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What ppl don't understand is even using she pronouns on love song between two women is a huge step forward and Halsey and lauren r two very known names I'm sorry but Haley kiyoko is not that relevant strangers will probably b sent to radio it was very brave of them please give credit when its due and do not belittle someone's artistic expression and I loveddd the song the chorus is so catchy. Girls like girls is in ur face but Halsey wanted strangers to be just a normal love song with two girls


Interview with Mary “Butchie” Tom, one of the Forbidden City nightclub dancers.

(Video posted on YouTube September 29, 2010)


Photographing the Cabaret Dancers by Peter Driben by Tom Simpson


A List of 10 Don’ts for a Youth in the 1910s

1.—Don’t fall in love because you’re in bachelor quarters for the first time.
2.—Don’t think you’re in love with a girl because she’s had a lot of trouble.
3.—Don’t take an inferior or superior position when you’ve found the golden girl; walk alongside.
4.—Don’t forget love is contagious—never infectious.
5.—Don’t fall in love with a chorus girl after the second high-ball; it takes lots more to keep it up.
6.—Don’t but a new suit the moment you think you’re in love; she may not like it, and you may have to wear it out.
7.—Don’t propose to the same girl more than three times.
8.—Don’t be too sentimental; women, though practical, like at this period to show some sentimentality themselves.
9.—Don’t keep on talking about the last girl you were engaged to, to the last girl you mean to marry.
10.—Don’t make love; love makes itself. 


Manitowoc Herald-Times, Wisconsin, September 24, 1926

I guess I hate men.

I hate to get up at three o’clock in the morning to answer the telephone and have some male voice tell me, “Wrong number”.

I hate to get out of the bath tub to take a parcel from a delivery boy for the family next door who are not at home.

I hate male dancers with permanently waved hair.

I hate old men that dance with me and say, “What’s your ‘phone number girlie?”

I hate young men that say “Gracious, can’t you Charleston?”

I hate the landlord when he writes “Please remit”.

I hate the old school boy friend that says, “Let’s see, you’re one year older than I am”.

I hate the tailor when he says “My, but you’re putting on weight.”

I hate men that take me out to a supper club and then dance with all the chorus girls so that I have to go home with an uncle.

I have men that say, “Can you imagine me falling for a blonde”.



[Verse 1]
She’s got a family in Carolina
So far away, but she says I remind her of home
Feeling oh so far from home
She never saw herself as a west coaster
Moved all the way cause her grandma told her towns
Better swim before you drown

She’s a good girl
She’s such a good girl
Yeah, she’s a good girl
She feels so good

[Verse 2]
She’s got a book for every situation
Gets into parties without invitations
How could you ever turn her down?
I’ve had a dream that I think I’ve seen her
How would I tell her that she’s all I think about?
Well I guess she just found out

She’s a good girl
She’s such a good girl
Yeah, she’s a good girl
She feels so good

I met her once and wrote a song about her
I wanna scream, yeah
I wanna shout it out
And I hope she hears me now

She’s a good girl
She’s such a good girl
Yeah, she’s a good girl
She feels so good
She feels so good
Oh, she feels so good
Yeah, make me feel so good
She’s a good girl
Oh, yeah


Chorus Girls, c.1920s. by kay Iacunato

heathers the musical: a bad summary (spoiler-free)
  • Beautiful: optimism is pathetic until it works out for you specifically
  • Candy Store: we made you hot now you owe us your life
  • Fight For Me: hot guy comes in and starts beating up jocks more like yes please
  • Freeze Your Brain: i want to kill myself so i drink slushies instead
  • Big Fun: the high school party song, with a little sad for flavor
  • Dead Girl Walking: my social standing just got fucked? guess it's time to go do it with a guy i met like two days ago
  • The Me Inside of Me: two dorks writing a letter supposedly from a dead person. is this like a common theme in musicals or
  • Blue: they're being fuckboys but....... it's a good song
  • Our Love is God: what the actual fuck
  • My Dead Gay Son: this is supposed to be about two dead guys but it's so catchy and kind of adorable?? probably the best song.
  • Seventeen: god dammit JD can you stop being a piece of shit for like four seconds
  • Shine a Light: a good idea in theory. but in practice...
  • Lifeboat: Real Fuckin' Sad
  • Shine a Light (Reprise): Heather what the fUCK
  • Kindergarten Boyfriend: Real Fuckin' Sad 2 - electric boogaloo
  • Yo Girl: ghost chorus narrates girl's life in song, she does not appreciate it
  • Meant to be Yours: That's Fucked Up Man
  • Dead Girl Walking (Reprise): yES veronica you go fuckin save your school im so proud of u
  • I Am Damaged: everybody is sad nothing is okay shit's fucked
  • Seventeen (Reprise): nevermind i feel sort of okay with this now