When ur both from different universes but both have to deal with un-humanly entities from said universes

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Imagine dating your father’s friend, Chris, in secret and teasing him every chance you get to turn him on.

It felt like a breath of fresh air. Every time he was there, it felt like a breath of fresh air. Every time you saw him, it felt like a breath of fresh air.

Just like every Saturday evening when he was over for dinner, he gave you that breath of fresh air. Sitting on the sofa by your father’s armchair, glass of whiskey casually in his hand, or sometimes a glass of scotch, talking and laughing with your father. Oh sweet lord, that smile shone brighter than the sun itself. His arm was always casually resting on the armseat while his other hand made motions because of how passionate he was about the topic, but you could barely find the attention to pay let alone be as interested. His arm’s muscles flexing and moving underneath the maroon shirt already had you loosing your mind, not to mention when he crossed his leg over the other or got more comfortable on the couch moved his hips in that way that reminded you so much of- His pants!

You tried to focus there, you tried to focus on how domestic the whole look was, on how the plaid pattern on them combined with his shirt made him look like a the hot single dad that lived on the small house down the street. The kind that would have a little girl, braid her hair and make her feel and look like a princess by devoting all of his time to her. He would barely have an hour to himself but that’s when he’d just let go of the perfect-dad image, let go of the gentleman he was during the rest of the day and you’d be more than excited to see what the bad boy could do. Not that the perfect-dad picture was anywhere near bad, no. You loved it when he styled his hair back, let alone when he combined it with a beard like this gave him a slightly rough-around-the-edges look but certainly just as handsome. It gave you all sorts of feelings, the need to comfort him too… probably in any every way you could.

He wasn’t a single dad, sure, but he was the epitome of a gentleman that any woman would pin over and gladly pin down too. And you had heard that many times, it was a small town anyway. Shame for them, though, because he never once spared them a second glance – not in the way they wished at least – and all he was with them was simply polite. Too bad for them but you couldn’t relate and you didn’t feel bad about in the least bit.

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