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I swear I’m enjoying this shit 🌚 okay, let me think out loud and tell y'all why I’m enjoying this.. 🌚
First, bitches still don’t believe that they’re good after all the shit happened so far (and no I’m not gonna mention them things cuz the caption gonna be way too long😩) .. Second, yesterday haters tried to give every excuse to why he played BBHMM.. For example, because his house got robbed, because it’s a hot/popular song and blah blah blah.. But nah, it’s because Rih is his homie ‘for life’ and he wanted to support her. 🙊
And I can’t stop laughing at them people who really saying that is disrespectful and shit.. Well, let me tell you, don’t ever compare 'Fuck that bitch’ with 'She’s my bitch for life’ .. There’s a difference. And second, how y'all get mad when the world know Rihanna as 'The Baddest Bitch’ I mean.. C'mon you don’t make sense 😩 almost all the navy 'including me’ called Rih as a bitch, her friends call her that too so fuck outta here with your hating ass 😊
Let me think.. Did I forget to mention anything?!! Hmmm.. I don’t think so, but if I remembered shit I will give y'all another long ass caption 😩😭 *going back to listening to PIU* 😁
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“No negative/haters allowed, don’t care if you’re a navy and I fuck with you, say shit = get blocked” @syrian_rihannanavy this caption has me weak af

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