Here’s a fun story. I bought this shirt for Chr1s back in 9th grade. For a while before I made the purchase, Chr1s and I would joke about the fact that all he owned were plain black t-shirts–his signature one had a pocket on it. We had a brilliant idea to make a Chr1s clothing line where we’d take his black pocketed shirt and write “Chr1s” on the front in white Times New Roman font. There were also ideas of a shirt with his old MySpace picture that he had for years.

When I bought this shirt, I was at Macomb Mall with Ashley. We were leaving and the guy that airbrushes shirts of 2Pac’s face with the date that someone’s grandpa died. You know, really elaborate things like that. I figured that since I was too lazy to buy iron-on paper and actually make a “Chr1s” shirt, I’d dish out $20 bucks to have the guy make one. Unfortunately it cost extra to get 2Pac’s face on it, and you can’t see in this picture, but the “1” in “Chr1s” is red–which cost extra. It was also more if I wanted a black shirt, and since there wasn’t any with pockets, I didn’t even bother. Looking back, I really half-assed this gift for him. But I mean, shit is expensive!

I gave him the shirt the next day at school and he was excited. He threw it over whatever he was wearing and walked that day with purpose. He never really wore the shirt after that. At first it was because he “lost it”, then it was because it “didn’t fit him”. I think the real reason he didn’t wear it was because he’s an unappreciative prick that didn’t realize how awesome of a shirt this is. It’s simple, but not simple enough to be simplistic. It’s ballin, but not ballin enough to be sold at Underground Station. I mean, it’s like graffiti! What is cooler than graffiti? I’ll tell you what is, your name in graffiti on a t-shirt is. Just think about it, if Chr1s was put in a situation where he had to meet new people, he wouldn’t even need a nametag.

Well anyway, I found this shirt buried in the bottom drawer of his dresser along with a bunch of hand-me-down band t’s I gave him once upon a time–mostly Alexisonfire and Alkaline Trio shirts. I threw it on, and it was a perfect fit. I thought back to how this shirt came to be, and it was like I was wearing nostalgia on my chest. So I decided that I’d keep it. I also decided that I’m gonna start collecting shirts with names of people I love. My “Chr1s” shirt is a perfect starter shirt. I’m gonna have to get a “Daisy” shirt next. Then a “Mom” shirt and so on. I don’t know why it never occurred to me how logical it is to wear a shirt with someone else’s name on it–especially if you love the person. It’s like a best friend necklace almost.

Some people would dwell on the fact that they got their friend a gift that wasn’t appreciated, but I’m glad Chr1s was didn’t appreciate this shirt. If he did, then I wouldn’t be its proud owner right now. And let me remind you that this shirt fits damn well.

This is why C.O. is my best friend. He had this plan all along. He knew that after years of neglecting this shirt, I’d find it and it would fit me perfectly. It’s like regifiting if regifting was for ballers. Man, he’s always thinkin of me. I don’t deserve to be treated this well. BF4L.


Matty P and Chr1s are just chillin playing Pikman 2 and it was brought up how I don’t take random pictures of friends anymore. I should start doing that again. I feel like tour killed my spirits since I was taking pictures so often and rather than enjoying it, I was getting stressed as editing began to pile up. Expect more personal photos on here I guess. I miss simple shit like this.

  • Chr1s:Dan guess what I am. A FRIGGIN GHOST OKAY
  • Chr1s:*runs at the wall full speed*
  • Chr1s:OUWCHHHH
  • Chr1s:do you think when they are recored a simlish song if someone fucks up the pronunciation they start over?
  • Chr1s:or do they just roll with it because yolo
i am 8 years old for finding this funny, i swear.
  • Chr1s:Hey what are you doing?
  • Me:Was just about to call my dad, but then you did. Sup?
  • Chr1s:Oh, wanted to see if you wanted to chill before I went to work.
  • Me:What time is that at ?
  • Chr1s:I'd be leaving at like 3:30 or so.
  • Me:Yeah that'd be, I'll just tell my dad I'm bizz-ayy until then.
  • Chr1s:Alright cool. Let me jerk off and I'll be right over.
  • Me:...
  • Chr1s:Well I can't jerk off at your house or at work so...
  • Me:Can I tumble this?
  • Chr1s:...Yeah...
  • Me:Alright, bye.