First year Scorpius and Albus having a midnight sweets party in Scorpius’ bed! (I blame @torestoreamends for planting the acorn that grew into this eventual painting :p)


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Which would be DAO's companions favorite fast food?

Mod Leaf -

Alistair seems like a fried chicken boy. Loves all 11 herbs and spices. Will eat an entire bucket in one sitting. He’s a growing boy.

If asked, Leliana would say she prefers eating healthy food, will get a nice wholemeal salad sandwich from a bakery or something. Catch her after a party chowing down on a big mac, large coke,and 12 mcnuggets at midnight.

Wynne hasn’t had fast food in years. Her gut just can’t take that much grease any more. If she’s out and needs to get something to eat she’d try and go to a cafe or a small restaurant and get something wholesome. 

Shale’s favourite fast food? Runners.

Dog likes burger!!! Dog likes ribs too!!!!! Dog like chicken!!!! Food is good!!!!!!!

mod rain - 

Morrigan refuses to eat that drivel. It’s filthy, and she would never deign to eat those horrid french fries when you weren’t looking. It wasn’t her.

Zevran has a car full of fast food wrappers, always stopping by his favorite drive thrus at the same time every week because his favorite worker gives him extra cheese. He also carries around his favorite hot sauce and will dump it on everything he gets.

Loghain doesn’t like fast food, but will drop by Anora’s childhood favorite burger king when feeling nostalgic remembering how she used to walk around with the paper crown on, and demand to be called a queen, thank you, not a princess. 

Zevran’s car might be full of wrappers, but Oghren’s is a downright landfill of chinese takeout and burger wrappers. He has no clue how to cook anything, and exists on cheap lo mein. 


Chow Down (@ Chick-fil-A )

Before Thanksgiving break, this girl in my Italian class asked our teacher if she could have a snack in class and pulled out a fucking turkey from Shop Rite and started chowing down like the way I eat my feelings out when watching romcoms. My teacher asked if she could have some and we spent about 20 minutes of class watching them both feast in dead silence

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How much do you want to bet that Bruce and older members of the League stop Billy and Barry from eating all of the sweet, sugary stuff and make them eat their vegetables like parents try to do?

I’d like to think that poor, homeless Billy Batson understands that’s malnourished and he needs to eat healthy in order to keep up his strength. When possible he eats as healthy as he can, given the circumstances, but that’s often easier said than done. Billy’s often got no choice but to eat whatever’s available to him and sadly candy and junk foods are a lot easier, and cheaper, to procure than fruits and vegatables. I can imagine Billy and Barry chowing down on Halloween candy. The League smiles fondly to themselves and chastizes the two to slow down and not eat so much.

Billy, in-between bites, says he’s got to eat it while it’s here and he doesn’t have time to be picky with winter coming up and he’s going to need all the extra fat and calories he can get to keep him warm in his unheated building. And just, Barry just stops his binge and pushes all his candy before the kid with wide, watery eyes. But not before Superman picks him up and drags the kid home to Smallville for a long weekend of delicious, fattening meals and a warm bed to sleep in.

(I know you probs wanted sweetness but i went for the angst sorry)


Sweaty after work out selfie. Did some blogilates, an ab workout, a 1,000 squat challenge!! I only did 500 actually, and a hiit video for a little cardio. Currently chowing down on raw cauliflower and broccoli, they must have something my body needs because lately I’ve been eating them every day. I should tone that down before I develope an allergy to them. I hope everyone survived Monday!


Sunday. Rest day.

My hair is clean + dry shampoo free for the first time all week & I’m about to chow down on some pancakes, with a scoop of cocao and peanut butter nice cream.

My plans for this afternoon are to pop out to the chemist and refill my pcos medication, drop into Woolworths and pick up some groceries for dinner/work and then come home and begin reading some of the new books I received for Christmas. I might even get an Atkins bar as a treat 🤔

“─honestly though, when you think about it resolutions are just ways for people to excuse their failures from the previous year. It’s filled with things like losing weight, or saying no to their pathetic exes. They never stick to their list and then by the end of the month they’ll be back with said ex and chowing down like cows. People should just accept their failures and move on with their year.”


My dog: gremlin in disguise confirmed

Related story:  The other day the dogs snuck behind someone into the basement where we keep our movie-watching-snack-stash, and it went unnoticed for about 30 minutes. 

My mother heard barking, which is not abnormal, but then we realized it: the barking was coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE. 

I immediately knew where they were and found Buffy dutifully barking at the door (too close in fact, I donked her in the face opening the door) while Faith was chowing down.  I have no doubt Faith could be trusted to eat herself to death if given enough time.

They didn’t get much chocolate at all, mostly pumpkin spice oreos and marshmallows.  Yesterday I was greeted with some shockingly orange poop, thus ending any lingering doubts about which dog did the eating and which tried to find escape.

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Saeyoung x Mc x Yousung headcannons

Here we go!!!!!!!!!

-snuggles are the absolute best with them.  Saeyoung and Yoosung will be snuggled up, playing video games and you’ll just wiggle your way in between them.  

-They will both wrap their arms around you and rest their heads on your shoulders.  

-It is so warm between them, which is gucci.



-You will have to force them to eat healthy.  If they want to chow down on greasy takeout and you want a proper healthy meal, you will have to threaten their video games to get them to put that phone down and help you in the kitchen.

-The house will be a literal mess.  You won’t see the floor ever again.

-If Yoosung gets a bad grade on anything, both you and Saeyoung will drop everything to make him feel better.  You will both grab the fuzziest blankets you guys own and wrap them around all three of you and have a trash movie marathon to cheer him up.  And the junk food will literally ooze from your pores after this sob fest.

-Now if you’re the one that is sad, they will try to get you to laugh and smile again.  They will listen to your problems and if it turns out to be a person, they will go on a witch hunt for that son of a bitch.  If not, they will cuddle and kiss you for hours.

-When Saeyoung is too stressed out from work and won’t stop working, you both will care for him.  Whether it is giving back massages and feeding him to llstening to him rant about a firewall that is really tough.

-All of you guys are the biggest cheerleaders for each other.  Whether it is studying for a big test, busting a criminal on the internet, or dealing with the final boss of a video game, you guys have each other’s backs.

-You guys are the best of friends, and the best lovers to each other.  And you guys make every one jealous that they aren’t in a relationship like yours.