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Queen of Peace lyrics? Ily btw.

[Verse 1]
Oh, the king
Gone mad within his suffering
Called out for relief
Someone cure him of his grief

[Verse 2]
His only son
Cut down, but the battle won
Oh, what is it worth
When all that’s left is hurt?

Like the stars chase the sun
Over the glowing hill, I will conquer
Blood is running deep
Some things never sleep

Suddenly I’m overcome
Dissolving like the setting sun

Like a boat into oblivion
Cause you’re driving me away
Now you have me on the run
The damage is already done
Come on, is this what you want?
Cause you’re driving me away

[Verse 3]
Oh, the queen of peace
Always does her best to please
Is it any use?
Somebody’s gotta lose

[Verse 4]
Like a long scream
Out there, always echoing
Oh, what is it worth?
All that’s left is hurt

[Pre-Chorus] + [Chorus]

And my love is no good
Against the fortress that it made of you
Blood is running deep
Sorrow that you keep


You can also look at interpretations of the lyrics here :) More added all the time!

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“So what? What’s the matter?”

She looked up at him. “Sorry?”

“You, being a half-berry.” he repeated. “I don’t see any problem with that.”

“But… My father….”

“Will your father hate it if we are together?”

“No, he doesn’t even know where I am now. My mother took me away from him when I was little. I never knew him. All I know is that his name is Sphagnum Butterwort and he is my biological father.”

“Oh, love…” Chorus sighed and pressed his forehead close to hers. “He must be very proud if he knows that he has such a bright daughter like you.”

“That, I’m not even sure if he remember me.” Calyptra said. “You know, my mom neglected me as soon as she got married to another berry. I’m just a result of her affair with my father and when you saw me here for the first time, I was running away from home. I have no one who cares for me. Well maybe Lilly does but she’s just too mean and told me that I’m just an illegitimate child.”

“You are still their daughter. And now you are not alone anymore,” Chorus told her. Kissing her forehead. “You’re a part of my family. You belong with us.”

“I doubt that I would ever find a better place than being on your side too.”

“Then is it okay if I take you home now?”