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this has been chillin in my folder for awhile so finally wrapped it up. forgot tho tumblr doesnt like longways posts so i had to break it up weirdly.

ANYWAY some time ago id talked with friends about my fallout player character’s different motivations/self-perceptions despite all being played good-aligned and then decided to draw it out simply because having some sort of lineup is nice too.

Fallout OC Questionnaire

Whether your OC is a Lone Wanderer or Sole Survivor, these questions can be asked by others to know more about them! Or simply be used as a guide to further develop your character. Ask away, luv!

  1. Which Fallout game are they from?
  2. Which faction(s) did they join and which did they destroy? Why?
  3. What is their S.P.E.C.I.A.L.?
  4. Give us a summary of their backstory.
  5. What’s their full name and does it have a meaning? Do they have any nicknames and how did they get em?
  6. What’s their sexual, romantic, and gender orientation? Do they feel comfortable telling other people?
  7. Do they have any mental illnesses? How do they cope?
  8. Do they have any medical conditions? Is medicine/ treatment available for them?
  9. How much do they care about their outer appearance? What’s their “beauty routine”? How often do they shower/ bathe?
  10. What do they fear the most?
  11. They’re biggest flaw? Do they recognize it as a flaw?
  12. What are they most insecure about?
  13. What Wasteland threat do they fear the most? (ex. Deathclaws, super mutants, raiders)
  14. What’s their zodiac sign or which one do you think they relate to the most? What are their placements (if you know them)? (ex. Aries sun, Taurus moon, Aquarius Venus)
  15. What’s their Myers–Briggs Type? (ex. ENTP, ISFJ)
  16. What Harry Potter house would they be in? (ex. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw)
  17. Which Pokemon Go team would they choose? (ex. Instinct, Valor, Mystic)
  18. Out of the nine forms of intelligence (rhythmic, spatial, linguistic, mathematical, kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic, and existential) which one(s) are they really good at and which one(s) is(are) their weakest?
  19. What natural alignment are they? (ex. Lawful Good, Chaotic Evil)
  20. Do they have any hobbies? What are they?
  21. Do they have a favorite holiday? How do they celebrate it?
  22. What’s their favorite season?
  23. Do they have a temper or are they level headed?
  24. Do they express their emotions freely or hide their true feelings?
  25. Are they a leader or a follower?
  26. How do they come off to others? What first impression do they usually make?
  27. Do they prefer to travel alone or with company? Who have they traveled with if any? Current companion if any?
  28. Would you describe them as selfless or selfish? Does it depend on the situation?
  29. What do they find most attractive in others? Name at least one psychological and physical trait. (doesn’t have to be romantic attraction)
  30. Do they flirt often? How easily do they fall in love?
  31. What’s their love life like? Are they interested in anyone or in a relationship?
  32. Do they prefer to solve things diplomatically or using violence?
  33. What is their combat style? What range do they prefer? Do they sneak?
  34. What weapon(s) do they always carry with them?
  35. Their most prized possession?
  36. Their thoughts on power armor?
  37. Favorite armor/ outfit?
  38. How’s their aim? Do their hands shake while pointing a gun?
  39. What are their thoughts on having to kill on a daily bases in order to survive? Does it take a toll on them? Or do they shake it off rather easily?
  40. Thoughts on death if any? (ex. Fear it, accept it)
  41. Do they move around a lot or prefer to have a place to call home?
  42. What’s their favorite location?
  43. Their opinions on ghouls, feral and not feral?
  44. Do they scavenge for their supplies or simply buy them?
  45. Are they the type to get distracted and go off to an unknown nearby location or do they stay on track?
  46. How do they sleep? Are they picky about where and how or can they sleep basically anywhere?
  47. What’s their favorite radio station and song? (post-apocalypse)
  48. What’s their favorite post-apocalyptic food? Are they a picky eater? Do they know how to cook?
  49. What’s their favorite beverage? Do they drink alcohol?
  50. Do they have any tag skills?
  51. Anything they like to collect? (ex. Unique weapons, Bobbleheads)
  52. Are they good at disarming traps or do they constantly miss them?

(Add other questions you want to be asked if I missed any)

every girl who could have the power, will have the power. can stand up, will stand up. slayers, every one of us. make your choice. are you ready to be strong? 

happy 20th anniversary to my favourite show of all time, to my heroine. one girl in all the world.

the hardest thing in this world is to live in it. be brave. live. 

They swore they’d be together forever - they’d take on the world ( universe ) together. But Person A is the chosen one. They’re the one prophesied to save the world. Person B isn’t. And while they were together as children, Person A left when they were barely a teenager to start training. And B? They started training too. Each grew, on two different paths.

B became a leader of their oppressed community, protecting their people and navigating them through the world and its harsh conditions alone.

A grew and trained and after years apart from B, they return, and fulfill their destiny, swooping in to destroy the great evil and save their friends.

They expect B to be happy. They did it. And B is. At least, about the thing being gone. Because after it? After the battle when A goes to talk to them? B doesn’t acknowledge their existence. B pretends A is nothing more than a stranger. And it hurts. Somehow more than any of the obstacles A faced before.

My Harry Potter life goals

When I build a house, I am going to build a dungeon and have a secret door and passageway to get there with a 32 character cryptic password which would lead to a room filled with Harry Potter books, movies, relics, copies of fanfics, wand collections, broom collection and an elaborate shrine to Harry Potter (book Harry Potter and not Dan, because that would be super creepy… pfft..) and when my kids come off age, I would hand over the password and greet death like an old friend… that is basically my life goal

anonymous asked:

What do you think about "Chosen ones"? My story has the main character developing into sort of one (only person with special Powers, etc) and it's bugging me a bit. In books like HP, Harry himself was just lucky enough to survive most attacks most of the time. He was just at the right place at the right time with the right tools. Same could be said of other stories with "chosen ones". I don't want my story to revolve around serendipity over skills. Thanks!

Hey anon!

I think that the best approach for this question is acknowledging that there are multiple versions of the Chosen One trope. While the protagonist is generally the subject for a reason, the weight placed on their shoulders is determined by the world they live in and the circumstances of the narrative.

Most of the stories I’ve read that make use of the Chosen One type follow three specific types:

  • The Figurehead —  The person chosen by the people to represent a group or movement
  • The One Foretold — The person predicted by a prophecy to fill a specific role
  • The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy — The person who fulfills the outcome predicted by a prophecy

I’m sure there are other types and combinations that would lead to different interpretations, but they generally boil down to one of the above. Each of them are typically handled in a different way, so the first step is deciding which one of these best represents your story and the type of character you want to portray.

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Writing Prompt #88

I used to be the bleeding-hearted hero. I used to do everything in my powers to help anyone in just the slightest bit of need, hoping to save whomever I could reach. The old me would be apalled to see that now I can’t find myself to be bothered with anyone but myself.