Classical Pieces You’ve Heard but Might Not Remember the Name #3

And yet another!

Parts 1 & 2


Chorus - @baritoneblur, @gentlemanwalrus, @invidebitsunshine, Katie Otten, @shynersaurusrex, @thesym, @tenebrismo, @uprisingattorney

Asgore - @readytorole

Chara - @eissibee

Asriel - @atwastage

Toriel - @mloreley

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The Republic, Columbus, Indiana, June 27,1923

This is the Bow-Wow Chorus. They’re holding down the shoes now. But times will change. They’ll be getting said shoes from upstairs windows some of these mornings when lights are low and most of the city is sleeping. The pups, all pedigreed Airedales, were born in London, old deah. 

the signs as musical lies i’ve told

Aries: “i didn’t get like any sleep and i didn’t drink my coffee and it’s totally not my fault that i don’t sound good”

Taurus: “yes i was counting that”

Gemini: “yes i know exactly who that composer is and i know exactly what you’re talking about”

Cancer: “it’s my reed”


Virgo: “yes i totally practiced this”

Libra: “you sound sooooo good”

Scorpio: “that’s how it’s supposed to sound”

Sagittarius: “i can totally play that”

Capricorn: “yes i practiced my scales… yes, all of them.”

Aquarius: “sorry i can’t i’ve got a thing”

Pisces: “i suck so much oh my god everybody else is better at this than me how will i ever make it in this cruel world”