chris and cathy reed

World Team Trophy 2015 in Tokyo, Japan

last thursday, i went to WTT 2015. lemme tell you, i spent nearly 90 dollars on merchandise (not including the ticket price) and i got home at around 10 at night but it was literally the most fantastic experience ever. guys, i can’t tell you how amazing it was. 

i originally was not planning to go to WTT, but after worlds i just had a gut feeling that mr. hanyu would show up at WTT this time so i scored tickets before they announced team japan’s members. you might be able to tell that my seat was definitely not the best in the house (i was seated on the second floor in the very very back) but as it was my very first competition experience ever i think it was plenty good. in the last picture it might seem like there weren’t that many people, but i took the pic during intermission so lots of people were out of their seats. trust me when i say that the stadium was literally packed full of people.

i was there on thursday (the first day) so i saw the ice dance- short dance, ladies’ singles- short program, and men’s singles- short program. i unfortunately had school before the competition began so i missed the opening ceremony, but thankfully i was able to see it later on tv (: 

for those of you who are planning on attending any figure skating events (especially japan) i hope this serves as a nice little survival guide-esque thing!


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Congratulations to Team Japan on their bronze medal at World Team Trophy!

2015 World Team Trophy Team Japan

Men: Takahito Mura (captain), Yuzuru Hanyu

Ladies: Kanako Murakami, Satoko Miyahara

Pairs: Ami Koga & Francis Bodreau Audet

Dance: Cathy Reed & Chris Reed

As usual, Japan comes off with very strong single skaters. Particularly Hanyu and Miyahara who are both World Silver Medalists (In Hanyu’s case, he comes as the highest ranked skater at Worlds 2015, since gold medalist Javier Fernandez won’t take part in this event). 

But their chances to be on top of the podium are in jeopardy because of dance and pairs, which are its weakest fields. The Reeds didn’t qualify for the FD at Worlds, and with the Takahashi/Kihara split, they needed to recruit a Junior Pair. Still, I’m rooting for Team Japan all the way, hopefully Mura, Hanyu and the Reeds can redeem themselves there.

On a side note, 3 out of the 4 single skaters of Team Japan are using Phantom of the Opera this season, and Murakami even uses it for both programs. TEAM POTO.