Let us count the Continuity errors...

Continuity Error 1:  Dreamshade CAN kill Rumple in Storybrooke. In fact it was Snow using the candle on Cora that saved him. 

Continuity error 2:  Regina can’t hurt the Chramings in The Enchanted Forest. Rumple cast that spell when Snow was torn about putting Regina to Death.  This ultimately lead to Regina casting the curse.

Continuity error 3:   Charming is wearing the cloak he gave Rumple.  The cloak that had the hair on it used in the true love potion dashed on the original curse.

Continuity error 4:  They keep adding more and more things Emma had with her when she arrived in Stoybrooke including a camera with video in it and now a large tape recorder.   Don’t they remember all she had was a small box and Snow White was surprised at how few things she owned?  You can’t fit all that in there.

Continuity error 5:  Having Snow and Charming just returning from talking to Rumple why is Charming wearing the Wake-up-Snow outfit Rumple made him?  That’s not what he wore to that visit…

And I’m still not comfortable with Snow and Charming selling someone just for transport to Regina’s castle and not even questioning it later.

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ever after high

  • Character I first fell in love with: Kitty Cheshire
  • Character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Faybelle Thorn
  • Character everyone loves but I don’t: N/A
  • Character I love but everyone else hates: Dutchess Swan
  • Character I used to love but don’t any longer: N/A
  • Character I would kiss: Dexter Chraming 
  • Character I want to slap: Evil Queen
  • A pairing I love: [SO MANY TO CHOOSE]
  • A pairing I hate: N/A
So, let me get this straight...

Graham, to whom the entire Chramings clan owe their lives and who Emma obviously cares about, dies an innocent victim and his death is final cause no magic can bring back the dead. And everyone accepts it.

Neal dies a hero to save everyone and his death is also final af, cause once again no magic can bring back the dead.

And all heroes who owe him their lives (and even name their baby after him) accept it..

Emma Swan accepts it even though she “never stopped loving him”, loves him still “and probably always will”…

His father accepts it TWICE right on the spot. His father! Rumple-fucking-stiltskin. The Dark One, King of Loopholes. The one who spent 300+ years trying to find him…

Neal’s son accepts it without even attempting to find a way around it. Henry Mills. The one who figured stuff out in S1 and found his birth mom at the age of 10. The one with the heart of the truest believer. The one who never gives up on those he loves…


A vile pirate scum, who literally has just opened a portal to hell and tried to kill everyone, dies after having a momentary change of heart and Emma Swan is ready to literally go to hell to bring him back…? 

AND on top of that, to do so she is willing to risk the lives of her entire family, including her child, by bringing them along…?

And everyone is totes on board with it…?

Even Regina? The one who was supposed to tell Emma when she’s being stupid af…?

On the show that has repeatedly stated that nothing can bring back the dead…? 



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I have a prompt: after a long and amazing night with Hook, Emma shows up in her parents house and Snow see that she have two hickeys in her neck, so they try hide because of David but he arrive before they finish the "job". Some captain swan and charming family moment. Could you write this please ? Thank you thank you beautiful

AN: Thank you for the prompt, this was fun to write. ;)

Rating: CFF; Chraming Family Fluff, baby.


Emma turns the mug in her hand by the handle absentmindedly, trying to fight off the yawn threatening to split her being in half. She knows she looks like shit right now, not even bothering with combing her hair when she rushed out of the small bedroom—trying to be stealthy and hurrying up, not a good mix—earlier that morning. They had spent nearly all night in bed, only a fraction of that night spent sleeping. And it had been hard leaving him when he tried (actually, thinking back on it, he hadn’t even tried, God) coaxing her back to bed with his hand on her hip and his lips to her ear, whispering of promises that had sent shivers down her spine—

But no, this is the third time Mary Margaret had invited her to spend the morning with her and their new addition to the family. It would be suspicious of Emma to turn her mother down for the third time. As if everything they ever did was not telling…

“Late night shift?” Mary Margaret chimes, startling Emma out of her reverie. Her mother seems awfully chipper this morning.

“Y-yeah,” she stutters, and damn her, lying has always been an easy task for her.

Her mother hums, taking a sip from her mug and leaning against the sink, her eyes seemingly calculating Emma’s appearance with that dreadfully knowing gaze. “Doesn’t explain the neck,” she murmurs, and Emma stills, her hand immediately going to the spot in question.

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