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Edelman + Amendola + Hogan
The emotion is unreal


Summary: Sammie and Chris go to the Super Bowl. Sammie experiences fanboy Chris at his finest. 

Warnings: Smut, being a Falcons fan and having to relive this experience of losing a 28 point lead. (I am by no means a Pats fan.)

Words: 3022

Author’s Note: Thank you to @theycallmebecca for taking the time to beta read. You’re the best!

With the Super Bowl quickly approaching, Sammie had decided to get in on fun. She had managed to get video of some of her students rooting for both the Patriots and the Falcons and planned to have Chris watch them before the big game.

She was happy with the videos from her students and couldn’t wait for show Chris.

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I use to have a lot of mixed feelings about this scene here in Sonic X episode 51 “Chris’ Long Journey” (“Friends ‘till The End”) and after watching the Japanese version I kinda have a new perspective. Yes, some of the scenes in the episode Chris does show a lot immaturity but let’s just think about it for a sec. If you adore Sonic like any other person and got the opportunity to meet him and become friends with him it would be heartbreaking to say goodbye. Quite frankly, I would want to go with him rather than keep him on Earth. 

Also can we just talk about the last gif??? That look literally makes me want to hug him

bosoxrocker  asked:

19, 31, 51, 82, 94?

19. shoe size?
- 9.5W  Probably 8.5 in all actuality but my feet are wide. 

31. 3 favorite boy names
- Oof, no idea honestly 6_9  It’d be easier for me to say boy names I don’t really care for, which are the most basic American male names.  Like… Bob, Jim, Jon, Bill, Chris, etc 6_9

51. how old were you when you found out santa wasn’t real?
- I sorta had an inkling something was amiss very young, maybe about 6.  I’ve always been a bit analytical.  So it made no sense to me that a fat man riding flying reindeer who fit into chimneys, and gave out presents to kids just didn’t seem plausible.  By the time my mom told my brother and I (I think about 11-12) we already knew for sure.

82. favorite ice cream flavor?
- Probably mint chocolate-chip!

94. favorite lyrics right now
- Don’t have any in particular atm. 6_9

Thanks for the questions! ♥

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