anonymous asked:

Choukun--What is Jen-chan to you? How would you describe her?

Choukun: Hmmm…Where do I start? Jenchan is…Jenchan is complex, intimidating, and sometimes incredibly psychotic ,yet I…I’m crazy about her, anon. And, despite the fact that she displays this ‘bad bitch’ attitude, she can be the sweetest thing, I dunno why she tries to hide that all the time. Did I mention she’s absolutely adorable? Oh my God. Especially when she smiles. My heart practically melts for her smile…And waking up to her in the morning has to be the best thing ever, like,  how many guys can say that they get to sleep next to Jenchan? I’m literally the luckiest motherfucker in Konoha—

Fuck, I rambled on a bit there, didn’t I?