Sengoku Basara in a Nutshell:
  • Masamune: PAAAAAAAARTY!!!!!!!
  • Yukimura: OYAKATA-SAMAAAAAAAA!!!!!
  • Sasuke: DANNAAAAAA!!!!!
  • Toshiie: MATSU!!
  • Matsu: TOSHIIE-SAMA!!
  • Keiji & Xavi: LOVEEEEEEEEE!!!!
  • Kenshin: BISHAMONTEN!!!!!
  • Nobunaga: CONQUEST!!!
  • Nohime & Ranmaru: NOBUNAGA-SAMAAAAAAAA!!!
  • Mitsuhide: *insert orgasm noises here*/SLAUGHTER!!!!
  • Katsuie: OICHIIII!!!!!!
  • Nagamasa: JUSTICEEEEEEE!!!!
  • Maria: *insert noblewoman/bitch laugh here*
  • Tadakatsu: *insert mechanical noises here*
  • Hideyoshi: WEAK!!!
  • Yoshitsugu: MISERY !!!!
  • Motochika: NAKAMAAAAA!!!!
  • Tsuruhime: TWILIGHT NINJAAAAA!!!!
  • Shikanosuke: OYASSAAAAAAAAANNN!!!!
  • Sorin: XAVI-SAMAAAAA!!!!
  • Muneshige: SORIN-SAMAAAA!!!!
  • Hisahide: COLLECTION!!!
  • Yoshiteru: TOMO YOOO!!!!
  • Hideaki: I'M SORRRRYYYYY!!!!!!
  • Naotora: FEMINIIIIISSSMMMM!!!!!!
  • Matabe: HOW DARE YOUUUUUU !!!!!!
  • Kotaro: .......

[SB Dystopian AU] (plot, setting)

A group made up of those who were against the rule of the Toyotomi.
Mostly outcasts who had been deemed too weak and unfit to live in the society, or Faction Leaders who managed to escape before being caught by Hideyoshi.
Always attacking as if they’re not afraid to die, they only have one goal–to bring down the Supreme Ruler.

The Resistance bases were hidden either deep in the slums or underground, with the main base under the sea a little offshore of Tosa, Shikoku, previously a secret base belonging to the Chosokabe.
Members generally wear masks or gas masks to hide their identities. Attack Squad Leaders would have horned gas masks with their squad number on it.


- The Chosokabe, always refusing to bow down to the Toyotomi, was one of the last Factions to go down in the war. When Hideyoshi sunk them in the Western Seas with their entire fortress, their leader Motochika was thought to have perished with the rest of his crew.

Fortunately, he managed to survive and escape to his underwater secret base in submarines with the surviving members of his crew. Having lost his men and much more in the battle, Motochika swore that he would take revenge.

- Survivors and escapees from other Factions began cropping up afterwards. Seeing that they were in the same boat, Motochika allowed them to use his secret base as a safe house while he think up ways to defeat Hideyoshi.
They soon became an organized group called the Resistance, with Motochika as its leader.

- Motochika knew Ieyasu as a child and were best friends before they parted ways a few years ago. Hearing that he had broken off the Toyotomi, Motochika arranged for him to be captured and taken to his base. After running a few tests to ensure that Ieyasu’s loyalty no longer lies with the Toyotomi, Motochika accepted him into the Resistance.

- After a while, seeing that Ieyasu had more experience in organizing bigger troops (especially on land), and that he knew how the Toyotomi works from the inside, Motochika decided to pass his Resistance Leader position to Ieyasu. It’s also an advantage for himself as he could now put more focus into making their weapons and equipments.

- Previously, Motochika was a pirate of the seas, attacking enemy ships to take their goods and distribute them to the poor of his lands. He was so good during battles that he was feared as the ‘Demon of the Western Seas’. But after he was taken down by Hideyoshi, he had to become a pirate in the other sense of the word.

He knew that with the Toyotomi and Mouri’s weapon technology combined on the opposing side, the Resistance stood no chance against them, however developed the Chosokabe’s technology itself could be.
So Motochika took it as his responsibility to somehow upgrade their technology to that level.

He began exploring deep into the slums, black markets and shady businesses. The moment he could get his hands on the latest illegally sold Toyotomi weapon, he would take it apart, learn its workings, do what he can to improve it, and reproduce it en masse.
With these, the Resistance could match up to their opponents in both attack and defense.

If it weren’t for Motochika being a highly skilled mechanic, the highly encrypted Toyotomi technology would have been impossible to reproduce.The people underground called it piracy and he was known as the 'Pirate King’.

- Although he focused a lot on his goals, Motochika also knew how to lean back and enjoy life once in awhile, visiting several entertainment sites while he was at it (although knowing the nature of the slums, some of them can be quite shady). He tends to throw invitations at Masamune to visit these together once he came along and made friends with him.

- Ieyasu, and probably the entire team, saw Motochika as someone they can always trust and depend on. In turn, he did his best never to let them down.

- Motochika’s parrot is designed and made by himself. It’s equipped with a camera and 2 small guns (light attacks mainly for paralyzing). The parrot’s usually used for spying/intel gathering.

- Weapon: Anchor spear. The anchor blade part can be shot out and retracted. A portable drive with a cable and plug is attached to it. The drive contains a virus that Motochika can use to shut down huge attacker robots with if he can plug it to the robot’s port.
Additionally, Motochika’s mechanical eye can function like a scope and can be used to help him aim at things.