chozo statue

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The Chozo tech in Samus’s armour- which integrates her body with the suit on a biological level- is based on the same technology used in Chozo Statues and Torizo, integrating biological matter with a non-biological shell. The Federation have been trying and failing to replicate this technology for years, being somewhat successful when they created the Fusion Suit. During their visits to Zebes and SR388, they took Chozo Statues and Torizo for further study- those were taken to the B.S.L. station, where they later became infected by the X, creating the Chozo Statue X boss and Nettori.


More pngs. Stop me if I’ve shared some of these before.

I kinda bullshitted with the MGS2 ration’s texture since I could never get a good look of it, so nearly all the text there’s just a direct reading of that rapping rhino Froot Loops commercial that Whelt made youtube poops of way back when. Not that you can tell given how small the png is, but hey.

Also I’d like to thank chaofanatic for providing the smash bros ice block model.

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