chose compassion


To live anew in every passing instant fleeting
eternity is reborn and dies within each breath 
smiling you are alive in this wondrous moment
and exist beyond all realms of birth and death

Calming your mind you went deep into silence
seeking a truth no mortal eyes would ever see
you awakened innocent of all worldly violence
no longer condemned a prisoner was set free

The earth smiled for a Bodhisattva had arisen  
unbound from those lies you too once believed  
delaying enlightenment you chose compassion 
that the suffering of all beings might be relieved   

If by some reason me making this blog, wakes someone up and helps them change their way of life.. I will feel like I’ve made some good in this world.

 Animals don’t have a voice, it’s up to me, to you to speak up for them..  I decade my life to this cause.  They say that one person can’t make a difference, but I beg to differ..  That’s how everything starts,  one person,  one dream, then two maybe three and before you know it. We have a revolution.

 We can do so much for these animals, by just chosing to do no harm.  Yes people are right when they say what they eat is a personal choice, but guess what  it’s NOT a personal choice for the life of the animal in which you ‘chose ’ to consume.  Their life is already planned out before they are born,  a life of misery, hurt, and death.  They didn’t ask for this life..  

So the next time you 'chose ’ the next time you sit down for a meal please 'chose to do no harm.  Keep the animal off your plate. There are plenty meat substitutes,  if you want meat.  Just chose wisely,  and remember that animal on plate didn’t ask for the life it’s living or lived..  Go vegan, chose compassion . Help yourself ..

If I can change one person’s way of thinking it will make me happy, to know that I’ve at least save a few animals in the future   ..  I will continue to speak up for animals as long as I am alive.  Being vegan is a choice, I chose to live and cause the least amount of harm I possibly can..  I’m not perfect, and no I don’t think I am better than you..  I can just see the true horror of this world and I don’t want to be a part of it.  

I pray for Paris. I pray for Beruit. I pray for Japan. I pray for Kenya. I pray for Syria. I pray for Iraq.

I pray because black lives matter. I pray because trans lives matter. I pray because undocumented lives matter. I pray because refugee lives matter. I pray for the afraid. I pray for the abused, for the oppressed, for the unheard, for the forgotten.

I pray for us. For the people of this beautiful planet. I pray that we continue to choose to feel and that we do not despair. I pray that we do not look away.

I pray that we don’t shy away from feelings of anger and sadness and pain and fear.

I pray that we step into those feelings with courage and creativity and let them drive us to be better to one another.

I pray that we chose empathy, kindness and compassion, when it hurts less to be apathetic.

I pray that we see the hurt of people like us, and that that hurt drives us to make our communities better. I pray that the probe doesn’t stay “over there”, but that it becomes exceptionally personal.

I pray that we may have the courage to be wrong, to be changed, and that we may have the compassion to listen to difference without fear. I pray for the strength to have courageous conversations.

I pray for people causing hurt and terror and pain. I pray that we have the courage to see where we cause damage. I pray that that the causers of hurt and terror and pain may find love, redemption, grace, forgiveness, and hope.

I pray for the courage to see beauty, for the courage to create in the face of conflict, for the audacity to choose light and kindness when fear should win. I pray that we celebrate that, though evil exists, it cannot crush love.

—  Bridgette McCarthy