It was probably one of the laziest but most relaxing Sundays Daisy’d had in a while. Stretched out on the couch, she huffed at the latest commercial and grabbed the remote off the floor and turned off the television. Skyler, who’d been napping in the corner, suddenly perked his ears at the absence of noise and scampered over to the couch, and licked Daisy’s exposed hand. Laughing, she sat up and figured now was just a good a time as any to get some of her self-proclaimed-needed exercise. “Come on, baby boy, let’s go see alpha dog,” Daisy told him, slowly but steadily pushing herself to her feet. Recognizing the word ‘alpha’, Skyler barked and dashed off to the office. Grinning that she’d found her own homing device for Chris, Daisy limped down the hall and peeked into the office. “Are you busy?” she asked, almost like a chirp.