s-eojohnny  asked:

The whole permission-thingy right before the B*eksoo kiss is the biggest confirmation we can get. I can't think of any other way to interpret Kyungsoo's stare or Jongin's nod, seriously ;;; Anything else just doesn't make any sense... Kyungsoo in fact WAS wary if Jongin would be okay with this, so he looked into his direction to get approval. what a sweet and tender moment, omg♥

dude…. i’m with you 100%!!

That nod of approval and then averting his eyes when the actual kiss happened… like?? what else do you need? you can’t fake that moment tbh.. 

  • Jisoo: [pouring canola oil over the kitchen floor, spreading it around with her bare foot]
  • Jisoo: Lisa and Jennie run in here come get y'all juice!
  • Lisa: [runs in and slides across the floor screaming, flying knees first into the oven, smashing all the glass]
  • Jisoo: shit