chris and his perfect smile

Imagine Chris being a supportive fiancé. (Part B)

A/N: Part 5B is here, y’all. You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, and ‘She Said Yes’ - Masterlist; ‘Miss Graduate’: Part 1/Part 2A/2B/2C/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A)

Chris licked his lips nervously, his fingers playing with the hairs in his beard. His meeting was with Emilia London, an old friend who happened to be the head of production at Sony Pictures. He’d secretly printed a copy of your mini series in its full, original glory while you were asleep last night, after you turned down his suggestion to pitch your Chris Evans mini series. He went behind your back because he wanted it to become something- not because it was a story that surrounded the two of you, but because he believed it had great potential.

“What do you think?” He spoke the second Emilia put the stack of pages down. “Do you like it?” He asked then spoke before Emilia could. “‘Cause I’ll go on the record and say I love it, like- I’d love to direct something like that.” Emilia chuckled softly at Chris’ excitement, knowing he was slightly biased as it was his fiancée’s work. “I know I’m her fiancé,” he said because he knew too. “Which is why I’m asking you, is this worth something?”

“It’s good,” Emilia nodded and Chris grinned. “But,” she continued and his smile faltered. “It’s too perfect.” She explained when she saw Chris’ eyes narrow slightly, “there is nothing other than the pre-term labor to spark excitement, Chris. There is no drama, no problem and resolution. It’s too smooth a ride, it’s not enticing. Yes, it’s super romantic and very sweet but- you know you need more than that to make a good movie, or even a television series.”

“I know,” he nodded, his hand reaching to fiddle with his beard again. “I don’t know,” he sighed. “I just thought the world is chaotic and messy enough for this to be a good escape.” Emilia nodded in agreement with pursed lips. “Thanks for seeing me anyway, I appreciate it. Hopefully her meeting with Geoffrey Davis went well, I really think she has a future in Hollywood.”

“She does,” Emilia nodded, reaching for the stack of pages. “She’s got a lot of potential and she’ll make it very far if she gets the right person to view her work. I can tell you right now Geoffrey Davis is not the right person, he’ll no doubt cancel on her today.” Chris frowned at that, immediately reaching for his phone to text and ask if you were okay. “Y/N is a skilled writer, she’s got a gift for telling stories. A very good eye for detail,” she continued praising your work as she skimmed read the pages again. “Her use of dialogue and imagery, it’s brilliant. Her vocabulary could be expanded, but I guess if she’s thinking of script writing- it really doesn’t matter as long as she gets her point across to the director. I like that she’s got a good balance of clichés and originality, it really sets her apart from others.”

“Yeah, she’s one in seven billion,” Chris smiled when he thought of you, then glanced down at his phone. It was a good sign that you weren’t replying, right? It meant that Geoffrey was meeting with you and you were too busy to respond. “Do you have any other advice?” He reached over and patted the pages like he would a baby because it was your baby. “I’d really like for this to become something.”

“Chris,” she shook her head. “It’s got potential, but it can’t become something if it’s that happy and perfect. She needs to change the plot, or at least- add more into it.” Chris sighed and she did too, then remembered what Chris told her about how the two of you met. “You said the two of you met because of this series, right?”

“Yeah,” Chris nodded. “I found the link in my Twitter mentions a while back and fell in-love with it. I tried to find the writer, but um- everything’s fairly anonymous on Tumblr. But as fate would have it, I met her at the Sydney airport. I saw her in the check-in line and I had this inkling about her, like I had to talk to her. I thought I wouldn’t get to as I missed a few very good chances,” he chuckled when he remembered how many times he failed to approach you. “But then I caught her at Starbucks, made my move, and the rest was as they say…history. We’re engaged now and she’s absolutely perfect for me.”

“How was the getting together for you?”

“God,” he groaned then laughed. “It was such a hassle. A lot of unnecessary drama and road blocks, we practically-” He stopped when he realized what Emilia was getting at; the gleam in her eye and the smile on her face said it all. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“Talk to your fiancée first,” she advised after she nodded, and Chris nodded with an excited grin. “But I think you’ve got a story to tell that many, including myself, would love to buy and produce.” She slid the stack of pages back across the table to him. “This is good, but your love story- it’s going to be a lot better.”

“Yeah,” Chris nodded in agreement, “it is.”

• • • • • • • •

You stared at your phone, contemplating whether or not to reply Chris’ “is everything okay?” If you didn’t reply, he’d think you were still in the meeting and it’d give you some more time to come up with a better story of what happened. So you left it, ignored your fiancé’s text, and continued doodling on your paper coaster.

You stirred your untouched vanilla latte which had gone cold; the toasted blueberry bagel you’d bought and not even taken a bite of had gone stale as well. You weren’t really in the mood to eat or drink anything, not with everything you’d heard everyone say about you and your relationship with Chris running through your mind. You doodled a little cartoon version of you like the doodle from your mini-series, except this time you were holding a broom and not an Oscar. It was clear where your future laid, absolutely not in Hollywood. You knew you were being over dramatic. You also realized you’d broken the promise you’d made Chris, your mom, and Ava: to not let one rejection fuck you over. You tried to keep it, but it was hard; you were pretty fucked.

“Miss Y/L/N?” You heard a familiar male voice and looked up, realizing why it was so familiar; it was only a voice you’d spent the last three years listening to at lectures. Because why not? Why not have your least favorite professor tell you how much you sucked after you were rejected by a huge production company. Though you were being slightly unfair, he was only your least favorite because he was boring compared to the rest of your professors- he’d always been kind to you. You managed a smile when he asked, “is everything alright?”

“I could lie and say ‘yes’, but I think we’d both know I was lying.” You said and he nodded, chuckling. He used his hand to gesture at the chair, politely asking without words if he could join you. “Yeah,” you quickly nodded, “of course.”

“Would you like to talk about what’s bothering you?”

“I would, but not with one of my old professors,” you admitted and he nodded with an understanding smile. “Can I ask you something, and will you be honest with me?” He nodded again, then took a sip from his paper cup. “Did you mean it when you told me I had potential?”

“I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it,” he answered. “Why? Did something happen, is that why you’re doubting yourself?” You dropped your gaze, stirring your cold coffee. “You did that a lot in class too, you know. I’d tell you to change one paragraph, and you’d freak out and question your entire piece.” You chuckled softly with limited humor; all your teachers- since you were in grade school- always had that same comment. “You’re good, Y/N. I could tell you that a thousand times, but you need to believe it yourself.”

“I know,” you nodded, dropping your hand to your lap. “I just- I had a meeting with New Line Cinema and they didn’t even want to see me.” He sighed because he knew all the setbacks that came with the industry you wanted to be apart of. “They were so mean about it too, I mean- are they all going to be like that?”

“Pretty much,” he nodded. “But you knew that going in, I told you what would happen and you told me you could handle it.” You huffed, crossing your arms over your chest. “Look,” he chuckled; you reminded him a lot of his younger sister, even the twelve year age gap between you and him were about the same. “It’s going to be a rough ride, but if you’re truly passionate about it- you’re going to get there. You’ve got potential, Y/N. I believe in you, you just need to believe in yourself.”

“Thank you, Professor Killian,” you smiled.

“You can call me Daniel, all my friends do.” He held out his hand for you to shake and you shook it, smiling. “And it’s not like I’m your professor anymore,” he reminded you as you both withdrew your hands. “Which is kind of a relief, 'cause I hated being your least favorite.” He teased and you felt heat rush to your cheeks as you grimaced.

“You weren’t my least favorite,” you tried to defend yourself and he laughed, shaking his head as if to say it was alright. “I liked you as a person, you were always very nice to me. I just-” you winced as you admitted in a sheepish tone, “your class was boring compared to the others.”

“Not every teacher is meant to inspire and mesmerize, Y/N,” he chuckled. “Some are just meant to guide an already brilliant mind, a mind like yours.” He told you and you smiled. “You may have come third in the class, but you’re the only one I see doing some very incredible things. Just keep doing what you’re doing and don’t let the setbacks kill that light you carry, it’s what makes you and your writing special.”

“Do you have any other advice?”

“Dump that fiancé of yours,” he responded and you frowned; all that fondness you carried for him faded as soon as he said that. You felt your jaw tightened as he continued, “you’re never going to make if you stay with him. No one is going to take you seriously if all they see you as is Chris Evans’ fiancée. I bet you were turned away today because of him, weren’t you?”

“It doesn’t matter why I was turned away,” you bit and Daniel knew he’d struck a chord; he did it on purpose, just to see how you’d react and so far- it was exactly as he’d expected. “And I couldn’t care less if all they see me as is Chris Evans’ fiancée. I’d be happy to be just his wife and mother of his children because it is not a bad thing to be. Honestly- if that is all I can achieve in this lifetime, I’m going to die a very happy woman.”

“I know,” he nodded and your facials turned from angry to confused. “I just said all that to see if you really love him as much as you say you do.” You must have looked even more confused because you couldn’t remember talking to your professor about Chris. “I read your mini series, the one that brought the two of you together? It’s aspiring, it’s the kind of love people spend their entire lives trying to find. I’m lucky, I’ve found that with my wife. And you are too,” he nodded and you smiled. “Everything is going to work out for you, your relationship- your career, it’s going to work. It’ll take some time, but it’ll work out.”

Your phone chimed and its screen lit up, both yours and Daniel’s gaze darted to it. Daniel drank the rest of his coffee as he rose to his feet, “I should probably get going. Mandy sent me to get diapers and this was a little detour.” You looked up at him and smiled because you didn’t know he was a dad. “It was nice seeing you again, Y/N.”

“You too, Prof- Daniel,” you corrected yourself and he smiled, turning on his heel and making his way towards the exit. You waved at him as he got into his car then turned your attention back to your phone. You picked it up and opened Chris’ text, chuckling in absolute awe and amazement when you saw what he sent you.

Coming to get you now, someone wants your story.

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Part 5C

Moments and Memories- Chapter Two

OMG! Guys! I’m so honored you guys have enjoyed this story so much! It means so much to me, you have no idea <3 I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it.</b>

The weeks start to run together, work getting rougher and rougher as Chris starts appearing daily. He’s started to claim that little table, watching me over his books and phone and smiling whenever we make eye contact. I know he sees everything that happens- my boss always working me to death, the other employees always talking and slacking off while I do their tasks, the others pocketing most of the tips as I clean their messes. Unfortunately this is how my days usually run- work like a dog, go home exhausted, brace myself for the next day, and keep going.

“Hey,” Chris calls gently, catching my attention where I’m furiously scrubbing the table beside him, fighting my tears. I blink the sting away and glance over, seeing his head tilted as he watches with soft eyes. “Come here.”

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Phichimetti Week Day 1 - Firsts (mostly first kiss here)

Yuuri and Viktor’s wedding was hard to plan - weddings always are - but Phichit and Chris did exceedingly well and got closer to each other along the way

It had been a beautiful ceremony, a great party afterwards.

As it should have been, after months of planning and assuaging Yuuri’s bouts of anxiety, dealing with Viktor’s boundless enthusiasm and the good-natured bumbling of family and friends.

Phichit let himself fall onto a delicate white chair and looked around, taking in the obvious signs that the party was about to outlive itself. An almost empty buffet – and who had eaten all those mounds of food? Garlands were coming loose all around the tent and the floor was littered with the sad remnants of burst balloons and wilting flower petals. The thought that someone would have to clean it all up the next day was rather unpleasant, and he pushed it aside hurriedly.

It was past midnight and many guests had already withdrawn to their own or other’s beds, or else simply passed out somewhere.

The happy newly-weds were sitting on a bench just outside the tent, Yuuri on Viktor’s lap, just looking at each other, talking softly, kissing every now and then. It was so tender, so private, that Phichit looked away quickly, not wanting to pry.

Music was still playing, though, and a good few people were still dancing, among them Sara and Mila, as well as the triplets, who’d thoroughly abused the occasion to stay up way past their bedtime, and were getting in all the dancers’ ways quite happily.

Phichit smiled at them and took a few more pictures, then looked through the ones he’d taken throughout the day.

“Checking instagram?” came a teasing, very familiar voice from behind him.

Chris looked over his shoulder and Phichit held up his phone for him to see better.

“I bet they’re at least as good as the hired photographer’s,” he said, making Phichit laugh.

“You’re an awful flatterer.”

“Hey! I happen to be an excellent flatterer.”

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anonymous asked:

25 with Chris pls!

Dubsmash was the newest trend. Or, really, it was Hayley Atwell’s newest trend. You and the rest of the Civil War cast would crowd around your phone whenever she had posted a new one to her Twitter, and you all would share a laugh. It’s become Chris’s personal mission to find a way to one-up her, and he gets the idea when he, or Steve, has to lift you up onto a platform.

“You’re so small.” Chris says after one of the Russos calls a cut.

You laugh, “Welcome to the party, Evans. Glad you could notice.”

“No, no, no, I didn’t mean it like that.” Chris laughs, “I was just stating it as a fact. It means we can do something.”

“Do what?”

“Have you ever seen Dirty Dancing?

You were standing across the room from Chris. It was the end of filming for that day, and he had figured out all that he needed to in order to carry out his plan.

Sebastian and Anthony were standing next to each other, holding yours and Chris’s respective phones to film the attempt. You grinned across the room to your costar.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to do this more than once, Evans.”

“Then you’ll have to make it in one take, babe.” Chris laughs before wiggling his fingers at you. “I’ll do my part if you do yours.”

“C'mon, guys, I’m hungry. We gotta do this.” Anthony whines, and Sebastian shoulders him a bit, chuckling.

“Alright, guys, let’s do it.” Chris cracks his knuckles, clearing his throat a bit. “You ready?” He asks, looking at you with a grin on his face.

You nod, taking a deep breath. “Absolutely. Just don’t forget to mouth the words.” You smile, and Chris returns it. He then nods to his two male costars, and they begin the music as they record.

Instantly, once the music begins, Chris walks towards you. You’re both mouthing the words to the song.

Chris: “You’re the one thing -”

You: “I can’t get enough of.”

Chris: “So I’ll tell you something -”

Both: “This could be love.”

You ran at Chris who crouched slightly. His hands go to your waist, and he lifts you up easily as you both continuing mouthing the words. Your hands go out to the sides, and you smile at Chris as you both continue.

“Cause I’ve had the time of my life. / Oh, I’ve never felt this way before. / Yes, I swear, this is true, / and I owe it all to you.”

The music stops, and then Anthony and Sebastian begin to clap, laughing. You laugh as Chris sets you back down.

“We did it! One take!” Chris exclaims, pulling you into a hug.

“One take!” You celebrate, wrapping your arms around him as well. Anthony and Sebastian are already bending their heads over Chris’s phone, laughing as they watch the clip. You and Chris walk towards them, watching it alongside them as you both keep an arm around one another.

Sebastian hands Chris back his phone. “That’s absolutely perfect, man.”

Chris nods, smiling as he clicks to share it to Twitter.

@ChrisEvans: Not saying that we beat @HayleyAtwell but @Y/T/N and I beat Hayley Atwell.

The video immediately picks up buzz. Fans favorite and share it, going absolutely nuts. The media picks it up and begins the rumors that you and Chris are dating (“Well, they aren’t wrong”). And then, Hayley gets ahold of the video.

@HayleyAtwell: @ChrisEvans @Y/T/N You two have won this round, but I’ll win the war.

luninosity  asked:

Sebastian's stripey socks, though. :D :D

Oh my god, I KNOW! Who does he think he is? Honestly…

“Chris…” Sebastian tries again, not quite angry—not really, despite the foot-tapping—, but playfully exasperated. “You do realize I’ll only be gone for a few days, right?”

Chris groans, and Sebastian has to bite back a smile. He won’t deny he’s doing it on purpose at this point. Partially, at least. Because Chris looks positively adorable like this, rolling eyes at him and scrubbing a hand over his face in frustration, and Sebastian is not above teasing him some when he gets the chance.

He also means it, though, so he adds, “You didn’t have to get me anything.”

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I MET CHRIS COLFER OH MY GOD! So i went up there and this is how it went

Me: HI

Chris: Hi how are you?

Me: im good. I wanted to say, uh, i forgot. Oh my gosh.

Chris: oh thats okay!

Me: oh my god your books are amazing!

Chris: oh good good! im glad you like them! Thanks thanks for coming! Thanks for coming in here.

Me: thank you!!

And i still cant breathe!!!