Heroine (amnesia otome game) wig and beret came in today :) I got her wig previously, but it was such a dark brown that I didn’t like it for her. It was a gorgeous and full wig though. As a result, I bought another one, and it had the pink tips. Looks beautiful too :D

Still gotta style and trim the wig~

Can’t wait to debut her at Anime Expo 2014 ^_^!!!

P.S. Yes, I made those flowers~

Cosplay W.I.P. - Fem! Trip & Virus Wigs

I ordered 3 of these (gonna buy another 1 just in-case). Planning to make both Fem! Trip & Virus Wigs because you can’t just cosplay one of these pieces of trash. The wig is comfortable, but a tad small so i’m going to make it bigger. Going to combine 2 wigs into 1 for more volume :) I’ve never done styling like this so… may the cosplay gods be merciful <3

New Journey

Long text post ahoy!

I literally have 10 drafts regarding this, and saved to post after AX 2014 - but never did. It didn’t feel right at that time. Now is time. I guess, I’ll start off with, “Thank you." 

Thank you for following me throughout the years of my cosplay journey. I was on-and-off for the first 3 years and became quite into it just this past year. I met so many inspirational individuals and they never cease to amaze me!!

I’m starting a new journey in my life which means I’m going to be "semi” off-grid regarding cosplay for 3 years. DON’T PANIC JUST YET. I wont be able to be as active in the community, but for now, the planned cons I will be attending is: ALA ‘15 and Fanime '15 (maybe for a day or two for both).Other than that - I can’t really say.

This past year, I made 5-8 new cosplays which I only wore once. I adore all these characters, so instead of making more new stuff , I’m going to give more loving to the characters I currently have. :3

TWO EXCEPTIONS: *A secret Cosplay* and Bellydancer Fem!Trip (Re: Connect). Yup, part of Koujackie’s bellydancer DMMd crew! I’m so excited!!

Basically, I work on the weekends, and I’ll be full time student in the next 2 weeks, so Its going to be busy!! I got into my DREAM school - so I can’t let this chance go!!

But yea, gonna leave this here. In case people wonder why I’m inactive lately. XD