Theocritus Idyll XVIII, Chorus and Musicians (1913). Sir William Russell Flint (Scottish, 1880-1969). Watercolour with bodycolour over pencil.

This is a design for an illustration in ‘The Idylls of Theocritus’ published in 1922, depicting the line 'Then sang they all in harmony, beating time with woven paces, and the house rang round with the tidal song.’

Hey everyone!! @annapantsu and I are working on a cool idea. We want to get a group of people together for an online performance of Heathers: The Musical! 

The basic idea is we’ll hold auditions for each character, along with the ensemble. We’ll cover the songs and voice act the scenes, and for visuals, any artists wanting to participate will do art for small scenes (storyboard, animatic, or full animation is allowed).

We’ll have a youtube channel where the final project, as well as the individual songs will be posted.

We’re still planning things out before we open for auditions, but if you have any questions or would like tofollow the project, you can check out our tumblr 

Hopefully this will be a fun project for fans of the show to work on together and enjoy!

Why Lopez is Great

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-Let’s get this out of the way right now, Lopez is the only member of the BGC who was a badass from the start.

-He was able to fire a turret despite only being a head.

-Though O’Malley reprogrammed him, he still had enough self-control to mess with him. (Ex. He made him insult himself in Spanish, he also made sure the Lopez army would take a literal day of victory.)

-Pretty much the only character destined to survive, he makes backups of himself when he is in danger.


-He survived getting shot in the head by Washington and being made into a scarecrow by Doc and Donut.

-Didn’t give Wash any crap for shooting him.

-Never balks at the prospect of helping the people of Chorus.

-In probably my favorite moment in the entire series, after getting decapitated yet AGAIN, he figures out that he can still move his body and proceeds to knock out the Space Pirate that shot it off with one punch.


-Figured out the blues and reds were bad before the rest of the BGC did.

-Trusted Locus, even after everything he did.

-Most importantly, he sticks with the BGC even though their a bunch of idiotic jerks because at the end of the day, Lopez is a nice guy who still cares about them.

Shout out to @vanessakimballs 

P.S- Feel free to recommend more characters to make these.

Classical Pieces You’ve Heard but Might Not Remember the Name #3

And yet another!

Parts 1 & 2

the signs as musical lies i’ve told

Aries: “i didn’t get like any sleep and i didn’t drink my coffee and it’s totally not my fault that i don’t sound good”

Taurus: “yes i was counting that”

Gemini: “yes i know exactly who that composer is and i know exactly what you’re talking about”

Cancer: “it’s my reed”


Virgo: “yes i totally practiced this”

Libra: “you sound sooooo good”

Scorpio: “that’s how it’s supposed to sound”

Sagittarius: “i can totally play that”

Capricorn: “yes i practiced my scales… yes, all of them.”

Aquarius: “sorry i can’t i’ve got a thing”

Pisces: “i suck so much oh my god everybody else is better at this than me how will i ever make it in this cruel world”


The most beautiful rendition of hallelujah i have ever heard.

(just. listen. just do it.)