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Listening to old WTNV episodes is wild

“…And on the weekend of July 11th Welcome to Night Vale will be at dashcon.”

I’m not sure what they said after that because I’d started what would be a solid 3 minute fit of the ugliest of laughter keeled over in the kitchen unable to stop cackling long enough to walk the 5ft to my computer to pause the podcast

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idk if you do this anymore but i really love your writing and after the last run ep i'm in need of a jikook hc where jk is jm's coach (an athlete and a coach being in love isn't really a new concept for someone who's watched yoi lmao).. if you write it thank you so much and if not it's totally okay 😊

here’s a short thing of jimin learning judo from jungkook!au !!

Jimin plops down on the mat, worn out and panting. “You’re a monster, you know that?” 

“Flattery won’t get you anywhere,” Jungkook snorts, crouching until they’re eye-level. “What was that move you tried to do just now? I didn’t teach you that.”

Jimin pouts. “It was nothing. It didn’t work anyway, so - ”

“No. If it were anyone else, you’d have gotten them on their back at the very least.” Jungkook’s brow ticks in realization. “Hey. You’ve been going to Hoseok for pointers again, haven’t you?”

“No. Of course I - Jungkook, no.” But quickly, as usual, Jimin’s defenses crumble in the face of Jungkook’s intense, withering stare. “Okay - maybe I did, so what?”

“Why?” Am I not good enough for you? Jungkook doesn’t say. Jimin hears it anyway and whines.

“It’s not like that, Kook, it’s just…”

“If you wanted him to be your coach, why’d you come to me?” Jungkook mutters, sitting back on his haunches and running a frustrated hand through his hair. Jimin can’t place the exact nature of the look on his face - whether it’s irritation or jealousy, or something in between.

After too long a silence, Jungkook gets to his feet, turning to stalk off and brood like he often does, when he gets too worked up and has to take a breather before he ends up taking it out on Jimin. Or when he has too much energy to spare and needs to burn some off, alone, where no one will break and bleed under his fists. Sometimes, Jungkook doesn’t like to talk about things, preferring to punch it out.

Jimin scrambles up and latches onto his hand before he can go, palms clammy and shaky from exertion.

“I wanted to impress you,” Jimin whispers.

Jungkook stops in his tracks. He faces Jimin, large eyes widened with shock. “You - what?”

“I wanted to impress you, so I asked Hoseok-hyung to show me a flashy move. He - ” Turning bright red, Jimin sputters, “Don’t laugh, you asshole!”

Choking back the cackles, Jungkook reels Jimin in closer, blocking Jimin’s feeble attempts at smacking some sense into him through his chest. “You wanted to impress me, huh.”

“Shut up. I - I’m never telling you anything ever again,” Jimin threatens, voice wobbly as Jungkook leans down into his space. His attempt at maintaining a fair distance between them has him arching backwards, cheeks aflame.

Jungkook’s smug grin kind of makes him wish he hadn’t fucked up the throw last minute. But it’d been nice to wipe that look off Jungkook’s face even for a second. “So, what was the move he taught you?” 

“Hoseok-hyung called it a - a “dead tree drop”?”

“Hm.” Jungkook releases him abruptly. Jimin almost falls backwards and rights himself with a glare. “That’s one name for it. It’s also called the Kuchiki taoshi, or single leg takedown,” he tells him. “Show me again.”

“I - Huh?”

“Try the throw on me,” Jungkook reiterates impatiently.

“You’re just going to pin me down again if I try.”

Jungkook laughs, and the sound warms Jimin all the way to his belly. “Damn. Caught,” he snickers.

And for a moment, Jimin forgets how tired he is - how his whole body aches from head to toe. Jungkook can get so rough when they spar, Jimin often goes home with bruises on his shins and pink finger marks on his arms and back from where Jungkook had grabbed onto him. Even days later he can feel the ghost-like hold Jungkook has on him, both mentally and physically. His roommate has raised one too many eyebrows at them, wondering why Jimin keeps going back to judo when he’s not particularly invested in it in the first place. Jimin always shrugs, doesn’t have it in him to explain.

It’s not really judo that Jimin’s in love with after all, just Jeon Jungkook.

“No, but seriously, try it again. You just need to fix your posture a bit, but it was good. It was a good start, Jimin.”

As much as Jimin can’t stand Jungkook’s teasing, he can’t stand his praises even more. “It was - Thank you, but it wasn’t - I didn’t even get you,” Jimin says embarrassedly. 

“Show me again,” Jungkook prompts, the look on his face softening.

Jimin edges closer, unsure. Jungkook doesn’t budge when Jimin hesitantly bends down to take hold of his thigh. He peers up at Jungkook’s expression and swallows tightly. “Do… Do you want me to try the throw?”

Jungkook stares down at him wordlessly for several long moments. 

“What - ” Jimin barely has time to feel a sense of foreboding at the grin that stretches Jungkook’s lips before he brings his hand to Jimin’s hair, petting and ruffling his hair aggressively. Jimin straightens with an indignant squawk because - his hair - and makes a valiant effort to move the strands back to their rightful place. Then with heightened resolve, he throws himself at Jungkook in response, reaching up to enact his revenge.

Jungkook’s laughing, barely managing to keep his head out of Jimin’s reach.

“Hold still, you giant brat,” Jimin bites out. 

“Is that any way to talk to your teacher,” Jungkook chortles, but his laughter breaks off when Jimin clambers onto his back, locking his legs around his middle and proceeds to make a mess out of his hair. “You’re gonna get it, Jimin,” he growls.

Jimin hates the way his stomach flips at the warning; the way it clenches when Jungkook manages to grab hold on him, sling him over his shoulder in one smooth motion before sending them both falling down onto the mat. At the last second, he switches their position, keeping Jimin’s body cushioned above him.

“I should make you run laps for this,” he murmurs, and his voice reverberates where their chests are pressed together. Jimin can’t tell if he’s serious, but he isn’t going to risk it.

“You started it,” Jimin says breathlessly. Jungkook looks like a dream come true, hair disheveled and a thin sheen of sweat on his skin, and all of it Jimin’s doing.

“No, you did. When you went to Jung Hoseok for help instead of me.”

“Can you let it go?” Jimin whines, though the happiness that colours his tone when Jungkook wraps his arms around him to keep him still is blatant for all ears. “I already told you why I did it.”

Jungkook, with his tongue pressed against his cheek in petulance and obviously not letting it go, mutters, “Yeah, whatever. Don’t do it again. I’m your coach. You can’t go fraternizing with the enemy.”

“Competition,” Jimin corrects. “Not enemy.”

“Same thing.” 

It’s not, but Jimin knows when he’s fighting a losing battle. “Alright,” he acquiesces. “I won’t go to Hobi-hyung for help with judo.”

“’Hobi-hyung’?” Jungkook echoes. “When’d he become ‘Hobi-hyung’? His first name is Competition - ”

“Jungkook, oh my god.”

“You’re not gonna lose to him at the next tournament, you got that Jimin? He’s gonna eat your tiny little fists and - ”

Jungkookie,” Jimin says with increasing exasperation.

“You’re gonna stand up there on the podium with that gold fucking medal around your neck, and he’s gonna bask in awe as you dead tree kick everyone’s ass after I help you make it perfect - ”

Jimin can’t help the giggles that bubble up, both at the serious set of Jungkook’s brows and the competitive fire burning in his eyes. “Alright. Whatever you say.” He sits up, and Jungkook follows suit. Jimin’s on his lap now, and he tries not to notice that fact. Tries.

“Your stance was a little too high just now. You need to lower yourself more, your center of gravity, and your grip wasn’t in the right place. You need to - ”

“Slow down, you’re rambling,” Jimin says with great fondness.

Jungkook pauses for a breath. “… And - ” 

His eyes widen for the briefest moment, before they shut. Jimin doesn’t know where the sudden courage had come from, but this close to Jungkook’s face, Jimin felt brave. It doesn’t feel so out of reach when their bodies are flush together, and Jungkook’s hands are coming up to frame his cheeks, still warm from exertion. Their mouths coming together, again and again, Jungkook’s tongue sliding against his, feels just like another one of their sparring matches.

When they break apart, panting heavily, Jungkook’s got that boyish grin on his face - the one that gets Jimin’s insides all twisted into knots, every damn time without fail. “You need to work on your technique.”

“Fuck off,” Jimin complains. Then, softer, and so fucking in love with Jeon Jungkook: “You gonna show me how it’s done, golden boy?”

“It’ll be my pleasure.”



Hi, Emma!First of all, your writing is gorgeous. Second, can you write an imagine where the reader is really shy and kinda like the sunshine of the group; she has a big crush on Kai and everyone can see it and Kai finds it adorable. Thank you, love! 💗

gif not mine!
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Yellow ribbons strung down from the ceiling like rainfall, soft party music thumping quietly through the room, guests clad in pastel colors. It was Caroline’s get together, so obviously she’d planned the entire thing, so the usually darkish red feel of the Salvatore home looked like a unicorn had thrown up all over the place. The smell of homemade cookies wafted throughout the house, pink balloons in every corner, guests pouring in through the front door by the minute. The gang sat huddled around the living room, chatter echoing around their little group, broken by the sound of the ringing doorbell.

“I got it!” the girl jumped up at once, a hopeful look on her face.

“Expecting someone?” Elena cocked her head with raised brows.

“Pshh, no,” the girl waved her hand, unable to hide the warmth growing in her cheeks.

She skipped across the wooden floors, tripping on her high heels as she stumbled for the doorknob. Her fingers locked around it, pulling the wooden frame open to reveal exactly who she’d hoped to see.

“Hi,” she giggled giddily, pulling Kai Parker into the house.

“Hi,” he smiled back, that grin sending her heart into overdrive. He spun around so that the girl’s back was forced into the door, his blue eyes devouring her up. 

“Kai?” she asked, chewing at her lip when he didn’t say anything.

“Mmm,” he said, eyes flickering back up to hers, “couldn’t help myself,” he shrugged.

“Oh,” she blushed furiously, looking over her pastel blue dress, which hugged at her hips, her feet snug in the flowery white heels she wore, hair falling in a perfect halo around her pretty face.

“Where’s your color?” she asked, nudging Kai’s front playfully. He wore a black blazer over white shirt, paired with the usual ripped skinnies, brown hair pushed up into that cute little do.

“I don’t do colorful,” he snickered, stepping aside, “plus, I wouldn’t want to take any of the attention away from you,” he winked.

She laughed as they entered the living room, every head around the table raised to look at the two as they walked over in sync towards the group. The girl went to sit by Kai, but Caroline grabbed her wrist and forced her away before she had the chance, false smile plastered to her lips. They were playing some kind of board game, and usually she would have been all for it, but today she only had eyes for the heretic, who kept beaming at her from the other side of the oak table.

“Ugh, stop that,” Caroline hissed under her breath.

“Stop what?” she said, snapping from her trance.

“Stop with the heart eyes, I’m gonna puke.”

“You can tell?!”

“Everyone can,” Elena whispered from beside her.

Kai looked up at the girl, who shielded her face with embarrassment, Kai raising a brow at Caroline and Elena, who guarded either side of his girl.

“Come on, you can do better than him,” Elena said, brown eyes giving a roll. “You’re an innocent little sweetheart, and he’s…” Elena drifted off as Kai absentmindedly hexed one of the board game pieces into having a seizure.

“You’re gonna lecture me on good guys? Look at who you’re dating,” she scoffed.

Damon coughed and brought his piercing eyes up to hers from over the table, “I can hear that, you know.”

“Sorry,” she stuttered instantly, “you know I don’t mean it that way.”

“None taken,” he laughed. “I actually enjoy watching you get all hot and heavy over your crush,” he sang aloud so the whole room could hear.

Everything went quiet, movement freezing, awkward silence strung thick in the air. The girl buried her face in her arms to avoid looking at Malachai Parker, who’s full lips were twitching with amusement. 

“Uh, who wants to go next?” Stefan cleared his throat as she pulled herself up and bolted out of the room and around the wall.

“Damon!” Elena scolded him with a shake of her head.

“Sorry,” he said, not sounding even a little sorry.

The girl was out the front door in seconds, heading into the garden and sinking down onto a patch of green grass under the shade of a low hanging tree. She lay her head back onto the bark, legs stretched over the lawn, eyes only blinking open when she felt Kai’s presence beside her. 

“Hey,” he tried with a smile.

“Hi,” she said, eyes forward.

“If it makes you feel better, I lit Damon on fire after you left.”

“What?!” she gasped in shock, turning her head to look at Kai.

He gave a snort, “kidding. But I will, if you want me to, princess.”

“No, it’s-just-it’s okay,” she sighed, tucking her knees into her chest.

“Hey, hey,” Kai cooed, offering her a hand and pulling her to her feet.

“I’m sorry about, that…” she trailed off, unable to hold the heretic’s intense gaze.

“Don’t apologize,” he said, fingers crawling under her chin and bringing her head to his, “it’s adorable.”

“What?” she stammered.

He chuckled and tucked a piece of hair behind her ears, lips splitting into a grin, “I like you liking me.”

“Oh?” she asked, heart racing.

The sunlight skimmed through the tree branches and danced across his face, illuminating his perfectly defined features.

“You get all, you know,” he smiled, licking his lips, “flustered.”

“I do not!” she laughed.

“Mm?” he said, trailing the back of his hand down her cheek, silver rings grazing her flesh. She shivered under his touch, goosebumps jumping to her skin as she dipped her head to the side.

“That’s what I thought,” he smirked.

“Kai-” she began, but he’d already hoisted his arms under her thighs, scooping the girl up into his arms and locking her firmly in place against his chest. Her hands instinctively flew around his neck as he began to twirl her around, her vision blurring as the world spun under his feet, unable to restrain their chortles of laughter.

“You literally swept me off my feet, Malachai Parker,” she giggled as he came to stop, still holding her there, enjoying the feeling of her legs straddling him.

“Did you not want me to?” he challenged, letting her go for a brief second, scooping her back up as she yelped in surprise.

“No, I did, I mean I do, I mean I-” she shook her head as she tripped over her words.

Kai snickered, blue eyes drawn to her lips, “god, I want to eat you up.”

“So what’s stopping you?”

She’d said it without thinking, instantly freezing over as her words settled in.

Kai arched an eyebrow, cocking his head to the side, “wasn’t expecting that.”

“Why? Because I’m-”

“The good girl,” he finished. 

She nodded, brushing her fingers lightly through Kai’s hair, “yeah.”

“You’re like sunshine, sweetheart. You can’t enter any room without bringing that light about with you,” he babbled affectionately. “I’d feel bad, like I’m corrupting you or something,” he said, lips bent.

The setting sun set orange flares across their faces, a heavy tension settling between the two.

“Well, where there’s sunshine, there’s gotta be a little darkness, right?” she murmured.

Kai bent into her mouth, their noses touching, breath fanning across her parted lips. 

“Yeah?” he breathed huskily, blue eyes boring into her own, his lips starving and begging to be devoured.

“Yeah,” she said, closing the gap between them as her lips went crashing into Kai’s, hands grabbing at his hair as her back went slamming into the tree he pushed her against, a groan escaping her lips. One taste was all she needed to be addicted to Malachai Parker, his mouth like nicotine she craved, their lips in a constant battle together, bodies entwined, hands never knowing where to travel first. And so they kissed, light and darkness forever trapped in the fleeting embrace of one another.


Gif source:  Bender

Imagine Bender flirting with you even though you’re part of Brian’s group of brainy friends.

——— Request for anon ———

“No way,” Bender gawks loudly as he watches you take a seat beside Brian familiarly. The smile that you’d shot your friend fades as you look timidly towards the more outspoken boy, but your questioning glance doesn’t go unanswered for long as he eagerly elaborates with just as a dramatically confused look, “What’s a girl like that sitting next to you for, Brian?”

“Um,” Brian shares your confused glance, answering honestly, “we have physics club together?”

Bender’s eyes slide back towards you, looking you over in a way that sent heat flaring in your cheeks as you looked away, “Hey, sweets, why don’t you come and sit by me instead? Physics isn’t my thing, but we can talk about the undeniable chemistry between us.”

A chortle of laughter comes from the two sat in front of the three of you, causing you to look towards Claire and Andy who didn’t even try to hide their giggles at Bender’s horrible pick-up line. Even Allison behind you snorts, and you know your blush must be extremely noticeable at this point.

“No, thank you,” you reply politely, unable to think of anything else to say as your fingers fidget with the hem of your skirt beneath the table.

“Aw, leave her alone, Bender,” Andy pitches in, causing Bender’s suggestive look to turn annoyed as he looks towards the blonde.

“What’s it to you?”

Don’t Leave Me

Request: Brad angst please / Do you think you could do a fluffy Brad smut?

Ask and you shall receive 

Warnings: Smut, A lot of angsty Brad, (Fluff)
Words: 2.8k

Brad is a little short on temper, and in a place where the stress of being in a band, touring the world, and writing music can be a little too overwhelming at times; He’s glad he has you to rely on.

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The Legend of Heroes: Trails Series - Localization Blog #2

Hi, kids!

This is Brittany, Localization Producer at XSEED, editor/graphic text monkey/what-have-you for Trails in the Sky the 3rd, and current head for the Trails series in general. I’m very eager to write this blog, because it’ll be full of updates for FC, SC, and the 3rd.

Let’s get the 3rd’s status out of the way: schedule-wise, we’re currently doing great! When we announced this game last year, I was dead set on getting it out by spring 2017, so I’m very proud to say that goal is being met. Trails in the Sky the 3rd is coming to PC in English on…a date you’ll find out very, very soon.

Barring typos or odd QA hiccups (which can happen when “smashing” PSP and PC code together to get the best of both worlds), the game is in pretty good shape and we’re right where we need to be. It’s cleaning up very well.

               | QA is a sexy time and I won’t let you take it away from me.

I’d like to start by properly warning Trails newbies first: please play Trails in the Sky’s first and second chapters before playing the 3rd. Heck, please play them before even reading this blog! Although the 3rd is not a “third chapter” since the Estelle and Liberl’s story wrapped up with SC, this story still relies on knowledge gained by playing those two games. Internally, I’ve said before that the 3rd has only one target audience: people who’ve played both Trails FC and SC. Cold Steel fans will understand some of the lore dumping, but other details will be quite lost on lost you. Though, hey, if you want to purchase it anyway and help support my coffee fund, I ain’t gonna stop you. (Please buy it and play it later. I’m desperate, here.)

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Ink Runs Down

This is gonna be the sequel to the ‘Blood and Ink’ fanfic I did not too long ago. When I was on the stream with @shinyzango and mentioned that I might do a sequel to it, this is her response: 

“DO IT!” 

So it’s gonna happen! Like all, it is based on her 2D Bendy AU and Lanky Bendy is gonna be a bit tougher than ever with new things he’s gonna show to Henry and Bendy. So here we go! 

Henry slowly peaked his way around the corner, his ax held tightly in one hand and the other hand had the paper that had Bendy on it, who was still currently unconscious from the last battle with Lanky Bendy. 

He was able to make himself bigger and nearly killed Bendy. 

That was not a good sign at all and they need to be extra careful if they ever do run into him again. 

Henry took a deep breath before walking down the hallway, still watching the walls just in case something does show up. But the ones he would usually run into were basic searchers, which he was able to take care of easily. As he looks down at Bendy, he sighs softly. He hopes that he’ll wake up soon. 

He doesn’t know how long it’s been since he’s been out of it. But he knows that he’ll wake up soon…

…at least he hopes so. 

When he turned around the corner, his heart heaved a bit at the mere sight. 

It was a large room, ink in the corners and all around the room, the room all too quiet aside from the ink flowing from the pipes. Henry didn’t like it, not one bit. But he couldn’t turn back now, maybe the other hallway might lead to the upper floors and to the ink Machine. 

…Henry…?” He felt more fear than he ever did and he knows it is not his emotions. He glanced down at Bendy, who was wide awake, but he had a feared look on his face, practically shaking. “….it’s a trap…I….I just know it….” The toon gulped. 

“…I know, bud…me too…but that hallway may lead us to the upper levels, maybe…” He said, setting the ax down to hold the paper in both hands. “But there’s gotta be another way around, Henry! What if we…what if we run into ‘him’ again?” He asked, his voice a bit wobbly. 

Henry knew what Bendy meant by ‘him’. 

Lanky Bendy. 

“Hey, Bendy, look at me.” Henry whispered and Bendy looks up at him, his hands holding together that had a fear look that was mixed with sorrow on his face. 

“…I know that you’re scared…I am too….but we’ve made it out numerous of times. I said that I was going to get us out of here and let you experience the colored world for the first time…and I’m gonna make sure you get to witness it…you trust me, right bud?” 

He looks at Henry for the longest time before he nods nervously. “O-Okay, Henry…” He said, making Henry place his finger on the paper so that the little devil can cling onto it, his eyes clenched shut. 

“…it’ll be okay….we’ll make it through….” He smiled encouragingly at Bendy, hoping to send some emotions to help Bendy through their bond. Bendy took a deep breath, but nods, squeezing Henry’s finger one last time before letting go. 

Henry looks at the large expansive room before taking a deep breath, grabbing his ax and starts to walk in. 

He tries to make his foot steps as quiet as possible, not knowing if the large blobs of ink were searchers or not. 

“We’re almost there, bud…just a little further….” He whispered to Bendy, who nods while watching the ink carefully. They were nearly at the exit to the other hallway. They were almost there–


Henry winced when he suddenly stepped on an old wood board that was weak for so many years of rotting broke under Henry’s feet. ‘Damn…’ He thought, already hearing the blobs of ink bubbling up. 

“Get ready, bud…looks like we’re gonna have to fight our way out of here…” He said, turning around to get his ax ready while he placed the paper down near some ink, not taking Bendy long to turn into his monstrous form, letting out a warning growl to the searchers….

….but they were not attacking….

Bendy tilted his head in confusion, but kept his guard up while Henry kept an eye on them. “…they’re up to something, bud….” He whispered, Bendy growling lowly at the searchers while placing Henry underneath him. 

The searchers merely hissed at them both until the backed away from a certain spot of ink, which was still bubbling rapidly until a clawed hand emerged from the ink, a large thoom heard when it stomped it against the ground. 

Another gloved hand appeared from out of the ink, starting to form itself into something they were far too familiar with. The creature hissed as a messed up bow tie appeared around it’s neck, a far too familiar sick grin appearing on it’s face. Two horns, which one was larger than the other, formed on it’s head. 

It was Lanky Bendy. 

It hissed at them both, which this made Bendy growl loudly at it in return, telling the impostor to back off. This only made Lanky Bendy chortled in laughter at his threat before it lets out a gargled roar. 

Henry and Bendy winced at the sudden roar, which was ear piercing that Henry covered both of his ears to mute it out, Bendy clenching his eye shut and shook it, growling softly. 

The searchers starts to take form of the impostor’s plan as they all start to gather up in one large group. Henry eyed them before he was shocked of what was happening. 

They were starting to blend their forms together. 

Their limbs were forming together, making a bubbling noise as their form starts to get bigger and bigger, making Bendy growl loudly at what they were both witnessing, an inky arm around Henry to protect him. 

When the searchers were done forming, it was now replaced as a large bulky searcher that nearly the size of Bendy’s monster form. The claws were large and sharp, the ink dripping from it’s form while roaring loudly, showing it’s black sharp teeth. 

Bendy roars back at the bulky searcher. Henry could only step back, now absolutely terrified of what Bendy was going up against while the searcher took two large steps forward, shaking the floor that it nearly made Henry trip on his own feet. 

Bendy looks at Henry and nods at him, grunting before looking back at the searcher before charging. The searcher charged as well, roaring until they collided. 

Ink was flown everywhere from the punches and clawing the two were giving at each other, making Henry back off more until he heard another hissing sound. Henry narrowed his eyes as he was now face to face with Lanky Bendy. 

“Right….well, what are you waiting for?” He asked, holding the ax in both hands, ready for what it had in store for them. Lanky Bendy hissed at him while he flexed his clawed hand before he snapped it’s finger. 

Henry could see another large blob of ink starting to form and Henry stilled when he saw another bulky searcher formed beside Lanky Bendy, which it was snickering at Henry’s reaction. 

Lanky Bendy smirk grew wider until it latched itself onto the searcher, now formed on it’s shoulder like a parasite. ‘Great…’ Henry thought, now up against a bulky form of a searcher, not only that, but it had Lanky Bendy formed on it’s shoulder. 

The impostor hissed and pats the searcher’s head, which it growled loudly in response and starts to take it’s steps towards Henry. The man starts to take steps back, keeping his distance from the searcher. 

But he knew that it would not be enough because even though the room they were in was large, there was no way that he could escape from it fast enough. And his thoughts were exact when it starts to form one of it’s hands into a fist. 

He barely rolled out of the way in time when it tries to land a punch on Henry, leaving a large hole on the floor and it roared loudly at Henry. 

This got Bendy’s attention when he had the bulky searcher pinned to a wall. He stilled at the sight when he saw another bulky searcher walking up towards Henry, with the Bendy impostor on it’s shoulder. 


Bendy roared out, forgetting about the searcher and rammed his body against the bulked ink searcher, making it crash against the wall, which it crushed Lanky Bendy against the wall with the searcher crushing him too. 

Bendy kept Henry underneath him as the two searchers came up to him, growling. Bendy just growled loudly and gives out a roar as well, the ink on his back bubbling up. 

Henry knew those signs.

Bendy was going to turn into his berserk form any moment now. And he had to be extra careful. 

Bendy roars out and lands a punch on one of the searchers, then went after the other that had Lanky Bendy possessing it, both of them now trying to push each other down with their brute strength. 

Henry could only watch in horror when he could hear Bendy grunting in pain when the search starts to claw at his arms and chest. He needs to help him…

…but how? 

Bendy roars out in pain when the other searcher got Bendy from behind, biting it’s sharp teeth down against his shoulder, keeping him in place as the other searcher kept clawing against his arms and chest. 

Lanky Bendy smirked grew wider as it starts to reach out towards Bendy, it’s two searchers keeping Bendy in place. Once it got close enough, it reached inside of Bendy’s chest, making him roar out more in pain. 

It was about to reach the paper–

Lanky Bendy suddenly screeched out in pain when something sharp went through it’s arm, completely cutting it off. This made the searcher it was possessing back off when it suddenly felt pain. Lanky Bendy growled and looks at the source, seeing an ax covered in ink. 

It knows who it belongs to. 

It growled loudly, clenching to it’s arm when it turned it’s head towards Henry, who was gasping. He managed to hit Lanky Bendy, but now he has nothing to protect him.

Lanky Bendy hissed before pointing at Henry, making the searcher roar out and charged. “Shit!” Henry rolled out of the way, the ink beast missing him and he was relieved at that–

He was grabbed from behind, cutting off his breathing. He forgot about the other searcher as it growled loudly at him, ink dripping down it’s teeth that was now mere inches away from Henry’s face. 

His vision was starting to blacken from lack of oxygen. He didn’t know if he was going to make it until the searcher roared loudly and threw him to the side. 

He lands hard on his side and head, unable to move. Bendy could only watch in horror when he saw Henry tossed to the side. 

He wasn’t moving. 

Bendy felt nothing at first, seeing Henry’s body just laying there, not moving at all, not being able to tell that he was breathing. 

His rage starts to boil. 

His teeth grew sharp, along with his hands that turned into claws and his horns turned larger and sharper and lets out a loud roar, shaking the entire room, also startling the two searchers. 

Bendy turned to the searchers, a crazed look on his face while grinning sickly. This made one searcher shook in place. Bendy lets out a roar before pouncing on the searcher, pinning it down. 

The searcher tries to squirm away, but then got silenced when Bendy slammed his clawed hand on it’s face, smashing the head in until it stopped moving, slowly turning back into a puddle of ink. Bendy now turned to Lanky Bendy that was possessing the other searcher.

Lanky Bendy hissed at the searcher to attack, but it seemed frozen in place when it felt the rage from Bendy’s form, the ink rapidly flying off of Bendy’s back and tackles the searcher, roaring. 

The floor underneath them cracks from the mere weight of the two, not being able to support their weight for long. The crater starts to crack more and more and Bendy growls, hearing it before he starts to bolt out of the way, grabbing Henry’s body with one hand as the floor starts to collapse. 

The searcher that had Lanky Bendy possessing roars out as it tried to grab something to keep itself from falling down to the floor that was breaking apart, but it was too late as it starts to tumble down, roaring loudly, along with Lanky Bendy. 

The floor collapsed. 

Bendy had a hold of the entrance of the hallway with one hand, the other hand holding Henry, grunting as he tried to hoist himself onto the entrance, barely hanging on until he managed to pull himself out of the large hole. 

When he placed Henry down, Bendy was still in his berserk mode, but…he didn’t feel anything for the moment, only staring down at Henry. 

He was still not moving. 

Bendy gently nudged him with his head, whining loudly, hoping that would wake him up, but that did nothing. He nudged Henry a little harder, making a louder whining sound. 


His remaining eye had inky tears rolling down his cheek. He has to be okay, he was okay…

…but he knew that deep down….

…he was gone. 

Bendy lets out a loud roar that echoed in the hallways, filled with sorrow before looking down back at Henry again. There was nothing he could do, but he needs to take the rage away somehow. But of course, it did not take long when he saw the hallway leads to another large area to take his anger out on. 

And that’s what he did. 

He left Henry behind and starts to smash everything in his path. 


He could feel nothing but dizziness…and….

…other emotions that was surely not his. 

Rage, sorrow, mourning, but it was mostly sorrow. But from what? 

Henry groaned as he starts to come to, his body now sore all over from the hard landing he took. What happened? That’s when everything came to him before he was knocked out. 

They ran into Lanky Bendy again. 

Searchers formed into a larger one and the last thing he remembered was one grabbing him and tossed him to the side. 

As Henry opened his eyes, he was shocked when he saw the room they were once in had the entire floor collapsed until it landed two floors below them and he could see a large splat of ink on the floor. 

He could tell that was the searcher’s body that landed there, probably died from the impact. But the question was where was Bendy? 

His answer was given when he heard a loud roar from the other room, along with things smashing against the wall and floor. Ignoring the pain he was in, Henry slowly stood up and limped his way down the hallway, using the wall for support. 

When he came to the source, he had a sad look on his face. 

Bendy was tearing the room apart, still in his berserk form as he kept roaring loudly, inky tears rolling down his cheek as he smashed a chair against the desk, paper flying everywhere. 

He needs to calm Bendy down. 

Ignoring the pain he was in and the emotions rushing through his head rapidly, he starts to walk towards the large ink demon, slowly calling his name out. “Bendy….” 

That made Bendy stopped in his tracks of what he was doing, the chair slowly slipping out of his hands. 

Henry stops for a minute, looking at Bendy, who had his back turned on him. 


He didn’t react when he was suddenly grabbed by him, growling and roared loudly at Henry’s face, the crazed look in his eye as his face was mere inches from Henry’s, thinking it was another searcher that was gonna go against him. 

It’s now or never…’ Henry thought, not being able to breathe right from Bendy nearly crushing him. 

He leaned forward and pressed his forehead against Bendy’s. 

Henry felt Bendy stiffed before being completely still, slowly losing his grip on Henry while shaking. It…it couldn’t be. 

“It’s okay, bud…it’s okay, I’m here…..” Henry whispered, keeping his forehead on Bendy’s to keep him calm. When he felt Bendy loosen his grip on him, he wiggled his arms out and placed his hands on Bendy’s cheeks, one hand stroking the side of his head. 

“I’m okay, bud….you can stop now, it’s over….” He said softly, feeling the emotions dying out from Bendy’s mind. He heard a confused whine and he opened his eyes to look at Bendy.. 

His teeth were normal, the crazed look in his eye no longer there and his horns growing dull again. Henry was filled with relief. Bendy was normal again. But his thoughts were cut off when he heard a loud and sad whine coming from him. 

The inky tears came back with force, practically shaking, looking at Henry with a sad look. Henry could only smile sadly. “Hey, hey, hey….I’m okay, bud…bit knocked up a bit…but I’m okay…” He stroked the side of Bendy’s head. 

The old animator was not surprised when Bendy pulled him into a tight hug, crying into his shoulder of what happened. Henry wrapped his arms around Bendy the best he can. “Yeah…everything’s okay…” 

He ignored the aching pain on his body for now, comforting his inky friend as he cries it out in Henry’s shoulder. It took him a moment or so to get himself under control of his emotions, but managed to place Henry down and look at him. 

Henry wobbled for a minute, making Bendy let out a worried whine, both of his hands out in case Henry did fall. “I’m okay, bud…bit dizzy, but I’m sure it’ll pass soon.” Henry smiled. 

Bendy looks at him before shaking his head, letting out a soft grunt, but he smiled at the man’s stubbornness and pressed his forehead against Henry’s, letting out a whine and Henry smiled, closing his eyes. 

“Yeah…we’re both pretty beaten up, huh?” He chuckled a bit and Bendy opened his eye to look at him, a sad smile on his face and Henry looks up at him, his forehead still pressed against Bendy’s. 

“…what do you say, bud….wanna get some rest before we move on?” He asked. Bendy nods and pulled away, but he was not going to let Henry walk as he lifts him up and placed him on his arm, using his other hand to walk. 

Normally, Henry would protest, but he knows that he was not going to win against the argument, so he lets Bendy do what he wants, making himself a bit comfortable on Bendy’s arm. And it did not take long for Bendy to find a room for them both and closed it. 

“Go on back to your page, bud…we’ll be alright for now.” Henry said and Bendy nods, settling him down against the wall and nuzzled him, purring. Henry smiled and wrapped one arm around Bendy’s head, hugging the big guy.

“Love you too, bud…” He smiled. 

Once Bendy pulled away, his body dissolves into a puddle of ink, a piece of paper in the middle. Once Henry managed to grab the paper, he settled himself on the floor, his back pressed against the wall. 

He looks down at Bendy, seeing him asleep and he smiled tiredly at the sight, slowly stroking Bendy’s head with one finger. The ink demon hummed in his sleep, a smile slowly creeping up his face. Henry smiled a bit more, his eyes slowly closing. 

“…sleep tight, bud….” 

Henry closed his eyes, slowly falling asleep, only the silence of the studio was heard, no monsters disturbing their peace of sleep. 

There we go! I felt like that Lanky Bendy can do than just simple things, so I make him have a bit more abilities he can and it is starting to fit a bit. 

I’ll try to write more as soon as I can. 

Until then, 


anonymous asked:

Could you write something like if Jamie after going to france or in france joined the watch and joined Mcquarrie and his gang and then upon going to a house, like in the show they did with Lallybroch, and then meeting the owner of the house Quentin Lambert Beauchamp, and his young, widowed niece Claire and how would that play out.

The Black Watch:

Four days of hard riding through the Highlands with MacQuarrie and his men had Jamie squirming in his saddle. His arse ached and his legs were numb, the cold driving rain having soaked him on day one.

“Ye’ll like this, Jamie my boy,” Taran chortled, his gruff laughter echoing around the deep valley. “We’ve had word of two Englishmen living amongst us. I think it’s about time we paid them a wee visit.”

The way he spoke made Jamie’s wame churn, and he gripped the reins tightly between his fingers.

He’d known, of course, the moment that he’d signed up to be a part of the Black Watch that there might be loose morals, but so far he hadn’t had to rough anyone up. For that, at least, he was grateful.

He’d returned from Paris to find Scotland overrun with redcoat soldiers. It had disappointed his father to do it, but he’d found the only way he could quietly support his homeland was to patrol it with Taran and his brothers in arms.

Some of them weren’t the friendliest bunch, ragged and coarse in their language and their look, they often went about things in the wrong way. But Jamie felt as though he could change that.

Him and MacQuarrie got on well, they had a quaint sort of bond that made Jamie more likely to be the one giving advice than receiving it. Along the way he had managed to instill a manner of calm, which had been much to his benefit over the long rides through the highlands.

There were some things, though, that he just couldn’t rescue. Sassenachs were one of those things. Having borne witness to some of their more ruthless crimes, Jamie couldn’t say he blamed the men for their less than pleasant view on the English. But that didn’t mean he thought harm should come to those who simply wished to live peacefully.

The twee cottage sat in the very centre of the valley they had been traversing. As they saw the plumes of smoke rising through the low lying trees, Jamie began to wonder just how much of a coincidence this jaunt actually was.

He could already hear some of the men readying themselves for a fight, their churlish Gaelic turning his stomach sour.

“Just leave the talking to me, lad.” Taran whispered, running his hands through his bedraggled hair as he turned his horse towards the house, his eyes narrowing at the sight of the glowing fire in the windows.

Standing silently behind him, Jamie obeyed. At least for now, he thought, he would see where this was leading before attempting any sort of peace-making. Keeping his eyes locked on the small wooden door, Jamie prayed that this would be just that –peaceful.

A creek signalled that their presence had been noted, and the door opened to reveal an elderly gentleman wearing thin rimmed glasses and a smile.

“Hello gentleman,” he began, his broad English accent showing his status almost immediately.

Not good, Jamie thought, his food tapping anxiously against the damp ground. Not good at all. If it was money they were after, it seemed they had come to the right place.

“Can I help you with anything?” Glancing between them all, the sassenach’s eyes landed on Jamie as he did a thorough stock-take of the Scots stood on his stoop, “do you need food and water, something for the horses?”

“Nay, I dinna think we need any o’ that,” Taran broke in, his voice sounding pleasant enough to the untrained ear, “but I think there is something we can offer ye, aye?”

Scrunching his brow and scratching his forehead in a sort of shocked bemusement, the English gentleman stepped back, opening the door wider in the process.

“Oh, so you are salesmen then, something to trade, perhaps?”

“Trade? Ach, nay…” MacQuarrie snorted, turning his head to laugh with the others of the party.

Jamie didn’t laugh.

His face was set in stone, his eyes fixed solely on the man stood in front of him dressed in his sharp suit and fiddly bowtie.

“…but I do have something to say to ye and yer kin and I think you should listen carefully, ken?”

Jamie clenched his jaw tight, keeping himself quiet, waiting to see how it might play out before stepping in.

“Me and my brothers,” he began, his hidden veil of nicity dropped now and a chilling menace taking its place, “dinna want any *English scum* on our land. That includes you. Now, that being said, I am willing to be fair about it, if yer disposed to listen to my offer.”

Pulling his knife from the side of his boot, Taran dug the hilt of the blade into his palm, bringing blood to the surface as he glared threateningly at the Englishman.

“I don’t think I appreciate your tone, sir,” the sassenach replied, his cheeks flushing red at the intimidation being leveled at him.

“Uncle Lamb?!” A feminine voice called, her airy tone reverberating down the corridor and out of the door as she skipped down the small steps inside the cottage and then stood stock still at the bottom of them, catching a glimpse of the men crowded on her stoop.

“O-oh,” she whispered, seeing the knife, seeing the blood; the sight of it igniting a sort of dull panic inside her.

“And who do we have here?” One of the older members of the Watch crooned, a leery hint to his voice as he shoved Jamie out of the way to get closer to the lassie.

Closing the door ever so slightly, *Uncle Lamb* placed himself between the gap, cutting off the view of his niece as she hovered in the background, lingering at the bottom of the stairs with a worried look on her face.

“You’ve made your issue perfectly clear, gentlemen, Claire has nothing to do with this little conversation so you’d better forget any plans you have, because she is not part of them. Are we clear?”

All of a sudden he’d developed an extremely feral look behind his eyes. Gone was the meek English nobleman; in its place stood a fierce protector.

It was honourable of him, and Jamie instantly admired his strength. But he also kent well how Taran responded to such…gumption.

As expected, the rogue Scot reacted quickly, his dark intimidation intensifying at the old man’s sudden change of tack. He had a knife to his throat in almost no time at all, the door slamming open as the stramash escalated.

“Ifrinn…” Jamie cursed under his breath, throwing two other members of the watch to the ground in his haste to step in before anyone got hurt unnecessarily.

Grabbing Taran by the arm, he thrust his *brother* behind his back and held the pair apart, his arms outstretched between them.

“MacQuarrie,” he coaxed, his tone somewhere between pleading and calming, “if ye kill the man then I canna have what we came here for, aye?”

Narrowing his eyes at Jamie, Taran took hold of his clenched fist and dug his nails in.

Jamie didn’t budge, his nostrils flaring.

“Oh aye, what *we* came here for…” he returned, a warning floating amongst his words. ‘Tread carefully, brother,’ it said.

Straightening his tie, their poor victim stood upright once more, his fingers shaking with rage as he shuffled on the spot, whipping himself up into a murderous frenzy.

Looking behind him, Jamie held eye contact with Claire. Her wide whisky eyes were filled with tears at the sight of the uncalled for harassment pressed upon her uncle. He could tell she wanted to intervene, the look of steadfast stubbornness cementing itself in her sturdy gait.

Jamie shook his head once, his hair barely shifting as he discreetly gave her the signal to keep quiet.

Swallowing back the urge, Claire did as she was bid. Something told her to trust the man. His heavy-set shoulders, broad as they were, looked as if they could cause some damage had he needed to, but the gentle way in which he hurled her Uncle’s abuser from their tiny cottage made her feel instantly safe.

“I,” Jamie began, an unwavering self-assuredness to his words. Silence fell amongst the party as they glanced from one man to the other, all unsure as to where Jamie was going. “I want the girl, gi’ her to me, auld man,” he continued, his head bowing a little as he held Claire’s gaze, his own becoming even more intense, “promise her to me and we will leave ye be. That is the price that you must pay.”

Lamb, in a rare state, choked, his eyes widening in horror as he absorbed the words.

Just as he was about to curse the Scots, his mouth moving as the words formed, Claire jumped forward and put her hand on his arm, pulling him backwards with the force of her grip.

“Don’t fight them, Uncle. Please,” she begged, burying her face in his shoulder as she spoke, “I’ll do it. I’ll go with him, just don’t put yourself at risk.”

Sobbing, Lamb turned, taking Claire in his arms as he walked them back inside, deeper into the dark hallway –just out of sight.

Jamie held the men at bay, eager to keep them outside of the property at all costs.

“Yer a wee fiend, Jamie lad.” MacQuarrie praised, a sort of unkempt glee to his tone. “We’ll make a soldier of Alba of ye yet!”

Stepping back into the light, Claire stood in front of Jamie, her head held high, ready for battle. She showed no fear as she gulped in a large breath. “I have one condition, if we’re to be wed,” she began, stamping one foot against the floor as if to solidify her request.

“Alright,” Jamie appeased, sure that he would give her the sun and the stars if only he could figure out how to capture them from the inky black sky, “name it, lass.”

“I want to be married properly,” she returned, “in a church, in a dress…in front of a priest.”

Smirking, Taran punched Jamie in the arm as he winked at Lamb.

Ignoring the letchy jibes from his *comraids*, Jamie bowed towards Claire, sweeping his arm around his middle and rising once more. Tipping his head forwards, he took her hand and raised the back of it to his lips, keen to be kind to her, even under such dire circumstance as this.

Squeezing her fingers once, he let her go once more and smiled over at her, putting her at ease as best he could.

“As ye wish, my lass,” he replied, his tongue sweeping across his lips as he reached forward to push a stray piece of her hair behind her ear, “as ye wish.




Request: Kai prompt is pretending to help the group but is really just bored and trying to raise havoc by actually helping kai. Kai siphones her magic in front of the group expecting it to hurt but she gets pleasure from it. Idk

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The mystic falls group stood spread out in worry, walking forward into what seemed to be an invisible wall that surrounded them and prevented their escape. They were aggravated now, kicking and punching at the shield magical barrier that had trapped them for over an hour now. The sun was starting to set, causing the ground to glow orange under their feet, and a cool chill to raise goosebumps to their skin.

“Where is that god damned heretic when we need him!?” Caroline rolled her eyes and sunk onto the ground, admitting defeat as she blew her blonde curls from her eyes.

“Probably taking his sweet time,” Damon growled while vamp speeding around the bubble with agitation and slamming his fists at the air.

“Or because he doesn’t get anything out of it,” Stefan said quietly, still as stone as he simply stared out with a long sigh.

“And my magic isn’t doing anything, I don’t know what to do,” Bonnie said. “What about you, (Y/N)? You’ve been awfully quiet.”

The girl stood apart from the others, her hand against the barrier, fingers sinking into the magic, head tilted to the left, lips barely parted. She wore torn black jeans and a pale blue sweater, her hair tied into two messy braids that framed her face.

“Hm?” she asked with little interest.

“Your magic,” Bonnie repeated, “is it working?”

“No,” she flat out lied, quickly drawing her hand away before they could notice her fingertips sinking through.

She spun to face them, their brows raised and arms folded as the group stared her down.

“I’m telling the truth,” she shrugged, twirling a strand of her soft hair around her index finger.

“Sure you are,” a voice said from behind them.

Kai Parker strutted over to the group, his slender fingers tucked lightly into his tattered jean pockets, iconic smirk plastered to his rounded lips. He stepped over to the barrier, tongue nudging the edge of his cheek as his lips split into a big grin, head cocking to the side with amusement. He stopped outside the wall, looking them over with his piercing blue eyes before finally settling on the pretty little thing that stared daggers at him.

“Kai,” Stefan began quietly, “please help us.”

“Now why would I want to do that?” he chuckled to himself, little dimples lighting his cheeks.

“To prove you’re not an utter dick,” Damon huffed.

“Oh, but I am,” Kai laughed aloud, pacing around the increasingly heated group before stopping just in front of the girl who he proceeded to devour with his eyes. He liked watching the way her eyes would avert his as her cheeks got all pink, unable to resist melting under that gaze.

“What about you, princess? You have anything to say for yourself?” he hummed softly.

“Why would I?” she responded nervously, chewing at her lower lip with worry.

“Because I didn’t set up this trap,” Kai answered knowingly, “you did.”

It went silent as all eyes went to her, and she tried with little luck to stand her ground, “I didn’t.”

“Mhm,” Kai said, vanishing into thin air before appearing behind her. His arms went stretching around her from behind, his front pressed roughly into her as he gently used his slender fingers to ease her body through the magical barrier, his breath on her neck making her go dizzy as she blinked her eyes closed, opening them again to see herself outside the barrier.

“So then tell me, why can you go through that?” he breathed against her neck, cool rings sliding down her arms and making her shiver as he pulled himself away.

“I-just-I-” she stammered and looked away from the glares of Caroline, Bonnie, Stefan, and Damon. Her eyes flickered to Kai’s knowing ones, and suddenly she couldn’t help herself as she burst into a fit of giggles, unable to stop her chortles of laughter.

“It worked,” Kai beamed fondly at her, pulling her into his hips with a laugh.

“It did,” she grinned at the heretic.

“What did you do?” Caroline snapped.

“Had fun,” she answered.

“What are you talking about?” Damon rushed at the barrier but was propelled back.

“You guys never lay off me, never give me a break,” she paused, feeling Kai’s fingers attach to her hips, “or Kai, for that matter.”

“He’s a monster,” Bonnie snapped.

“That’s what you might think,” she defended him, her brows furrowed in anger.

“No, you’re just his new siphoning toy,” Caroline snapped. “He’s just going to end up hurting you.”

She opened her mouth to respond, but before she could, Kai seized her and brought his arm around her to pin her against him. She struggled under his grip, but he was too strong for her to budge, Kai smirking as she squirmed in his arms.

“Kai,” she wheezed, looking up at him helplessly.

“What if they’re right, hm?” his nostrils flared, challenging her.

“I’ve known you for months and you’ve never tried that, Kai…I trust you,” she relaxed under his force.

“But if I did?” he breathed, trailing his fingertips across her arms and sending electricity through her blood.

His blue eyes danced across her face, but her lips twitched and she nodded, lacing her fingers gently through his own and watching as his eyes widened in surprise.

“It’s okay,” she encouraged him, tucking her face into the crook of the heretic’s neck and closing her eyes.

“I trust you,” she repeated softly, bracing for the worst.

Kai pressed his palms harshly into hers, not withdrawing when he felt the warm crackle of magic in her bloodstream, squeezing lightly rather than withdrawing from his craving. Their hands glowed orange where he siphoned her magic, Kai’s lips parting and eyes fluttering as he took her in like a drug. He counted in his head, waiting for her to gasp out in pain at any moment, his free hand gently sliding through her locks to ease her, but it never came. Kai blinked through his long lashes to look down at the girl, her knees momentarily giving way, face contorting slightly, but not with pain.

“(Y/N)?” he panted softly, trying to focus on her over the fire in his bloodstream.

She blinked up at him, mouth falling open, but her noise was muffled as she burrowed her face directly into Kai’s front to prevent him from hearing her. Her nose squished into the crook of Kai’s neck as she desperately tried to focus on anything except his scent and the way she could feel Malachai Parker’s magic sending electricity through her every nerve, and how good it made her feel.

Kai hastily removed his hand from hers, the magic getting cut off from his system at once. The trapped magical entities behind the barrier stood in shock, lips bent in worry as they attempted to assess the situation from their vantage point. Kai felt a smile tickle the corners of his mouth as she pulled back from him, her cheeks flushed, skin burning, and lower lip quivering as she refused to meet his eyes.

“That didn’t hurt, did it, sweetheart?” he ran his tongue over his lips with amusement, only growing more satisfied when she blushed increasingly more by the second.

“Malachai,” she nudged him and tried to move past him, but he seized her roughly by the waist before she could.

“Kai,” she barked angrily, eyes flying up to his mischievous ones, “let me go.”

“You like it, don’t you?” he chucked, a hunger instantly flaring within him.

“No,” she tried lamely, hand snapping up to push Kai.

The heretic caught her easily by the wrist before she could remove herself, head tilting as he murmured, “you never were good at lying, were you?”

And before she could begin to respond, Kai squeezed her flesh, energy pouring into his system, not so much from the magic, but the way she instantly went sinking to the ground with an involuntary groan of pleasure, Kai scooping her up into his front before she could hit the ground.

“Let- me go-” she gulped for air, her body starting to quiver as Kai drank her magic up like a juicebox, her breath hitched at her throat.

“We both know you don’t want me to do that, princess,” he chortled, loving the way she crumbled in his arms.

She tilted herself to see the others, but Kai pressed a slender finger to her lips, “they can’t see or hear you anymore.”

She whimpered and dug her lower lip beneath her teeth and turned her head so as to avoid giving Kai satisfaction, which only made him want it more. His fingers crawled under her chin, forcing her jaw up so he could watch her properly, the pleasure she so clearly couldn’t hide, the furrowing of her brows and flutter of her eyelashes.

“It’s okay, baby,” he brushed his fingertips against her lower lip encouragingly, cool rings to her mouth, “let it out.”

Her nails sunk into his wrists as her knees buckled again, mouth falling open as she let out his name in a slow quiet moan, and god did he love the way his name sounded tumbling off her lips like that. She instantly brought her hand over her mouth, her head lamely shaking as she tried to restrain from doing the same again. 

“Say my name,” Kai brushed his lips across her earlobe.

Her pretty eyes blinked up at him, and he saw something in them he’d never seen before, something that none of her magic could ever crave. Then, he watched in surprise as her lips twitched faintly, smirk tickling the edges of her mouth.

“No,” she panted softly, teasing him.

“No?” he growled, jaw pulsating as she challenged him, his eyes darkening, and voice coming husky and soft as he said, “don’t test me.”

He squeezed hard at her wrist, tightening his grip on her and watching with satisfaction as her eyes slammed shut, head rocking back.

“Kai,” she begged softly, blinking up through watery vision at his lust filled eyes, “Fuuuck.” It was soft and drawn out, but not enough.

Kai slid one hand gently up to cradle her face, his siphoning hand switching to her waist and drawing the source of pleasure to the hem of her jeans, sending crackles of electricity sinking through her flesh and down to where she ached so badly for him. Her hand went flying to Kai’s, and she laced her fingers over his as he maneuvered his slender fingers past her waistline and guided him to where she needed him most. He ran his fingers over her underwear, sliding his large hands under her before sending a final jolt through her core, and the sight of her like that alone was too much for him. But just as she began to shake beneath him, to twitch and squirm and beg release, he withdrew himself and cut out the siphon link. The girl blinked her eyes open in confusion, taking in sharp breaths as Kai stood her back up, the magical shield instantly dissolving and releasing the mystic falls group before she could process what was happening.

“For another time,” he breathed, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ears.

She pouted at him in frustration, back to the approaching group.

“You thought you had my weakness all figured out,” he paused and dipped his lips lightly into hers, withdrawing with a satisfied smirk, “I guess I should’ve known I’d be yours.”

And then he was gone, leaving her only with the briefest taste of himself.

Drabbles #19

“This bed isn’t made for two.” 

“Clearly cuddling isn’t a concept to you.”

doctor!baekhyun; boyfriend!baekhyun; fluff

As much as you’re proud of your boyfriend for being a very successful, young and not to mention hot neurosurgeon, you can’t help but worry over his own health sometimes since he’s always drowning in his works. Sure, the both of you had arguments before because of how he can’t spend as much time with you like usual boyfriends do, but as time passes, the both of you compromised, made extra effort for each other, knowing that these little obstacles will not be the ones that make you stop loving each other. If anything, they just show more and newer sides that neither of you have seen before, and that alone, is incredible and amazing because it is just another thing to add to the list to love about your significant other. Besides that, Baekhyun always know his limit and takes leaves from time to time to spend it with you and also for his rest. On the other hand, you do whatever you can to fill the gaps that he fails to. And like puzzle pieces, the lifestyle the both of you created fits each other perfectly, just like you, and Baekhyun.

You wake up from your short nap to prepare some simple food to bring to the hospital, you’re still a little groggy but you figured that you will just sleep in Baekhyun’s office later. It’s not like it’s the first time anyway. You feel a little tired but the fact that you’re seeing him soon keeps the adrenaline pumping in you. You missed him dearly and the last time you saw him was probably two days ago since he had to prepare for a major surgery that lasts for more than 13 hours. He had told you the time beforehand, about how the surgery will probably be done around 4AM, just in case if you want to visit him. It’s already 3:15AM now but the hospital approximately 45 minutes away. There won’t be any traffic at this time so you will probably reach earlier anyway.

Indeed, you reached Baekhyun’s workplace with a few minutes to spare and you’re lucky enough to catch him when he’s walking into his office. He didn’t notice your presence and you slowly followed him from behind, admiring the back view of his broad shoulders and messy post-work hair. You caught the knob in time before he managed to close the door, you see him jumping a little in shock. However, as soon as his eyes are laid on you, the very same eyes twinkled with adoration and surprise, lighting up immediately. You notice the fatigue below his droopy eyes, the bags that seem more evident now. His lips stretched to a wide grin next, yet you can’t help but also notice his stubbles growing out. He looks exhausted, yet very damn sexy. You bite your lower lip in a smile, greeting him before shuffling into his office with him.

“Surprise, baby! See what I brought you! Your favourite sandwich made by your favourite person.” you held up the container, shaking a little.

“Mhmmm, really?” he answered gently, taking the container from you and putting it on the table, hands returning to hold your hand later. He drew you closer and kissed you on the lips, humming satisfyingly. You smiled into the kiss as you feel his stubbles tickling you, and also because you’re finally getting to do this again after so long (in fact it’s only like, 2 days).

“Baek, baby, your stubbles, they ar—” you didn’t get to finish your sentence because you’re laughing at the ticklishness, thanks to Baekhyun rubbing them on your face purposely because he already knows what you’re complaining about. The both of you end up chortling with laughter as you struggle out of his grasp and he, the other way round, trying to assault you further with his rough, ticklish, little facial hair.

“Okay, if you’re not hungry then you should catch some sleep, sweetheart, you look beat up, and also very, very sexy” you try to chide him a little as your laughter died down, the last 3 words whispered beside his ear that are loud enough only for him to hear though you’re still catching your breath. His eyes twinkled even more at your compliment, as much as you want to entertain him, you know he will be dead tired as soon as his adrenaline from the major surgery earlier wears off, so you helped him take off his coat and push him to the single bed that’s prepared in his office if and whenever he needs to use some sleep, like now.

“I will lay on top of you if you don’t sleep.” you warned sternly.

“I’m absolutely okay with that.” he answered breezily without missing a beat, you know he is smiling from ear to ear without seeing his face.  

“Baek, this bed isn’t made for two, it’s called a single bed for a reason.” you deadpanned.

“Clearly cuddling isn’t a concept to you.” he rolled his eyes, retorting your statement. But when he fall onto the bed, he pulled you along anyway. Of course, this time you don’t push him or his offer away simply because you can use some sleep too, not to mention you missed sleeping in his embrace so much, his scent alone is enough to calm you down and lull you to sleep with sweet, sweet dreams. Cuddling is lovely, but cuddling with Baekhyun is the loveliest.


Genre: Angst, Fluff

Characters: Park Chanyeol x Reader x Oh Sehun

Warning/s: None

Summary: Okay, so you are hopelessly in love with your best friend… Guess it’s not a bad thing that there’s an enormously handsome guy quietly waiting?

A/N: This is to compensate for months of not posting… and because my friend told me to post this (I d k if she’d like it if I tag her tho!) Anyway enjoy some Chanyeol and Sehun time!

And that title was thought of last minute okay

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Prompt: Can be found here

“Do you ever look around this ship and just wonder what the hell is going on?” Sara asks you softly, her lips barely leaving the lip of her bottle as the dull light of the single oil lamp illuminated her in an almost ethereal manner.

“Look around us, we’re on a timeship,” you counter, pointing around you with your own bottle. “I still spend the first ten minutes of every morning wondering if this isn’t some insane dream.”

With a chortle of laughter, Sara hung her head in a vain attempt to hide her grin. “True, but not exactly what I meant,” she replies with a pointed look.

“Is this some not so subtle way of you asking me about what is happening with Nate and Amaya?” you ask, taking a sip from your drink. You knew at some point she would have to ask, she was the captain after all, and if anyone knew if Nate and Amaya were getting up to something, well, his sister ought to be the one.

“Actually, it’s me asking what’s happening with you,” she replies with a laugh. “Although, I will definitely be asking about those two later on.”

Shaking your head in laughter, you move to get a new drink, popping the cap from it as you consider your answer. “Honestly, nothing’s happening with me. It’s no man’s land over here, or woman’s for that matter.”

“See, that’s the problem. Everyone here is either in love or has at least had some kind of romantic thing happen since they joined the ship, and then there’s you.”

“What about you then?” you ask, attempting to take the focus off yourself for a moment.

“I- I came close,” Sara admits, her gaze fluttering to the side in thought. You had suspected something had happened between her and Leonard, but not wanting to push her, you had never asked. And seeing the melancholy look that had settled on her face, you were sure you shouldn’t push it now.

“I’m not the only single on this ship, you know,” you attempt to return the conversation to a lighter tone. “What about Jax or Mick? They haven’t fallen under the ship’s love spell,” you retort jestingly.

“I’m not saying there’s some kind of spell on the ship, Y/N,” Sara shakes her head as a chuckle threatens to break through. “I’m just saying, there has been a fair amount of romance in this team, I feel like it’s your turn.”

“Yeah, well, maybe that’s just not how my story goes,” you shrug, attempting to appear nonchalant about it.  “What can I say? I’m not main character material. I’m too interesting to have my life fall apart at the idea of love.”


Okay, this came to my head late at night while I was working, so I may as well write it now before it disappears on me. Like all, this is based on @shinyzango 2D Bendy AU. 

Prepare for hearts to be shattered. 

Henry was gasping as he ran around a corner. He was holding onto the paper that had the toon on it, who was clinging onto one of his fingers. As Bendy looks behind him, he could see a bulk searcher chasing them from behind in the hallway, roaring loudly. 

“We gotta lose it somehow!” Henry gasped, trying to keep a good distance from the searcher. It roars loudly, the red eye glaring at the prey. It threw the obstacles that was in it’s paths out of the way, the chairs and old desks getting destroyed when being chunked against the walls. 

Henry, take a sharp turn here! I know this hallway!” Bendy suddenly gasped, seeing the hall being familiar to him. Henry was unsure of it, but obliged and took a sharp turn. 

Henry could see an open door to a room and ran inside, closing the door behind him. He blocked the doorway , making sure that the door was locked as the searcher ran past the room they were in. 

Henry sighs with relief, sliding down as he tries to catch his breath. “…god I’m too old for this shit….” He gasped, closing his eyes and leaned his head back. Bendy looks up at Henry, a concerned frown on his face. 

…you okay, Henry?” 

Henry opened one eye to glanced down at him, then smiled softly and yet sadly at the toon, touched with his concerns. “I’m fine, bud…” He said, slowly petting the top of Bendy’s head with one finger. 

Bendy closed his eyes and leaned into Henry’s petting. This made Henry smile a little. As he looks up, he could see that the door they went through leads to another long hallway. 

Where does this hallway lead to? 

Henry slowly stood up, eyeing the long hallway before walking down the hallway, ax in one hand while holding the piece of paper that held the toon. Bendy looks at the hallway, then stilled when he saw the site. 

The large room was covered with ink, that was nearly a feet deep. It was silent, beside the ink splashing against the wall. 


“…I know, bud…” 

Henry silently stepped inside of the large ink pool, looking around for an exit. Bendy just kept eyeing on the large ink pool, looking out for any searchers that may pop out. 

Henry was near the exit–

Something in the ink pool bubbles, making both the toon and old animator froze on the spot. Henry turned around, seeing the ink bubbling in the middle of the room. Bendy froze and managed to get Henry to drop the page, making his paper emerge with ink. 

Bendy emerged in his monster for, his eye narrowed at the source–

The ink flew from the middle, revealing the impostor Bendy. It hissed loudly at them, making Bendy arched his back in defense, growling lowly while keeping Henry underneath him. 

Lanky bendy growled lowly, smirking evilly as it revealed something on the back of it’s hand. A marking slowly starts to form slowly until it revealed itself a ritual circle, glowing a dark blood red. 

That’s when it suddenly lets out a loud, ear piercing roar, echoing the room. Bendy winced and lowered his head, his eye clenched shut to mute out the roar, Henry covering his ears to mute it out as well. 

The ink around them starts to bubble up, making Bendy stilled and picked Henry up with one arm, holding him protectively. Henry tensed when he saw the ink around them slowly going towards Lanky. 

What was it up to?

When Henry and Bendy looked over at the impostor, they both stilled. 

Lanky’s form was changing, hunched over as three large ink spikes formed on it’s back, the gloved hands now bigger, the gloves ripping apart until there was barely left on the sharped claws. A tail formed, spikes forming at the end of it, feet turning larger. His form starts to turn bigger and bigger, the once high pitch hissing turned lower and lower voice, replacing with a deep growl. 

The ink kept draining until there was barely none left. The impostor stood up, now bigger than Bendy in his monster form. His teeth were much sharper, letting out a deep growl before letting out a roar, the claws extended out. 

They were in trouble. 

“…oh god….” Henry whispered, staring at the impostor in horror, Bendy unconsciously pulling Henry closer to shield him. 

Lanky roared loudly at him, the tail swinging intimidatingly at Bendy, who growled loudly at Lanky. Henry had a hold of his ax, but he was nearly shaking at the monstrosity in front of them. Just when can this thing can suddenly changed it’s forms?

Lanky roared loudly before trying to take a swipe at the two, Bendy jumping out of the way. Bendy then placed Henry in the entrance of the area, out of the ink pool and whined at him, telling him to wait here. 

“Bendy, you’re not facing that thing alone!” Henry said, stilling at what Bendy was suggesting. “I’m not losing you again this time–” Henry was cut off when Bendy pressed his forehead against Henry’s. He whined softly, looking at him,  

He wanted him to be safe. 

Henry looks up at him before sighing, pressing his forehead firmer against Bendy’s. “…be careful, bud…” 

Bendy smiled sadly before pulling away, growling loudly at the impostor Bendy, who roared loudly at him. 

Bendy lets out a roar as well, challenging the impostor. It hunched over more, growling before the two charged at each other. Bendy was the first to lay a punch against the impostor, sending ink flying everywhere. 

Lanky Bendy roared out and clawed at him, managing to push him a few feet away from him, nearly getting rammed into the wall. Bendy grunts, standing back up, Lanky pushing him back down against the ground. 

Bendy growled loudly and kept trying to claw at the arm that Lanky kept him in place. Lanky growled louder, pushing him more down to the ground. Bendy roars out and kept delivering punches to his arm until the impostor finally lets go. 

Bendy stood and roared, ramming him with his full strength to push Lanky down to the ground. Bendy kept landing punches to Lanky’s head and chest, thinking that it might daze it a bit, but was proven wrong when the tail wrapped around his chest, sending him flying against the wall. 

Lanky slowly stood up and roared, Bendy slowly standing up and growled loudly. 

Henry could only watch in horror as he saw the two giant ink monsters clash at each other. He could feel the emotion fear in the back of his head through their mental bond. It was Bendy’s emotion. 

The fight was not going well for him. 

What can I do?’ Henry thought. He wanted to help Bendy, but he was unsure of what to do. Henry growled a bit before he grabbed his ax. He had to help him. 

Bendy grunts as he was pinned to the wall, Lanky’s face close to Bendy’s as he lets out a deep growl, ink drooling from it’s lips and teeth. Bendy growls loudly, glaring at Lanky–

Lanky suddenly let out a roar in pain when it felt a sudden pain on it’s lower leg. It looks down to see an ax impaled in it’s lower leg, Henry backing away from it. It growled loudly before dropping Bendy and went after Henry. Bendy grunts, slowly standing up, being so weak after using so much of his energy. 

He could see Lanky Bendy going after Henry. The situation was getting out of hand. He had one last shot…

Henry was cornered by Lanky, who slowly stalked towards him, the claws extended out. It had a sickening grin on it’s face, looking down at Henry. It had Henry right were it wants him. 

Everything went in slow motion. Lanky threw it’s arm back, attempting to kill the human on the spot. Henry held both of his arms over his head in defense, trying to shield himself from the attack….

….but it never came. 


Henry didn’t feel pain. He didn’t feel anything. 

Henry peeked one eye open to see what happened and shocked at the sight. 

Bendy jumped in the way, taking the hit for Henry before he collapsed on the ground, no longer moving. 

“BENDY!!” Henry got on his knees, being near Bendy’s head. His eye was closed, his body not moving. 

“Bendy!? BENDY!” Henry tried to shake him awake. 

He was not moving still. 

The impostor chortled in laughter before looking at Henry, the claws extended more. But Henry could not focus on him, only on Bendy. His form dissolves into a puddle of ink and when he saw the paper…

….it was torn to pieces….

“Bendy….” Henry looks up, seeing Lanky pulling his arm back before delivering the final blow towards the human. 


“Bendy NO!!!”

Henry jolts out of his sleep, gasping and sweating. He looks around, seeing himself back in his room, late in the night. He couldn’t keep calm, clenching to his head before his stomach starts to turn a bit. 

He managed to get into the bathroom on time and empty the contents from his stomach in the toilet. He heaved a bit, coughing as he collapsed a bit, gasping. He leaned against the toilet and bathtub, taking deep breaths to calm down. 

It was a dream. 

It was all a dream–

“Bendy…” He had to check to see that he is okay. 

Henry shakily stands up and managed to walk to Bendy’s room, checking on him. When he opened the door, he was relieved at the sight. 

Bendy was asleep, clenching to his plushie. He was breathing softly in his sleep, the blanket fallen on the floor some time ago. Henry smiled sadly before he walked over, gently grabbing the blanket and placed it over Bendy. Once he did, he slowly stroked the top of his head. 

Bendy hummed in his sleep before snuggling more into his pillow, a faint smile on his face. “….sweet dreams, bud…” He whispered. Henry slowly walked out the room, closing his door quietly. 

Henry sighs deeply, running a hand tiredly through his hair before he descends back to his room. There was no way he was going back to sleep now. 



The same nightmare continued for nearly a week, physically and mentally exhausting Henry to no end. He could not get that image out of his head. 

Lanky Bendy transforming into that beast

Bendy taking the hit for him, costing his life. 

He was up to the point where he could not take it no more, wanting a peaceful sleep for once in his life. And what’s worse is that he had to hide that emotion from Bendy. The little toon worries about him enough as it is, he does not to add more onto him. 

As the next evening came, Henry was exhausted. 

He had bags under his eyes from the lack of sleep from the other night. He had a cup of coffee in his hand as he was in the living room, sitting in the recliner as he watched a tv show with Bendy. 

Henry smiled a bit at Bendy’s giggles, seeing the toon happy. Henry’s eyes starts to droop a bit, but jolts a bit, shaking his head to get rid of the sleep. He just couldn’t get that image out of his head from the nightmare. 

…ry…..enry…..” Henry could not hear the voice calling out to him. 


Henry jolts a bit to see Bendy suddenly in his lap, looking up at him. “I asked if you were okay? You were zoning out for nearly ten minutes!” Bendy said. Henry winced and stretched a bit. “Sorry bud…just tired is all….” 

…Henry, you look like you haven’t sleep in days….are you okay?” Bendy asked, placing a hand on Henry’s arm. Henry could only smile sadly, slowly rubbing the top of his head. 

“I’m okay, bud…really….” 

Bendy didn’t look amused, a flat look on his face before he grabbed two pillows. At first, Henry was confused on what Bendy’s plan is, but it was soon answered when the toon pressed the pillows on the side of his face. 

Henry, what are you right now?”  The toon asked. 

“Bendy, I’m–” 


Henry could only sigh deeply, closing his eyes. “….a sleep deprived sandwich–” 

A sleep deprived sandwich. I can tell that you haven’t slept in days.” Bendy said, then pulling the pillows away from Henry, then had his hands on his hips, giving him a scolding look. 

Henry sighs deeply, looking at the toon with tired eyes. “…bud, I’m sorry….” He said, then was shocked when he heard a sniff. He looks down to see Bendy having his head lowered, his shoulders visibly shaking. He could see inky tears dropping down onto his lap. 

“…Bendy? Bud why are you crying?” Henry asked, placing a hand on his shoulder. 

…I know you’ve been having bad dreams, Henry…I know those signs…I use to do them all the time.” Bendy sniffed. Henry looks down at him. Bendy looks up at him, inky tears shone in the corner of his eyes, a frown on his face. “You helped me and talked to me about my bad dreams…why won’t you let me help you, Henry?”  

Henry sighs deeply before pulling Bendy into a hug when he leaned forward. Bendy just sobs silently into his chest, clinging to the front of his shirt. “…I’m sorry bud…” Henry whispered. 

…I just want to help, Henry…why won’t you let me help you?” Bendy said, sniffing as he buried his face into his chest, tightening his grip on him. Henry sighs deeply, rubbing the back of his head gently. 

…I’m sorry, bud…’ Henry thought. 

Just when Henry fell into a deep sleep as night came, Bendy sneaked into Henry’s room, determined to help him. “…you can do this…for Henry…” Bendy said softly. 

He could see Henry clenching his eyes shut in his sleep, showing signs that he was having a nightmare. Bendy took a deep breath before climbing up to Henry’s bed, looking at him.

He took a deep breath and pressed his forehead against Henry’s. 

The images flashed in front of Bendy’s eyes and in his mind, making him gasp and fell backwards, gasping and shaking in fear. 

That was Henry’s nightmare?

The impostor in a monstrosity form and Bendy sacrificing himself to let Henry live? 

Bendy was at lost for words, looking at Henry as he starts to toss and turn his head around in his sleep, clenching his eyes tightly shut in his sleep. “…I’m gonna help you….I’m gonna help you, Henry….” 

Bendy took a deep breath and pressed his forehead against Henry’s. 



Henry was gasping as he was trapped in a corner, Bendy’s form dissolving once more and only having a torn piece of paper on the ground. 

The impostor growled loudly, about to strike down at the human. Henry clenched his eyes shut and shielding himself. 

There was a grunting sound. 

Henry didn’t do anything, but then cracked one eye open to look at what was happening and he gasped slightly. 

A large clawed hand stops the impostor’s claws from striking him down. Henry looks over and his eyes widen when he saw Bendy in his Nightmare form, stopping Lanky’s attack. His growls were more threatening and louder than Lanky’s, freezing it in place. 

The fangs got close to it’s face, Bendy’s eye narrowed.

…you’ve haunted your last dream, impostor….stay the hell away from my friend…now BEGONE!” Bendy roared out, using his other clawed hand to strike Lanky, which it roared out as it suddenly vanished when Bendy strikes him. 

It was silent. 

Henry was gasping, slowly looking up at Bendy, who was growling deeply at the large puddle of ink before it slowly vanished. That’s when he looks down at Henry and smiled sadly. The toon lowered his head and gently pressed his forehead against Henry’s. 

….you okay, Henry?” Bendy asked, looking at him. 

Henry didn’t say anything, but then smiled and hugged him. “….thanks, bud….” Henry smiled a bit. Bendy smiled and nuzzled him more enthusiastically. 

…see ya when you wake up….” 



Henry slowly starts to wake up, seeing Bendy smiling at him, but he was exhausted and smiling. “….you okay, Henry?” Bendy asked, breathing raspy breaths from his energy being used. 

Henry smiled sadly and managed to pull him into a tight hug, which Bendy hugged him tightly in return. 

“….you truly are amazing, bud…” 

Bendy smiled more at that, pulling away a bit to press his forehead against Henry’s. “…love you, Henry.” 

“Love you too, Bendy.” 

They stayed like that for a moment before Bendy nearly collapsed. “You tired, bud?” Henry asked, looking down at the small toon. He could only nod in response, snuggling up to his human friend. Henry smiled more, tucking the blanket more around them both. 

“…I think a few more hours of sleep won’t hurt us, huh?” 

Bendy could only nod in response, slowly starting to fall asleep. Henry smiled a bit more before he suddenly fell asleep, exhaustion getting to them both. They both didn’t have nightmares this time. 

Henry slept peacefully for the first time in weeks. And it was all thanks to his friend, Bendy. 

And he was grateful. 

Welp, there ya go. 

I was on a writer’s block for quite some time, but I was able to finally get something in for the first time. I’ll try to see and think of more when I get the chance. I don’t want to ruin my brain and creativity. 

Until then, 


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Drabbles #17

“Babe, you’re distracting me.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“I didn’t say that.”

ceo!baekhyun; boyfriend!baekhyun; fluff

You’ve just returned home from a visit to your parent’s house, kicking off your shoes before putting them onto the rack. You scanned around the dark living area until you saw a ray of light coming out from the study room, you hear Baekhyun’s muffled voice, probably talking on the phone. Even though it is muffled, you can sense his frustration and annoyed tone. You briefly peeked into the room and see that he is indeed talking on the phone, eyebrows furrowed in irritation and face showing a slight hint of anger. You also notice that he is still in his working attire, his coat carelessly thrown on the couch opposite of his table, hair disheveled, looking like he has raked it over with his hands numerous times. His glasses hanging on his nose, the sleeve of his pastel pink button up pushed up to his elbow, showing off his strong and veiny forearm. The ribbon collar that you tied for him this morning still intact albeit messy. You decide not to disturb him now and instead paddled into the kitchen quietly to brew him a cup of coffee. 

He’s done with the phone call at the same time as the coffee. You smiled at the timing. You peeked inside the room again and see him closing his eyes, rubbing his face and temple (cutely like a hamster), probably due to the exhaustion and frustration. You slowly pushed the door open before entering. His eyes opened as soon as the fragrance of coffee wafted through the air and to his nose. He sported a tender smile, having finally noticed you. He can feel the anger and negative feelings in him slowly dissipating into thin air at the sight of you. You leave his coffee on his table before going around to his seat and hugged his neck, leaving a smooch on his cheek. He chuckled at your action.

“Hey, babe.” he breathed, hands coming up to return the hug to your arms, his head turning to return your kiss as well on the corner of your lips.

“Rough day, huh?” you asked, snuggling into his neck, taking a deep breath of his scent before pulling away and giving a massage to his tense shoulders as he sighed in relief.

“Mhmm, but nothing to worry about. Just some really hard to please clients and ridiculous employees.” he sighed audibly before tugging on your arm, bringing you to sit on his lap so he can nuzzle his nose along your jawline. He further talked to you about his day and about his phone call earlier, knowing you are curious and you will always listen to him venting. He thinks you’re cute when you’re listening so attentively to him.

“I missed you, so, so much.” he muttered preoccupiedly as he leave a trail of butterfly kisses from your jaw to your neck. You can’t help but giggle at his affection.

“Just a bit more and I’m done. Stay with me and we’ll shower together after?” he tilted his head in question, sending you a playful wink. You nodded with a grin, hands wound around his neck before he push his chair back into the table with you on his lap and start finalizing his documents that are splayed around his table.

“Babe, you’re distracting me.” he laughed breathlessly when you land a kiss at random places time to time from his face, to his neck or even his collarbones. Any places that you can reach, really. Sometimes your hand will slip under his shirt to feel his skin, sometimes you will rub your face on his chest like a kitten and his chest will rumble with soft laughter in response. Anything to get his attention because you’re bored, wanting his attention and love while anticipating the shower and cuddles in bed.

“Do you want me to stop?” you asked in a teasing voice, eyes looking up to him while playing around with his ribbon collar before pulling and untying it.

“I didn’t say that.” his eyes pinning on yours in a mock scolding gaze, brows furrowed, finally giving you his attention. He’s already tidying up his documents behind you without your notice because you’re probably too busy teasing him. He took off his glasses and leaned in to leave it on the table and also a kiss on your lips.

“Then– aahh!!” you squealed in panic before you even get to finish your sentence, your smug face turned 180 degrees into one with fear, as Baekhyun pushed out the chair abruptly before carrying you up in bridal style. Your arms around his neck tightened in security.

“Time for shower, princess, since you’re having so much fun distracting me from my work, now it’s my turn.” he smirked, holding you firmly despite you trying to wriggle out of his grasp, taking big steps towards the bathroom, the both of you chortling with laughter while fooling around. The cup of coffee is long forgotten and cold on the table. But you know, your shower with Baekhyun will be anything but cold.

Monsta X Minhyuk Dad Scenario

Group: Monsta X
Scenario: Minhyuk Dad 
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1335
Minhyuk as a dad. Minhyuk comforting his son because he believes there’s a monster in the closet.

You had been married to Minhyuk for nearly five years now. The two of you had a son, who was only four. His name was Minjae. He was an exact replica of Minhyuk. He was always smiling, running around and laughing. It was like having two Minhyuk’s in the house except one was smaller and cuter.

You knew how much Minhyuk wanted kids and how much he adored Minjae. He loved children to death and so when he finally had his own child, Minhyuk was all over him. He spoiled him and loved him endlessly. There wasn’t a day that went by that Minhyuk wasn’t fondly thinking about Minjae. You often liked to watch the interactions between the two as it was so damn sweet that you couldn’t help but smile.

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the lemon in our stars

a fic.
mark x readersmut, angst, fluff, mentions of boats + shit. 18+

the day was oddly prepubescent as i walked down the path of the street, rain hitting my face and splashing down my cheeks. it was either that or the tears of joy that were pouring out of my corneas, as they were shocked, because i was playing with my beautiful beautiful boat, the s.s. lemon. i’d been gifted it by my brother, who was unable to accompany me as he was sick with cerebral palsy. nevertheless, i’d sucked up the courage to put on my bright yellow raincoat that accentuated the yellow tones of my face and began to run down the drenched road, not caring for the rain or how vicious it was being. a few moments passed and the sound of thunder rang through my ears and tore through every part of my being.“is that a threat?” i mumbled, before cautiously moving back to my boat and it’s beautiful movements down the water. while i was chortling with laughter at the sight of my boat gliding gracefully down the streams, rain still melting into my skin, i’d taken too much interest in the boat and failed to notice the obstacle in front of me. within i moment, i had collided with the object, it hitting me harder than a brick on the forehead and proceeding to forcefully drop me to the floor. my boat, left without me as i was a pile on the floor. i attempted to get back to my feet and chase my boat, it was my favourite thing in the entire world, more than my raincoat, more than my citrus scent, more than anything; and i was rapidly losing it. i chased after it, feet moving quicker than anything i’d ever seen before, quicker than a lightsaber, quicker than the lightning that struck before my eyes as i ran with all my might to catch my little paper boat. i followed it through a street before it landed at a gutter, and i prayed with all of my might that it would stop. i used all of my hope on the boat before the flowing water washed it down into the sewer beneath. “no!” i exclaimed, kneeling down and looking into the dark abyss for my beautiful boat. just then, as tears began to fall from my cheek and land into the water, becoming part of the stream, a pair of dark brown eyes met with mine as i looked into the sewer.“hiya jeffrey.” it spoke, its voice high pitched and soft. “my name’s lemon you cis white scum!” i yelled out, enraged that it had thought for even a second that my name was jeffrey or anything of the sort. my anger turned into curiosity and i stopped in my tracks, my eyebrows unknitting. “but hi, who are you?” i questioned, coy by nature.“i’m mark, the dancing clown.” it answered, shaking its leg as if it was spasming.“oh cool, what’s up?” i asked, engaging in a simple conversation with the man that was lurking in the gross sewers, among other peoples festering shit. “nothing lmao i’m about to murder you,” he mumbled and looked at me dead in the eye, but i only just heard his strange words.“oh, cool.” i answered before shaking my head, my eyes widening. “wait, what?!?” “oh nothing. that’s a nice boat.” he began, holding up my boat as if he owned it. i was disgusted! that was my boat! the s.s. lemon was being manhandled by mark the dancing clown! i remained calm, still kneeling at the gutter.“thanks can i have it back, i’m really far from home and i’ve been running for ages to get my boat back. kinda rude ngl.” i explained, my tears still running as i thought of the last 10 minutes of my life where i was my happiest, the memories of my boat soaring in my mind. “really far from home? oh, that’s a long ass ride.” he proclaimed and i agreed, nodding my head.“yeah can i have it back lol (:” i said, beginning to be creeped out by the fact that this grown man was having fun in the sewer while i was still boatless. “yeah sure, come get it! it’s here!” he explained, moving his hand back so the boat was further from my reach.“yeah sure what did you say your name was again?” i asked, for safety reasons. i didn’t want my boat to be traumatised by being manhandled like this.“mark.” “ok well i’m gonna go.” i began to speak, but he stopped me with reluctance. “what about your boat?” my boat! the s.s. lemon! i almost forgot my beautiful boat! i wanted my boat more than anything, but mark seemed shady and i wasn’t about to be lured into any sewer for anything dodgy.“idk man you could just hand it to me instead you’re tryna lure me into the sewer or some shit so i’m good!” i stood my ground, knowing he wouldn’t back down. my boat was nigh.“look man i’m just tryna take a stone or a fist or a gunshot don’t be such a dick.” he said, looking at me like he wasn’t angry, just disappointed.“oh, okay.” i answered and reached in to grab my boat.that’s when i felt his nostrils retract and expel onto my exposed arm, sneezing on me as if he’d been waiting to do it. he pushed both hands out, making them into fists and as i fell back in disgust, writhing in erotic pain as the mucus coated my hand like a second skin, he exclaimed in pride. “YES!”

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The class stared ahead as their teacher, the #1 hero All Might, fought against a moderately powerful villain. The criminal seemed to be nothing to him, seeing as he was continuing the class even as he tried to bring the scuffle to an end.

“Now you see class, these random outings are important, for you never know what villains you may come across on a given day.”

He hit the opponent with an uppercut and grinned wider, “Like this man here has proven he is quite strong, but if I were to grab him like so…”

He gripped the other’s ankle, swinging him up into the air, “I can easily alleviate any violence with a quick flip or throw!”

And with that, All Might chucked the villain halfway across the park they stood in. He landed in a tree with a loud cracking sound, remaining there as he was surely unconscious from the force.

“Now the plan is to teach you all to figure out what you can do in any given situation. Take what you have, and try to use it to your advantage. And that, young heroes, is how you prove how much a hero you are.”

He ended his speech with a swing of his arms, dipping his head down towards his elbow, coming back to his usual position only to be greeted by silence.

The entire class stared at him, their mouths agape as they tried to process what just happened.

“What? Didn’t I take care of this situation cleanly and quickly?” All Might asked, smiling, but looking slightly worried.

“All… Might…” Kirishima began, trying to choke back his laughter, tears forming in his eyes as he tried so hard to do so, “Did you just… dab?”

As soon as that last word slipped from his mouth, the entire class erupted into laughter. The image of their teacher and the #1 hero dabbing after chucking a villain halfway across the park kept playing over and over in their minds. It was as ridiculous looking as it sounded, and they couldn’t hold it together any longer.

All Might stared at the mess of cackling before him, some of them holding their stomachs and others already on the ground from laughing so hard.

He didn’t understand. Wasn’t that something teenagers did when they did something they thought was wonderful? Why were his students in stitches on the ground?

They went practically silent for a moment, a few whispers heard spreading around with a slight snicker here and there.

“Hey… Hey All Might…”

He looked over at where the voice was coming from, it was Midoriya Izuku, slowly getting to his feet, the other students around him doing the same.

“Yes, young Midoriya?”

He tried to suppress his smile, leaving an odd expression on his face. “I think we all would just like to say… that we think you are pretty awesome… and that we wanted to say…”

The students went quiet for a second, before they all spoke in unison.

“You’re the best DAB ever!”

They shouted and swung their arms up at the exact same time, breaking down in more laughter afterward, before stopping to stare up at him with expectant looks on their faces.

All Might was dumbstruck for a second, before he started chuckling himself. Those chuckles quickly turned into loud chortles of laughter. His entire class, a bad pun, and a dab in unison. He couldn’t take it.

They all began laughing again, and any bystanders or passersby just saw the #1 hero and his class, doubled over in laughter, not knowing the reasons why.

Later, All Might would adopt the move as his ‘Best Dab Ever’ celebratory move.

The whole class is proud beyond belief.

The Name's Lestrade, Greg Lestrade.

Warnings: None?

A/N: So I know I was going to post this next week but I’ll treat you all today with the first chapter of my new fic 😁 I hope you guys enjoy the first chapter and let me know what you think!

Chapter 1

Greg never liked parties, yet, was always at one. Either because he was asked to or was part of a job he was on.

He stood quietly observing all the elaborately dressed guests, he too was suiting a black tux with an ice white shirt. That was the only part of parties he liked, wearing some of his favourite suits to them.

He moved away from the wall he was leaning against and made his way through the people who lined the hallway and found himself in the kitchen.

That’s where he found the person that he had known for a few years and would eventually change his life forever. Turn his world upside town and revolutionise him in ways he didn’t think was possible.

He just didn’t know you were going to do that…yet.

Your eyes met with his and they tightened ever so slightly before you decided to walk up to him and make yourself known. “Do you usually gawk at people in kitchens or am I an exception agent 007?” You sarcastically asked and flashed a smile.

Greg kept his cool and collected demeanour “Only when the person I’m gawking at is as attractive as you.”

“Don’t let my fiancée here you say that, Mr Lestrade. Mycroft is your boss after all…” You leaned over the kitchen island and Greg glanced around him, noticing the few people that were scattered around the kitchen had dispersed. You caught on to what he was looking around at “We’re alone…” Your voice lowered to a dangerous point.

“What attracted you to your fiancée?” Greg asked out of the blue and watched as you stood up straight, smoothing out the invisible lines on your black silk dress, pondering over the question for longer that he would have expected so he elaborated slightly “Money? Lust?”

“Information.” You said in a joking tone but you were speaking the truth.

“With the amount you can get from him you must really love him…” Greg asked, he noticed you rolling your eyes and chortling.

Your laughter stopped when you caught sight of your tall, smartly dressed fiancée who was standing around a group of men, talking in code. Your gaze was burning into Mycroft’s back and Greg kept glancing between you and his boss “Love? My fiancée? God no! I hate him with a burning passion. Every fibre in my body contorts with rage at the mention of his name.” Your tone was bitter and cold, showing no emotion or remorse whilst your eyes remained firmly on the man who was now walking towards the both of you.

Greg watched as a fake smile graced your face and you kissed the cheeks of your fiancée and placed a ‘loving’ hand on his chest “Hello Gregory, glad you could make it,” Mycroft Holmes stuck out his hand and Greg shook it.

“Thank you for inviting me, Sir,” Greg pulled away his hand and his eyes drifted back to you once again.

“Well you are Britain’s best spy,” he lightly chuckled “What were you two talking about just then?” Mycroft asked, snaking an arm around your waist.

“We were just discussing what we have in common!” You lied with a wide grin and he raised a brow.

“Oh and what things may the be?”

“We both love martinis that are shaken and not stirred…” Greg was taken aback, he didn’t tell you that and thought of when he might have as you continued talking “Which, by the way, I’d kill for! Be a darling Mycroft and get me one.” You purred and Mycroft let out a breathy, low groan at your tone.

“We have a multitude of people that can get you one,” It sounded as if Mycroft was complaining.

You pouted your lips and played with Mycroft’s bow tie “I know, but I want you to get me it.”

Greg watched Mycroft cave in and go and fetch you one “Do you want one too Lestrade?” Greg politely refused before Mycroft left to get you your drink.

“How did you know?” Greg asked, still baffled by how you knew his favourite drink down to a T.

You nonchalantly shrugged “Why wouldn’t I?” You playfully smirked and Greg’s grip on the kitchen island tightened.

Mycroft came back with a drink and hand and gave you it as you thanked him “Do excuse us Gregory, I’ve barely seen this little minx all night and she promised me a dance,” he growled as he pulled you closer to the suit he was wearing, it wasn’t as nice as Greg’s.

“Did I?” You asked with a false flirtatious smile “I don’t recall…”

“Don’t be such a tease,” Mycroft whined “I’ll speak to you later, Gregory…” Mycroft began to pull you away.

“Bye Greg,” you purred “Love the tux,” you waved at him and Greg had to shake himself out of the pit of newfound feelings he felt.

He watched intently, analysing every move, calculating every step and burnt his eyes in to your swaying hips. He studied your actions towards Mycroft, you draped your arms over him and gave him all the attention he could possibly desire. Mycroft Holmes certainly demanded attention and craved it more than the average person.

‘Perhaps that’s why he’s so oblivious to Y/N’s fake smiles and passionless kisses…’ Greg thought to himself.

He was so deep in thought he barely noticed you walking away from Mycroft to fetch another drink. Mycroft took that opportunity to talk to Greg “Recent intelligence information sources say MI6 is about to be hacked into…”

“I’ve got it under control, Sir” Greg reassured.

Mycroft raised a brow “For your sake I hope so, we’ll discuss this at a later date. Go and enjoy yourself”. Greg nodded and wandered off, finding you with an arm over the staircase railing looking rather bored as party guests started to leave.

“You never told me why you hate your fiancée…” Greg trailed off.

You looked down at him with a quirked brow and a small smirk “I find it rather interesting that you choose to comment on that and not comment on how I know your favourite drink”.

“That’s easy,” Greg quickly replied “Mycroft could have told you.”

“He didn’t, and you didn’t tell me either” you retorted and stood up straight “Your car is here by the way…” Greg glanced out of the window while your eyes remained firmly on him “And I’m just itching to take his dress off.” Greg couldn’t help but gulp at the tone you used and the fact that he was now picturing you slowly slipping that dress off and having the material gather at your ankles. “Goodnight Mr Lestrade, I’m sure we’ll see each other soon” you broke him away from his thoughts before retreating up the stairs with a coy smile.

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