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Questions» zitao-93

  • 1.who’s ur fav member in exo? IT’S SO HARD TO PICK </3 but if i HAD to…then Kris <3

    2.what’s ur fav food? Sushi and noodles~ old are you? 16 :)

    4.what’s ur name? Eileen!

    5.have u ever met ur bias? YES. IN MY DREAMS.

    6.what’s ur fav exo song? that’s really hard :( but i really like Machine…

    7.what’s ur fav otps in exo? Taoris, Krisyeol LOL there any other fav kpop band?? SHINee, UKISS me ur bias list *.* wow that is hard :( UM, Kris, Luhan, Sehun, Kai, Taemin, Donghae, Dongho…..

    10.what’s ur fav place in the world ^^;;? place is not important :3 important is who i’m with ;D

    11.what’s ur dream??or what’s ur dream job?? :> Dentist….LOL


quesions: (WOW i’m really lame and totes original. LOL)

1. How old are you

2. What is your hobby?

3. If you were to marry a member of any k-pop band, who would it be?

4. why^

5. fav childhood memory

6. your wish right now.

7. exo otp?

8. What is your name :3

9. boy/girl

10. if you could chose, would you want to be a girl…or a boy.LOL

11. what subjects are you studying? :D

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