chracter concept


HOLA MIS AMIGOS this is more concept art of an illustrated story of mine that is about ( Costa Rica) my country’s culture, traditional art , leyends and ancestors and a little bit of my imagination! (It’ll be made originally in spanish tho) Find more concept art in my tags!

“ What  if I told you all the stories your abuelita told you when you were little about old and terrifying creatures, like “El Cadejos”,”La Cegua” or even the terrifying “Llorona”, are real?”

“Would you believe me?”


“Fifteen years from now an “event” transforms roughly 3,000 people around the world, granting them superpowers – all of them women. They manifest powers that include flight, super speed, teleportation, enhanced strength, energy manipulation, and beyond. Some of these super-women even find themselves working for governments, using their powers for fame, or becoming vigilantes. Seven years after this world changing event, 17 year old Luis Lucente emerges as the first male to develop super abilities. After his powers manifest, he is taken under the wings of America’s premiere superhero group – The Alliance. As Luis struggles to find his place among these powerful women, the members of The Alliance endeavor to train and protect him from a world that would do him harm.”

There is A LOT more to She’s My Hero than that synopsis, but we can’t give everything away just yet~!

She’s My Hero © Erik Martinez & Kevin Gemser

In a world of magic, Dietrich would much rather use his blade than some crummy old spellbook. Dietrich is a skilled Mercenary, knowing how to use multiple weapons, he’ll take on any job so long as it pays well, and won’t hesitate to use dirty tricks. He is both booksmart (having the ability to speak several languages under his belt) and very street smart, having a way with words, it’s very easy for him to trick people into getting what he wants. But who knows, maybe beneath his smug, cocky exterior, there lies a heart of gold?

Another OC! This piece is intended to be a continuation of this piece considering these two characters are in the same story together. I hope to eventually create a fullbody piece of all the characters.