make my wish come true

Tags: Christmas × Fluff × Lots of that × Established Relationship × Post-Season/Series 03 × vldss17 × Voltron Secret Santa 2017 × Lance is Petty but only in his head because irl hes too in love to Speak × for phantom!! yay!!


“A world where one has to fight for custody of one’s boyfriend is a godless one,” Lance muttered, slumping so he was leaning against Hunk. Shiro exchanged some final words with Kolivan before the screen blipped out. Ah yes, the ideal Christmas Eve: long boring talks and war meetings. Wonderful.


keith comes home for christmas.

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for my vld secret santa @phantompierce-okamoto whomst wanted somethin really fluffy so!! here we go! i hope you like it bro, happy holidays and merr chramis!