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so i was watching sky high (the greatest disney channel movie ever made tbqh) and heres a superhero au

  • bitty is fast but not like the flash fast. he moves in graceful motions, usually with the arms. hence baking quickly. less focus, more poetic. the same way he is one the ice.
  • jack has super strength but like duh. he can be kinda clumsy about it and gets mad embarrassed but mostly hes pretty good w it. works out a lot. rad bob has it too.
  • parse duplicates. i was torn between that and power negation so basically imagine 17 kent parsons telling you you cant breathe fire.
  • rans and holtz thought they had no powers until they met. turns out they fuze into a giant dude, steven universe style. anyone who makes a m*latto joke gets to find out firsthand what a double strength punch feels like
  • shitty has the power of charisma. everyone loves him so nobody wants to fight him. he could easily use this for world domination but he usually just gets free guac at chipotle. (but it sure does help in the law field)
  • lardo is gadgets + costumes. this might seem like a lame job but really they wouldnt be where they are today without her. plus like, shes basically batman.
  • nursey can freeze time. its really hard to do, and especially hard if hes trying to freeze only one person, so he usually settles for just slowing time/people. he also has the power to calm people.
  • dex explodes. like a fucking grenade. and then he sort of snaps back together. very helpful in battle, but dont sneak up on him.
  • chowder turns into a shark

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Would you continue your dinner for two fic Feysand with fluff or another smutty part 😍


Part 1: Tumblr | AO3

This got super comfort/angsty compared to the first fic. For some reason, emotional insecure Rhys just really does it for me.

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Dessert for Two

By the time we’d finished eating, a light rain had started falling outside. We listened to the pitter-patter of it hitting the windows in comfortable silence from the mess of sheets atop our shared bed.

I had laid down, my takeout containers of fried rice and orange chicken sitting on the nightstand next to me. My body rested in peaceable contentment, full from the Chinese and the appetizer my wife had treated me to.

Feyre sat cross-legged next to me using her chop sticks to scoop up the last few bites of chow mein. She had this way of always missing the last bit of each bite so that some of the noodles fell against her chin and her mouth would make this adorable slurping sound as her fingers wiped the sauce off. She had ditched the stilettos to climb in bed with me, but had snaked my business shirt off the floor and shrugged it on leaving the rest of her as naked as I was. Only one button was cinched together and every now and then when she’d move to take another bite, I’d see her nipples peak out.

She was so damn adorable, the sexiest being alive and I had no idea how she’d ever wound up in my arms let alone my bed with a ring on her finger that matched the band on my own left hand.

“What’s that face?” Feyre asked, her head quirking on its side while she chewed.

I remembered the day I’d had, how horrible it had been. And then I came home and Feyre was there like an angel of mercy giving me the perfect distraction. It wasn’t just the sex. The sex was great. It always was with her. But there had been a moment up against that door where she had looked at me and I had looked at her and it wasn’t just the fact that she was naked and licking me up and down to give me something good to focus on, but that she was taking care of me. That I mattered to her enough for her to want me to find some kind of comfort, solace, protection.

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“The memory of her still haunts him, so sometimes he takes you for her.”

“No way (?).”

             Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back  西遊2伏妖篇

-Happy Valentine’s Day-

Dir. Tsui Hark, Prod. Stephen Chow (x)

OMGCP characters as things I've done, because bandwagons are fun
  • Bitty: Watched Beyoncé's superbowl performance and said "Is this what a religious experience feels like?" out loud to my parents
  • Jack: Said "I can talk about things besides hockey" whilst out with friends, proceeded to talk about Sidney Crosby for 15 minutes straight
  • Shitty: Argued about queer Shakespeare characters with a friend for half an hour, got so impassioned I had to leave the room because I was causing a scene
  • Lardo: Owned a mug the exact size and shape of a small paint tin, used it constantly when painting backdrops, nearly poisoned myself 5 times per hour
  • Ransom: Turned to my friends in the middle of working on 3 of my final assessments at once and said "Guys, I mean this in the least dramatic way possible, but I can't wait for the gentle embrace of the void"
  • Holster: Sang "One Day More" by myself during a late night road trip, only got through the whole song because my friends were too tired to stop me
  • Nursey: Tripped over my own pant leg, caught myself, thought "Go me!" and then immediately walked into a door frame
  • Dex: Cut my hand open during wood work, thought it wasn't that bad and put 4 band-aids on it so I could finish my project. Turns out I needed stitches
  • Chowder: Found out that one of the back-up goalies for the San Jose Sharks is a male model, looked up at the ceiling and said "Can't I catch a SINGLE BREAK?"
  • Tango: Once asked my mum if she was using a left handed screwdriver, couldn't work out why she found that statement funny
  • Whiskey: Got told that my messages came across as really professional and cool online. Was eating spiral pasta out of a mixing bowl when I received said message
  • Bonus Kent: Started a fight with someone that lasted 6 months and ruined our entire friendship over an instagram post they'd made

I think chowder is my favorite to think about
Please care about what he has to say

いつもの光景。 The usual scenary .

「絶対に嫌っ!」“No way!”

「そっちには行かないの!」“I am not going that way!”



「むこうに鳥がいるんだもの」“There are some birds over there.”

「今回こそは捕まえてみせるの!」“This time for sure, I will catch the bird!”



あーあ、残念・・・。 Oh no…

「もう!マミー、遅いのっ!」“Damn it! You are a slow runner,mommy!”