in the snow by Chrii Chrii

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Can u pls bless my life with more chris evans writings? Thx

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He tried to silence your giggles by kissing you. 

“Wait wait wait Chris someone’s gonna see us.” you whispered harshly. 

“Not if we hurry the fuck up.” he growled, his Boston accent heavy after a couple rounds of drinks. He attacked your neck with wet kisses. You couldn’t hold back a moan when he grabbed your ass and grinded his hard on to you. 

You nudged his head back to kiss him deep while your hands scrambled to open his belt and button. He pushed you into the wall, his hands sliding your skirt up your waist. Chris held you by the waist and hoisted you up. His pants hit the ground with his boxers. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, legs around his waist. 

Chris kept leaving kisses on your neck, chest and whatever skin he could get. You moved your hips to feel his cock, making him moan. 

“Chriis.” you moaned in anticipation. 

Smirking, he moved your panties aside and pressed his cock head against your heat. 

“Goddammit Chris I thought you wanted to hurry!” you whispered.

“I did.” he said, moving his cock around your pussy, coating it in your wetness.

“But seeing you like this…” his eyes gazed over your body, “so nice and ready for me…” he pushed his head in, making you both moan. “makes me think amazing things baby.”

He pushed all the way and let out a growl. “I’ll fuck you so hard like you’ve never been.” he stated lowly. 

You looked at him with your pupils blown wide, your mouth agape. You could only moan and nod eagerly. 

“Don’t make a sound.” Chris whispered.

He captured your lips in a bruising kiss and pulled his dick out. Only to slam his hips back into you. Slowly, pulled out and slammed back again. He grabbed your ass a handful and increased his pace, but never softening his moves. 

He abruptly lifted you off of him and put you to your feet. Only to turn you around immediately and push you against the wall. He pushed your panties aside, held you by the hip and pushed in once again, his balls slapping your panty clad ass each time he pounded his big cock into your pussy. 

You were panting, trying not to moan too loudly, as someone could easily hear you. Chris brought his lips to your ear, biting. His one hand kept holding onto you while one hand found your clit. He increased his pace, moaning your name and profanities into your ear. 

You moaned his name as you saw stars, your walls closing on Chris’s cock, making him cum inside you. He growled lowly as he pumped his hot seed before he pulled out. Chris wrapped his arms around you to hold you still until you could stand on your legs again. 

A couple of minutes later he pulled up his pants, looking left and right to check if anyone caught you. You turned to him, trying to fix your appearance.

“C’mere.” Chris smiled and pulled you to him. He pushed hand through your hair, smoothing it down. Left his hand on your neck as he leaned down for a sweet gentle kiss, making you smile. 

“How ‘bout we get outta here and continue this elsewhere?” he asked wiggling his eyebrows. 

You smiled widely as you held his hand and hurrying him out the back door of the club. 

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Drunk text

[txt]: jey chriis I wasd thiknh thAt ne snd you dhould fuick likr bow vause yuir ducking hoit and kike dAmmn

(Incase its not understandable)
Hey chris i was thinking that me and you should fuck like now cause your fucking hot and like damn