chosen artist of the month

It’s the first day of the Armored Core Character Design Challenge! Here’s the ground work, artists!:

The Rules:

-Each designated month I will have chosen a Raven (nickname given to Pilots of Armored Cores) from the in-game Arena Rankings to focus on. Every pilot in the Arena has a character description that functions as their backstory, describing their personality, fighting style, reasons for becoming a Raven, as well as relations to other Pilots in-game. Using the character’s description, dialogue (if available) and the appearance/load-out of their AC, you will design these various, mercenaries. Based on your interpretation of these clues, create a character you think fits the profile! 

[Here are some links to Art References for Pilot Wear, Pilot Helmets, Cockpit setups, ect}

The world of Armored Core 3 is not a pretty one;

“Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Armored Core 3 depicts a world where mankind has sought refuge underground after a catastrophic global nuclear war broke out on the surface. Those who survived formed a subterranean society called Layered. Layered is ruled by an AI simply known as The Controller, which dictates nearly everything that goes on in this world. The two major corporations, Mirage and Crest Industries along with a smaller group known as Kisaragi, all vie for dominance and control over Layered’s land and assets. All is not well with The Controller however, and odd events begin to occur. With the number and scope of these errors, some might even go so far as to suggest that the system may be failing…”

Within Layered, the Arena was created, an organized colosseum where Ravens are allowed to fight each other using their mechs as a form of Public Spectacle, winning sums of money, AC parts, and fame amongst the masses. Being a Raven is not an easy job however, though lucrative, it is also highly dangerous. These mechs push the limits of human ability, and one must be highly skilled in order to operate them. Pilots must be ready to face death head on, knowing full-well that their value as a Raven holds only enough water as their own abilities can provide. Ravens are usually contracted as Mercenaries, and with the political climate rising in the cramped and grim world of Layered, one may find themselves under the gun of another Credit desperate Pilot…

[Click here for your first Pilot to concept!]