chris and javier

Washington: Son,

Hamilton: Don’t call me son 👎✋ call📞 me BEAST 💪! Keep the grind goin’ non-stop 👏proud graduate at King’s college ✍️🤓talk less?? SPEAK UP. ⬆️RISE UP. ⬆️Caribbean born, USA bred 🗽🇺🇸Everyone must sit under their own vine 🌱🌿 and figtree. (Micha 4:4 )👏🏽 All I’ve got is my god🙌🏽. Redefining bravery since 1757. 👏💪👋🙌

hamilton characters and their blog types

Hamilton: angry political blog, everyone asks in anonymous because he WILL fight

Burr: secret salt blog about Hamilton

Lafayette: personal, talks about everything him and G.Wash do together

Mulligan: clOTHES CLOTHES CLOTH E S (sometimes horses)

Laurens: writes imagines of his favourite animes, a lot of turtles

Washington: sad memes but sometimes politics

Eliza: baby animals. all baby animals.


And Peggy: created emo blog when she was 13 and forgot the password a week later

Quick overview of how old the yoi characters are.

And don’t forget:

The Grand Prix Final in YOI will be aired on 12/14 (ep11) and 12/21 (ep12).

The real life GPF with real skaters will start tomorrow (12/08) !!!


Yuzuru Hanyu turned 22 today (12/07), happy birthday <3

Shoma Uno will turn 19 and thus join the JJ-Leo group next week (12/17) <3

In YOI-universe, Yuuri will turn 24 on 11/29 (probably between ep9 and ep10) <3


Daredevil Vol. 3 #32

Daredevil by Mark Waid Volume 7

Art by: Chris Samnee and Javier Rodriguez


Foggy: “I’ll be straight up with you folks. I have a friend. He’s probably the bravest man I’ve ever met. And no matter how much I beg him to teach me to be like him… in the whole time I’ve known him, I’ve learned only one thing about fearlessness: It’s contagious.

[Daredevil vol. 3 #31 by Mark Waid, Chris Samnee, and Javier Rodriguez]

    We all have our own reasons for loving and embracing the superhero narrative– the cool powers, the exciting stories, the drama and intrigue– but at the end of the day, superheroes are people we can turn to for hope. They are the embodiment of the idea that someone is out there, looking out for us, protecting us from evil. They show us that even when the world looks like a dark place, even when all seems lost, it is possible– it is necessary– to stand back up, to be brave, to keep on fighting. And they show us that even in these dark times, there is always hope that good will prevail, and that the darkness will pass. Take strength from them. Let them inspire you. That’s what they’re there for. 


photos from 1800s camera lens + character’s songs 

(please don’t remove the caption)

EDIT: since its lmm’s birthday and he finally had one of these portraits done of himself, I made a new one of him here it is:

and also jasmine cephas jones uploaded her portrait so heres that: