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Retro Teddy Review

Style: this is a classic example of a naughty and nice Teddy, just the way I like It. Perfect high-cut for the naughty and the lace outlines for the nice. The pink colour finishes this dual personality. And the robe is just as ambiguous. 10!

Colour: this is so flawless that I can’t imagine this piece in any other colour. So I guess it is a 10!

Chosen Model: What can I say? Barbie-like face, rockstar hairstyle, small breasts to keep it elegant and “naughty and nice” posing… Great casting and a great picture. 10!

Matching Shoes: barefeet with gold anklets on the right leg. A great Teddy needs nothing.

kevin h. ( @hevkamp ) at @factorchosen atl photographed by @alexdrogers


pancakes? pancakes. (insp.)

kevin h. ( @hevkamp ) at @factorchosen atl photographed by @alexdrogers

s-e-kwan  asked:

Can I have a scenario where the photography club at their school takes photos of the Mukami's s/o (or Yui) to be sold at their school's cultural festival for their 'collection of the prettiest girls'? The Mukami's buy the not-so-good photo of her. When she asks why they chose that photo of her of all things, can they explain?

Every year, the photography club - for their booth at the annual school fair - would take a handful of students to photograph for their collection of “prettiest girls” and “handsomest boys”, where they would take professional pictures of their completely consented models for both their final project (each model was assigned one photographer) and selling them to fund better equipment for future projects. It was an incredible success every year and students looked forward to the event to see which of their classmates were chosen to be the models for this year.

You stood inside the photography club’s booth along with the other models for this year, greeting and thanking the customers who purchased the photos, as they insisted it would push them to either buy more photos or tell others about their experience. Flustered yet somewhat joyful, you continued to greet the kind people who purchased photos of you, though you believe yours weren’t anything compared to the other model’s.

“(Name)!” A familiar voice of your photographer, a beaming smile startling you from your seated position, looking at your phone as there was a small break between customers while lunch began. “You have another customer~ He was very adamant about getting the picture we first took… Haha~ I printed one just to see if anyone would take it… I know you asked me not to but I did it: oops! I’ll leave now bye~!”

The photographer dashed out, leaving you alone as a flustered, stuttering mess; angry and embarrassed at the photographer and completely confused. Who had bought it? You had a vague feeling, and as they entered the model area of the photography club’s booth, you opened your mouth and called out for him.

Ruki: “R-Ruki-san..!” You called, cheeks heating up a considerable amount as the prideful vampire strode in, one hand in his pocket while the other held the photo you were so desperately embarrassed about between two of his fingers, twirling his wrist to examine each part of the print.

He stalked over to you, not a word being spoken as he came close, though far enough away that the other models, who were casually minding their business, would not suspect anything to be wrong with their exchange. He twisted his fingers, showing you the very same photo that you hated, however, Ruki smiled a tad bit, pride shining lowly in his gray eyes. “Livestock.” He muttered, using the nickname softly as he didn’t wish the other students to hear it. “I’m quite proud you were selected, however, it almost seems mindless. Nonetheless, I am proud.”

You hid your blushing face with a hand, averting your eyes to avoid looking at the photo. “But why would you buy… that photo? That’s a bad picture-” You argued lightly, though was efficiently shut up by his finger on your lip and you didn’t dare to speak another word against Ruki - your master - for fear of punishment later in the night.

Ruki slyly smiled. “I suppose its because your face is the most natural in this photo; the shy glance at the camera, the blush on your cheeks, the uncertainty… it stands to remind me of you, unlike the other photos. Does that suffice as an explanation?” He asked, looking artificially annoyed, though took your hand in his, letting go of your face. “I’m sure your photographer won’t mind if you left for lunch. Shall we?”

Kou: “Kou-Chan!” You exclaimed, surprised at his sudden appearance. He was supposed to be working as well, though on the other side of the building. “What are you… doing… here….” Your voice slowly faltered, seeing him strut towards you quickly, a wide and mischevious smile adorned on the idol.

Kou was quick to walk towards you, encompassing you in a large hug whilst burying his face in your neck, his cold fingers dancing across your skin, leaving a trail of goosebumps where he touched. “I’m finally on break, M-Neko-Chan~” He cooed, eyes darting around to see the tent mostly empty, “I decided to pay a visit to your photographer~ They gave me such an incredible deal on your photos, you know?” He laughed, pulling out the one he knew would get you the most riled up. 

Instinctively, you tried to get the photo from his grasp, though the taller male easily avoided you grabby hands. “Kou-Chan why do you have that photo?” You whined, flustered beyond belief. You couldn’t even see your face in that photo! And besides, you were no where near as beautiful as the male in front of you. 

“M-Neko-Chan~ Don’t be like that~ it’s a cute photo where I can see your body littered with my marks.” Kou cooed, kissing the photo with a signature wink of his. “Besides…” His eye flashed a deep red, looking into your heart, nearly making it stop. “You’re very happy I have this picture instead of some creep~”

Yuma: “Yuma.” You mumbled, slowly walking closer to the orange giant as he did as well. “I thought you weren’t coming to the festival…” A frown spread on your face, confused at his sudden appearance. Suddenly you stopped, dead in your tracks as you noticed Yuma looking down at his hands, an in there, a picture. 

“Oi, sow.” Yuma grunted. “So this is what you been doin’?” He frowned, holding the picture of you staring off into the distance, a lollipop laying on your tongue which stuck out, glistening with saliva, an especially erotic face. “Tch, I take my eyes off ya for one second…” He sighed, stuffing the photo in his pocket, walking towards you as you began to take quick steps back, cheeks a dark red almost making your head spin. 

You almost began to wonder where everyone else went during this scene, though once Yuma slammed his hand next to your head, leaning down with a wicked smile on his face. “I overheard some guys talkin’ ‘bout you, Sow. You tryin’ to make me jealous?” He asked. other hand grabbing your cheek and pulling your face up.

“N-No, not at all!” You muffled out, panicking at Yuma’s dangerous aura. “T-They asked me to model so I said it was fine..! Why did you get that picture anyways? It wasn’t meant to be printed!”

It didn’t seem to change his mind in the slightest. “Really, Sow?” He growled, tilting your head to the right. “You’re drivin’ me crazy with this shit. An erotic face like that, out in the open for everyone else to see?. I’ll have to show everyone you’re mine…” 

Azusa: “Azusa…-san?” You asked, a gentle blush on your cheeks. “Were you the one to buy that… uhm…” Sweat ran down your neck, seeing the timid male walk up to you. “The photo?” You asked, chewing on your bottom lip with nervousness as grabbed your hands, holding them in his cold, larger ones.

Azusa chuckled slowly, smiling widely as he moved one of his hands under your shirt, reaching to your back, reaching up and tracing his fingers on the deep scar he had given you not too long ago. “The photo… makes Eve’s scar… look… so beautiful.” He whispered, fingernails digging into the healing scar, making you yelp and cling onto him, whimpering to try and hold in the pained sounds. “I had to get it… because Eve… showed me her scar… our bond.”

“A-Azusa-san please- not here…” You whimpered, trying to push the superhuman away, but to no avail. He did, however, let you go, with a look of promise for worship and further moments of pain he seemed to plan with the spark of pleasure he got from the picture. 

“Eve… will you… come with me… back home? I want… to celebrate… at home with Justin…  Melissa, and Christina…” Azusa asked, stroking your cheek. “I’ll go talk… with the photographer… so we can go…” He hummed, tugging your hand and dragging you out of the building, your head spinning with worry and questions as you two headed home. 

- Kylie ೕ(⁍̴̀◊⁍̴́ฅ)

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Retro Teddy Review

Style: nice combination of naughty and nice. High cut, lace and thin straps. The robe looks a bit short. Overall, a nice Teddy. 9!

Colour: red is a very strong colour and makes this Teddy too naughty for this style. I wish It was pink or other lighter tones. 8!

Chosen Model: her figure, her pose, her face and her skin are flawless. But the hair looks like It came from an old lady. Not appropriate. 7!