I got absorbed with a project and some mental health shit so I didn’t get a chance to do this on time, but I drew a birthday draw for mine good friend closetextrovert. She asked for shitty art, so I illustrated an old drabble I wrote once where I introduced her character to a guy who sorted his feces by color and smeared it on a wall.

This is seriously like a month late. Happy birthday Sabie!

I think it’s kind of questionable to call myself an artist these days but I got tagged by werewolfmali. About a month and a half ago, should shed some light on that. I’m tired…

Name: Trevor
nickname: Chowder
birthday: June 2
zodiac sign: Gemini
height: 6'6”
gender: male
sexual orientation: ace, but largely heteroromantic
favorite color: blue
current time and date: 20 Aug 2015, 6:19 PM
location: A giant fucking downer. Also, broadly, my bedroom
average hours of sleep: Who even fucking knows
lucky number: I find myself coming back to “27”, usually
last thing i googled: something about automatic sorting systems for a minecraft server
first word that comes mind: ham
how many blankets i sleep under: just a comforter
favorite fictional character: Right now I’m feeling pretty good about Mint Gelato, confused elfin spacefarer, from a 13th Age podcast I’m listening to
favorite musician/band: uuuh, fuck, I don’t know, I like a lot of things, ask me about vegetables, I’m picky about those
favorite famous person: Dan Avidan, hilarious musician and all-around rad dude
last movie i saw in the cinema: Mad Max: Fury Road
favorite food: beef curry, Japanese style
favorite drink: hit me with some bubble tea. I like watermelon flavor.
favorite tv show: I don’t really watch a whole lot of TV these days…
last holiday (vacation): I’m stuck in one perpetually with no escape and it’s killing me. Fucking help me.
dream profession: animator, but also somehow working very closely with dogs is crucial to the production
Dream vacation: One where I can tell that I’m on vacation because I have an actual job that I’m not doing right now, but I will be in a week or two when vacation is over
wearing right now: black shirt with a Mythbusters quote, grey shorts
Relationship status: single

Tag some buggers: closetextrovert, potentialforart, bogglehead, xoves, hello-planet, starryevening, I ran outta people I think would actually do this. Be the seventh through tenth and round out my collection!

The three main characters of Cudmuncher Gulch are Amaranth, an energetic and driven young armadillo woman, and her two mentors, Samoras and Murray (names and designs not final). As a child, Amaranth was a big fan of a pair of famous performers, a gunslinger and a magician, who combined their specialties into one incredible act of trick shots and illusions; in fact she was so enamored of the whole package that she couldn’t decide if she’d rather be a gunslinger or a magician, so she decided to do both. And while every student needs a teacher, she found herself needing two, which she found in the form of Murray, a crotchety old vulture-man with so much experience with a gun it practically falls off him like dandruff, and Samoras, a human shaman who has never given a straight answer about their gender, and doesn’t appear to understand the question. Amaranth’s current goal in life is to get “really really good” at both her passions, after which she will “impress her heroes” and then maybe “figure out what she can actually do with her skills. Maybe have my own travelling show.”

The world at large is populated by a diverse collection of freaks and weirdos; in addition to armadillos, humans, and vultures, pandas, lizards, dingoes, and all manner of other animals have risen to sapience and thumb-bearing, roughly-humanoid shape, initially segregated by geography, but modern-ish technology (read: approximately the steam engine and “knowing how to make cold weather gear without having to steal yak hides with your bare hands”) has allowed them to intermingle anyplace foreigners are welcome.