Choukette, Brunswick

Where: 318 Sydney Rd Brunswick

When: Mon-Thurs 7.15-5.30, Fri & Sat 7.15-6, Sun 7.15-4.30

Contact: (03) 9380 8680

Pricing: Under $15 mains

Vego :)

Cash only


Brownie ($3)


Noun, plural –s

  1. A delicious French pastry
  2. A delicious French Bakery in Brunswick

If you’re looking for a take-away option on Sydney Rd that isn’t a bland, overpriced focaccia then Choukette is your deal. Flavours are big and authentic in this tiny French find. They have quiches, pastry rolls, sandwiches and pies as well as a full range of croissants, sweet pastries and some serious cakes. 

I stopped in for a beef and vegetable pie, which I had dine-in with a side salad (7.50). I couldn’t have been more pleased that I had opted for the salad as it was as punchy and rich as the lovely pie itself. Nearly overdoing its role as a side, the salad was composed of chopped lettuce with walnuts and blue cheese and drizzled with a thick balsamic dressing. The pie too was impressive, perhaps the pastry being the biggest triumph. Beneath its golden flaked shell was a rich filling with high quality mince and chunks of tomato. There wasn’t much gravy to speak of; it was more like a pastitso than a pie, but definitely delicious. With my meal I had a cappuccino ($3.20) which was a let-down; tasting of withered-away beans swathed in milk.

Apart from the coffee, Choukette’s interior is its main flaw. Tacky brown tiling and gaudy plastic light fittings on the wall make the place resemble a themed family diner, and the harsh glow of the drinks fridge and sandwich cabinet are hard to avoid. The radio was the only sort of musical presence on when I visited, so I didn’t stay long. Yet the food was enough to make me return over and over again. I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t bring my camera, but I did take a brownie home where I was able to get a snap for this review. Said brownie was alright for $3, but it could have been richer. Someone later told me this was my own fault for ordering a brownie in a French Bakery, I can see their point.

Food: 3.5/5

Service: 4/5

Ambience: 1/5

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