• Me in choir rehearsal: I am surrounded by musically illiterate shrieking harpies
  • Me in choir rehearsal: The note didn't move up or down, so why did your pitch
  • Me in choir rehearsal: Your music is being held in front of your face
  • Me in choir rehearsal: What are you doing
  • Me in choir rehearsal: Subdivide or go home
  • Me in choir rehearsal: Please count
  • Me in choir rehearsal: Why am I a Soprano
  • Me in choir rehearsal: I hate my section
  • Me in choir rehearsal: I will pay you to sing quieter
  • Me in choir rehearsal: Why
the signs as musical lies i’ve told

Aries: “i didn’t get like any sleep and i didn’t drink my coffee and it’s totally not my fault that i don’t sound good”

Taurus: “yes i was counting that”

Gemini: “yes i know exactly who that composer is and i know exactly what you’re talking about”

Cancer: “it’s my reed”


Virgo: “yes i totally practiced this”

Libra: “you sound sooooo good”

Scorpio: “that’s how it’s supposed to sound”

Sagittarius: “i can totally play that”

Capricorn: “yes i practiced my scales… yes, all of them.”

Aquarius: “sorry i can’t i’ve got a thing”

Pisces: “i suck so much oh my god everybody else is better at this than me how will i ever make it in this cruel world”

Dear Singers,

I know sometimes we don’t really like our voices.

I know sometimes we wish we could trade it for one that is deeper, or higher, or sweeter, or raspier, or softer, or stronger.

I know sometimes it’s hard to accept your voice.

But your voice is so special. It’s completely unique.

It’s a gift. It can do amazing things. 

Hold on to it. Don’t trade it for anything.

Being an Alto
  • In chorus: Yeah, I guess I have a pretty wide range. I usually sing alto, but I've been put on the tenor part and I /could/ sing the soprano part but they never need me because there are like, 30 girls already singing soprano.
  • In theatre: Ugh, my range SUUUUUCKS!!!! There are NO songs for me; every song written for a girl is too high for me to belt, and every song written for a guy is juuuuust low enough to be completely unsingable. Fuck being an alto, fuck singing, FUCK! EVERYTHING!
Classical Pieces You’ve Heard but Might Not Remember the Name #3

And yet another!

Parts 1 & 2

You know what time it is

Dear Fellow Fans,

Here comes the new season!

We all know what that means, right?

Some familiar…

With a touch of…

A dash of….

The littlest bit of …

And a whole lot of…

So in truth…

But as much as we are scared

Of what this season will bring

And how it’s gonna hurt

We’ve been through bad

And we’ve all been through worse

So stand strong, my friends

As they aim for our emotional jugulars

And remember to tag appropriately if you are a sponsor and get to see the episodes early. Otherwise…

May the odds be in our favor

And, as always:


With Season 12 drawing to a close, I think it’s about time to look back at the winding road of the Blood Gulch gang’s time on Chorus.

The song is Trocadero’s Contact, the opening of which has accompanied almost every episode of the past 2 seasons

I was inspired to make this by daftprodigy’s Contact gifset.

I’m very happy with how this turned out. I hope you all are too.