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dread pirate roberts: "But then why wouldn't the compass work? If his primary concern was saving himself from Davy Jones then surely it would be pointing squarely in the direction of the chest, but Jack WAS PREOCCUPIED WITH SOMETHING TO THE EXTENT THAT HE STILL COULD NOT OPERATE THE COMPASS EVEN WHEN HE WAS IN MORTAL PERIL- makes you think that 'something' may have been a pretty big deal for him" HAHAHA HE WANTS HER MORE THAN HE WANTS NOT TO DIE HAHAHA IM HAVING A SEIZURE HAHAHAHAHAHA BYEEE

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The Doctor Always Lies (Eleventh x Reader)

Character: Eleventh Doctor

Fandom: Doctor Who

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Angst

Title: The Doctor Always Lies

Requested by anon:

hi can you do a 11th doctor x female reader based off “rule number one the doctor always lies” and just like quite angsty and dramatic thank you also hope you had a wonderful christmas and new year !! x

Requested by anon:

Can you do an imagine about doctor who (eleven) where the reader and the doctor are on an adventure and they meet a weeping angel but reader gets caught by one then the doctor saves the reader and at the end they kiss (lots of fluff pls)

Requested by @darkknightiplier:

The reader getting in trouble with some kind of alien or other kind of supernatural thing. The Doctor saves you in time and feels like there’s something special about you that he gives you a key to the tardis and the reader becoming the companion?

There was something in the air. An eerie feeling confirmed my hunch that something strange was happening that day.

I tried to go on with my life, even if a constant dread told me something awful was about to happen. Something I couldn’t really explain. An intuition, perhaps.

All I knew was the environment felt different. And just as I thought about that, I realized something: I couldn’t hear a sound.

That was odd, especially because the streets were usually crowded with people and filled with varied noises. The silence was unsettling all of a sudden, even if some days I found myself wishing for it.

I warily walked around the streets, wondering what was happening, when I saw it.

A strange figure, which oddly resembled a statue even if I had a feeling it could move. It was right in front of me, and I was paralyzed by fear.

“Don’t move!” A voice yelled behind me, making me turn my head. “And don’t blink!”

“What?” I asked in confusion, frowning as I stared at the strange man running in my direction.

“No, don’t look at me! Look at it!” The man told me urgently, pointing a finger to the statue in front of me. “Keep your eyes on it!”

I obeyed, turning my head again so I was facing it. Once my eyes were settled on it, I realized it was closer. At mere centimeters from my face.

I screamed in fear, realizing it had actually moved. It was alive, or at least sentient. Which was extremely scary.

Especially due to the fact that it had moved its hands to uncover his eyes and the angelical and calm posture from before evolved into a threatening and wild one that seemed to imply it wanted to kill me. Judging by its teeth and terrifying appearance.

“What is this?!” I exclaimed, keeping my eyes on the statue and trying not to blink as the man had commanded me to.

“Weeping angels” He replied, getting ahold of my wrist and cautiously and slowly pulling at it. “If you aren’t looking at them, they move and get you”

“Then what should we do?” I gulped, breathing heavily because of the fear that was taking over me.

“Just keep looking” He said as though he was trying to stay calm.

“Okay” I slowly walked with him as he gently pulled at my wrist, still trying to take a few steps away from them.

“Oh, and one more thing?”



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I've been struggling a lot recently due to people's ignorance when it comes to politics, social justice, and just everything in general and it pisses me off so much and just makes me hate the world so much, I really don't know how I'm supposed to be reacting because it's really pissing me off and I hate bigots soooooooo much. I don't know what to do please help

My friend, the only advice I can give you is to make peace with it. There will always be ignorant people out there, everyone has their own personal beliefs and you can’t tell people they are wrong. What is true for you may not be true for someone else. And from a bigger picture perspective, not everyone is here to awaken, so to speak. Our Souls chose to come to this physical reality for a reason, and that reason is duality. Now what does duality mean to you? To me it means there is light & dark, yin & yang, love & hatred, fear & acceptance, beauty and ugliness, life and death. You see, good and bad are human constructs. In Nature there is only balance, which in of itself is another form of yin and yang. When our Souls chose to incarnate here, it does so with the knowledge and desire of karmic lessons. Knowing that for the Soul to grow and become one with source again, it needs to experience this world, in all it’s beauty, and all it’s ugliness. For it’s not the painful experience’s or hardships one might face, it’s how you react to them that matters most. 
Now in your case lets say, you see all these ignorant people everywhere. Bigots that are overcome with fear and ruled by ego. Creating pain and ugliness in the world. It’s easy to become overcome with hate for them, but wait, isn’t that what they are doing? You have a choice, you can chose be the Yin to their Yang, you can chose love. You can chose to be understanding, you can chose to have compassion for them as well, it doesn’t matter that you may think they are not deserving. What matters is that you make the choice of love over hate. You can elevate your own vibration, the vibration of the world, and the vibration of those you speak of, as they are some of the most in need of love in our world.
These are just my thoughts, take them or leave them, but I hope something I said will give you a little peace. 

@adventurousjay17‘s TATTOO!!! I can’t get over how beautiful it is, but even better is her explanation (below) for the different parts that perfectly coalesce into the whole—thank you so much for keeping me in the loop and sharing!! 

The quote in itself resonated so much within me. I felt this strange, metaphorical pull to better myself and reading your fiction (and so many others in this fandom) brought me to take that courageous first step.

I chose the compass and decided not to have the directions on it. This became symbolic to me because no matter what path I decide to follow in life, the compass will constantly lead me towards my destination; towards what I am fighting for; towards what I believe in.

The gear, as always, is Heda’s gear but it also became symbolic to me because a gear is necessary in machinery. Without a certain gear, the machine won’t work so it’s the same with my life. If I don’t continue to stay strong, to be who I want to be and in turn be happy, then my life won’t work.

I chose to put it down my spine because in human anatomy and physiology, the spine is the base for everything in your body. Without it, you’d be limbs and fat. It connects your brain/emotions with your heart/body.

I cannot begin to tell you how emotional I got when my artist finished the tattoo. This quote is like my backbone, solidifying what my life means to me.

“From the moment Margaret became a widow she sought Jasper’s guidance for herself and also for important decisions regarding her son, who needed a strong base. It is often claimed by novelists, and thought by many people, that Jasper and Margaret were in love with each other but as brother-in-law and sister-in-law were forbidden to marry Jasper chose, out of compassion, to take care of her son, his nephew. This is most likely unfounded gossip and there are in fact several reasons which disprove it.

Originally posted by bethwoodvilles

If Jasper and Margaret were really in love and wanting to marry they could have easily discussed this with the king, who would have been able to ask the pope for a dispensation. Whether or not the request would have been granted remains open to question, but the fact is that the pope did give his permission in other similar cases: for example, the later marriage of Henry VIII to his widowed sister-in-law Catherine of Aragon.

Further, custody of Margaret was fully in Jasper’s hands after Edmund’s death, something that would surely have expedited matters if there were any feelings of love between them. On the contrary, Jasper started negotiations with the Duke of Buckingham (with whom he had by now developed a close relationship) for Margaret’s marriage to the duke’s son, probably two months after she had given birth. As soon as the young mother was churched in March, Jasper, Margaret and probably baby Henry visited the duke at his manor at Greenfield near Newport and it is likely that this was when Margaret’s third marriage was arranged with Buckingham’s second son Henry Stafford, her second cousin. By this marriage, Jasper lost a source of income, but as he made the match himself he must have preferred Margaret and his young nephew’s safety and the cementing of this powerful and political alliance above the financial side.

Another counter-indication of a secret love affair between Jasper and Margaret is a tradition that, between 1453 and 1459, Jasper fathered two illegitimate daughters, Joan and Helen or Ellen, by a Welshwoman named Mevany ferch Dafydd from Gwynnedd. Both daughters are said to have been born in Snowdonia. Joan (born 1453) is said to have married William ap Yevan (son of Yevan ap William and Margaret Kemoys), by whom she had twin sons called Morgan and John ap William (s) born in Lanishen, Wales, in 1479. It is believed that Joan herself died while giving birth, but Morgan, in 1499, married Thomas Cromwell’s sister Katherine Cromwell in Putney Church, Norwell, Nottinghamshire, and so became fourth generation ancestor to Oliver Cromwell. Jasper’s alleged second daughter, Helen or Ellen. is said to have been born in 1459 and married, after 1485, William Gardiner (son of Thomas Gardiner and Anna de la Grove), a cloth merchant who became a spearman for the Lancastrians at the Battle of Bosworth. […] Ellen and William Gardiner had at least one son, Stephen Gardiner, who became a prominent figure under the Tudor monarchy, especially during  Henry VIII’s reign.

Therefore, it is not known if and how long Jasper’s relationship with Mevany lasted but it is a possibility that she was his mistress until around the early 1460′s, since there is no mention of any children he had with her. Not even Jasper’s will refers to the girls or Mevanvy and there is no evidence for their existance in any remaining contemporary source. The earliest known source is William Dugdale’s Baronage dating to 1676, but this gives only Ellen as Jasper’s illegitimate daughter and makes no mention of Mevanvy. Dugdale reports that Jasper ‘leaving no other issue than one illegitimate daughter, called Ellen, who became the Wife of William Gardiner, Citizen of London.At all events, there is no indication that Jasper’s association with Margaret was anything more than just friendship or a brother-sister relationship.”

From: “Jasper Tudor, Godfather of the Tudor Dynasty”, written by Debra Bayani.


To live anew in every passing instant fleeting
eternity is reborn and dies within each breath 
smiling you are alive in this wondrous moment
and exist beyond all realms of birth and death

Calming your mind you went deep into silence
seeking a truth no mortal eyes would ever see
you awakened innocent of all worldly violence
no longer condemned a prisoner was set free

The earth smiled for a Bodhisattva had arisen  
unbound from those lies you too once believed  
delaying enlightenment you chose compassion 
that the suffering of all beings might be relieved   

Oopsie! Guess the Compassion line is an unreliable quote that still wasn’t added to the final cut of the movie. And it’s not a fact of Kylo’s feelings. Nothing to do with romantic feelings implicitly or explicitly, but simply an opinion of compassion towards an enemy. And what is compassion in the context of the dark side, I wonder? 🙄 It is unreliable, so…

It could mean anything? It’s not a definite evidence of Kylo having the hots for Rey? What a surprise! 🙄

Guess it’s not that important in the end, fellas. That’s why they didn’t even bother adding it in the movie. We all know what happened in the end; he chose power over compassion.

Originally posted by justalittletumblweed

I hate it when Wonder Woman, of all people, is used in posts captioned “misandry!” or “kill all men!” She is one of my favorite characters and in no way represents the hateful ideology that these people spew.

WW was raised to believe that men were evil and would ruin the Amazon utopia. She was taught that men were a poison and that that is why they lived apart. She grew up in a society that routinely sought out ships, had sex with all of the men (for breeding purposes only), and then slaughtered them all and dumped their bodies in the ocean. This society traded their male infants for weapons and, if they weren’t good for trading, they would have simply thrown the infants off of cliffs.

Despite all of this, WW chose to live in the world, instead of staying on the island. She chose to have compassion and love for all people and to use her powers to help men and women alike. She rejected her upbringing and had fulfilling relationships with men.

She is an example of someone who overcame a society of bigots and chose love and compassion for all people. She is as far away from a violent misandrist as you can get.

If WW saw herself used in one of these “kill all men” gifs, she would probably be horrified.

Another thing I think is beautiful about how Sam turned his “It’s not what you are, it’s what you do, it’s your choice” line from 4.04 on its head in 10.02 to basically say to Dean “I don’t care what you did, it’s what you are. You’re my brother and I love you anyways” is it shows he’ll only contradict himself on this when he’s making room for more compassion. He’ll only rethink his stance on this issue to make more room for love and acceptance. 

From the Ground up

(This is going to be long, and a bit bitchy, but it takes a very positive view of season 11 and Destiel in general. Also a virtual hug to the fandom.)

So, I want to say clearly that this is something I generally don’t do: I don’t like to criticize people for doing their job wrong, even when they’re horrible at it (maybe I lived in the UK for too long, but my reaction is always a smile and a Thank you, even when waiters drop food and wine and candles on me and I catch fire and die). And, after a few spectacular rows during my first few weeks on the internet (many, many years ago) I now try not to fight with people online, because it’s a waste of time and it never ends well - the best one can hope for is the so-called reductio as Hitlerum, so, yeah.

(And I’m not saying this to imply I’m some sort of übernice person - I’m just that person who is very easily outraged and replays arguments for hours and cannot believe they would see it that way months after the thing even happened, so at one point I just decided to try and focus on the fights worth having instead of being high and mighty all the bloody time.

Also, when you get to be my age you start to realize you might not be as competent and omniscient as you once thought, so you sort of decide not to judge all the people all the time.)

That said, today I’ve been restless and mindless and I was really curious to find out what the rest of the world has been saying about The Chitters, because to me it’s really, really obvious something momentous is going on and I needed to know if I was delusional (because sometimes I am).

And, well.

I looked through a dozen reviews, and this is what the professionals had to say about the episode:

Now, I didn’t include the sources of these excerpts, because, as I said, I don’t want to fight with anyone and I don’t think ranting at one site or another would be a productive use of anyone’s time.

Still, I think it’s worth repeating that these writers are professionals who review TV series for a living and are presumably paid to do it. And yet, it’s very plain they understand nothing of what has been going on on this show.

First of all, yes, it’s true that the overall structure, split between main arc episodes and MotW episodes, is sometimes frustrating. But: a good MotW episode brings so much to the story, because Supernatural has never been about what some of these reviewers think it is about. This is not some old-school videogame where the characters are four-pixel figures who jump over things and kill things and progress to bigger and bigger monsters. The point was never to see how they could defeat a series of increasingly creepy villains. No, from the very beginning, Supernatural was about the internal struggle we all face - the monsters were, and I can’t believe this isn’t obvious to everyone, a metaphor. Because it never mattered that Sam was supposed to say yes to Lucifer, specifically. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Lucifer, he’s a jewel of a character, and also very impressive, and he does come with 2000+ years of awesome history and mythology, but Melville achieved the same effect with a freaking fish (I know, I know: not a fish, but come on), so Lucifer is clearly not the point. No, what Supernatural was always about is all that other stuff - those questions which keep us up at night (or, at least, which should keep us up at night): Who am I, really? Is it possible to truly change? To become better? To be true to myself? Is compassion stronger than violence, or is violence always the better choice? Are other people entitled to the same privileges I allow myself? Or, to put it more bluntly, will I ever believe a monster can change? Or does birth really determines who we are? What do you owe other people? What is love, and is it always a good thing? Can you ever show your love to someone by choosing to step away? What happens when I die? Does destiny exist? Or are we free to write our own path? And which option should we prefer?

These questions are fascinating because, on the one hand, they seem very deep and complex, and indeed, most philosophers have discussed the finer points over the centuries; but, on the other hand, it’s also the kind of stuff we all wonder about when we’re teenagers, or when we suffer a trauma of some kind (when someone dies or leaves us, for instance). Which is, in the end, the same thing, because God knows being a teenager is a trauma in itself (#ItGetsBetter).

Anyway, their perfect blend of complexity and accessibility is what makes them very good fiction material. Achilles had to choose between greatness and obscurity; he chose greatness, and so did Jason, and so did Theseus (they all died bloody). Menelaus chose compassion over violence, and was rewarded. Agamemnon chose violence over compassion, and he was slaughtered. So did Odyseeus, though, who was saved. Hell, even Rachel found herself at a crossroad (remain the person her family and upbringing had led her to be, or be true to herself and lose everything) because Friends may be a sitcom, but that’s the stuff that works. That’s the basis upon which everything is built. It’s even useless to make a list, because we might as well include everyone and everything.

Going back to Supernatural, the implications of this are pretty obvious. For instance, it doesn’t matter if we don’t always have new and better monsters (look at how Red Meat used werewolves) and it certainly doesn’t matter if Sam and Dean don’t spend their whole time being beaten half to death by some psyhcopathic hairless ghoul hybrid. The way they do things and what they talk about is just as important as the general direction of the season, and mostly even more so. Dean sparing his first demon wasn’t an oddity of the script: it was the beginning of a very long journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance (still ongoing). Sam struggling between his rationality (the end justifies the means) and his instinctive compassion (the need to save as many people as possible) isn’t a boring problem we’ve seen enough of already, now show me the decapitated vamp. Those things aren’t the background of the show: they are the show. What will matter, in the end, is not if Amara is defeated or not, but whether Sam and Dean, our heroes, will have managed to find their true selves and embrace them. This is what the Hero’s Journey is all about, and things have been that way since Gilgamesh and Enkidu journeyed to the Cedar Mountain almost 4000 years ago.

The fact that professional writers don’t get it is, frankly, worrisome. The fact many seem to think this episode added nothing to the season arc - the fact all of them saw Jesse and Cesar as parallels for Sam and Dean - is, and I’m sorry to be blunt, people not being able to do their jobs. Subtext is not always easy to spot, and sometimes things are complicated by the fact writers may not even be aware they’ve put something there until the thing is pointed out to them (as a very famous writer confirmed to me only last week). Which is why this joke -

- annoys me to no end.

But, well: it is perhaps unfair to ask a 15-year-old to analyze and understand a text university professors are still squabbling over. Still, anyone writing for a living - any journalist worth their salt - should be able to spot motives and patterns as a matter of course.

With that, I’m not trying to say they should see what I see because it’s Destiel and I want Destiel to happen. As many have pointed out over the years, the writers have deliberately created (are still deliberately creating) that relationship. This is not something we’re imagining. But I must also say clearly I think many of the ships I see on tumblr are wishful thinking. Not everything is a deception or a conspiracy. Sometimes, things aren’t written that way from the beginning, in my opinion, and wanting two characters to be together just because they’re both single or hot or like the same things is not the same as them being pushed together by a conscious manipulation of the plot. In other words: it is, of course, allowed to ship anyone with anyone, but the reality is, some things are canon and some aren’t. And this goes for Destiel as well: I enjoy fluff and soulful quotes as much as the next person, but I don’t think Dean is the kind of person who can be fluffy, and he definitely has a lot of ground to cover before coming even close to those lovely and long-winded declarations of love one so often reads in fanfiction.

Then again, there is wishful thinking and then there are downright mistakes. Thinking that Sam is insisting they hunt to ‘distract Dean from the Amara problem’, as one reviewer puts it, is ludicrous. It’s textual, and very loud by now, that Cas is what Dean is concerned about. Which is significant, because, surely, what he should be thinking about is that he unleashed a chaotic, all-powerful deity hell-bent on destroying the whole world - and that literally never comes up. Even last night, Sam and Dean allow Jesse and Cesar to walk off into the sunset never once mentioning that sunset could very well turn into a nuclear rain by next week, if Amara gets bored and starts messing around a bit more consistently (somehow, I don’t think she’ll decide to spare New Mexico just because). And thinking The Chitters was all about Jesse - thinking that was odd - I’m sorry, but the only thing you should be allowed to analyse is the label of a Heinz beans can. Of course it’s about Jesse, and it’s about Jesse because - I’ll help you out - Jesse is someone who’s struggled a lot to come to terms with his sexuality and his place in the hunting community, and therefore -

And stating not only that Jesse and Cesar are a parallel for Sam and Dean, but that their relationship echoes the 'loving-but-dysfunctional’ dynamic going on between the brothers - where is it written that what Jesse and Cesar have is dysfunctional in any way? It’s not, which means it’s not a parallel for what’s going on between Sam and Dean but rather -


Anyway, I’ve learned two things from this painful experience.

First, thank God for the internet and user-generated content. It’s a relatively new thing, of course, which means it doesn’t always work, but it’s also a gigantic source of meticulously peer-reviewed material, and, as we know, someone else’s critique is one of the most important elements in any kind of scientific pursuit, and also the best bulwark against utter bullshit. Back in the 1990s, those TV websites (at the time, actual paper magazines) would have been my only source of information and analysis on my favourite show, and their word would have been law. No longer.

Second, if the goal is really some kind of textual Destiel - and, Jesus, where else could we be going? - then they’re going to have to be a lot clearer than this, because it beggars belief, but some people are still not getting it. I don’t know what we need at this point - perhaps some BM moment where the whole thing comes out, and Dean admits it was beyond hard to be bi growing up - no idea. But if this is where they’re going, it needs to be stated clearly, so it won’t come as a WTF thing to - apparently - many, many viewers (and reviewers).

And finally, a big, big hug to everyone involved in Supernatural. I think they’ve done an amazing job this season, and reading all those bitchy complaints about those stupid, stupid things - monsters not being original enough, unnecessary random characters and whatnot - must be frustrating to people who’re actually trying to further a completely different plot - something which is not, and never was, about the monsters; something which is, instead, about ourselves and our place in the world.

Guys, you’ve really worked hard, and it shows. Thank you

I pray for Paris. I pray for Beruit. I pray for Japan. I pray for Kenya. I pray for Syria. I pray for Iraq.

I pray because black lives matter. I pray because trans lives matter. I pray because undocumented lives matter. I pray because refugee lives matter. I pray for the afraid. I pray for the abused, for the oppressed, for the unheard, for the forgotten.

I pray for us. For the people of this beautiful planet. I pray that we continue to choose to feel and that we do not despair. I pray that we do not look away.

I pray that we don’t shy away from feelings of anger and sadness and pain and fear.

I pray that we step into those feelings with courage and creativity and let them drive us to be better to one another.

I pray that we chose empathy, kindness and compassion, when it hurts less to be apathetic.

I pray that we see the hurt of people like us, and that that hurt drives us to make our communities better. I pray that the probe doesn’t stay “over there”, but that it becomes exceptionally personal.

I pray that we may have the courage to be wrong, to be changed, and that we may have the compassion to listen to difference without fear. I pray for the strength to have courageous conversations.

I pray for people causing hurt and terror and pain. I pray that we have the courage to see where we cause damage. I pray that that the causers of hurt and terror and pain may find love, redemption, grace, forgiveness, and hope.

I pray for the courage to see beauty, for the courage to create in the face of conflict, for the audacity to choose light and kindness when fear should win. I pray that we celebrate that, though evil exists, it cannot crush love.

—  Bridgette McCarthy

Its that time of year again where I need to remind you not to lose your faith in humanity.  Here are a few pictures of when humans chose compassion over violence:

  1. Man playing piano for police [Kiev, Ukraine, 2013]
  2. A brave priest organises a human shield between protestors and police [Kiev, Ukraine, 2013]
  3. A student protesting education reform leans in to kiss a riot officer [Bogotá, Colombia, 2011]
  4. A student protesting education reform hugs a policeman [Bogotá, Colombia, 2011]
  5. Protesters share crackers with Colombian riot police [Columbia, 2013]
  6. Woman successfully defends a group of cornered riot officers from angry protesters [Bogotá, Colombia, 2013]
  7. Egyptian woman kisses a policeman during the revolution against the Mubarak Government [Egypt, 2011]
  8. Woman defends a wounded protester from a military bulldozer [Egypt, 2013]
  9. Christians protecting Muslims as they pray during the revolution [Cairo, Egypt, 2011]
  10. An anti-government protester offers a rose to a soldier [Bangkok, Thailand, 2013]

When Humans Chose Compassion Over Violence

  1. Protesters help a dog affected by tear gas [Ankara, Turkey, 2013]
  2. Child touches his reflection during a KKK demonstration [Georgia, USA, 1992]
  3. Mourners form a 5-mile barrier between a soldier’s funeral and Them [USA, 2012]
  4. Flower power during the Vietnam War Protests [Arlington, Virginia, 1967]
  5. A child poses beside National Guard members during the LA Riots [Los Angeles, USA, 1992]
  6. Occupy protesters help a woman in a wheelchair escape teargas [Oakland, USA, 2011]
  7. Syrian war orphan shows revolutionary spirit as he calls for Saudi support of the rebels [Saudi Arabia, 2012]
  8. Egyptians embrace army soldiers after they refuse orders to fire on civilians [Cairo, Egypt, 2011]

it is important to remember that no matter what values are at stake, we are all on the same team.

remember when Asami turned her back on everything she knew and loved in an instant because she wanted to do what was right?

remember when she chose compassion over revenge and stopped herself from ending the life of her father, whom moments earlier had attempted to murder her?

remember when all that was left of her family, her company, was crumbling into the dust and she still put it aside to help save the world without being asked?

Remember when she created and executed the plan to fly a plane into enemy territory essentially on a suicide mission to give korra a chance at entering the spirit world?

remember when she let mako and bolin’s entire family stay in her personal home free of charge?

remember when she comforted korra when she was at her lowest and remained by her side until korra wanted to be alone in the southern water tribe? a choice she respected despite how much she wanted to stay and help her?

remember when she saw republic city struggling to adjust to the spirits and korra couldn’t help so she rebuilt and remodeled and entire city just so that people and spirits could live in harmony, giving people jobs, homes, and safety?

remember when she allowed Prince Wu to stay in her home because he needed somewhere safe?

remember when she confronted the man who ripped her heart in two and told him she forgave him?

remember when she refused to give up on the day of the colossus when Varrick insisted that there was nothing non-benders could do?

remember when she was willing to be crushed to death just so korra could even have a chance at infiltrating the colossus?

If by some reason me making this blog, wakes someone up and helps them change their way of life.. I will feel like I’ve made some good in this world.

 Animals don’t have a voice, it’s up to me, to you to speak up for them..  I decade my life to this cause.  They say that one person can’t make a difference, but I beg to differ..  That’s how everything starts,  one person,  one dream, then two maybe three and before you know it. We have a revolution.

 We can do so much for these animals, by just chosing to do no harm.  Yes people are right when they say what they eat is a personal choice, but guess what  it’s NOT a personal choice for the life of the animal in which you ‘chose ’ to consume.  Their life is already planned out before they are born,  a life of misery, hurt, and death.  They didn’t ask for this life..  

So the next time you 'chose ’ the next time you sit down for a meal please 'chose to do no harm.  Keep the animal off your plate. There are plenty meat substitutes,  if you want meat.  Just chose wisely,  and remember that animal on plate didn’t ask for the life it’s living or lived..  Go vegan, chose compassion . Help yourself ..

If I can change one person’s way of thinking it will make me happy, to know that I’ve at least save a few animals in the future   ..  I will continue to speak up for animals as long as I am alive.  Being vegan is a choice, I chose to live and cause the least amount of harm I possibly can..  I’m not perfect, and no I don’t think I am better than you..  I can just see the true horror of this world and I don’t want to be a part of it.  


When Humans Chose Compassion Over Violence

  1. Caring citizens offer tea to British riot police [London, England, 2011]
  2. Citizens band together to clean up the mess following London riots [London, England, 2011]
  3. Brazilian protester carrying an injured officer to safety [Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2012]
  4. Protesters in Brazil bring cake to an officer for his birthday [Brazil, 2013]
  5. An Iranian police officer is protected by civilians after being beaten by rioters [Tehran, Iran, 2009]
  6. A young boy offers a heart-shaped balloon to police [Bucharest, Romania, 2012]
  7. Riot police and protesters share a cry together [Sofia, Bulgaria, 2013]
  8. Riot police help a woman affected by tear gas [Ankara, Turkey, 2013]
  9. Girl hands water to two officers [Bosnia, 2013]
  10. German riot officers take off their helmets and escort Occupy protesters [Frankfurt, Germany, 2011]