You say The Beatles-I say Neutral Milk Hotel 

 You say Led Zeppelin-I say Animal Collective

 You say Pink Floyd-I say Godspeed You Black Emperor 

 You say Metallica-I say Kanye 

 You say Queen-I say Radiohead

 You say Aerosmith-I say My Bloody Valentine

 You say Kiss-I say Swans

 You say The Who-I say Slint

 You say Tupac-I say Death Grips

 You say Rock-i say Indie

 You say Classics-I scream Alternative!!! 

 You say jhonn lenin-i punch you in the face

 92% of teenagers have turned to dadrock.If you are part of the 8% that still listen to real music, copy and paste this message to another 5 topics. Dont let the spirit of JEEEESUUUS CHRII-iii-IIIST die. 

 4 selfie dare. oldest selfie from last june lol, when  I did the cheeky face, fun fact this was on the big screen in the stadium i did it LIVE with an audience XD I apologize if this makes you blind XD camera man looked at me i’m like welp *does cheeky face* oh and to explain the cheeky face was sort of my thing for 2014, i made it a game to do it in every photo, it got to the points where i got friends to do it too XD

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Hoy un gran dia el cumpleaños de mi amada y 4 años de la gran partida de un gran amigo hijo y ser humano por eso com camisita puesta to el dia dios te tenga en la gloria #brain#daniel siempre viviras en nuestros corazones @chalett5 @__.050995 @chriis_chriis023 @brivera925 @stephn.c @053jenny

Muchas felicidades a mi muy amada esposa dios permita y dures mil años te deceo lo mejor del mundo bb esero pases un dia especial @chalett5 este fin de semna sera inolvidable @chriis_chriis023 @__.050995 @stephn.c