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Questions» zitao-93

  • 1.who’s ur fav member in exo? IT’S SO HARD TO PICK </3 but if i HAD to…then Kris <3

    2.what’s ur fav food? Sushi and noodles~ old are you? 16 :)

    4.what’s ur name? Eileen!

    5.have u ever met ur bias? YES. IN MY DREAMS.

    6.what’s ur fav exo song? that’s really hard :( but i really like Machine…

    7.what’s ur fav otps in exo? Taoris, Krisyeol LOL there any other fav kpop band?? SHINee, UKISS me ur bias list *.* wow that is hard :( UM, Kris, Luhan, Sehun, Kai, Taemin, Donghae, Dongho…..

    10.what’s ur fav place in the world ^^;;? place is not important :3 important is who i’m with ;D

    11.what’s ur dream??or what’s ur dream job?? :> Dentist….LOL


quesions: (WOW i’m really lame and totes original. LOL)

1. How old are you

2. What is your hobby?

3. If you were to marry a member of any k-pop band, who would it be?

4. why^

5. fav childhood memory

6. your wish right now.

7. exo otp?

8. What is your name :3

9. boy/girl

10. if you could chose, would you want to be a girl…or a boy.LOL

11. what subjects are you studying? :D

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The year 2013 is finally coming to an end and we’ll soon be welcoming the year 2014 (although some of you already have). To commemorate the new year, I’ve decided to do my very first follow forever! Tbh, I’m not the best at making edits, so please excuse this poor excuse of one lol. The people on this list are the ones who have made my dashboard a very welcoming and comforting place. I’m very proud to say that everybody I follow are wonderful people with spectacular blogs! So I’d like to take the time to thank each and every one of you for just being you. I will never regret clicking on that follow button. Thank you guys for making the year 2013 an amazing one for me ;u; Have a Happy New Years and stay safe! ^u^

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