Hey everyone!! @annapantsu and I are working on a cool idea. We want to get a group of people together for an online performance of Heathers: The Musical! 

The basic idea is we’ll hold auditions for each character, along with the ensemble. We’ll cover the songs and voice act the scenes, and for visuals, any artists wanting to participate will do art for small scenes (storyboard, animatic, or full animation is allowed).

We’ll have a youtube channel where the final project, as well as the individual songs will be posted.

We’re still planning things out before we open for auditions, but if you have any questions or would like tofollow the project, you can check out our tumblr 

Hopefully this will be a fun project for fans of the show to work on together and enjoy!

Theocritus Idyll XVIII, Chorus and Musicians (1913). Sir William Russell Flint (Scottish, 1880-1969). Watercolour with bodycolour over pencil.

This is a design for an illustration in ‘The Idylls of Theocritus’ published in 1922, depicting the line 'Then sang they all in harmony, beating time with woven paces, and the house rang round with the tidal song.’


turned months
that became years,
a bitter reality
for two souls
by the chains
of time.

We searched
to match the truth
that hummed within
a predestined tune,
born from the fibre
of our very

passed like hours
while each heart beat
echoed in poetic rhythm,
an inaudible SOS
meant only
for the other
to hear.

the expanse
of our skies
with a multitude of stars
embellished with hope,
where each one was
a wishful vibration
that tethered our hearts
across the distance.

Two souls
and bound by fate,
cradled safely
in celestial prophesy
that now spills perfectly
into the realm
of reality.

Our chorus
perfect harmonies
within the span
of infinite days
to come.

June 26th ~ 2017 @3:50am

the signs as musical lies i’ve told

Aries: “i didn’t get like any sleep and i didn’t drink my coffee and it’s totally not my fault that i don’t sound good”

Taurus: “yes i was counting that”

Gemini: “yes i know exactly who that composer is and i know exactly what you’re talking about”

Cancer: “it’s my reed”


Virgo: “yes i totally practiced this”

Libra: “you sound sooooo good”

Scorpio: “that’s how it’s supposed to sound”

Sagittarius: “i can totally play that”

Capricorn: “yes i practiced my scales… yes, all of them.”

Aquarius: “sorry i can’t i’ve got a thing”

Pisces: “i suck so much oh my god everybody else is better at this than me how will i ever make it in this cruel world”

Classical Pieces You’ve Heard but Might Not Remember the Name #3

And yet another!

Parts 1 & 2


Chorus - @baritoneblur, @gentlemanwalrus, @invidebitsunshine, Katie Otten, @shynersaurusrex, @thesym, @tenebrismo, @uprisingattorney

Asgore - @readytorole

Chara - @eissibee

Asriel - @atwastage

Toriel - @mloreley

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  • Me in choir rehearsal: I am surrounded by musically illiterate shrieking harpies
  • Me in choir rehearsal: The note didn't move up or down, so why did your pitch
  • Me in choir rehearsal: Your music is being held in front of your face
  • Me in choir rehearsal: What are you doing
  • Me in choir rehearsal: Subdivide or go home
  • Me in choir rehearsal: Please count
  • Me in choir rehearsal: Why am I a Soprano
  • Me in choir rehearsal: I hate my section
  • Me in choir rehearsal: I will pay you to sing quieter
  • Me in choir rehearsal: Why
Billboard Names ‘Mr. Brightside’ Third Best Chorus of 21st Century

Billboard has named The Killers’ ‘Mr. Brightside’ as having the third best chorus of the 21st century.  Billboard has compiled a list of the 100 best choruses of the 21st century.

There are countless rock songs released this century that never quite reach the top of the mountain – that is, they gain momentum in the verse, keep climbing in the pre-chorus, but stumble back down upon reaching the hook. “Mr. Brightside” is not one of these songs. In fact, the first song that The Killers ever recorded heads upward throughout its first minute, teases a massive chorus to come, then ascends into the clouds with a word (“jeaaaa-lou-syyyy”) we never knew could be so much fun to sing. The chorus of “Mr. Brightside” is paranoid, overly dramatic and unapologetically self-aggrandizing, but it’s also sweeping, stylish and relatable to anyone who’s construed a minor betrayal as a major personal blow. The Killers often start their live sets with this song, and when they do, it always feels like a reminder: Oh, yeah, a perfect, world-conquering rock chorus WAS released after the ‘90s ended and everyone declared the classic rock era over.

To view the full list, see this story on Billboard.

Taken from a Killers community. 

do not bind while playing your wind instrument! do not bind while singing in chorus! for gods sake do not bind while marching!
these are exerting activities on par with running while binding, which can lead to difficulties breathing or even messing up your ribs. among other things, if you can’t breathe well you won’t be able to keep singing/playing as well and if your ribs are bad you may not be able to get top surgery. i know it is very painful right now, but it is not worth the risk.
instead of binding, you can:
- buy a binder a size up, which you can also use for swimming. (this is what i do)
- wear a flattening sports bra such as title nine’s frog bra
- during the winter (or summer if you have no fear) wear a baggy hoodie
above all, listen to your body. know your limits and don’t be afraid to cede to them. take care of yourself and have a good day!


Welcome to the grand finale!

Chorus - Alex Beckham, April-Ann Tass, @baritoneblur, @darbycupit@gentlemanwalrus, @invidebitsunshine, Katie Otten, @mloreley, @roxrezi, @shynersaurusrex, @thesym, @tenebrismo, @upgradedmoon, @uprisingattorney, Yousif Najem, @0chromat

Papyrus - @darbycupit

Sans - @0chromat

Monster Kid - @invidebitsunshine

Undyne - @closetyandere

Alphys - @operaticsheep

Napstablook - @upgradedmoon

Mettaton - @alexandervonkoopa

Asgore - @readytorole

Toriel - @mloreley

Frisk - @shynersaurusrex

Asriel - @atwastage

Flowey - @digitalized-nightmare

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