Jake, check it. I’m scared.”

He chuckled and I heard he pick it up.

“Your screen is fine, ma.” He handed me my phone. “Who’s those girls with you as lockscreen?”

“Oh.” I unlocked it and pointed to Seiko. “This is Seiko, my friend.” Then pointed at Kae. “This is Kae, my boyfriend’s sister and her daughter Angelina.”

He let out a low whistle. “Beautiful ladies.”

“But all taken. Don’t you see that big ass engagement ring on Kae’s finger?” I laughed.

“Damn She’s engaged AND got a kid? Nahhhhhh, but I don’t see a ring on Seiko.” Jake replied staring at Seiko.

“Still taken. Bye Jake.” I hopped inside my car and waved at him. He waved back and I drove off.


“Mama, can I get Angie back?” I requested outstretching my arms.

Shit, I don’t know why the fuck I’m asking. She’s my daughter.

“But I think Angie wants to stay with her grandma another day.” She gave her eskimo kisses. “Don’t you and Karrueche have plans?”

I smirked doing the birdman hand rub. “Oh yeah I got plans for Karrueche. Believe that.”

So I ended up letting Mama keep Angie and went back home. I got naked but kept my basketball shorts on with the outline of my dick visible.I grabbed the baby oil from Angie’s room and squirted it all over my chest. Shit, I look sexy as fuck. She can’t resist me now.


She appeared in front of me in a crop top and a thong. Oh, she gonna wear a thong? She is something else. Her nipples poked through her shirt and her ass pressed against the door as she suck hard on her strawberry blow pop.

“Tú me quieres, Papi?”

I felt my dick twitch at her speak spanish. Fuck, I can’t lose. I just can’t.

“Sí.” I maintained my cool composure coming up to her and lifted her up pressing her against my erection. She groaned and I smirked.

“You feel CJ?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

“If you want him inside you, you just gotta say it, Mami.” I whispered sucking her neck.

I felt her hand reach down and get a grip on my dick. Fuck. She rubbed it.

“Does CJ want Oreo?” She moaned rubbing the tip. “Just say it.”

We made eye contact and found ourselves kissing. My tongue stroking her tongue as my hands squeezed her ass earning a moan. I bit her bottom lip and sucking it and bringing it back to a kiss. Her hands gripped my head. I reached around her ripping her thong off and tossing it to the side. Falling onto the bed, I planted kisses on her stomach and cupped my treasure.


Kae sat up removing the damn crop top and I threw that to the side too. Grabbing her, her legs went around my waist and I placed my mouth dragging my tongue all over her nipple and sucking hard releasing a popping noise.


“You like that?”

“Fuck yes.”

I released her and laid on the bed on my back.

“Sit on Papi’s face.”

She smirked climbing up while kissing and licking my tattoos. I grew impatient and pushed her pussy in my mouth. I felt her turn around with her chest pressed against mine and her pussy still in my face. I began twisting my tongue in and out licking her sweet clit.

“Mhh.” Kae moaned bouncing on my face.

As I continued devouring my Oreo, she pulled down my shorts licking up and down CJ. She finally placed it in her mouth deepthroating my shit.

“Damn baby. Suck this dick. Do it just like that.” I groaned slapping her ass and going back to my dessert.

Mhh good old 69. How come this is our first time trying this position?

“CJ tastes so good.” She mumbled going down again.

I kept slurping Oreo until I detected warm fluid on my lips. I played with her glut as I licked clean.

“You done, baby?”

She nodded sitting up and wiping her mouth. I grabbed her kissing her lips and rubbing my dick against her pussy. She groaned rubbing CJ against her and I switched places.

“Spread those legs.”

She spread them but not wide enough.

“Wider, babe. Wider!”

“I can’t.”

“Yes you can!”

I took her thighs spreading them wider. I took one last lick of Oreo before plunging into her. She was tight as hell, like virgin tight. Her walls squeezed my dick but stroking in and out I’m demolishing that shit.

“CHRIS!” She screamed as I pumped in and out of her.

I grunted spitting on her pussy and rubbing it in. I began ramming her shit again as her manicured nails dug into deep in my skin. Standing up, I fucked her pussy in the air earning passionate screams. I laid on the bed and she placed CJ inside her pussy riding it. She began to bounce up and down and I held her ass.

“Mhh Papi I can’t take it!”

I slapped her ass. “You better take this dick!”

She came all over me but continued riding my dick. I grinned and taking her off. I know my baby likes doggystyle so I’m gonna fuck her doggystyle until she squirts.

Putting her on all fours, I spread her legs and entered her vagina from the back.

“I like doggystyle, Papi.” Kae stated then started yelling. “Oh fuck yes Chris give it to me!”

Pounding into her, I took a fistful of her hair.

“Whose Oreo is this?”

“Yours, baby.”

I smacked her ass watching it turn crimson at my touch. She came but didn’t squirt. I went faster.

“Chris, I came!” She screeched.

“Oh baby you should know by now that I don’t stop because you came.” I replied.

Turning her over, I grabbed her hips pounding that pussy.

“Chris, I’m falling off the bed!” She half whimpered, half moaned.

“You better hold on because this dick is not getting out of you like that.”

Kae slid off the bed with CJ never exiting her. I reached to the end of the bed continuing my strokes until she squirted. After she squirted, I automatically came and we both fell off the bed with my dick still inside her.

Kae smiled kissing my lips. “That was so fucking good. Wait, who won?”

I sucked my teeth. “Shit..”

“I mean neither of us said we wanted each other. We just went at it.”

I pushed her hair back kissing her neck. “Nothing new.”

Kae blushed. “So it’s a tie?”

I climbed on top of her.

“Yep. Now I gotta teach you a lesson for keeping my Oreo away from me.”