Doing some final touches on the girl’s eyes to kick off the weekend! 🎨 I’m feeling good about my progress so far 👁👁😀🖌✨ I hope you guys are having fun! Anyone having weekend brunch? I know as soon as I break I’m chowing down on some waffles 😋🤤💖

First year Scorpius and Albus having a midnight sweets party in Scorpius’ bed! (I blame @torestoreamends for planting the acorn that grew into this eventual painting :p)

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Spa day for the manta ray! 

Here, small cleaner wrasse clean parasites and dead tissue from a manta ray in Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary. Talk about a powerful exfoliator! By chowing down on parasites, cleaner wrasse provide rays and other fish an important service, protecting them from disease and keeping them healthy for years to come. 

(Photo: Ed Lyman/NOAA)


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I don’t think I’ve ever seen this on my dash. My followers need to see this if they haven’t already

Takeru’s healthy life

The most important thing in a day is to find time to train one’s mind and body. It’s not a lot of info, but I’ll introduce you to my day.

5am: Waking up

Whenever day breaks, your senses are naturally awakened. Big bro’s not up, so I start training straight after washing my face.

Around 6am: Morning exercise

  • Jogging one round around the mountain
  • 200 crunches x 3 sets
  • 200 backlifts x 3 sets
  • 200 pushups x 3 sets

Once you get in the groove, this level is easy!

8am: Breakfast

Big Bro’s usually still asleep at this time, so I often get something proper to eat in the kitchen. If Big bro is with me, we’ll chow down at the cafeteria

10am: Housework

I suppose Big bro’s room is clean because he wishes for a easy-going life. In this case, I’ll finish this spick and span.

12pm: Walking with Big Bro

After lunch, Big bro and myself will go out for a walk and let Usamaro play around freely. It’s never boring watching him eat grass with gusto.

2pm: Jogging towards the sea

I will go for training outdoors so as not to disturb Big bro’s writing. When I go to the ocean, I’ll look for some pretty shells along the way.

That bastard Akira was there when I got up from all that annoying knocking. I accepted the innocent sweets, but turned Akira out of the house.

Around 5pm: Bath

The day’s tiredness is all washed away whenever I enter the hot bath. Big bro dozes off in the bath, so caution must be taken.

8pm: Night Exercise

  • 100 crunches x 2 sets
  • 100 backlifts x 2sets
  • 100 pushups x 2sets

This doesn’t even make me sweat. If I skip out on this, I won’t be able to wake up fresh the next morning. Once this is over, it’s time for milk!

9pm: Sleep

Big bro is often hard at work, so I’ll just go to the kitchen to grab a snack and retire for the day! Let’s put in our best tomorrow!

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THey! I recently found your blog and I was hoping you could do a headlamp about a Furret comforting their crying or sad trainer. Furrets are one of my favorite Pokemon so I hope that's okay. :) *Hands a box of malasadas*

*chows down on the malasadas* Of course it’s okay, my dude! :D

* When the Furret sees them crying, it’ll crawl onto their trainer’s lap and nuzzle it’s face against theirs to try and cheer them up. Sometimes they’ll also curl themselves around their trainer’s head and neck like a scarf, using their fluff and warmth to help cheer up their trainer.

* They’ll also sometimes grab something for their trainer, such as a berry or one of Furret’s own toys and give it to them. The Furret thinks that maybe these things can cheer up their trainer since these are things that make itself happy too.