chosen hero by the gods


Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader was seen not only as the Chosen One but also as a god or various mythical creatures (angry ghost on Tatooine, Ghost Hand on Nelvaan or the one to slay three snake kill Jedi & Sith and bring chaos)

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So, pictures here we have Queen Midna (ruler of the Twili, slayer of the usurper, destroyer of castles, and wielder of the Fused Shadows) with Prince Link (hero of the realms, chosen of the gods, sacred beast, and royal arm candy consort of the Twilight Queen).

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Elysium conception of the afterlife that developed over time and was maintained by some Greek religious and philosophical sects and cults. Initially separate from the realm of Hades, admission was reserved for mortals related to the gods and other heroes. Later, it expanded to include those chosen by the gods, the righteous, and the heroic, where they would remain after death, to live a blessed and happy life, and indulging in whatever employment they had enjoyed in life.

sheikahminstrel  asked:

Opinion on religion in Hyrule? The Three Goddesses and Hylia? Any other deities that may be present in the land as well?

                from  what  we  see  in  ocarina  of  time,  only  those  connected  to  the  royal  family  or  those  who  lived  through  the  hyrulean  civil  war  are  particularly  religious.  even  the  old,  superstitious  stories  about  the  triforce,  the  master  sword  and  the  ocarina  of  time  seem  to  have  dwindled  to  nothing  in  this  time  period.  although  link  has  surely  met  with  some  of  the  priests  that  tend  to  the  Temple  of  Time,  as  well  as  its  builder,  Rauru,  he  is  not  a  religious  man.  

                      he  is  a  hero  chosen  by  the  gods.  he  acknowledges  their  existence  and  ‘believes’  in  them,  so  to  speak,  but  he  does  not  WORSHIP  a  particular  god.  not  in  my  portrayal,  at  least.  in  my  last  meta-post,  i  talked  about  the  links  to  a  god  of  death,  which  zelda  sadly  lacks  any  sort  of  posting  about.  but  in  almost  any  pagan  religion,  you  will  have  someone  who  acts  as  a  caretaker  for  the  dead.  i’m  sure  that  the  hylian  gods  have  some  sort  of  hierarchy.  perhaps  the  ones  we’ve  heard  of  so  far  are  considered  god-rulers,  like  zeus  and  hera.  but  i  believe  there  would  be  others.  a  god  of  death,  a  goddess  of  fertility  (perhaps  this  title  goes  to  farore as  well?)  a  god  or  goddess  of  war.   in  this  pantheon,  we  see  mentioned  only  those  who,  in  some  fashion,  helped  create  the  land  and  hylians  as  well.  but  it  is  not  mentioned  whether  hyrule  is  a  country  or  a  world.  however,  i  would  assume  that  it  is  a  vast  territory  on  a  planet  elsewhere,  since  the  gods  (golden  trio)  are  mentioned  to  have  come  from  a  neighboring  nebula.  this  would  mean  that  hyrule  could  also  be  directly  influenced  by  other  religions  from  other  lands,  including  the  religion and  or  culture  of  the  gerudo,  which  they  seem  particularly  xenophobic/opposed  toward,  despite  men  often fetishizing  gerudo  women  in  game-text.  

                      hylia  is  not  mentioned  anywhere  in  ocarina  of  time,  save  for  the  lake  for  which  she  is  named.  i  think  that  she  is  still  a  MAJOR  DEITY  of  the  hyrulean  people  at  this  point.  and  is   probably  regarded  as  the  ‘patron  deity’  of  the  country  itself.   we  see  mentioned  in  majora’s  mask  an  entirely  different  goddess;  THE  GODDESS  OF  TIME.  this  means  that  this  goddess  is  solely  responsible  for  the  magicks  seen  in  MM  and  OOT…  not  Hylia,  who’s  line  continued  into  what  is  now  the  royal  family.

                      since  almost  all  mention  of  the  gods  seems  to  have  vanished in  a  link  to  the  past  and  twilight  princess,  etc   ( again,  save  for  those  who  are  particularly  religious,  are  part  of  the  royal  family  or  guard  them  )   i  think  its  safe  to  assume  that  ocarina  of  time  is  when  the  religious  rituals  we  see  practiced  in  Skyword  Sword  really  starts  to  die  out.  the  sacred  flames  are  no  longer  active  and  the  temples  seen  in  OoT  are  moreso  made  as  ruins  or  prisons  than  temples  to  the  gods,  SAVE  for  the  temple  of  light.   because  of  this  theory,  i  do  not  think  that  link  is  a  particularly  religious  man  at  all.  he  simply  believes  what  he  knows  to  be  true.  but  he  does  not  worship  any  particular  deity.  if  anything,  considering  how  his  spirit  was  bound  by  his  own  regrets  to  the  husk  of  a  spiritual  stalfos,  part  of  me  wonders  if  link  never  came  to  hate  the  gods.  imagine  how  many  of  his  descendants  he  had  to  watch  die  or  suffer  in  that  time  period.  only  until  finally,  the  link  we  see  in  TP  is  granted  the  knowledge  of  the  hero’s  shade.