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inspiration? write some chorothy in which someone refuses to admit they are ticklish. cute tickle attacks and tummy nuzzles ensue.

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“Charlie/Dorothy ‘I swear I’m not ticklish at all!!’”

“I’m not.” Dorothy stated matter-of-factly.

“I don’t believe that for a second!” Charlie wiggled her eyebrows, “Everyone’s a little ticklish at least.”

Dorothy insisted, “I swear, I’m not ticklish at all!”

“Why don’t you prove it?” Charlie grinned, pouncing forward and sending the both of them tumbling in the grass. She used the surprise from the sudden attack to her advantage, getting on top of Dorothy and grasping at any spot she could reach. Dorothy was squirming under her to get away but no giggles slipped from her lips.

Charlie only took this as an invitation to try harder. She scribbled fingers over Dorothy’s middle and squeezed up her sides. Still nothing.

She finally got a response when she got her fingers under Dorothy’s arms and wiggled them, making the brunette clamp her arms down and smile a bit. A minute or so of this and the dam finally seemed to break. Dorothy was giggling.

“Ha! I knew it!” Charlie exclaimed, trying more places like her neck and tummy. Now that she had gotten Dorothy to laugh, her resistance was lower and more spots were eliciting a response.

Charlie leaned down to lay on top of Dorothy, wiggling her fingers slowly against her tummy to keep her giggling.

“Okay, maybe I’m a little ticklish.” Dorothy laughed.

“Maybe just a little.” Charlie winked.

“But you know…” Dorothy began, “I think I know someone here who is far more ticklish than me!”

Charlie couldn’t escape her grasp and soon found herself giggling like crazy, and she couldn’t have been happier.

Dorothy and Charlie coming back to visit the bunker and Charlie and Kevin finally get to meet and play video games together. Dorothy is so fascinated/somewhat terrified by the moving pictures on the screen, she later asks Charlie when they’re in bed together if she’ll teach her how to play, because she couldn’t help falling even more in love with the grin on Charlie’s face as she played with Kevin, and she wanted to be the one make Charlie smile like that and have fun with her like that (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ 


Dorothy Baum/Charlie Bradbury (from Supernatural)

I am taking off with this ship, and no one can stop me. Here. Fic. Mwhahaha. 


After returning from Oz, Charlie chooses to help show Dorothy how to operate in the modern world. Mostly Dorothy-centric. Not a whole lot of Charlie/Dorothy, just developing their relationship, playing with Dorothy’s lack of familiarity with the 21st century. 


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No Place Like Home

AO3 link (x)

A/N: So I don’t know why but this fic just sort of appeared in my brain and started writing itself, I mean I don’t even know what happened this was supposed to be a Charlie/Gilda fic oops. Anyway, I’ve seen requests for more ladies in the fics so here you go.

Summary: Charlie and Dorothy have a break between battles in Oz, and they enjoy their brief afternoon of peace together.

“This place is more amazing than I ever could have imagined.” Charlie smiled as she leaned against the grass and stared up at the clouds, “The book just couldn’t do Oz justice.”

“Well that book got a lot wrong, Red.” The brunette rolled her eyes, smiling as Charlie pointed out a cloud that resembled a rabbit.

They watched the clouds in silence until Dorothy asked, “Do you miss your home?” She turned to face the ginger.

“I didn’t really have any place to call my home. Honestly…I’ve just been happy to be in a place like this. I mean I’m sure that eventually I’ll have to go back… Gotta be there when the Winchesters need me to solve all their problems with my awesome computer skills, am I right?” She laughed a little nervously. Charlie missed the boys who had grown to become a family to her of sorts, but she loved the adventure. She loved doing something that mattered, something exciting, something new.

“Well once we defeat the followers of the witch once and for all we should have no problem traveling between dimensions without worry.” Dorothy assured her.

“As long as I’m with you, I’m happy.” Charlie rolled onto her side and wrapped her arms around her brunette companion with a cheesy grin plastered onto her face. Dorothy rolled her eyes with a laugh, pecking Charlie on the lips before playfully trying to shove her off. She pushed against Charlie’s side, but the ginger didn’t just move off of her, she jumped. And squealed.

Dorothy raised an eyebrow, a smirk settling on her lips, “You’re ticklish?”

“What? No. What gave you that idea?” Charlie laughed nervously, sitting with her legs pulled up to her chest.

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