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Basic Info:

Name: Sankou Chou
(Sankouchou is actually Flycatcher in Japanese :‘0c)

Siren: Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Height: 5'8"

Sexuality: Pansexual


Sankou is a college student, struggling to earn money, and soul broken from it. Feeling as if she isn’t quite good enough to earn much for herself. Yet, she never begs for anything, and only gives to others, whatever she can.
What brought her across the company was well, she stumbled across it. She thought it would be a magnificent chance to earn money to actually survive. She isn’t fond of being a Siren, but has adapted the way of just having to do it. She understands the consequences and tries her absolute best to follow rules and directions. Yet she holds regret deep in her heart, just hurting these people, accidentally killing them by not being careful, she’s holds remorse. Yet, she never shows it around the company, she masks it by being serious and holding a straight face, following every command she is given. It’s hard, but she does it. Her company is a little more easy on their sirens though, so she often doesn’t have to do anything way too harsh.

With all of this on her shoulders, her singing voice is quiet and soft, almost like a whisper. It holds emotion and the feelings within her that she hides. It makes your heart race and lures you in, making you feel bad for her and going over to comfort her. And that’s just her trick, to trigger your emotions to come right over.


AAAAA!! Really hope you like her! i love her so much already and she’s pretty aaaa,, ;v;


she’s really pretty and rip sai more sirens to review



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So I was asked to do some headcanons for my shiny cutiefly, Chou, (which is now a Ribombee now as ya’ll can see) I bred for a while ago, and I figured why not? :3

* When she first hatched, she was the most timid cutiefly I’ve ever met. She’d try to hide herself in pieces of eggshell from when she hatched.

* She always flew around so fast that it was hard to see her, even with her bright pink color. It was also pretty easy for her to blend in with all my fuzzy clothes and she’d often sleep inside the sleeves of my sweaters.

* She was always so startled by loud noises (like me sometimes) so when we hear a noise we both jump a little and Chou will try to hide in my hair.